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EDITOR’S NOTE Yes, I cheated a little on the theme for this edition, but how very apt that as we head into 2012 we are all considering and realising how extraordinary we are. Both individually and collectively, both on and off the planet, both inside and outside of ourselves, positive changes are building momentum and emerging for all to see. I for one have been astonished at the energy work taking place within and around me this month. 11.11.11 certainly brought powerful energies to the planet, and the results are being formulated and enacted more each day. For those who doubt their extraordinary talent, looks or heart, just know deep inside that if you wonder then you are whole, and if you are whole then you are bright, and the bright light of your soul is ALWAYS pure, original and special, so you must be extraordinary! Keep shining your beautiful light outwards this month, it’s important we continue to do so despite whatever personal challenges we face - the future of humanity is being shaped in these very moments, and you are helping illuminate its path, so keep going and know you are creating a magnificent world for us all to share. Happy Holidays! Love and light

Rachel Willis Editor


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I don’t deserve to be loved if I don’t look perfect If thought forms could be counted, this one would be the most common. It pops into the minds of even the most beautiful, loving, kind, healthy, pure, able and confident people, at least once per day. It festers in the media in every moment, just to undermine the worth of the population, and although we try our hardest to absorb the negative impact of these thoughts, they still create pain and lower worth when repeated frequently enough.

numbers of people who are very sensitive and empathetic (often without knowing) no longer channel this fear through their physical appearance.

Where does the idea that perfection exists outside of you come from? When did it become commonplace to think that a magazine, newspaper or book could tell you how you are meant to look, and therefore by default, how you are not meant to look?

The solution is to begin to let go of fear and come from a place of love. To let go of looking ‘good enough’ and needing to belong through your body image, attitude to weight or diet that you follow. Begin to walk your own path of perfection, begin to bless others of EVERY shape and size, so that they raise their energy levels and don’t feel trapped by the bubbles of fear that surround their energy field. Begin to love again, and allow this to unite each and every being on the planet.

We weep at the way that humanity has latched onto this fear and all that goes with it - the health and diet industry has created such deep pain, shame and a sense of not belonging amongst people, that they leap into it just to feel that sense of oneness. But oneness is just as easy to access through the medium of love. It need not begin with fear and be cultivated by greater fear. It can and must be chosen as a loving stance to join as one from the heart and soul. Ironically, once this happens, humanity heals and global obesity levels fall, since the energy of fear lessens and all those

What you are seeing is the physical representation of the energies of the planet. The fear that we see as thought forms and energy bubbles is now being seen in the physical because the smog of fear is so dense.

We are bringing in new waves of energy to absorb the negative fears regarding weight, body size and cultural ideals. We must do this to counterbalance the effects that are keeping the population stuck in lack and fear. We ask that you too play your part by keeping your energies focused on love and abundance. And please teach others - your friends, family, children and colleagues - to do the same. Explain to them this trap of thinking, and show them the way to freedom.








Unleashing The Ideavirus


Be Extraordinary. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be All That You Can Be


The Eternal Heart


Extraordinary Beings


For Every Ordinary, There Is An Extraordinary


Are You Ready?


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American Way Magazine call Seth, “America’s Greatest Marketer,” and his blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual, as an entrepreneur, he has founded dozens of companies, most of which failed, and he’s a Cancerian.

Silvie likes to listen to John Cage’s String Quartet, her favourite place to hang out is At The Chapel in Bruton, Somerset, and her favourite city is Venice.

Sky is obsessed with dark chocolate covered almonds - can’t put them down -his favourite thing to say is, “AMAZING” (and yes, he gets teased about it quite often) and Dr. Bronner’s soap is a MUST to have in his house.




Unleashing The Ideavirus SETH GODIN

Be Extraordinary. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be All That You Can Be SILVIE TURNER

The Eternal Heart SARAH INCE

Extraordinary Beings RACHEL WILLIS

For Every Ordinary, There Is An Extraordinary SKY SHERIDAN

Are You Ready? TERRY GRAY

Under The Spotlight DOREEN VIRTUE

FEATURES Unleashing The Ideavirus BY SETH GODIN Farms, Factories And Idea Merchants Imagine for a second that you’re at your business school reunion, trading lies and bragging about how successful you are and are about to become. Frank the jock talks about the dot-com company he just started. Suzie the ex-banker is now focusing her energy on rebuilding Eastern Europe. And then the group looks at you. With a wry look of amusement, you answer: “Well, the future—the really big money—is in owning a farm. A small one, maybe 100 acres. I intend to invest in a tractor of course, and expect that in just a few years my husband and I can cash out and buy ourselves a nice little brownstone in the city.” Ludicrous, no? While owning a farm may bring tremendous lifestyle benefits, it hasn’t been a ticket to wealth for, say, 200 years. What about owning a factory then? Perhaps the road to riches in the new economy would be to buy yourself a hot-stamping press and start turning out steel widgets. Get the UAW to organize your small, dedicated staff of craftsmen and you’re on your way to robber-baron status. Most of us can agree that the big money went out of owning a factory about thirty years ago. When you’ve got high fixed costs and you’re competing against other folks who also know how to produce both quantity and quality, unseemly profits fly right out the window. Fact is, the first 100 years of our country’s history were about who could build the biggest, most efficient farm. And the second century focused on the race to build factories. Welcome to the third century, folks. The third century is about ideas. Alas, nobody has a clue how to build a farm for ideas, or even a factory for ideas. We recognize that ideas are driving the economy, ideas are making people rich and most important, ideas are changing the world. Even though we’re clueless about how to best organize the production of ideas, one thing is clear: if you can get people to accept and embrace and adore and cherish your ideas, you win. You win financially, you gain power and you change the world in which we live. So how do you win? What do you need to do to change the status quo of whatever industry you’re in, or, if you’re lucky, to change the world? If you’re a farmer, you want nothing more than a high price for your soybeans. If you’re a manufacturer of consumer goods, you want a display at the cash register at Wal-Mart. But what if you’re an idea merchant?


BIOG Seth Godin has written thirteen books that have been translated into more than thirty languages. Every one has been a bestseller. He writes about the postindustrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.


The holy grail for anyone who trafficks in ideas is this: to unleash an ideavirus. An idea that just sits there is worthless. But an idea that moves and grows and infects everyone it touches... that’s an ideavirus. In the old days, there was a limit on how many people you could feed with the corn from your farm or the widgets from your factory. But ideas not only replicate easily and well, they get more powerful and more valuable as you deliver them to more people. How does an ideavirus manifest itself? Where does it live? What does it look like? It’s useful to think of ideas of every sort as being similar. I call them manifestos. An idea manifesto is a powerful, logical “essay” that assembles a bunch of existing ideas and creates a new one. Sometimes a manifesto is a written essay. But it can be an image, a song, a cool product or process... the medium doesn’t matter. The message does. By lumping all sorts of ideas—regardless of format—into the same category (manifestos) it’s much easier to think of them as versions of the same thing. As long as you can use your manifesto to change the way people think, talk or act... you can create value.

Definition: Medium.

In order to move, an idea has to be encapsulated in a medium. It could be a picture, a phrase, a written article, a movie, even a mathematical formula (e=mc2). The Medium used for transmitting the ideavirus determines how smooth it is as well as the velocity of its growth. A medium is not a manifesto—every idea is a manifesto, trying to make its point, and the medium is the substance that the idea lives in.

Not only is this an essay about ideas and’s also a manifesto striving to become an ideavirus! If this manifesto changes your mind about marketing and ideas, maybe you’ll share it with a friend. Or two. Or with your entire company. If that happens, this idea will become an ideavirus, and spread and gain in value. We live in a world where consumers actively resist marketing. So it’s imperative to stop marketing at people. The idea is to create an environment where consumers will market to each other. Is an ideavirus a form of marketing? Sure it is. And today, marketing is all there is. You don’t win with better shipping or manufacturing or accounts payable. You win with better marketing, because marketing is about spreading ideas, and ideas are all you’ve got left to compete with.

The future belongs to the people who unleash ideaviruses. What’s an ideavirus? It’s a big idea that runs amok across the target audience. It’s a fashionable idea that propagates through a section of the population, teaching and changing and influencing everyone it touches. And in our rapidly/instantly changing world, the art and science of building, launching and profiting from ideaviruses is the next frontier.


FEATURES Have you ever heard of Hotmail? Ever used it? If so, it’s not because Hotmail ran a lot of TV ads (they didn’t). It’s because the manifesto of free email got to you. It turned into an ideavirus. Someone you know and trust infected you with it. What about a Polaroid camera... was your first exposure (no pun intended!) in a TV ad, or did you discover it when a friend showed you how cool the idea of an instant photograph was? Sometimes it seems like everyone is watching the same TV show as you, or reading the same book, or talking about the same movie or website. How does that happen? It usually occurs because the idea spreads on its own, through an accidental ideavirus, not because the company behind the product spent a ton of money advertising it or a lot of time orchestrating a virus. And how the idea spreads, and how to make it spread faster—that’s the idea behind unleashing an ideavirus. Word of mouth is not new—it’s just different now. There were always ideaviruses—gossip or ideas or politics that spread like wildfire from person to person. Without running an ad or buying a billboard, Galileo managed to upset all of Pisa with his ideas. Today, though, ideaviruses are more important and more powerful than ever. Ideaviruses are easier to launch and more effective. Ideaviruses are critical because they’re fast, and speed wins and speed kills—brands and products just don’t have the time to develop the old way. Ideaviruses give us increasing returns—word of mouth dies out, but ideaviruses get bigger. And finally, ideaviruses are the currency of the future. While ideaviruses aren’t new, they’re important because we’re obsessed with the new, and an ideavirus is always about the new. Remember the slogan, “Only her hairdresser knows for sure?” That was classic brand marketing, and it flew in the face of word of mouth. It was an ad for a product that was supposed to be a secret—a secret between you, your hairdresser and Clairol. A few years later, Herbal Essence took a totally different tack... they tried to encourage you to tell your friends. But while word of mouth works great among the people who use a product and their immediate friends—if I love your story or hate your service, I’ll tell a few friends—it dies out fast. There’s no chance a friend of a friend is going to tell you about my horrible experience on United Airlines or how much I loved flying on Southwest. Word of mouth fades out after a few exchanges. But now, aided by the Net and abetted by the incredible clutter in our universe, ideaviruses are spreading like wildfire. We’re all obsessed with ideas because ideas, not products, are the engine of our new economy. I wore Converse sneakers growing up... so did you. But the shareholders of Converse never profited from the idea of the shoe—they profited from the manufacture of a decent sneaker. If two sneakers were for sale, you bought the cheaper one. It took Converse generations to build a brand and years to amortize a factory and they were quite happy to extract a modest profit from every pair of sneakers sold, because Converse knew their factory would be around tomorrow and the day after that. So sneakers, like everything else, were priced by how much they cost, and sold one pair at a time by earnest shoe salesmen who cared about things like how well the shoes fit.


