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Rachel Tan ShiLe Design Portfolio 2012-2014, selected works

Rachel Tan ShiLe Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Year 2 Design & Media Majoring in Graphic Design

Content Pasar Malam Malaysian Night Markets






mt Masking Tape






3D Model Making






Pasar Malam Malaysian Night Markets Publication, Photography

The topic for this school project was ‘If you look, you’ll find. – Asian’. I chose to work on a documentary photography book which aims to bring the audience on a walk through a pasar malam, a Malaysian night market. In a pasar malam, one can see all the 3 main ethnic groups of Malaysians, which are the Chinese, Malays and Indians, who are buying, eating, shopping, selling, cooking, begging and most of all, living.


The book has a clean and casual layout. Raw footages of the pasar malam are embedded in the book using QR-codes to increase the “real” experience. The tone of the photos and videos are more documentary and candid, so to give the audience a feel as if they are in the pasar malam, seeing what anyone else in that night market will see. The QR-codes really work and they link to videos I’ve uploaded on Youtube.

The book launch will be held at Bras Basah Complex, creating a mini pasar malam effect to create a unique experience. I did a timelapse video as a trailer for the event. The book launch gives the audience a taste of being in a pasar malam. Pasar malam snacks from different ethnic groups in Malaysia are presented to let them literally “taste” it, same goes for the material used for the goodie bags. The goodie bag is packed to look exactly like one would get from a pasar malam.



Mar ket s 7


Scan to feel more.


Mokupuni Branding

The colour scheme is adapted from Mother Nature’s palette used on oceans. The folder is all white on the outside, so when the customer opens it, The company provides the contrast of colours will cruises in a way that allows customers to personalize the feel as if one is opening a routes between the islands. door to an ocean. The image of the company is designed to be simple, modern, and fun. The logo is designed using the 8 letters. It can be used as the system when introducing the islands, which are represented by the 8 letters. Mokupuni translates into ‘islands’ in Hawaiian. It’s an island-hopping cruise company base in Hawaii.




Mokupuni Travel Pte Ltd

With compliments

511 Wannahockaloogie, Honolulu HI 96811. Phone: (808) 811-8111 Fax: (808) 811-8181

Mokupuni Travel Pte Ltd 511 Wannahockaloogie, Honolulu HI 96811. Phone: (808) 811-8111 Fax: (808) 811-8181

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Mokupuni Travel Pte Ltd 511 Wannahockaloogie, Honolulu HI 96811. Phone: (808) 811-8111 Fax: (808) 811-8181

Rachel // Tour Captain +65 97837912

Mokupuni Travel Pte Ltd 511 Wannahockaloogie, Honolulu HI 96811. Phone: (808) 811-8111 Fax: (808) 811-8181


Evisu Packaging

Evisu is a young brand, it’s a clothing company based in Japan. They specialize in producing denim wear. The price range of Evisu jeans is higher than normal jeans, as Evisu is considered as high class brand. The inspiration for this packaging design comes from suit protectors that one gets when buying expensive suits or gowns. It’s designed to imitate the protector so to give a sense of high quality. To not lose the casualness and to fit the raw theme of the new jeans collection, the whole design direction is more eco-friendly, more organic, less refined. 14

This carrier uses biodegradable materials such as paper and cardboard, while applying simple yet eye-catching colours. Therefore the shape and material used in this packaging creates its unique selling point. Customers can reuse the hanger and cover for their own purposes.


mt Masking Tape Brochure

mt is a Japanese brand that produces masking tapes of all sorts. mt masking tapes are special in a way that they can be applied anywhere, as tapes, as decorations, even as wallpapers. This is because the paper they use is a unique Japanese Washi paper, which is strong while it is extremely thin. It has excellent adhesiveness and can be removed easily without leaving any trace.


Coming from all the aspects and selling point of the masking tape, the brochure is designed to be compact and clean. The size of the brochure is a 150mm square, which is small and handy. The layout is kept simple, with tapes as border decorations for images. The mt masking tape is applied right on the cover, so customers get to actually see and feel it. ‘Let’s enjoy the world of mt.’


