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Hello Rainier Panthers, Today’s newspaper is going to focus on the funkiness of a new year, celebrating the end of a not so great one, we will also be talking about holidays like valentines but apparently there is way more holidays than I thought. Did you know it was elmos birthday because I didn’t. Of course we can't talk about January or February without sports, first off the superbowls with the Packers, Forty Niners, Buccaneers, Chiefs, Rams, and the Titans playing for the glory, and not too mention that it is the first time in FOUR years and the Winter Olympics has arrived. Sincerely, Braedin Jennings-Jackson (Listicle Editor)

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BY: Sandy Gayed

Steps to Celebrating Elmo’s Bday 1.

Host an all things Elmo party with everyone you know who loves Elmo plus an awesome cake as seen below


Buy a goldfish in honor of Dorothy, Elmo’s pet goldfish


Talk in the 3rd person to honor Elmo’s struggle with language and how he’d refer to himself in the 3rd person


Watch episodes of Sesame Street and segments of “Elmo’s Word”

Elmo is a worldwide known celebrity but what people don’t talk about is his birthday. Most people don’t even know Elmo has a birthday. I’m here to tell you that Elmo’s birthday is February 3rd so you better prepare an awesome birthday party for Elmo! Elmos is most famously known in Sesame Street: Elmo’s World. He was designed by Carolyn Wilcox in 1979 then in 2013, Ryan Dillon took over the role of Elmo. At first, he was referred to as “big red” “little red” and “baby monster” since he was created to be a puppet monster but as his popularity grew he was named Elmo and became the worldwide star everyone now knows and loves. Students at RMS were asked in a school servey what their favorite memories of Elmo as a kid were. One student stated, “this one episode where he got into an argument with the cookie monster and had to look through his toy box to find something.” Another student said, “Singing Elmo’s world.” Then a third student said, “his voice! whenever I heard his voice I’m like “ELMOOOOOO.” Elmo has definitely played a big role in everyone's childhoods so, of course, we’d want to celebrate his birthday. Elmo is a national icon. Ever since his popularity grew he’s been featured widely across the American entertainment industry.




In the same school servery, students were asked “will you do anything to celebrate Elmo’s birthday?” Out of 91 responses, 71.4% said no. Most people can’t do anything to celebrate Elmos birthday simply because they either don’t know when his birthday even is or simply don’t know how to celebrate it. You can celebrate Elmos birthday in many different ways. Some include hosting a party with all things Elmo, watching The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland or another production Elmo appeared in, or picking up a copy of Elmo’s Super-Duper Birthday to read. “Elmo impacted my childhood by making me laugh and learn to work while having fun,” said Hayden Roth, 8th grader at RMS.

Photo credits to:

BY: MIGUEL Who are Elmo’s friends?

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Elmo is the only non-human to ever testify before Congress!

Zoe, Rosita, Baby Baby Bear Cookie Monster the Count Prairie Dawn Ernie and Bert

Elmo birthday: ● February 3 1984 ● He's 3 years old Physical Features: ● Hes is 24 inches tall


Oscar the Grouch

Elmo lives at 123 Sesame Street,

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BY: ROWAN SANTOS 2021 was a tough year for the majority of us, and we are very hopeful for the New Year. Many of us celebrated 2022 by staying up till twelve, and gathering with family members. A popular tradition for this holiday is to have a resolution, or a hope for the future . We also want changes in our lives in order to improve. “In 2022 the change I want is to be able to enjoy lunch more, and exercise more during lunch since I’m not a very sporty person,” Jaida Balanay says. “I want my friends and I to be able to relieve our stress by doing physical activities during lunch, and this can also help us pay attention in class more.” Teachers also plan changes for 2022. They plan on guiding their students towards a responsible mindset through learning. “In 2022 I am hoping all of my students can move towards accountability and ownership of their learning,” Mx. Gest states. “What this looks like is being proactive about work they miss by asking another classmate and then working with me to strategize how I can help catch them up. “ For resolutions, a student has a goal to start practicing on their dream job. As we grow, we are exploring possible future careers. “I really hope to become an animator and I have set that goal for myself,”


Kayla Mestre-Plourde states. “In 2022 I will start animating with my computer, and i’m so excited to start!” A student also has a goal of changing their personality for the better. A change in personality can make a positive environment in the school. “I really want to become a kinder person, since I can come off as rude sometimes,” Azul Cisneros-Vazquez states. “I want to help out others, not discourage them.” We all have hopes for 2022. Many of us hope that the dangerous pandemic will go away since it has negatively affected us. “I hope the whole coronavirus situation goes away,” Kimberly Wharton states. “I want to go to school normally without the masks and distancing again.” Over 92% of American Adults Celebrate New Years’ eve. New Year’s has Been around for 4000 years!

