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‘Food’ by Kellis

‘Head or Heart’ by Christina Perri

‘Demolicious’ by Green Day

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Kelis has come a long way from her past hit singles “Milkshakes” and “Bossy.” The ex-wife of legendary rapper Nas has a new record label a new sound and a new look. The album reaches to an assortment of instruments from brassy trumpets to the sounds of bongo drums. From a listener’s standpoint Kelis has matured a lot as an artist. “Food” opens with a message from four-year old Knight Jones, Kelis’ son, informing listeners that “his mom made food.” From there, the album plucks from different areas and moments of life. One moment you can jamming to a funky bass line, next you could be all in the feels listening to lyrics that pluck your heart. This album really shows that Kelis has many styles in her repertoire she can pick from as an artist. You can tell from a listening stand point most of the expressions in her music come from her life experiences. Kelis said the album is “a kind of unspoken love fest.” Most songs are upbeat, thought-provoking and something you wake up to in the morning when you want to start off your day with energy and a smile. I would totally agree with her. “Food” is not R&B in terms of today’s electronic synthesized version, but the total opposite. It features real instruments and a soulful voice.

Looking through the song titles of Christina Perri’s newest album “Head or Heart” the first thing I though was “gee what a great break up album.” With songs such as “Be My Forever,” “I Don’t Want to Break” and “Shot Me in the Heart” I prepared myself for songs of heartbreak and sorrow. Though not typically a fan of the mushy love songs, this album had a lot of catchy and upbeat tunes that would make the perfect sound track to any chick flick. With artist such as Ed Sheeran featured on the album, I have strong intuition it will appeal to the masses. What I liked most about this album is Christina Perri’s natural and unique mix of rasp and soul that her voice holds. The sweet melodies and even balance of of pop and soul suites Perri’s voice and showcases her impressive musical abilities. The album itself is just slightly above mediocre. It was not that the album was bad it is just something that we have all heard before. A typical soft rock album. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes an alternative-pop sound. It was good, but not necessarily my cup of tea. “Head or Heart” can be purchased for digital download on iTunes and Amazon.

“Demolicious,” a teen-angst-filled flashback to middle school, is the taste of Green Day many fans have been waiting for. The album is the result of their “¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!” recording sessions in 2012. It is made up entirely of demos, including two previously unreleased tracks, “State of Shock,” an acoustic version of “Stay the Night,” and alternative versions of already released demos like “Angel Blue,” “A Little Boy Named Train,” and “99 Revolutions,” from earlier albums. This compilation was an exclusive release for Record Store Day 2014, available for one day only and only at participating record stores. Now, there are very few outlets left to hear it. Some record stores have listed the album on Amazon for anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00. The only other option would be to listen to the awkwardly pitched videos on YouTube before they get taken down for copyright reasons. From what decent postings there are on YouTube, the sound still is not that great. Apparently, this is how it is supposed to sound, and the jump in quality between songs is a little odd. Despite the sound quality, each track has such an unpolished, unfiltered and raw sound that provides a look into Green Day without the studio-finish.



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Eboni Ellinger Co-Editor-in-Chief

Write down everything you know about the tale Noah’s ark and replace it with talking rocks and magical grandfathers. Noah is loosely based on the biblical tale, “Noah and the ark.” The movie is set in a world where man’s recklessness had ultimately destroyed the land that the Creator had placed them on. Noah and his family, however, were the exception to this and when the Creator decided to flood the world, Noah and his family would be spared along with two of every animal species. The added fancifulness in the movie came from Noah’s magical grandfather and the giant, walking, talking rocks with human features that aid him in his endeavor. Overall, “Noah” was just an ordinary movie for me. If I were bored on a Saturday this might be what I go to see, unless you are head over heels excited to see the movie, I recommend waiting until it appears on Netflix.

19th and final level. What makes this gaming app so addicting is that if you run into glass, you lose ten balls, and the moment you run out of balls you have to restart from the first level. It may not sound infuriating, but after ten restarts, I suggest thinking again. While playing this game I developed an addiction to the tiny crystal pyramids hidden within the game. Every time you break a crystal, you gain three extra balls, and remember to pay attention to the purple crystals which can score you five balls. Overall, “Smash Hit” is no incredibly addicting “Flappy Bird” or thoughtprovoking “100 Floors.” It is a time-waster and a boredom-killer. But I must warn you, that if you decide to play “Smash Hit” there is a special prize for you at the end, that I’m sure you’ll “love.”



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Dee Tee’s doesn’t look like much from the outside. It is one of those hole-in-the-wall kind of places. First thing that stands out when you arrive is the smoke. My mother and I sat in the non-smoking area, but the smell still hung heavy in the air. After a few minutes we adapted to the smell and it did not affect our eating experience. I had the french toast, while my mom ordered a bacon cheese omelet. The food was good and this is coming from someone who has a somewhat spiritual connection with french toast. The toast was not really eggy, which is one of my pet peeves when it comes to my favorite version of toast, so Dee Tee’s got points there. The food reminded me of a home-cooked breakfast a grandmother would make. Service was extremely fast and we were seated as soon as we entered. The food came out quickly and the waitress was nice and attentive. Overall, I would give Dee Tee’s a three out of five stars.


The free app “Smash Hit” captured my short attention span. The purpose of the application is to break any glass that gets in your way until you reach the

Rafe was a normal teenager growing up in Colorado. His coming out was, for lack of a better term, atypical. His parents were supportive and not only accepting of his revelation, they celebrated it. His desire to be ‘just one of the guys,’ however, spurred him to transfer to Natick, an all-boys’ boarding school in New England, where he keeps his sexuality a secret. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t get into this book at all. After skipping every other chapter and skimming pages of the ones I did read, it became apparent there was no way I would finish this book. I also didn’t like Rafe. I couldn’t stand how judgmental he was. Then there are the other characters, who were stereotypical–jocks, nerds and the “weird kids.” I wanted to like this novel. The writing was brilliant and funny. But Rafe, I just couldn’t like him. Basically, he just wasn’t the best choice of protagonist, and it takes something away from the book.

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