Converse could take their time. They were in this for the long haul. Those days are long gone. Twenty years later, it’s the idea of Air Jordan sneakers, not the shoe, that permits Nike to sell them for more than $100. It’s the sizzle, not the fit. The idea makes Nike outsized profits. And Nike knows that idea won’t last long, so they better hurry—they need another ideavirus, fast. In the old days, we used to sneer at this and call it a fad. Today, everything from presidential politics to music to dentistry is driven by fads—and success belongs to marketers who embrace this fact. It took 40 years for radio to have ten million users. By then, an industry had grown that could profit from the mass audience. It took 15 years for TV to have ten million users. It only took 3 years for Netscape to get to 10 million, and it took Hotmail and Napster less than a year. By aggregating mass audiences to themselves (and not having to share them with an entire industry), companies like Netscape and Hotmail are able to realize huge profits, seemingly overnight. And they do it by spreading ideaviruses. Ideas can now be carried in the ether. Because the medium for carrying ideas is fast and cheap, ideas move faster and cheaper! Whether it’s the image of the new VW Beetle (how long did it take for the idea of that car to find a place in your brain?) or the words of a new Stephen King novel (more than 600,000 people read it in the first week it was available online), the time it takes for an idea to circulate is approaching zero. Why should we care? Why does it matter that ideas can instantly cross international boundaries, change discussions about politics, crime and justice or even get us to buy something? Because the currency of our future is ideas, and the ideavirus mechanism is the way those ideas propagate. And the science and art of creating ideaviruses and using them for profit is new and powerful. You don’t have to wait for an ideavirus to happen organically or accidentally. You can plan for it and optimize for it and make it happen. Sure, some ideaviruses are organic. They happen and spread through no overt action or intent on the part of the person who creates them (the Macarena wasn’t an organized plot... it just happened). Others, though, are the intentional acts of smart entrepreneurs and politicians who know that launching and nurturing an ideavirus can help them accomplish their goals. In the old days, the way we sold a product was through interruption marketing. We’d run ads, interrupt people with unanticipated, impersonal, irrelevant ads and hope that they’d buy something. And sometimes, it worked. The advantage of this branding strategy is that the marketer is in complete and total control. The disadvantage is that it’s hard and expensive. Every time a catalog clothier (Land’s End, Eddie Bauer, you name it) wants to sign up a new customer, they need to buy a few hundred stamps, send out some carefully designed catalogs and hope that one person sends them money.


FEATURES What marketers are searching for is a way to circumvent the tyranny of cost-perthousand interruptions. They need something that ignites, a way to tap into the invisible currents that run between and among consumers, and they need to help those currents move in better, faster, more profitable ways. Instead of always talking to consumers, they have to help consumers talk to each other. A beautifully executed commercial on the Super Bowl is an extraordinarily risky bet. Building a flashy and snazzy website is almost certain to lead to failure. Hiring a celebrity spokesperson might work on occasion, but more often than not, it won’t break through the clutter. Whenever advertisers build their business around the strategy of talking directly to the customer, they become slaves to the math of interruption marketing. Fortunately, there are already proven techniques you can use to identify, launch and profit from ideas that can be turned into viruses. There’s a right and a wrong way to create them, and more important, the care and feeding of your ideavirus can dramatically affect its potency. One of the key elements in launching an ideavirus is concentrating the message. If just 1% or even 15% of a group is excited about your idea, it’s not enough. You only win when you totally dominate and amaze the group you’ve targeted. That’s why focusing obsessively on a geographic or demographic or psychographic group is a common trait among successful idea merchants. Why are new companies launching on the Net so obsessed with traffic and visitors? Why is a company like GeoCities sold for more than $2 billion, when it has close to zero revenue and interesting, but by no means unique, software? Because infecting large populations with the ideavirus is the first step to building a profitable business model. The key steps for Internet companies looking to build a virus are: 1. Create a noteworthy online experience that’s either totally new or makes the user’s life much better. Or make an offline experience better/faster/cheaper so that switching is worth the hassle. 2. Have the idea behind your online experience go viral, bringing you a large chunk of the group you’re targeting WITHOUT having to spend a fortune advertising the new service. 3. Fill the vacuum in the marketplace with YOUR version of the idea, so that competitors now have a very difficult time of unteaching your virus and starting their own. 4. Achieve “lock in” by creating larger and larger costs to switching from your service to someone else’s. 5. Get permission from users to maintain an ongoing dialogue so you can turn the original attention into a beneficial experience for users and an ongoing profit stream for you.


6. Continue creating noteworthy online experiences to further spread new viruses, starting with your core audience of raving fans.

And Five Things Ideaviruses Have In Common

1. The most successful ideaviruses sometimes appear to be accidents, but it is possible to dramatically increase the chances your ideavirus will catch on and spread. 2. An ideavirus adores a vacuum. (This is a big idea. Read on to see what I mean). 3. Once an ideavirus spreads, it follows a lifecycle. Ignore the lifecycle and the ideavirus dies out. Feed it properly and you can extend its useful life and profit from it for a long time. 4. Ideaviruses are more than just essays and books. Everything from new technology to new ways of creating new products are winning because of intelligent seeding by their creators. 5. Viral marketing is a special case of an ideavirus. Viral marketing is an ideavirus in which the carrier of the virus IS the product.

Seven Ways An Ideavirus Can Help You:

1. When everyone in town tells ten friends about your amazing ice cream shop and a line forms out the door (supercharged word of mouth due to the virus having dominated the town so completely). 2. When your company’s new mass storage format catches on and it becomes the next Zip drive. 3. When an influential sports writer names your daughter as a high school All-American basketball player and coaches line up outside the door with scholarships. 4. When Steve Jobs commissions the iMac, which spreads the word about the Mac faster than any advertising ever could, raising market share and saving your favorite computer company from bankruptcy. 5. When you write a report for your boss about how your company should deal with an opportunity in Cuba and it gets passed on, from person to person, throughout the company, making you a hero and a genius. 6. When the demo recording you made becomes a bestseller on and you get a call from Sony, who wants to give you a recording contract. 7. When you are able to devise a brand-new Internet business plan for a product that’s useful and also embodies viral marketing...growing from nothing to a million users in a month and making you rich along the way.

Click here to read the e-book in full.


FEATURES Be Extraordinary. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be All That you Can Be. BY SILVIE TURNER ‘I Eat My Words‘ This work represents my Winter book of 2007, and is a piece of work about the time when I forgot who I was…

BIOG Silvie Turner is a writer, artist, lecturer, publisher, curator.

‘I Eat My Words’ is a personal journey, the story of a passage through a period of life. Its aim is to release the constraints I felt bound by… “Who am I?” and “What on earth am I here for?” were the questions… I found uncomfortable places hidden inside of me and took to sitting in them. Many times overwhelmed, I returned to the simple pleasures of everyday… I took the position of whatever came towards me that I liked, whatever arrived with pleasure and I enjoyed, whenever my energy lifted I accepted, noted, stole, drew, wrote, copied. …I collected hundreds of little bits of paper in a paper bag; messages from books, sides of vans and lorries, TV programmes, cinema, clips of words overheard on the tube, bus, radio… I tipped my bag out (one wet winter’s afternoon) and everything that I collected fitted into things that had interested me before – the shapes of words, sequential order, overviews, visions, light and dark, surface texture, the weight of colour… I was thrilled. Then uncontrollably, at that same moment, my studio door blew open and a gust of wind created havoc chaos in my organised piles. I could only smile, thank the hand of fate and gather up the bits and pieces without conscious groupings. This work is the story of that rubbish, the stuff of my thoughts, works of hand and eye and brain and beyond; knowings that came slowly and not always gently revealing what I needed to recognise.

Illustrations from ‘I Eat My Words’ Views of the cover


[Construct] Commit to defeating habit [Perception Ltd]

[Define] A drawing back and slight lifting of the corners

[Direction] Above, North, West, East, South, Below. Showing printing on the inside of this page Within, Inside is the centre, the direction of within, The absolution of balance, the core truth



[Tonal Scale] I write in deepest winter

[Order] Want blocks need

[Family Relationships] I have never worked or made things that manifest alone


[Language] I create through words

[I eat my words] What comes when I have nothing

Text Š Silvie Turner 2007 Design Š by Selina Swayne, Made at Bookworks, London


FEATURES ‘The Unbroken Line’ This book of poems was made in the Winter of 2010/11 and is about a line between heaven and earth, between me and you, between past and present, rest and activity, seed and compost; a line linking time and place. It is about continuity and shift, and took 40 days to put together. All books are in some ways journeys for their makers. We all need platforms for talking to each other. The book is my system, my way of bringing together elements for turning over, looking at, out and beyond. Architecture and people often experience a strong and fruitful bond and this book is the description of a journey in which architecture plays a central role. The work sifts through the relationships that occur between me — a woman, my house, the objects I use and my everyday life. It takes in the powerful influences imposed by living at a particular time in a particular place and occasionally reveals the small spaces where originality of thought occurs.