2021 was a very stressful year for all of us, and overcoming this pandemic will be hard. Some of us had coping mechanisms for last year. “2021 was without a doubt, one of the most stressful years of my life since the online school was difficult and the pandemic really changed me,” Zawadi Mwaura states. “To cope, I took deep breaths, took things slow, and hoped that 2022 would bring me fortune.”

In a survey, a number of students have voted, 80.9% celebrate New Year, and 12.4% do not.

CREDIT:247wallst. com

In a survey, a number of students voted, 44.3% do have a resolution, 25% might, and 30.7% don’t.


BY: ALYSSA AGUIRRE Making the school a safe place to learn is very important here at RMS. It is not uncommon for many schools to face issues of feeling harassment and bullying both in person and online. RMS staff have been working very hard to counteract those potential threats and to increase the positivity within our school community. Ms. Rockey, one of our vice principals, said that they are trying their best to make RMS a more positive and safe place for everyone both staff and students. “Yes, our goal is to have a safe learning environment for everyone,” stated Ms. Rockey. “ We have to work together to maintain that safety that includes students, staff, and admin because people make decisions that may hurt others, and our job is to handle situations to maintain that safety so everybody is safe, physically and emotionally.” Ms. Pernell, one of the counselors, said that RMS has been using feedback to make the school a more positive and safe learning environment. “We are getting student feedback, community feedback, staff feedback, and feedback to come together to evaluate data on school inclusiveness and security,” she stated, “and from there, using that to implement based on feedback to make a proactive approach that can be always changing.”


Along with those, RMS is also doing anti-bullying campaigns to help the school feel like a safer place for students. Mr. Erickson, one of the counselors here, stated, “I’m in charge of anti-bullying. We’re doing anti-bullying campaigns and lessons in classrooms. We work with individual students every day for conflict mediation, helping students get through conflicts and to feel like they’re in a safe environment.” When asked what students should do to help make RMS a better place, 6th-grade student Sadie Adams said that students should be nicer to each other. “I think that there should be less arguments between the students and that there should be more kindness between them because kindness is a great start to a great life.” 7th-grade student Amelia Kulakowska also agrees that students should be kinder to each other. “I think that students should treat others the way they want to be treated and just be kind.” Rainier staff and students are working very hard to make the school a safer and kinder place for every student to learn at. Mr. Erickson states, “We do our best to ensure that every student is safe and has a positive educational experience.”


SURVEY RESULTS A recent survey of a small sampling of RMS students found gatherred data on how positive and safe the school is on a scale from 1 to 5.

10.3% believe that school is not positive at all, and 10.5% believe that the school is not safe at all.

14.9% believe that school is somewhat positive, and 10.5% believe that the school is somewhat safe.

35.6% believe that the school is moderately positive, and 34.9% believe that school is moderately safe.

24.1% believe that the school is positive, and 24.4% believe that the school is safe.

14.9% believe that the school is very positive and 19.8% believe that the school is very safe.


BY: Samuel Dehan and Peter Thang

This is the first time in the Russell Wilson era that the Seahawks have not gone to the playoffs with a down year and injuries. We asked John Thang from Rainier Middle school What are your thoughts on the Seahawks downfall this year “It was disappointing and sad we just need to be better on offense,” stated John. We went on to ask John another question - Do you think they can do better next season? “The Seahawks deserved to be in the down year they had but I think they will bounce back next year.”

