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Where does tea come from?  2 Which country was the first to find tea?  3 Word search for tea  4 Tea facts  5 How does tea get into our cups from the bushes?  6 Glossary  7 References

Tea comes from a bush called the Camellia Sinensis. One of the best tea’s are the ones that people pick from the bushes,, especially harvest women. The most famous tea was grown by the British people on an island called Ceylon, this Country is now called Sri Lanka.

Tea originally came from south and east Asia. The main place of tea drinking was northeast India, north Burma and southeast China. The first record of Tea drinking Was in the 10th Century BC ,,,,, In China !!

Tea was a popular drink during the Qin Dynasty in China in the 3rd century BC and became really popular during the Tang Dynasty, then the news spread to Korea and Japan. After the Qin and Tang Dynasty, China started to sell tea to other Countries in the 19th century AD.

The Word Search for Tea. S A L D X Z I O T T K Z C H R K T E U L I L K NE O B H Z O MC E R ET T I B K A X J Z S I J G E N J MQWV H J L N E N FU X p R B R B E L G L U H H UZ E E E N Y I A L Q D H I V I Z p C R D I C Q R M I p p C Np N E A D C S I Y H E RB Y EWH I T E T E A p Z C T B p T B P I E L S O Z Y S R OL I H D RN E C H U I W O I Dp L O H GV V H F OG G L S LY K T A V I J G I p K E S H OX F HS M D VO WR D M WE C L I FW F V pN F D B C RH F G


There lots of different types of tea like oolong tea, green tea, black tea and all kinds of other kind of tea. Tea has existed for many many centuries! Tea is the second most popular drink in the world.

There are 6 important grades of tea and they are Orange pekoe, Flowery Orange pekoe, Tippy Golden flowery orange pekoe, Broken Orange pekoe, Broken Orange fanning and Golden flowery orange pekoe. Compared to coffee, tea has half the amount of caffeine and about 80% of caffeine can be taken away by soaking the teabag in hot water which will be thrown away and then be put into a new cup of water.

Anti- oxidant comes from tea and it helps you lose fat and exercise longer. Tea also makes you live longer by lowering stress , blood pressure, protects your liver, stops tooth decay and re-hydrates you better than water.

The harvest women picks fresh green leaves and they sort and clean the leaves . After that the tea goes through many steps, for example the white tea has to be steamed and dried. Some different teas like Japanese and Chinese types are made by using other more complicated steps.

 Camellia

Sinensis - a tea bush  Anti-oxidant – is an chemical that is good for your body  Qin and Tang Dynasty – the age when tea became very popular  Pekoe – an important grade of tea  Withering – the first step in the tea process  Location – there are only a few places in the world where tea is grown. _of_tea.html -

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