Present Tense


Beyond The Borders

Open Eyes Text © Silvie Turner 2011 Design © by Selina Swayne, Printed at Bookworks, London


FEATURES The Eternal Heart BY SARAH INCE Lifetime after lifetime touched my heart Forever there... heart reaches out ...yearns for completion A reunion I seek That separation finally heals ...and our love can flow once again A passion that is undeniable I now we must now choose To surrender to our love.. I hold you in my heart Our love vision is true Are you remembering our moments as I am? I can only wait... I can only be... in presence ...of who I am... ...and surrender into the arms of love with you BIOG Sarah Ince commenced writing her first poems as a teenager, and then recommenced her poetry writing in 1998, with the new theme of soul mate and twin flame poetry, and also ascension light poetry. Sarah’s poetry has been published in local anthologies, Cosmic Lighthouse Magazine, Funky Raw Magazine, Paradigm Shift Magazine, Kindred Spirit Magazine, The original website for the I Am Family Of Light Gathering, Mused Literary Review, Previously in an earlier edition of Lightworker Magazine, Planetary Lightworker Magazine, and many other magazines and ezines. Sarah regularly writes reviews of organic and eco products and services, and you may visit her website at Sarah’s reviews are also published in Funky Raw, and Super Raw Life Magazine, and shortly will appear in The Yoga Magazine. Sarah will also shortly be commencing writing for La Luminata Magazine. You can find Sarah’s poetry books online at, to purchase as a paperback or download. Sarah enjoys yoga, meditation, breath work, nutrition, raw food, vegan cuisine, and all things eco. She is also an experienced Ascension Lightworker with multiple multidimensional lightworking gifts of spirit, as Sarah is a natural seer, and is intrinsically aware of the unified field of reality.





FEATURES Extraordinary Beings BY RACHEL WILLIS You are surrounded now by beings of light that shield you, honour you and guide you in every moment. They are formed of light of the highest, purest and most refined quality – they are souls of true divine love, and their intention is to bring you joy of the deepest, most lasting kind.

BIOG Rachel is a conduit for the Ascended Masters and guided to help others fine-tune their life path by fully stepping into their power and shining their light. She challenges anything that is out of alignment with your highest good and shares messages from The Masters about your Earthly purpose. Furthermore, as The Food Intuitive she channels your lifelong unique eating blueprint, and by aligning with this weight is shed, illnesses healed and energy raised. Her client list includes global TV stars, millionaires and aristocrats, all of whom share a common interest in looking and feeling great.

CONTACT www.thefoodintuitive. com


Each being of light guiding Lightworkers is entrusted with your soul’s ‘secrets’ and those crucial snippets of wisdom that bring you more closely into alignment with your soul’s perfection. They are with you to help you to connect with these and live them in your daily life. With the assistance of these wise and trusted beings, you can effortlessly shine with happiness, health and wholeness. To connect with your guardian beings of light, just set the intention to allow yourself to receive their love, support and wisdom in the way that is best suited to your unique presence. They shall make themselves known by showing you visual signs, or audio messages, or deep absolute knowings, or even gifting you your prayers without any conscious work on your part! As the planet ascends and each human being is required to harness greater levels of light to assist with the beautiful evolutionary emergence into wholeness of love and oneness of all, you are being awakened to your greatest potential, and to the miracles that CAN be yours. The beings of light that are responsible for awakening these gifts are the ones that know your greatness and shine light on it, commensurate to your contribution to the planet. Therefore, they encourage you to give more of your whole love and light in exchange for abundance and delights of human living. They know that the more you give – within your boundaries of energetic balance and wellbeing – the more you are gifted. They see your contribution, each and every bit of it, whether or not any other human being recognises this, and reward you accordingly. What an incentive to live with love! Their knowledge of your soul and the grander plan for humanity allows these extraordinary beings the opportunity to shower you with abundance and blessings beyond your conscious comprehension – they are the ones that unlock skills that you were not aware of, introduce you to romantic love that you only dreamt was possible, and create work that brings you fulfilment of the soul to delight in every day. So thank them for the miracles that unfold in your life once you have chosen to connect with them, and remember to ask for more. You yourself are evolving into a being of light; becoming lighter and less dense as you allow greater levels of light to be held within your energy body. This is to align others with their truth and loveable wholeness, triggering a mass elevation and healing of humanity. Do not fight this natural change; do not try to fit back into your former life or ways of being. Instead, embrace the greatness of spirit you now feel, the looks of admiration you now receive, and the wise words you continue to share from the heart.

With this in mind, the beings of light share the following message for 2012… Dear ones, we are so very pleased that this year brings great changes to the hearts and minds of each being on the planet. That each soul incarnated to the Earth at this time will receive blessings of abundance, and know themselves more than ever before. For the time is now when hearts are opening wider with more wisdom and ability to foresee, heal and enlighten others. It is now that you are awakening ever more to your greatness and unique purpose, the perfection of your soul path – however it unfolds and ascends – and how you can interact with other souls to purest effect. Hold firm in your energies this year, it will be unsettling for some as changes can bring endings to make way for new beginnings. Know that you are ALWAYS safe, guided and protected in every moment, and seek help whenever you doubt this truth. Ask for more of whatever you need to get you to this place of security and peace, and we shall happily oblige. Equally, hold firm in your knowingness of self and energetic boundaries. Sensitive intuitive beings such as Lightworkers can be affected acutely by the energies of others, and with so much change occurring, it can appear that you yourself are the one on the rollercoaster. Take ‘time outs’ to check in with your inner wisdom and sanctuary of peace, this shall inform you whether the work is needed to correct your course, or whether others are the ones that are aligning. This shall shield you from unnecessary pain and hardship. This year, anything is possible, energetically. Creations, abundance, love, joy, health and new talents are all emerging as the veil between ‘ human reality’ and ‘the divine’ thins. This thinning means that you can bring your thoughts onto the Earth plane with greater speed and presence. Be aware of what you wish to create and how your thoughts support or challenge this; you are a powerful being of light and knowing the methodology for weaving your reality is especially vital during 2012. Soul mate connections are flourishing, as bonds that were delayed whilst Lightworkers worked hard to lift the planet’s vibration to higher levels to facilitate the global changes now begin to form freely. Meeting your loved one this year is likely, if you have felt thwarted in this connection, once your contribution to the collective has been fulfilled. Be aware of each being that enters your life and how he or she impacts your life path. The soul mate connections formed this year ALWAYS create abundance and greater levels of joy, anything else is not a true union and we ask that you step aside and allow the real one to be brought to you. However tempting it may be to settle for ‘OK’, you haven’t come this far and worked this hard to be with anyone less than ‘brilliant’ for you. Money is arriving in creative forms throughout the year, as human beings are taught the importance of aligning with the ENERGY of wealth rather than the form itself. Expect unusual inventions, creations or ways of receiving to be brought to you, and welcome each one as the gift it is. Keeping the abundance flowing is always assisted by gratitude, however you choose to show it. Lightworkers are also being cautioned from fears about receiving and thus being overly generous. The wealth you hold is an energetic footprint,


FEATURES and you deserve to have a strong presence on the planet, so let it come to you AND keep it to your heart, it need only be shared for the right reasons. Health challenges may arise for some beings that are aligning their energy matrix with the new energies of the time. Heart conditions or discomfort are most likely as the planet receives greater levels of light and love. This can also manifest as chest, lung or breast ailments, since these are in the region of the heart chakra. Remember to release each fear or worry with love, and allow yourself to receive the new light energies with least resistance – this shall avoid forming ailments or pains. For those who do manifest health challenges, ask us to assist in clearing your cells, body or energy field and we shall work with you to co-create abundant health and wellbeing. At the same time, greater levels of physical energy, vitality and health are all accessible this year with the new energies raising the vibration of each soul and bringing them into clearer alignment with the infinite energy of Source light. Channel this energy into positive pursuits and it shall flow freely. Therefore, if you suddenly feel inclined to begin running, yoga or tennis, go with it and know you are channelling light as you do. Eat cleanly of the foods your body calls for, and step aside from chemical-laden ‘food’ that only stores lower energy in your cells and makes your daily life more challenging. Remember WHY you eat, and bless your meals so that the food in turn blesses you and your physical being. Communication with the divine and beings of light such as angels, fairies, Ascended Masters and more becomes clearer this year, as intuitive channels strengthen and individuals commit more strongly to discovering their unique method of engagement with light beings. If you are one who already connects in this way, expect new guides, energies and wisdom to be brought to you. If it is all new to you, expect to open up to the magic and wonder of actively intuiting and being connected to Source, and enjoy the gifts this brings. Overall, we thank you for your contribution to the planet and its ascension. The energies of light and love that rain onto Mother Earth do so because of your collective commitment to living with positive radiance and authentic truth. This continues throughout the year – and onwards – and we honour you for your life path and the co-creation with Source love. Blessings and love to you all, now and forever.

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FEATURES For Every Ordinary, There Is An Extraordinary BY SKY SHERIDAN Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary creators. Everywhere we turn, our lives and the world we create seem to be in complete upheaval and breakdown. Have you ever thought that you came at this volatile time, on a planet in crisis, because you were participating in a higher purpose or plan? Or, even still, that you had the power to change the world? Every time I’m online, I see truths being told about banks siphoning the energy we call ‘money’ from the people and leaving them with worthless dross in return. We are in debt to a system, and this awareness is provoking the desire to break free from this prison. It has awakened an Arab Spring where oligarchs are eliminated, it has fueled an economy that is based in marketing sustainability, free energy, health, education and charity, and it has even sparked an Occupy Wall Street movement demanding that we start putting people before profit. All of this is happening without any leader; it is all self-organized and self-governed. We are the leaders now. At this accelerating juncture in the human story, there is great evidence all around us that we are connected in extraordinary ways - to ourselves and each other - and that allows us to be extraordinary. We have come to a crossroads, and just like the X in extra-ordinary, it is a place where we have to decide right now what we are going to create. X marks the spot. This time it’s not about going left or right, up or down. It is not about the pendulum that swings back and forth to extremes, it’s about the fulcrum of integrating balance. It is about each side realizing they are both part of the same coin. At this crossing, what we will choose? To continue to survive? Or to finally thrive? It’s our choice.

What is our creative capacity? We have seen that we can create war, poverty, dis-ease, hunger, and plenty of duality and separation. Bravo! We are pretty powerful. But where is our power being directed? If we have been destructive with our power, isn’t it just as easy to be creative and restore peace, abundance, health, and wholeness once again? I know we can. In fact, the beauty is that at the same time all the old paradigms and beliefs come crashing down in our lives, there are vibrant, strong new ones ready to take their place. As we let go of the established ways of living, we finally open up to more emergent living with access to current information, new ways to grow, and fresh possibilities. Are we going to continue to do business as usual, and live a mundane, limited, destructive existence? Or are we going to let go of what no longer serves us, trust ourselves, and live the sacred, blessed lives we came to live, fulfilling our purpose to be all that we can be? It’s our choice. As we believe, so shall we achieve. What better way to ring in the holiday season with the gift of knowing that in the present we can create something entirely different if we desire to. We are the power.