PHOTO CREDIT:Pick Six Twitter



We interviewed Phillip Riley, an 8th grader. Who do you think is gonna win the Superbowl and why? “I think the Rams are gonna win the Super Bowl with an all-star offense and the best defense in the NFL,” stated Phillip. We went on to ask him who he thinks will be against the Rams during the Super Bowl. “I think the Bengals because they have a great young offense and a solid defense,” stated Phillip. We continued with asking Phillip about who do he think deserved to go to the playoffs and had a shot of going to the Lombardi (another way of saying Superbowl)? “I think the Colts and the Chargers should've gone instead of the Steelers and the Raiders” Who is your favorite player going into the playoffs currently? “Deebo Samuel For sure.” said Phillip.


PHOTO CREDIT: San Francisco 49ers


BY: PETER THANG AND SAMUEL DEHAN PHOTO CREDIT: Rainier Middle School student SuperBowl Survey.



Are you going to watch the Superbowl on February 13th? According to our survey, only 23% of Rainier Middle Schools students surveyed are going to watch it. The teams that entered the playoffs (teams that have a chance to go to the Superbowl) from the NFC (a conference ) are the Rams, Buccaneers, 49ers, Cowboys, Packers, Eagles, Cardinals. The teams that are in the AFC (another conference) are Chiefs, Steelers, Bills, Patriots, Raiders, Bengals, Titans. We interviewed Owen Tracy who goes to Rainier Middle School to hear his thoughts on the upcoming super bowl. “ I think the Rams will win the Super Bowl because they have a really good defense with Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald. They also have an explosive offense with Cooper Kupp,” said Owen.

We also asked him who was the underdog (Ones that aren’t expected to succeed) in the playoffs. “I think the Bengals are the underdogs of the playoffs. They have a really good and young offense and they have an underrated defense,” said Owen. According to a recent survey of RMS students, , the top team people think our going to win the Super Bowl is 15.2% to the Eagles. 12.7% to the 49ers. 11.4% to the Chiefs and 8.9% to the Raiders and Cowboys. Then some of the honorable mentions that had less than 7% were the Packers, Patriots, and Steelers.

Photo Credit: ESPN



Photo Credit: ESPN John Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals.

January 2021 Survey of Teams Students Expect to Win the Super Bowl


Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart:

PHOTO CREDITS: Numerologysign


On February 14th, Valentine's Day is honored, and it is a day for people to express their love for their significant others. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in so many different ways that it’s always fun to watch what new traditions are added or established each year and some of the people at Rainier Middle School are celebrating Valentine’s Day too. On Valentine’s Day, sweets, flowers, and presents are shared between loved ones across the United States and throughout the world. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday to spend quality time with your loved ones. A survey went out at Rainier Middle School students, asking if they are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, 2022. The results showed out of 93 students, 38.9% answered yes, 26.7% answered no, and 34.4% Another survey went out at Rainier Middle School, asking people who will they be celebrating with on Valentine’s Day. The results showed out of 93 students, 25.3% answered Friends, 27.8% answered Family, and 12.7% answered Significant others (boyfriend, girlfriend, etc). The final survey went out at Rainier Middle School, asking people what specific things do they have planned for Valentine’s Day if they’re going to celebrate it.


One student answered, “To find a valentine’s and spend time with her and get her stuff for Valentine’s Day and have a good time”. I asked an very known couple at Rainier Middle School, Mohammad Ahmadi (Isa) and Anna Purdum, I asked what are their plans for Valentine’s Day. “I will hang out with my group of friends at the park and spend time together with my loved ones,” Isa answered. Lastly, Mohammad Ahmadi (Isa) and Anna Purdum has special plans about what they’re going to do on Valentine’s Day. “I’m planning on going to the movies because the movies are my favorite and it is a very good place to spend time with my loved ones,” Isa answered.