Illustrations School Projects

1 Marker & Acrylic This editorial illustration is done for a National Geographic article, which talks about the illegal whaling activities in Japan. The objective was to give a strong and direct impression, so readers get the message at first glance. 2 Watercolour The main objective of this illustration was to illustrate dreams or fantasies by creating hybrids. I chose to work on transportations, and chose animals and fruit as my hybrid elements.


3 Digital I did this illustration as Anorak’s Magazine cover. Anorak Magazines is the ‘happy mag for kids’. Their philosophy is to encourage kids to tap into their imagination and unleash their creativity. 4 Acrylic & Cut-outs This self-portrait literally depicts myself as the couch potato I am. My head was transformed into a trashcan to stuff in all the junk food I like. I experimented with the acrylic to create textures on the sofa and television.






Photography School Projects

These photographs were taken when I was travelling, then further used in my school projects. I don’t think anyone will dislike photography as photography is a natural behaviour. When we see something nice or memorable, we will instinctively want to record it down. I try my best to take photos with stories behind them, because I think photos that tell stories are more meaningful and these photos are capable of ‘recording’ something special.


Kek Lok Si 21

Happy Birthday Singapore

Neon 22

Home 23

3D Model Making Bridge Wood, Foam Board



Tesco Re-branding

Tesco PLC is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer base in England. The company has been trying to go international but they do not have a strong nor consistent system. These are the reasons I chose Tesco as my company to rebrand. I simplified the logo, keeping only one blue bar that symbolizes a tealeaf, as tea is the first Tesco product ever launched. I kept the British colours, but I chose a different red and blue to give a more human and warmer tone. The new Tesco is now cleaner and more direct.


The blue bar is also used as the secondary graphic, where it is applied on the carriers, in-store signage, price tags and employee name tags. The main typeface used is Calibri, while the secondary is Myriad Pro. I chose these two typefaces because they give a professional yet sincere touch.


The Brand Tesco Our Core Purpose Our Values Brand Personality

The Brand Tesco Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. Starting from a humble market stall in London’s East End, our business has grown over the years. Tesco now operates in 12 countries around the world, employs over 530,000 people and serves tens of millions of customers every week. We have always been committed to providing the best shopping experience. Today we continue to focus on doing the right thing for our customers, colleagues and the communities we serve.

Version 1.0 April 2014

Visual Guidelines Logo Logo Lockup (cont.)

Visual Guidelines Logo Logo Lockup (cont.)

Locked-up type treatments let store types identify themselves in ways that are consistent with the Tesco brand. The diagram demonstrates how to place the store type. The store type is placed two vertical blue bars away.

Here’s an example.


The store type is in lowercase, Myriad Pro Regular. The size of the type needs to be the same as the Tesco logo, measured by the x-height, as demonstrated in the diagram. The colour of the store type should always be the same as the blue bar. Do not change the designed lockup.



Tesco Brand Identity Style Guide

Version 1.0 April 2014


e Guide

Visual Guidelines Logo Clear Space To ensure legibility and integrity of the logo, clear space needs to be maintained around the Tesco signature to protect it from distracting graphics or text. The clear space is measured using the shape of the blue bar as your guide. Rotate the bar by a 90-degree angle to get a vertical bar. Place it around the logo, as demonstrated in the diagram. Notice that there are 2 bars on the left but 3 bars on the right. This treatment is to balance out the space around the logo due to the big counter of ‘T’.

Version 1.0 April 2014



Kable Typography

I was given the topic ‘Industry’ to work with while designing this font. I came up with the concept, ‘No cable, no data.’ Without the cables functioning in the industry, data won’t be able to be transported or transmitted across machines and computers. Without the data giving instructions, the machines won’t serve its purpose. So, cables play a big role in the industry and they deserve some spotlight.


The process of designing ‘Kable’ was torturing, it was both physically and mentally painful, but the final product is worth it. Figuring out how to bend and twist the cables, snipping them, bending them, twisting them into bundles of equal thickness, photographing them, and finally removing the backgrounds. The typeface was then further applied on a board game for kids, ‘DATA’. The two teams, ‘NERD’ or ‘VIRUS’, will race each other on a motherboard. The team who reaches the data chip first wins.

Designed by Rachel Tan ShiLe /2D /F12DM0612




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