FEATURES We are the extra, added to the ordinary.

BIOG After ten years of experience as an international male model, Sky Sheridan, author of The Seven Shifts and Called2Create’s founder, through his extraordinary life experiences, including a near death electrocution, became a paradigm pioneer and set the intention to guide an inspirational shift within ourselves that would put people and the planet before profit by having an evolved vision with sustainable value.


We don’t have to do business as usual. We see where that gets us. It does not serve us to continue to do things as we’ve known them (mundane, established), but to instead use our imaginations, and our vision, and to boldly explore all the possibilities by being open to them (sacred, emergent). Are we willing to change? Are we willing to let go of our co-dependency on outer forces so we can embrace our interdependence through our inner power? What do you want for yourself? What do you want for the world? What beliefs are you holding onto that play out in all of your relationships and experiences? Are there any places in your life that you can turn your awareness, like a light, and discover that you are not limited to put up with the darkness in your life, or this world? You can bring your awareness to those parts of your body, mind and spirit, all the levels of your being - physically, mentally, and emotionally - and energy will follow it. This energy will help you move into a space where you can start to set intentions to be more connected, more open, more grateful, more free, and more loving.

Everyday is extraordinary. Think about the circumstances that have to be in total harmony and balance for you to even be taking your next breath and continue reading this article. This pale blue dot, dancing around a star in just the right orbit, in the middle of some galaxy filled with an ocean of stars, that swims in a cosmic void, is our garden of Eden, our home. Within it, just like within ourselves, are all the things we need to live joyful lives; all the resources and relationships that we need to thrive. Each cell in our body is also on its own cosmic adventure, carrying within it the very blueprints for every living organism and all systems of life; lungs, liver, nervous system, brain, skin, teeth, hair, nails, lips. All the five senses that allow us to access any of the vibration that energy emits into matter, is comprised of cells. It is amazing to just stop and think of all the beautiful gifts within us, and all around us. For a moment, as the beauty and gift of life wash over us like baptismal waters, life doesn’t look or feel so mundane as the daily routines that we play out in the current system would have us to believe. These old mundane patterns we are living lack total appreciation for anything unless it can somehow siphon the energy away from the planet or people in order to profit. The way we have been living has also denied us the experience of investing our power toward empowering ourselves to be self-reliant, sustainable, sovereign and free because it asks us to be dependant on external sources of power, rather than realizing the power that lay within.

How do we get a new perspective from the mundane? For me, it happened during times of ceremony or prayer, community and family gatherings, intimate moments with a loved one, during yoga, breathing and mediation, or even at times as simple as singing and dancing. Anytime we choose to create a space where there is joy, peace, or love in our lives, there is the opportunity for transformation. We have to envision what we want and then we have to become that vision. It takes


knowing matter is made up of energy, and there is something beyond the physical, that is spiritual. It takes what’s inside us all, the sacred. The truth is we are free agents. Free to choose at this crossroad, collectively, and individually, that we will be the highest good. Free to live in a world where people exchange the currency of love. Free to connect with our inner guidance, free to heal, free to enjoy our diversity through equality, free to be grateful for all the beautiful blessings we share in this life, free to pray, free to provide for all creatures, free to honour and protect this precious planet, and finally free to know the truth of the stars that reflect our light back to us from the cosmos. As above, so below. We are free now to transform the mundane into the sacred, and the ordinary, into the extraordinary. Happy Holidays. Many Blessings. One Love.


FEATURES Are You Ready? BY TERRY GRAY The man on the podium said, “Now I want you all to imagine that you have one month to live...” Recently, the husband of a good friend of mine brought her a cup of tea as he had done every morning for years. He leaned down, put the cup on the low coffee table in front of her, and followed it down on to the floor, dead. When the man on the podium said what he said, she laughed.

BIOG Terry had no intention of writing “Temple Flowers”, and she’s stunned by its popularity. It arose from an e-mail exchange with Stephen, the Barefoot Doctor. He was recognizing a potential book - she was just talking to him. Stephen says, “Terry is my friend and mentor. I persuaded her to write a book. It wasn’t easy - she resisted, but I persisted. She went and did it, and it’s brilliant...”

CONTACT www.secondchildhoodbooks. com

A month? A whole month? Where is the reality in that? But this is the game we all play. Friends do it when they’ve missed the last train and are stuck on the railway station with nothing else to do. Therapists do it in a genuine attempt to help us discover what matters. Even lovers do it, when Love has lost its urgency, when silence and holding hands are no longer enough, and they need to talk. The game goes like this - What would you do? Are you content with your life as it is? Is your love still enough? Is there something else you want? What is most important to you? Where would you run to? Who would you call? We sit back in our armchairs, or on the railway station in the middle of the night, and play the game of one month to live. Or we can get really dangerous and make it a week, or a day. But it isn’t real. No one ever died next month, next week, or even tomorrow. Everyone dies today. When Death comes it’s right here, in your face, now. Even when it’s expected, it’s expected later today, or in a few minutes. It’s not expected now. And now is when it comes. This pseudo-serious game we play, it’s a party game. It’s an entertainment. It’s playing for time. The reality is that you are likely to have no time at all. No time to go home, to lift the phone, to send a message, to say thank you to your mother and father, your partner, your children. No time to tell someone you love them, to say goodbye. No time. But the woman in the audience laughed? Yes, she did. And it was not a bitter laugh. She laughed because she and her man had known all this before that morning, before that cup of tea, before he lay dead at her feet. A shocking moment, but they were ready, and they had no need of the month, the week, the day to get their life right. There was nothing to say. They had said it all. They had got it right.

Temple Flowers by Terry Gray


The awareness of impermanence is standing by your shoulder. It is the kindest of all friends, breaking your heart as the shell is broken around the seed. To live aware of this presence is to strip the film of familiarity from your eyes, to see the love and beauty in others around you, to look at Life in a constant blaze of Joy. To be ready to die is to be alive. Are you ready?



FEATURES Under The Spotlight DOREEN VIRTUE Doreen, you are known as the world’s pioneering ‘Lightworker’, how did you first come to know of the term? I’ve heard the term “Lightworker” for so long, that I actually don’t recall when I first heard it. I do know that the term immediately struck a chord within me, and it resonated with my long-time desires to make a positive difference in the world. I also intuitively knew that there were many other lightworkers who, like me, were highly-sensitive and caring.

What is your greatest achievement, to date? I feel really good about many of the books which I’ve channeled, especially “The Crystal Children.” My own children, Charles and Grant, mean the world to me, and all of my work supporting Indigo and Crystal children is so meaningful to me. These young people are the angels who can heal and change the world, and they need our help and understanding.

If you could ascend and be an Archangel for a day, which one would you be and why?! I love the feminine archangels, such as Jophiel, the angel of beauty who helps to lift our consciousness and fill it with beautiful thoughts and feelings. So it would be amazing to be Jophiel for the day and be completely immersed in rapturous beauty.

What was the most positive change you saw in your life once you began to connect with the angels? I’ve been in contact with the angels since early childhood, so I really don’t know any different. In adulthood, following the incident when the angels saved my life in 1995, I’ve been much more open about my interactions. After this incident, they gave me the courage to be myself openly, and to speak publicly about my experiences and beliefs. That has been remarkable.

If your friends were to describe you in 5 words, what would they say? Generous, kind, positive, loving, and fun.

How do you see the world evolving during 2012? The only difference will be that this stigma of fearing 2012 will be behind us finally. Nothing will change, except the continued spiritual growth path that we’re all steadily upon.


BIOG Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascendedmaster realms in her writings and workshops. Doreen is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues, including the best-selling Healing with the Angels and Messages from Your Angels books/angel cards. Today, Doreen is known around the world for her connection with the realm of the angels. She has devoted her lifework to teaching us all how to clearly hear the messages from our angels. “When you work with angels, you can lean upon their light to help you heal at miraculous rates and in amazing ways. The angels can help us heal physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. The angels are with us as a gift from our Creator, and their aim is to establish peace on Earth, one person at a time. Working wing-inhand with the angels, I believe that this goal is possible. May your inner light burn brightly today, and all the days to come.”

Where do you see women featuring more in the years to come? There aren’t any restrictions upon women at all, and I foresee that this will continue.

Please tell us 3 random facts about yourself that your fans won’t necessarily be aware of. 1. While I was going through my university training, I supported myself and my family by working as a secretary. This helped me to develop incredibly fast typing skills, up to 90 words per minute. This fast typing enables me to channel lots of books. As a secretary, I typed dictation from my bosses. Today, I still dictation, except it’s from the angels. 2. My Dad quit his aerospace engineering job when I was 6 years old, even though we’d just bought a new home and my mother didn’t work. He wanted to stay home and make his hobby (balsa-wood model aeroplanes) into his profession. This taught me to follow your heart with your career and all of your life. Dad has made a wonderful career with his model aeroplanes (his company is Hannan’s Runway) and he and mom are in amazing health because they chose a healthy lifestyle. 3. I am a scuba divemaster with over 700 dives. I love being underwater. The neutral buoyancy of scuba diving reminds me of dreams where you’re flying.

Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue is published by Hay House, £7.99




Glow With Health And Wellbeing STU GATHERUM

Lightworker In Training HETTA ROGERS

Lightworker Challenge KAY GILLARD

Studying At The University Of Life ELIZABETH VILLANI

It’s OK, It’s Going To Be Alright HENRY CUMMING

Moments Of Light TOM EVANS


KN OW health Being Xtraordinary By Stu Gatherum Stu is a passionate and focused Strength and Conditioning specialist who is committed to delivering outstanding results in fitness, nutrition and total health and wellness.