Mohammad Ahmadi (Isa) and Anna Purdum, 8th Graders


5 Things to gift loved ones for Valentine’s Day. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Flowers Love Notes Gift Cards Jewelry Candies

PHOTO CREDITS: History Military Benefits


Valentine's Day is a wonderful “A great gift for Valentine’s is a holiday to spend with friends and chocolate heart because it’s a great family. Rainier Middle School treat for Valentine’s and it’s very students have their own viewpoints appreciated because it’s a heart,” and ideas on the topic. Hodan commented. We interviewed Hodan Ali, to get We also interviewed Erick their perspective and their plans on Roman-Silva, to also get their Valentine’s Day. opinions about Valentine’s Day. “My plans for Valentine’s Day is “My loved ones are my parents, getting my mom flowers because she brothers, and sister because they are likes them, and it’s a great gift to give there for me when I need help and towards your loved ones,” Hodan cares about me, “ stated Erick. stated. Finally, Erick wants to receive a gift Since COVID happened last year, for Valentine’s Day. 2021, many people didn’t really get “I want to receive candy because it’s to see their loved ones due to the a great and delicious treat to receive pandemic, but some people did. for Valentine’s Day and it is a great “I helped my dad pick up flowers for treat for romance,” answered Erick. my mom on Valentine’s Day,” Hodan said. Also, some people have strong feelings about Valentine's Day; some dislike it, while others enjoy it. “Valentine’s Day is important in my opinion because you can gift your Erick Roman-Silva, 8th loved ones special gifts to show them Hodan Ali, 8th Grader Grader love since it’s Valentine’s Day, “ Hodan mentioned. Along with that, people have different activities they like to do on Valentine’s Day. “I like going out with my friends and spending time with family on Valentine’s Day, “ Hodan stated. Furthermore, on Valentine's Day, people are given gifts to express their love and appreciation.


BY: MUQADAS ANWARI, BRIDGET SMITH National Compliment Day (January 24th) is a chance for students to receive out compliments and give them. According to Holidays Calendar “The purpose of this holiday is to say something nice to your friends, family, and co-workers. After all, giving out compliments not only makes the receiver happy and helps build up trust between that person and you but studies have shown that giving out compliments also has a beneficial effect on the person giving out the compliment.” National Compliment Day is not just a randomly, although the how the holiday was created it isn't as well documented, it has over 24 years of history.


“While this holiday isn’t very well documented, it is believed that it was started by two women from New Hampshire in 1998. These women, Kathy Chamberlin of Hopkinton, N.H. and Debby Hoffyman of Concord, N.H., created National Compliment Day to let people know that paying compliments are not only an easy way to connect with another human being but that it is also a very positive way.” According to Holiday Calendar. Not only does giving out compliments make you in a better mood, receiving them can brighten your day. “Compliments help us communicate that appreciation we feel toward one another. ‘I would define a compliment as any sort of sincere appreciation of a trait in someone or a

behavior or an appearance,’ Berger says. “Compliments help us communicate that appreciation we feel toward one another. ‘I would define a compliment as any sort of sincere appreciation of a trait in someone or a behavior or an appearance,’ Berger says. And that makes us feel good. Scientists have found that being paid a compliment actually lights up the same parts of your brain that get activated when you get paid a monetary award.” Says NBC news online. According to a recent survey to RMS students, 40.9% people compliment people once or twice a day while 34.4% of people compliment people a few times a week. 16.1% of people rarely or never compliment people. 31.7% of people receive compliments a couple times a week and 18% of people receive compliments a couple times a month.


BY: MUQADAS ANWARI, BRIDGET SMITH National Compliment Day means different things to different Rainier students. During an interview with Cienna Idarra “I rarely give out compliments mostly in fourth and first period if I do. If you don't have anything nice to say dont say it at all. That's why I usually don't compliment people.” National Compliment Day is not only about giving compliments it is also about getting compliments. From the recent survey of RMS students, 44.6% of people get the most compliments from their friends. In an interview with Tamara Al Tayyar they stated “I mostly receive compliments from my friends and I give out a lot of compliments to my classmates at Rainier.”

[ 12

The holiday was originally created to encourage people to compliment others to connect and spread positivity. According to an online source a compliment is more important than you could think. “Compliments also build trust between people. When you're complimenting someone, think about a unique trait that they have and you admire, and give them a unique and original compliment. A compliment is only good when it is sincere and honest.” A compliment can not only make somebody's day better it could make their life better. For example if a teacher were to compliment a student about their work it will make them work harder. In our recent survey from Rainier middle school students,


7.6% of students reported that most of the compliments they receive in a day come from their teachers here at school. Some other students reported strangers or other friends and family as giving them the most amount of compliments. Everybody needs a compliment booster now and then which is what January 24th is all about. Giving someone a compliment can instantly make them have a better day, so why not make Rainier a more positive environment? From the online Leiden Magazine and blog "Research has shown that receiving compliments can improve performance and help us learn better. A study from 2012 suggests that when we try out a new skill and show improvement praise helps our brain remember and repeat the skill.”



