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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: A Strategy to Increase Traffic to Your Booth and Awareness to your Business Use Social Media at SuperZoo to establish credibility for your business through your involvement with the Trade Show! Using social media will help you to generate pre-show excitement, draw customers to your booth, create relevant content for customer interaction online, and increase your exposure online and at the event.

Before SuperZoo: • Assign people to do certain jobs. Who will be in charge of Facebook? Who will be in charge of Twitter? Will someone be there to shoot video? Will someone be taking pictures? • Create a timeline. Decide how often you are going to tweet/post. Schedule specific times through out the days of the Trade Show to post on your sites. • Brainstorm ideas for posts that will engage your customers. Are there contests you would like to do? What would your followers and fans like to hear about? What will generate excitement and interest that will lead to new customers and visitors to your booth? • Post SuperZoo details and your booth number to your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter page, and any other medium you are using. On Facebook, be sure to post SuperZoo as an event and invite your fans to follow your updates. • Create a YouTube channel (if you don’t already have one) and post a pre-show promotional video that will entice people to come visit you at SuperZoo!

During SuperZoo: • Let people know what you are up to through LIVE blogging, Facebook posts and tweets. Inform them of contests, breakout sessions, demonstrations, special guests, and anything else you think your fans and followers will find interesting. • Take pictures of what you are doing and what your booth looks like and post them online. • Upload LIVE videos to YouTube of testimonials, interviews, demonstrations, and what ever is going on at your booth.

After SuperZoo: • Thank people for coming and following you throughout SuperZoo. Create a video/picture montage to showcase the highlights. •Ask for feedback and follow up on the comments you received. •Track your views/impressions on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.. Analyze the data along with your feedback to see what worked for you and what did not. Implement this information into next year’s marketing plan! SuperZoo wants to help you create a conversation with your audience, engage your customers, and grow your database. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Be a part of SuperZoo’s social media network: •Follow SuperZoo on Twitter at #!/superzootweet/ •“Like” SuperZoo on Facebook at and share your comments, photos, and videos with us!

Social_Media_Marketing superzoo  
Social_Media_Marketing superzoo  

Before SuperZoo: After SuperZoo: Be a part of SuperZoo’ssocial media network: •Follow SuperZooon Twitter at #!/superzootweet/ •...