CONTACT STU Twitter: @stugatherum +44 7816 240137

Hi all, welcome to December and the countdown to Christmas! I hope this month you are well and full of energy from the Work month; raring to go as we enter the Festive season. I had a think about Xtraordinary, and it would be easy to write about being in extraordinary shape. Easy, and maybe a cop out. Instead, I want to highlight some of the finer points of what constitutes an extraordinary lifestyle:

1. Find your comfort zone It is super-important to be happy with your surroundings and where you plan to ply your trade as an exerciser. You cannot truly achieve results unless you are comfortable in your environment. If you are a little self-conscious and nervous then maybe the high-testosterone, chalk-filled, grunt station of a local gym is not for you. Maybe you need to find a quieter, less intimidating health club. The more comfortable you are the better you will feel about going to the gym and the more often you go the better the results will be.

2. Get out of your comfort zone! I have let you pander to yourself long enough! You’ve found the perfect surroundings. Now let’s get to it! Make sure that you are pushing your limits. You simply will not achieve extraordinary results by exerting ordinary effort. These are the rules to live by when exercising.

3. Perform the worst first There is a reason you don’t excel at squats/pressups/........... (fill in the blank) and it is purely because you don’t like doing it/aren’t very good at it/it’s hard – or a


GLOW WITH HEALTH AND WELLBEING mixture of all of the above. If you do this first and get it done you won’t spend the whole time dreading it and you might, just might, improve. These are the main things to think about. When you boil it down you can’t expect to lead an extraordinary life if you don’t open yourself up to the possibility of doing extraordinary things. My other half – an avid trainee – performs all manner of unfathomable things in the exercise arena. There is no way she should be able to perform a chin-up let alone plural. She also shouldn’t be able to cycle miles and miles with the ‘serious cyclists’ but she does and it has led to them asking the question ‘Wow Stu, what do you feed her for breakfast?!’ The bottom line is that she wouldn’t be this extraordinary if she didn’t at least attempt it. If you simply be open to suggestion you never know what might happen. I’m sure David Beckham didn’t expect to be a world-beater with a killer right boot but he had a go. I’m equally certain Steve Redgrave could have rested on his laurels with a measly four Olympic Golds, but he went after number five. Lionel Messi wouldn’t be treating the world (and torturing defenders) with incredible performances if he had accepted being ‘too small’, but look at him, he is a 5’5 giant among his more imposing peers. So this month get in a comfortable place, push beyond your previously assumed limits, and realise your true Xtraordinary potential.


KN OW education Xtraordinary By HETTA ROGERS Hetta’s background is in Art History and Literature. After spending seven years training to be and working as a lawyer, she left all that behind to go travelling, but has now returned to the bright lights of London to work in the communications industry.

CONTACT HETTA hetta@lightworkermag. com

Usually when I write, it flows. As though some small, gentle energetic force takes over and does it for me; turning on a literary tap that allows the words and sentences to trickle out and take shape, having been waiting patiently beneath the surface. But I have struggled this month and, for a while, was plagued by that well-known foe: lack of inspiration.

Seek and ye shall find In my quest to find that momentary spark, I looked to the origins of the word “extraordinary”. Why does such a powerful word, when broken up into its component parts, seem to signify that something is merely extra (more) ordinary? The word stems from the Latin words ‘extra’ meaning “out of” or “outside” and ‘ordinem’ meaning “order” (literally, “out of order”). The adjective emerged in English in the early fifteenth century and originally meant out of the ordinary or unusual, although often negatively so. Only in more recent times have its meaning and usage evolved to denote something that is exceptionally good; something remarkable. This more technical understanding of the word was helpful, but still didn’t get me very far. So I pondered. And I waited. And then – when at last I had stopped trying so hard – my inspiration arrived in the form of a short film and a song. But before I share the delights of what they are, let me go back a few steps and explain the context of how they came to me and how, in hindsight, I now see that I had examples of extraordinary people, places and events all around me. I just hadn’t opened my eyes to see them.

I left my heart in Amsterdam… and Paris I took a week away from work in mid-November and it was heavenly from beginning to end. I spent the first weekend in Amsterdam, indulging in some much-needed escapism, rest and relaxation with two close friends. We were blessed with three days of glorious, unbroken sunshine that warmed the chilly air. And, once our adopted urgent London “march” had given way to a continental dawdle, we discovered that we still had ample time to wander up and down the cobbled streets and across the umpteen canal paths; to meander across the open squares and municipal gardens. As cities go, it is hard not to fall head-over-heels in love with Amsterdam. It is a fabulous place to people-watch and to see the picturesque and the downright bizarre exist side-


LIGHTWORKER IN TRAINING by-side in close proximity. It was, for me, an extraordinary place and one I would love to see again. In fact, my friends and I wondered how it might feel to each leave London life behind for a year or two to live in a bijou apartment in the centre of the city, earning our fortune as self-employed writers or some such. One can but dream.

A tale of two cities Fast forward a week and I was in Paris – altogether different in pace, ambience and history, but just as beautiful. It felt more like April than late November, for the crisp air of Amsterdam had given way to a much milder temperature, enabling us to wander through the central arrondissements and across the river to our hearts’ content. Pondering what I might write about for Lightworker’s December edition and, despite my magnificent surroundings, still feeling somewhat uninspired, my wondrous travel companion (for he deserves all the credit here) showed me a short film by editor, photographer and cameraman Andrew Clancy, which he has called “A Year in New York”.

Give me a Big Apple

The extraordinary result is made all the more beautiful by the song Clancy chose to accompany it: ‘We Don’t Eat’ by Irish folk singer James Vincent McMorrow. McMorrow released his debut album ‘Early in the Morning’ (which he wrote during a period of self-imposed seclusion in a beach house in Ireland and which was recorded with no professional production equipment) in February 2010. Poignant and yet uplifting, ‘We Don’t Eat’ is a wonderfully evocative song. Rather like attempting to describe to another person how sugar tastes, I am unable to put into words just why I think this combination of Clancy’s images and McMorrow’s song works so well. It just does; extraordinarily so. And perhaps this is what I have learnt in my quest for inspiration as to what is extraordinary: we are surrounded by the extraordinary – the unique, the special – wherever we are. In the people we know and those we don’t. In the places we travel to and in those we choose to live. In the experiences we have had and those we choose to share with others. And even within ourselves. Looking for the extraordinary needn’t be hard; we just need to believe it is there. As McMorrow says in his final lyric: “…So if I were you, my friend, learn to have just a little bit of trust.”

Using a Canon 7D or S95 (for those who are technicallyminded), Clancy shot footage of his life in New York over the space of a year and, taking the component pieces, created an eloquent and powerful montage which he chose to share with the world on his website. Clancy says that such a project could be “never ending”, for he “could stay filming life in New York for a long time”. One can quite see why. Amongst the iconic New York landmarks and cultural images (Times Square at night, the Empire State building and a bustling Central Park) are more unexpected (and, I think, more powerful) sequences, for they capture the minutiae of a city’s dayto-day bustle; those behind-the-scenes moments that we often overlook: talented street dancers, buskers and skaters, Uruguay fans watching the World Cup, an excitable crowd at a hockey game, an outdoor movie watched by people in their thousands, commuters on a busy subway train, panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty from the shores of the Hudson river and snowcovered side streets in wintertime.


KN OW relationship Why Non-conformity Is Essential By KAY GILLARD Kay Gillard is a shamanic healer and teacher based in South East London. She takes clients in person and at distance, working to restore the true authentic self to power. Kay currently teaches and gives talks throughout the south of England as well as working as a writer and broadcaster.

CONTACT KAY w w w. s t a r f i r e a l c h e m y.

I’ve recently read the book ‘The Art of Non-Conformity’ by Chris Guillebeau, and I knew immediately I’d want to share it with you in this Xtraordinary edition of Lightworker Magazine. In fact, I want to share it with everyone I can because Chris’ message resonates with me so deeply. Chris is a writer and traveller who has spent most of his life as an entrepreneur – in fact he gave up on the world of conventional employment by the age of 20. He does lots of amazing things that I am not personally called to do, like running marathons and progressing swiftly towards his goal of visiting every country in the world before he turns 35. At the time of writing, Chris has only 30 countries left to go. I follow his work not because I want to do this kind of travelling (I don’t) but because I am inspired that he has created a life for himself where he can prioritise those personal goals because he answers to no one. The book and the fabulous free resources on Chris’ website ( help people identify what it is that they truly want to pursue in their life, and fosters the ‘can do’ attitude required if your goals are nonconventional. And this is why I am talking to you about it today: your goals in life are non-conventional. As healers, energy workers and teachers we are not ticking too many boxes marked ‘ordinary’. Our beliefs are spreading and more people are adopting views on the world that are similar to our own, but we are a long way from being part of the dominant school of thought. Lightworkers are not here to support the current systems, we are here to promote growth, healing and change. Chris’ work is aimed at anyone who is dissatisfied with the status quo and is prepared to work hard and stay focused to create the life they want. I’d like to offer similar guidance to those of us living spiritual lives in the modern



LIGHTWORKER CHALLENGE world. For us, spirituality is at the forefront of our dayto-day lives, and this has a huge impact on how we meet the world. Here are some of my unconventional ways of viewing the world: • This human form is impermanent, the soul lives for ever • Material things are therefore unimportant, only things like love, joy and healing really matter • Every painful experience is an opportunity for growth • We are all responsible for our own life experience, no one is to blame for what happens to us • Every choice we make, everything we use and consume, impacts the world around us – so by being mindful of this we can change the world • No one has authority over you, and you have no authority over anyone else I could go on. Seriously, I have a boat-load of these. I have some specific to the healing world too. They include ‘methods don’t heal, only love heals’ and ‘teachers should be honest about where they are in their own process, not striving to look perfect or like they know everything’. Among some teachers these are unpopular beliefs. If I don’t know everything and am not the perfect healer, and if my methods are not really the key to healing at all, then how can I expect to be seen as an authority on the subject? Well, as I’ve said, I don’t expect to be seen as an authority, because I don’t believe in authority. And I usually ask teachers who take issue with such ideas to check in with their ego. Recently in my column we’ve looked at soul purpose and The Work and how to ensure you are living yours in this world. If you have used this time of great healing and shifting to help you identify what you really want to achieve in this world, kudos to you. You are already living an extraordinary life, because most people do not know this or even try to know it. And now if you are ready to really live that soul purpose, non-conformity has never been more important. Here are some things to remember:

Ignore the naysayers You will come across naysayers who will tell you that you cannot live your life this way, because that’s just not how

the world is (Chris Guillebeau calls them ‘gatekeepers’). I have no interest in these people and neither should you. Lightworkers came here to heal and change, so shaking up the system and/or living without heeding conventional restrictions is just part of what we are here to do. Do not let people tell you what you cannot do. If in doubt, look at what they are doing. If they are not living your perfect life, their opinions on what you can and cannot do are worth nothing, because all they know is how to create the type of experience they are having.