Email: open a new tab and in the top right corner it should say Gmail, click on that then click compose


Private comments on Google Classroom: once you’re in your class, click on the classwork tab at the top of the screen and click on view assignment, it should say, “add comment to ___” then make your comment


In-person: before or after class starts, find your teacher and ask about anything you need help with, another good time to ask is during independent work-time in class

[ 13

With the new semester and schedule changes, there might be confusion on how make-ups work with different teachers. With Covid-19 at an all-time high, there are also worries on how to get work if you test positive for Covid-19. Ms. Gahr, a math teacher at RMS, believes that students should stay in contact if they ever do test positive for Covid-19. “If someone tested positive, I would want them to communicate with me daily through email so that I can provide copies of math notes and/or assign additional work to be done at home.” Ms. Gahr said. “If I tested positive, I would utilize Google Classroom to communicate with my students. The assignments would be a combination of other mathematical virtual platforms (IXL, Big Ideas) or simply posted to our classroom online. “ In the case of a teacher not responding to a student’s emails, it might be very worrying especially with a due date coming up. To quote Ms. Gahr, “If someone was absent and I am not responding to emails, I would extend the original “dead-line” for an assignment.” In the case of an assignment that requires to be in class for it, absences aren’t practical.


However, students are required to be responsible for their work when they are absent. “If you were emailing me daily to keep up on the work, I would’ve provided a different option for the individual that would count towards the “physical assignment”. If that was not done, then the “dead-line” would be extended, however, it now becomes the student’s responsibility to come before/after school to make up the work. “ said Ms. Gahr Different teachers have different ways they prepare for the possibility of a kid getting Covid-19. “I would look in my google classroom first under any topics that may say COVID assignments, or other lesson materials I may need,” Mx. Gest said, “ I would then e-mail my teacher asking if there is work if I did not see any in the google classroom.” The most common way to contact teachers is by email, in class, and in any way they say is allowed. “A teacher can always respond to an email, or the best way to follow up with them is to (when you are back in class) ask your teacher when they may be available for tutoring hours to discuss what work there is to be made up!”


BY: HAKIMA ABDIKADIR In the month of February, we celebrate Black History Month. A month where we celebrate and recognize black leaders and activists roles in history. The reason why we celebrate Black History Month is to learn and educate ourselves about black history and the important things black leaders, activists, and advocates have done. In this article, I’ll be talking about black leaders, but these black leaders aren't the ones you hear on a day-to-day basis. These are the ones that don’t get talked about. So in this article, I’m shedding some light on them. The first black activist we will be talking about is Claudette Colvin. It’s really rare to meet someone who knows Claudette Colvin’s story. You see, the same thing that happened to Rosa Parks, happened to her. but 9 months before Rosa. On the Oprah Daily, it states, “Before Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955, there was a brave 15-year-old who chose not to sit at the back of the bus…Touting her constitutional rights to remain seated near the middle of the vehicle, Colvin challenged the driver and was subsequently arrested. She was the first woman to be detained for her resistance.”


There are many reasons why she isn’t as famous as Rosa Parks. According to Washington Post, she was dark-skinned and Rosa was not. She also was part of a poor black family and was a teen mother. In a 2009 interview, she stated, “My mother told me to be quiet about what I did,” Ms. Colvin recalled. “She told me: ‘Let Rosa be the one. White people aren’t going to bother Rosa — her skin is lighter than yours and they like her.” Colvin’s story is a story that we should all recognize and hear everywhere around the media, just like Rosa’s. The next person I’ll be talking about is Annie Lee Cooper. Cooper was fed up with the discrimination she was facing. Annie always saw black people voting so she registered to vote in Kentucky and Ohio. She tried to register to vote in Selma, Alabama, but she was turned away multiple times. There were days when she spent an entire day waiting to register only to be sent back home. The website ATI (All That’s Interesting) states, “So when Martin Luther King Jr. called for Black Americans to