Keep going You will feel like being extraordinary is an uphill struggle sometimes. I have lived as a priestess and healer while also working in a very average office job doing unimportant work. I know that living in that world and maintaining the viewpoint of a spiritual being is like walking through treacle sometimes! And I know that cutting off from it and going it alone is terrifying, and hard work, and you will probably make a load of ‘mistakes’ along the way. Ordinary people wouldn’t make it, so they’d settle for an ordinary life. Good thing you’re extraordinary, eh? You are not alone, and if you keep going you will make it.

Start today (and never, ever stop) Making the courageous decision to be extraordinary and to defy convention is instant: you can make this decision today. As one of Lightworker Magazine’s beloved readers, you have probably already made it, so we all salute you! It is also ongoing, you must stand firm in your own goals and work to achieve them every day. You will do this work for your whole lives. You will allow your light to shine outward and follow your hearts, instead of conforming to limiting beliefs and low expectations about how we have to live. This courage and determination comes as part of the Lightworker package, so I know you have it in you. I am excited about your extraordinary lives because I know that every time you look at someone or something with love, holding them in light instead of conditioned judgement, a magical healing occurs. And every time you defy convention and look at yourself and the world this way, you change the world.


KN OW adventure Studying At The University Of Life By ELIZABETH VILLANI Elizabeth, the author of “Awakening”, o-books, 2010. An expert on positivity, coach and Reiki Master, a startling mystical experience in 2008 revealed to her the reality of humanity. She now writes to support our awakening. She is also the founder of a non-profit organisation aiming to bring joy to every corner of the globe.


Each month we are publishing an extract from “Awakening” to support you in your Light work. In this edition, I would like you to share what’s next. We are all awakening, whether we choose it or are shaken to it.

What’s Next? As living humans, when we manage to live in joy and move beyond the human ego, we let go of our negative beliefs and fears through our faith and our calling. We will then see only love and beauty and experience such a state of rapture and love inside of ourselves, whilst aligning to our soul purpose that we will ascend. We will move beyond this dimension. Our consciousness will ascend and move beyond this dimension. Your body won’t disappear! Your soul will elevate and your body will respond with health and vitality. Saints and spiritual leaders had a calling – a mystical experience and insight to move beyond their egos through faith and follow the guidance that they were given. I was lucky to have one too. But you don’t need to wait for a mystical experience. Your calling is the love in your heart. When you follow this you will live in joy, supported by faith and align with your soul group and life mission.

We Can All Do This We can all do this. One stage at a time. Think about what stage you are at and consciously recommence your journey. Remember, enlightenment comes through joyful surrender. Stage one: Awakening. Transcending the ego by moving beyond fear. Being positive daily and letting go of limiting belief. Opening the channel to the heart, happiness and openness. Stage two: Living beyond the ego by living authentically with who you are at heart and what makes you happy. Attracting all that you need. Feeling joy by being you. Stage three: Awakening to the bigger picture. Being curious about your soul memories. Questioning what your missions for this lifetime are. Reviewing your parents, your


STUDYING AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LIFE birthplace and the patterns in your life to see the sowing of learning for this lifetime.

to move humanity forward we move into the light. Heal our souls and we heal ourselves. Peace and love unite.

Stage four: Forgiveness of yourself and others for not awakening before now and for the past hurts on you and by you to those around you and the environment. Freeing the soul from the shackles of guilt and anger. Stage five: Opening to soul purpose by asking your soul group for support whilst living in love and joy and lifting your heart centre to a state of day to day rapture. Seeing all challenges as lessons and working to learn them. Using the tools, the messages, the power within and all around you to remember your reasons for being and your personal and soul group purpose. Tools to soul purpose include astrology, using mediums to connect with guides and soul groups, angel cards, healing, meditation, the translation of physical illness, messages from fellow souls around you, dreams and silent contemplation. Stage six: Living in joy, living your mission and aligning your being and doing with your soul purpose. All to the point where happiness is beyond all comprehension. Nothing could ever prepare you for this sense of excitement and rapture. Tears of joy mark your soul. Stage Seven: Insight and intuition are the directional tools of your energy. You open up the ancient human powers of telepathy and astral travel. You transcend and experience the love and joy of another dimension. Your example leads others and the mission is complete. You take flight. Every day is a joyous journey. See the good in you, ask for help, and over time the stages do unfold. I look forward with tingling excitement to you at stage seven. For now you will reside somewhere along this path. This adventure is the same for all of us within the greater universe and I wish you love, excitement and magic all the way through yours. Heal - To heal the world we heal ourselves. Our collective healing has power beyond sight and thought. Our journeys are all individual as we walk through the doorway and move beyond the emptiness of now. Our power at group level when combined in synchronicity with all else is an existence filled with treasure. By grabbing the confidence

“Awakening” is published by o-books £7.99/$12.95 You can walk through your own awakening face to face with Elizabeth by watching her free wake up programme here.


KNOW living You’re Xtra-Ordinary By HENRY CUMMING Henry is a natural born psychic and healer. He is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient which basically means that he can see, feel and hear ‘Spirit’. He is also a very powerful natural healer both for people and animals. Henry, despite his gifts is a very ‘down to earth’ guy and appears refreshingly normal.


A session with Henry, whether its a sitting or healing, is a clear, compassionate, non judgemental and above all lifting experience. His approach and easy going nature ensures you get a huge amount of detailed information and guidance from spirit in a relatively short period of time. He has a reputation for imparting accurate information and is a also good with ‘timing’, as a result his clients keep returning. He also specialises in locating missing people and animals as well as lost objects. Remote viewing is also something else he does and has assisted Police authorities with some of their searches “I’d like to thank my director, my producer, my agent, the special effects team, the artistic director, all the wonderful extras who took part, my parents and my family, without their support and input, I wouldn’t be where I am today. A huge thank you especially to The director, whose belief and faith in me steered me through, to be the person that I am today, with his numerous assistants who tirelessly and without reservation were always on call, constantly guiding and advising and just ‘being there…’ Thank you!! (Huge round of applause) That’s exactly how it will sound once you have made the transition back home. Some ‘speeches’ will go on and on, others will be short and sweet. This is exactly how I see us giving thanks for the life that we are living at the moment. The ‘behind the scenes’ support that you would have in a huge blockbusting film production are very much in attendance in our own life, you just have to ask for it. The incredible expertise at our disposal, the best director you could ever work with, the best special effects department in the business, the most talented extras, all those who work with the director, your family and friends for playing their part so well. I am of course referring to the greatest film you will ever been involved in, ‘Your Life.’ You are absolutely extraordinary and like a great film, everything is carefully and meticulously put into place


IT’S OK, IT’S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT before you start filming; the director knows exactly how the film is to unfold, they know the plot, how it starts and how it ends and you, the lead actor/actress, are dropped into this sensory feast to play your part. This is your chance to shine, your chance to be one of the greatest actors ever, to become an inspiration to those who are around you through to the people who will follow in your footsteps. It’s up to you. No one else can force you to perform accept you; this is your chance.

‘Truly awesome, powerful, wholesome, gravity defying, one of the most wonderful stories we have ever seen...’ The Planetry Tribune How amazing would that be, to know that you’ve left behind the most incredible legacy? However small a part you may feel you’ve played, it was crucial for the entire story. Fact. So, before I sign off, a few quick questions…

You have a huge amount of artistic input into this production, with every kind of expert at your disposal as and when you need them. It’s an actor’s dream to have all this at their disposal. We are all actors, playing our part and no, I’m not about to quote The Bard. Some of us will get it immediately, some of us will flounder a bit with the storyline, we may even struggle a bit with the part we’ve been cast as - which is a very common complaint - but once the director has explained a little bit more as to what is expected of us, the picture will become much clearer. Simple. Well that’s the plan anyhow. To be honest, like anything in this life, you get ‘A’ movies and you get ‘B’ movies, and believe you me, there is a huge following of ‘B’ movies, much bigger than you might expect. It’s true, we are all given a ‘God given’ talent and have many more talents to tap into if we desire and naturally understand how to ask for them. They say the best actors and actresses are honest, open and truly believe in the role that they are playing, to the point that they are living it and breathing it. I believe they call it ‘method’ acting. It is such a fine line in trying to play a role in life to actually living that role.

How would you like people to remember you once you’ve gone? How would they describe you? What would they say you achieved? How would they say that you helped humanity? What would be the legacy that you leave behind? So, whether you feel it or not, your film is still in the making, the editing suite is a long way off. It’s not too late to change the script a bit, or to bring in a few more extras, maybe get your family and friends involved a bit more, after all, it’s your role where you can have anything you desire. You can play it global or you can play it local, your call…

We have everything we need at our disposal. Fact. So how do you want your credits to read when you’re sitting at ‘home’ watching the premier of ‘Your Life’? How would like to see the critic’s reviews? ‘One of the greatest films ever made…’ The Universal Post ‘A truly inspiring and uplifting story, bound to affect future generations for years to come…’ Global News


KN OW source Simply Extraordinary! By TOM EVANS Tom Evans is an author, wizard of light and healer. His new Oracularium service is designed to help people uncover and see new visions of their reality: see for more details. CONTACT TOM Tom has written a free ebook called Goals of Learning which you can download without even giving your email address away here.

We are living in an extraordinary time. There are now 7 billion people on the planet. The media reports centre on the issues of feeding and supporting everybody. While this is of undoubted concern, what is extraordinary is that we now have the ability to recognise and embrace the problem and we possess the will and resources to do something about it.

This might take the form of a global initiative to curb population growth or a way to generate enough protein from non-animal sources. Something even more extraordinary is at work though. The mere presence of so many people means that Spaceship Earth is carrying 7 billion units of self-aware matter on its annual 566 million mile orbit around its local star. This star, like all others, is of course not only conscious but also a deity. Mother Earth has been working in concert with this deity, nurse-maiding humanity, and all life forms, safely to this point over so many billions of years. While this, of course, is nothing short of extraordinary, it is also extraordinary that the vast majority of these 7 billion people are blissfully unaware of what is playing out right in front of their eyes. After all, it is hard to look directly at the face of the Sun God. It is natural to be in awe when you acknowledge this cosmic dance. It is easy to think though, that when we are just one of these 7 billion people, we are individually insignificant. Well nothing is further from reality. One of the most important things we can


MOMENTS OF LIGHT do is to become even more individually extraordinary. To do this, we each have to transform the way we operate and elevate it to a ’whole’ new level. It is time to banish our fears once and for all and to step up to the plate. The time for excuses is over and there are no prizes for being a ’shrinking violet’. It is time to shine and our resulting radiance will be noticed by Mother Earth and even detected by the Sun itself. The cumulative collective raising of consciousness that will follow then allows the Earth to ascend to a new level of Being. This has been the Grand Plan since the dawn of Local Time. The planetary ascension is symbiotic. We cannot ascend without the Earth and She without Us. For the avoidance of any doubt, the term ’Us’ refers to all life forms on the planet.

myself doing this increasingly with clients in regression and progression sessions. The resulting composite person is a joy to behold. They both radiate and attract; their powers of manifestation increase and they become incredibly lucky. In essence, they are morphing into Human Version 3.0. What then happens when enough people make this transition is that they infect, in a nice way, everyone around them. This domino effect will lead to new ways of being for humanity. Fear-based and greed-based systems will have no place. Value, congruence and kindness will be the order of the day. Then when enough people live and breathe like this, another flip will happen. Mother Earth will upgrade too to Version 3.0. Now that’s what I call pretty extraordinary.

This process is often referred to as an ascension, where it is reported that we and Mother Earth will shift to another ’level of vibration’ or ’higher dimension’. What is about to unfold is much more subtle. It would be more accurate to call the transition a Descension. What I mean by this is that, as our ’vibration’ increases, higher level spirit entities can incarnate for the first time into matter - i.e. Us. Some of these ’beings’ enter through the normal process of birth. We refer to some of them as crystal or indigo children. Some of them come in with neutral karma and we can think of them as ’humanangels’ or ’humangels’. Clarence from the Jimmy Stewart film ’It’s a Wonderful Life’ is a good example of one. They are unlikely characters and are all over the place and turn up at the most astonishingly serendipitous times. Many of them are programmed not to know who or what they are.

Tom Evans is a writer, a creative muse and initiator of the Descension - find out more about his memes and musings at and find out more about the descension process on his new portal www.

An entirely different mechanism is in operation however for the descension which is somewhat more extraordinary. People who return from near-death experiences often report having been given a second chance and often being blessed with new super-sensibilities. It is as if when close to death and with ’reality’ weak, another entity can simply ‘walk in’. Well such ’walk ins’ are now occurring with normal healthy people. Some of them occur spontaneously while sleeping, some while meditating and some while just being in awe of nature. Others can be facilitated and I find




Once Upon A Time... ROBERT K.C. FORMAN Ph.D

Stars And Planets ZOE HIND

The Warrior Of The Light PAULO COELHO



Featured Lightworker STEVE JOBS

REGULARS Once Upon A Time... From Depression To Enlightenment And Back Again BY ROBERT K.C. FORMAN, Ph.d. This article is adapted from Enlightenment Ain’t What it Is Cracked Up To Be: A Journey of Discovery, Snow and Jazz in the Soul by Robert K.C. Forman, Ph.D. Join the conversation about your own experiences at or EnlightenmentAint

Biog Robert K.C. Forman, a meditator of 40 years, is the author of the award winning Enlightenment Ain’t What it Is Cracked Up To Be, which is both a lyrical memoir and a new imagining of the spiritual goal. He was a tenured professor of comparative religions, specializing in religious experiences around the world. He is also an interfaith minister and a spiritual counselor and was trained in psychotherapy. He founded the Forge Institute which has developed the Soul Jazz programs, which helps people create fulfilling lives by weaving their spiritual discoveries into their everyday lives. The Book is available at www. EnlightenmentAint. com, the Soul Jazz programs at www.


My life began in depression. Serious, chronic, seemingly endless depression through all 4 years of university. And anxiety so constant that I had no idea humans could be without it. I tried anything that might help: Zen, Yoga, drink, psychotherapy. Transcendental Meditation actually did seem to help. So within two years, I enrolled into a 9-month meditation retreat with my much-beloved guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in Mallorca, Spain, meditating 6 – 8 hours a day. And there, on January 4 1972, at 4:00 in the afternoon, ‘it’ happened. Who I was, how I thought, how I saw, even how I would sleep from that night became and would remain ever after, different. What I noticed that afternoon was that almost all of the background noise in my mind just disappeared. It was as if behind the movie of my mind had been scrims behind scrims of thought, dimmer movies I could barely make out. But that afternoon it was as if the light suddenly shifted so that the front scrim became opaque. And suddenly I was watching only the main film, attending to only one thought at a time. Rather than thoughts beneath thoughts, behind it was a vast and spacious silence. Not perfect quiescence, but much more focused. A second effect, harder to describe, soon became obvious. If you had asked me before that afternoon who or what I, Robert Forman, was, I probably would have pointed somewhere on my mid chest and said, “I’m here, me, Robert!” I’d be trying to get at some vaguely localized sense of a self. I suspect we all sense something similar. But now my sense of who or what I was changed instantly. I was now a new spacious bottomlessness. Or rather it, the vast openness, was now me. I discovered a third effect some two days later. I was standing on the triangular porch off my hotel room, looking through the mist at the white caps dotting the Mediterranean. The sea seemed particularly vibrant. The fog was vivid. The drizzle against my bare arms felt unusually cool and crisp.

Then it occurred to me that what was different wasn’t the scene, it was me. The Mediterranean was so alive, the mist so cool, because I was now more alive to them! Unlike how I used to be, I was no longer in the scene. Rather I was holding it, conscious of my own awareness as I looked out. I had long heard about the enigmatic aspect of enlightenment called sakshin or witnessing. In it silent consciousness is “awake in the awareness of itself as separate from the field of experience and action... I had always imagined this sakshin, “witnessing,” to be like standing stand back, arms folded, making yourself watch yourself. It had sounded positively grueling! But leaning against that cool porch railing was just the opposite. Looking over the misty dunes and the white caps, I was simply conscious that I was looking, feeling, thinking. I was at once a seeing and a separate, silent awakeness. And witnessing myself seeing was astonishingly fresh! I was simply and richly conscious of being there, both looking at the sea and conscious of doing so. Though different, it felt utterly normal! By the way, all these shifts, and several others, turned out to be permanent, now some 39 years and counting. “Oh Boy!!” I thought over the next weeks, “this must be enlightenment!” “But no, this can’t be ‘it’,” I felt sure. My mind hadn’t become totally silent, as Maharishi had assured us. I still got anxious before I went downstairs to dinner and still terribly afraid I’d never make a decent meditation teacher. And I still was, way too often, painfully lonely. This just couldn’t be that esteemed state. This new silence behind my thoughts was interesting and all, but compared to the end of all suffering that ‘enlightenment’ would bring, we had so often heard, this was pretty much squat. Whatever this was, it certainly couldn’t be the much vaunted “moksha,” I finally concluded. I put the thought out of my mind. Or so I thought.

acts, but a second half remains untouched and at peace. Whatever we do or think, the active and noisy part of us is “silently witnessed” by that second half, which remains aware of or “witnesses” the active part of our lives. Don’t mistake this for an emotional disconnection, by the way, in which we distance ourselves from our own life experience. This is a deeper and more present sense of our unchanging awareness while we’re attending fully to whatever is happening in our lives. There’s a lightness that comes with this shift, a sense of freedom in what we’re about. It may not be a personality transplant, but it’s certainly not nothing. Yet by itself, this sort of deep shift in who we are isn’t enough. Or it wasn’t for me anyway. It didn’t make me good at my job. It didn’t help me be a good husband (just ask my wife!). It didn’t make me happy. Freedom and a wide open spaciousness inside, good though they were, aren’t the fully transformed life I think we all want. So the question that came to dominate my life, and became the core question of Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be, is what then are we complex modern folks really after? And how do we get that? What healthy spirituality should facilitate, I’ve come to see, isn’t just a shift in structure but a shift in a life. What I’ve come to think is that what we’re after is full-bodied freedom, lived in every corner of our everyday existences, in which we can laugh and think and make wonderful love, each in their moment, each lived fully! What I think we’re after, what I’m after, is to be utterly non-resistant to joy and pain and love and loss and boredom and knowing and not-knowing: wide open to the whole cornucopia that is a deeply lived life. How do we get that?

Then came some 10 years of graduate work in religion and endless pondering of Hindu, Buddhist and even Christian texts. Much to my surprise, I came to understand that the word “enlightenment” actually means something both more specific and more modest. “Moksha” means, I came to see, an inner shift into a new structure of who we are. In it part of us thinks and feels and



The secret to life is good timing.

By tuning into the energy of the planets we can all live more harmonious lives. Every month I will be choosing a reader question to answer, so email your enquiries about Astrology to

WHAT IS THE FIFTH HOUSE? The Fifth house is the section of your chart that sits at the 4-5pm position. This house is all about fun and creativity. There is a childish joy about any planets that fall here. Love is also highlighted, love of people, friends, lovers and hobbies. It’s a fairly bright and breezy place. Through this house, sign, planets and aspects, we can find our joy, our inner child, our creative expression and our soul is uplifted. This is a great place to refer to when changing jobs as we so often ignore what we love and fall into the trap of choosing obligations and hard work over positive lifestyle. If we turn our CV upside down and begin with the hobbies and interests first, our decisions can lead to a much more fulfilling life. If you have an Air or Fire sign in this placement or planets like the Sun, Jupiter or Mercury, enjoying this house can be easy and come naturally. For those with deep Water and Earth signs, or Saturn or Pluto here, a little more work will be required - enjoying ourselves becomes a serious business. We are all Xtraordinary. Our talents are gifts. Gratitude resonates at a very high frequency and when we smile inwardly, thankful for our daily blessings, life feels sweeter and flows more smoothly. Exploring the fifth house will show you where you can shine your unique light to the world. For more information on the houses click HERE.