come to the Dallas County courthouse and vote en masse in the winter of 1965, Cooper took him up on the invitation…She and other Black people had been standing in line for hours when Clark and his policemen arrived on the scene. As she watched the police break up the activists, Cooper muttered, “Nobody’s afraid of them.” Jim Clark was the policeman that assaulted Annie Lee Cooper by poking her in the neck with a baton and telling her to go home. As a result, she punched him in the face. They dragged her to jail and charged her with assault and attempted murder. In ATI, Dr. King in response said, “This is what happened today,” Martin Luther King Jr. said, soon afterward. “Mrs. Cooper wouldn’t have turned around and hit Sheriff Clark just to be hitting. ..

Claudette Colvin, an activist who was arrested at 15 for refusing to sit in the back of a bus in 1955 in Montgomery, AL.



BY: HAKIMA ABDIKADIR He continued, “At that moment, he was engaging in some very ugly business-as-usual action. This is what brought about that scene there… Annie Lee Cooper wasn’t an activist or a civil rights leader. But her punch embodied the frustration that many Black Americans felt.” With all the discrimination and unfair treatment, that was exactly how they felt. According to ATI “Annie Lee Cooper didn’t set out to become a civil rights hero. On Jan. 25, 1965, all she wanted to do was vote. The last person I want to about was the founder of the Black Panther Party. This person’s name is Huey P. Newton. Huey P. Newton was a political activist and was the co-founder of the Black Panther Party. He formed the group in response to police brutality and racism. The party was so popular in the 60’s, it had 2,000 members in several cities. Up until the early 1970’s the Black Panther Party engaged in activities that many people in the communities they operated considered violent. In 1971 Newton announced that the party would become nonviolent and would dedicate itself to providing social services to the black community,

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which included free meals for children and health services. The website, Biography, states, “In the 1970s, Newton aimed to take the Panthers in a new direction that emphasized democratic socialism, community interconnectedness, and services for the poor, including items like free lunch programs and urban clinics.” Huey P. Newton always believed in peace and justice within the black community. He fought back against police brutality, which is something activist are still protesting against today in the United States. Even before the Civil Rights Movement happened, racial inequality was still present in our society with the ending of slavery and the beginning of segregation and the Jim Crow Laws in the United States.

Books For Black History Month:

PHOTO CREDIT: ATI Annie Lee Cooper, Civil rights activist.



BY: HAKIMA ABDIKADIR The Civil Rights Movement impacted the black community in so many different ways. According to Education Post, it says, “One of the greatest achievements of the civil rights movement, the Civil Rights Act led to greater social and economic mobility for African-Americans across the nation and banned racial discrimination, providing greater access to resources for women, religious minorities, African-Americans and low-income families… Despite the tremendous progress our country has made since 1964, the Civil Rights Act must continue to shape our nation’s definition of and access to equal opportunity.” I decided to interview some staff about Black History Month. I first interviewed one of our librarians, Ms. Grad. As a librarian, what do think about Black History Month (BHM)? “I have some complicated feelings about it. On one hand, I think it's great to learn about black history. On another hand, it’s part of American history, so it should be talked about all year long. Black history is American history.” Do you think as a librarian, kids should already be educated by now about BHM? “I think they should but there is always more to learn.”

[ 16

Do you think as a librarian, kids should already be educated by now about BHM? “I think they should but there is always more to learn.” What books do you recommend to read during BHM? “There are tons of books” *Books are listed on the side of the previous page* Next, I interviewed Ms. Lydia and Ms. Parnell. As one of the founders of the multicultural club, what do you think our job should be during BHM? “Just to learn. To learn something new about black history. About black inventors, black individuals, people who have impacted the way we live. Sometimes we just don't know a lot of things and so we actively look for them. And Black History Month is a way to get that going.” Do you think it should be taken seriously? “Yes, Black History Month should be taken seriously because it allows us to look through a different lens on a student or peer you are with every day, it can create that inclusive culture at Rainer. 50 years ago we wouldn't be in school. So, recognizing how far we come is something we need to put out there.” As a society, do you think we should spread awareness about BHM? “Yes, absolutely. I do think we should spread awareness. I believe it's important to learn about our history. Not speaking about it is erasing it.