A packed month with Eclipses, Retrogrades and the North Node in effect. (See main text). You will need your wits about you and the best way to do this is to clear some space. If it isn’t vital, maybe it can wait. However, you are in the captain’s chair so expect the best, start the engines and begin the countdown... this could be an unforgettable voyage. Aquarius If in doubt, say nought – that’s what my Yorkshire grandmother used to tell us. So many words and thoughts flying around, your natural desire to make sense of things and create order out of chaos could drive you into dangerous (and pointless) territory. Listen and learn. Your cool counselling skills may be required to help others to weather the storm.


Your ruling planet Mars has just entered Virgo for an 8 month stay. You may not resonate with the feel of this but if you work with it you can get organised and achieve a lot. It may be best to wait until January to start any new regimes though, as the month ahead looks a little hectic. A chance to mend relationships may arise when the Eclipses stir your emotions into action.


Mercury retrograde may play games with a close relationship. This feels more like a battle of wills. However, before engaging in combat, make sure you have your facts straight. Nothing is as it seems this month, and sudden revelations may show you where you have been assuming instead of knowing. Slow down and read the signs.


What do you value most? Life is so full of distractions and assumptions we often block our own happiness without realising it. As we head into the cold months of the year, rekindle your creative flame with a hobby from the past or taking a new class. It will keep you warm and bring well being to your innermost self as the snow piles up outside.


You cannot drink a glass of water and quench someone else’s thirst. Concentrate on yourself and others will do likewise. This is a time to lead by example and encourage and uplift your nearest and dearest. You are often more concerned with keeping the peace and helping others than helping yourself, yet you need to be higher selfish to reach the next level.


It seems like a doorway is opening up before you. There is a chance to cross the threshold, be it inner or outer, for those that have been applying themselves steadily to a cherished goal. These are incredible times, and if you hold firm to your vision and live with peace and sensitivity, you may find yourself in the right place, at the right time, to ascend to a new level. Stay aware and aligned; distractions act against you.


Soon your ruling planet Neptune will return home and you will be ‘in your element’. But for now, there are still some spiritual loose ends to be tidied up. The eclipses may ask you to question your beliefs to see if they are supporting you. Dependency programming or unfounded fear may come up now so that you can clear it once and for all. This is good news.


A fresh start lies ahead. Something new and exciting is coming your way. You may reach the point where others thoughtless thoughts and meaningless words don’t reach you as they would have in the past. You are transforming and elevating away from dense situations that are currently holding you back. Time to fly.


You are strong in your caring and others appreciate this quality when you open up to them. Try to adopt the openness of the Sagittarian (you have Sag in your chart somewhere), and tune into your bold, optimistic side whenever possible. Strike a good balance between work and play as this looks like a month to bond with loved ones.


Alchemy – the magic of transmutation from base mettle to gold. You are setting out on a transformational journey that will take you through to early summer. As you tirelessly work on yourself, the daily rewards will be apparent and re-energise the process like a spiritual fountain. A pilgrim’s progress faces lions and walks through dark valleys but can always feel the light within.


The world reflects back what we project. If we expect hardship and struggle, we will surely receive it. If we blame others for our faults, the lessons keep coming. When we stop to ask ‘what am I learning here?’ and can listen to the response with open ears and a desire to make right, our whole world can change overnight.


REGULARS Sagitarius Climate Towards the Winter Solstice The Sun passes from the Zodiac sign of Scorpio into Sagittarius on Tuesday 22 November and this marks the official beginning of Winter. On the approach to the Winter Solstice we can begin to see the faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. But before we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun, the darkest days of the year still require some serious introspection.

BIOG Zoe works with your own unique birth chart and compares it with the positions of the planets today, revealing and explaining the windows of opportunity that are opening up around you and how to make the most of your time. Her insights help to give you a better understanding of yourself, your purpose, your loved ones, your talents and the best timing for effortless success in all areas of your life. Zoe also provides full chart interpretation services as well as running classes and workshops.

CONTACT ZOE +44 7984 825928

Sagittarius is the wise Sage and Healer. The North Node of the World is passing through Sagittarius and clearly showing us where surgery, both preventative and invasive, needs to be performed to maintain a healthy global body. With eclipses delivering their messages loud and clear, the old scout motto ‘be prepared’ comes to mind. With eclipses, we cannot predict what is coming, but we can clear some space and get ready to take on the challenge. To react is impulsive, to respond is empowered. Mercury is also going to be retrograde in Sagittarius for most of the month, but we should be clear for the holidays - a cause for celebration. To celebrate the far reaching sights of Sagittarius, I will be running a series of AstroCartography workshops in the month of December in Camden, London. This is where we place our birth chart over the world map and read the energies that different countires have in store for us. Fascinating and vital if travel or relocation is on your agenda. Please contact me for more details

Full Moon – 10 December – 18 degrees Gemini – Lunar Eclipse Wisdom is knowledge applied. When we receive a message we must process the information internally through the heart centre before we can fully inner-stand its meaning. An Eclipsed Moon in Gemini provides the opportunity to bypass the mind and go straight to the core of the issue. What is said and what is meant may be at odds, but the strong Sagittarius Sun, teamed up with the North Node and retrograde Mercury, is a powerful force that can shed light on confusion and burn through the fog. Holistic reflection will help to keep everything in perspective.

New Moon – 24 December – 2 degrees Capricorn In the bleak Mid Winter... this New Moon comes along with a message of complete rebirth. There is also a feeling of long service and dedication to a cause emerging. As we build and nurture a vision for a new way of living, both globally and personally, the necessary structure begins to reveal itself and shift the dream from possible to probable.


Next Month’s Edition


Play. Have fun. Laugh. Be silly. Youthfulness restores connection with your essence and renews your creativity. Including: - Andrew Watson’s diary of a first-time Dad - Laura Bedford mixes it up - Richard de Meath helps us stay young Available from 10th January at!


REGULARS Warrior Of The Light Reflections Of The Warrior Of Light BY PAULO COELHO I Every warrior of the light has been afraid to enter a combat. Every warrior of the light has betrayed and lied in the past. Every warrior of the light has lost faith in the future. CONTACT PAULO Every warrior of the light has trodden a path which was not his own. Every warrior of the light has suffered because of unimportant things. www.warriorofthelight. Every warrior of the light has doubted that he is a warrior of the light. com/eng Twitter: @paulocoelho Every warrior of the light has failed in his spiritual obligations. Every warrior of the light has said yes when he meant no. Every warrior of the light has hurt someone he loved. That is why he is a warrior of the light: He has endured all this, and not lost the hope to improve. II The moment he starts walking, a warrior of the light recognizes the Way. Each rock, each bend welcomes him. He identifies with the mountains and brooks, sees a little of his soul in the plants, animals and birds of the field. Then, by accepting help from God and God’s Signs, he allows his Personal Legend to guide him towards the duties his life has reserved for him. Some nights he has nowhere to sleep, on others he suffers from insomnia. He discovers the suffering of certain lost illusions, and the despair of bestowing too much expectation on important moments. “Such is the Way,” thinks the warrior. “It was I decided to take this route.” All his power lies in this phrase. He chose the path along which he walks, and must not complain.


III A warrior of the light does not put off his decisions. He reflects properly before acting, considers his training, his responsibility, and his duty to the master. He seeks to maintain serenity, and analyzes each step as if it were the most important one. But at the moment of making a decision, the warrior moves ahead: he no longer has any doubts about his choice, nor does he alter course should the circumstances be other than those he imagined. If his decision was the correct one, he will win the combat - even if it takes longer than planned. If his decision is wrong, he will be defeated, and will have to start over again - with more wisdom. But when he starts out, the warrior of the light follows through to the end.

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LOV E S TEAPIGS We love cuppas throughout the day to keep up light and bright, and these beautiful, high-quality teabags make every sip a special one. With flavours such as peppermint and liquorice, traditional earl grey or (our favourite) oolong, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

SOPHIE DAHL - VOLUPTUOUS DELIGHTS Being Roald’s granddaughter, Sophie Dahl is gifted with words, and she weaves her personal journey of making peace with food and going from a plus-size model to naturally slim amongst the yummy recipes contained within this book. A must for anyone who has battled eating challenges or wondered how to find balance with their attitudes, behaviours and body size.

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON - A WOMAN’S WORTH A book that takes the breath away with its wisdom, insights and powerful perspective on living as a woman in the modern world. Marianne Willamson shares motivational content with inspirational experience and beautiful prose in this priceless, ageless and timeless book.



“I’m just an ordinary person that did some extraordinary things.” Donna Summer “Children are a wonderful gift. They have an extraordinary capacity to see into the heart of things and to expose sham and humbug for what they are.” Desmond Tutu

“Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action; try to use ordinary situations.” Jean Paul “Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it.” Robertson Davies




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Baobab Bristlecone Pine Banyan Tree Montezuma Cypress Quaking Aspen: Pando Chapel-Oak of Allouville-Bellefosse Coast Redwood Giant Sequoias: General Sherman Circus Trees Lone Cypress in Monterey



REGULARS Featured Lightworker STEVE JOBS Inspire

Steve created one of the most iconic brands ever to grace the planet, with his invention of Apple and each memorable product that flowed from that concept. Born with a unique gift to intuit the future needs of technology users, he inspired generations of people to embrace the beauty of communication, creativity and science. He did so based on firm faith in his intuition, and determination to follow through on this wisdom, believing “you have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” Challenge It’s no surprise that Steve grew his business from a small acorn to a giant oak – he made sure to challenge each step of the entrepreneurial process as well as the people and products that formed it, plus his own motivation for walking the path he chose… “For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” Educate One of Steve’s most powerful speeches (aside from his classic “and one more thing…” line!) is the one he gave to Stanford University students at their graduation ceremony. In it, he spoke openly and honestly about his earlier brush with cancer, and implored each individual to take ownership of their life and the richness of their future. He knew only too well how precious life is, and guided each of them that “if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”


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