I do think we should spread awareness. I believe it's important to learn about our history. Not speaking about it is erasing it.” Lastly we spoke to Mr. Dunham, 8th grade history teacher. What do you think about BHM? “I think that it is important to have a dedicated month to celebrate black history, but I think it is more important to celebrate the contributions from African Americans throughout the year and alongside other people who have helped shape our history.” As a history teacher, do think you should teach children about famous black leaders, activists that made a difference? “Absolutely. I do think that these leaders need to be honored throughout the school year. Our history, and society, have been influenced by these leaders and activists since 1619 and should be recognized for their contributions.” Do you think Black History Month should be recognized? “Yes. We need to be reminded of all the people that shaped our world where we live. The contributions of African American people get either lost in history, or down played, or just outright ignored, and as a society we need to be reminded that we are all in this together.”


BY: LUCAS MCGRAW John Madden was a coach, player, and broadcaster. He was born in 1936 on April 10 in Austin, Minnesota. Madden recently passed away last year on December 28, 2021. He started his playing days in Jefferson high school. Madden went to California Polytechnic State University . After college he was drafted by the Eagles to play in the NFL but never played a game because of a knee injury. The thing Madden is most known for is the Madden franchise of video games. Over the years Madden has had many memorable quotes about his experiences coaching and playing sports. In one interview he stated “The road to the easy street goes through the sewer. Don’t worry about the horse being blind, just load the wagon. The only yardstick for success are society being a champion. No one remember anything else.” Madden was a sports commentator for 30 years. Madden called his last games as a broadcaster in Super Bowl 43 with the Steelers vs. Cardinals In a recent article Sports Illustrated stated “Madden worked for all four major sports network (FOX, ABC NBC ,and CBS) and he established himself as the best to ever do it. Anything else.’’

John Madden once said” if you win a Super Bowl before you're fired, you’re a genius, and everyone listens to you, said madden” One thing madden is known for is being the face of madden football games. Over 130 million madden games have been sold sense John Madden football in 1989. John madden is a Madden NFL video game icon. John Madden once said “there’s so many kids who only know me from the video game. John Madden was also a tough coach.” John Madden once said ’’if a guy doesn’t work hard and play well, he can’t lead anything. All he is, is a talker PHOTO CREDIT:NY TIMES



, he reer n a c s i i e ma ing h Dur ed as th tator n k wor comme jor a r On A colo l four m pril l a M adde 16,2009 for orks anno n official netw ly u retire nced his ment NFL as den b d r a oadc an m a n a fter 3 Joh s took 0 yea ster y a r s w l a us e b e h th use f beca fraid o a s a w es plan PHOTO CREDIT: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED


BY: DAVID HANA Season 3 sports are right around the corner They are starting on FEB. 1st .The sports that season 3 will bring to us are, boys and girls wrestling, girls basketball, and boys soccer. Are any of you that are reading this playing any season 3 sports? The coaches that are coaching boys soccer are Mr. Nydeggar, Mr. Richmond, and Ms. Burch. The coach for wrestling is Mr. Harteau. Girls basketballs coach is Coach Rashawn Caw. I interviewed Hayden Roth an 8th grader at Rainier Middle schools she is doing wrestling. When I asked her about how she feels her season is going to go she stated “I feel our season is going to great. I think if we work hard there will be no problem.” Said hayden. Next I interviewed Mr. Harteau he is the boys and girls wrestling coach. He also Coaches Wrestling at Auburn Mountainview High School.

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I asked him what he was expecting from his wrestling team. “My expectations are always set high. I want all my wrestlers to show up every day, work hard, learn as much as they can, taste success and win another banner to hang in the gym.” said Mr Harteau. I also interviewed Lucas Cruz a 7th grader at Rainier Middle School. He will play soccer for Rainier in this upcoming season. “I am expecting this season to go smoothly and am expecting for whatever team i am on to improve this season” said Lucas Lastly I interviewed someone doing girls basketball about what they were expecting this season “I’m excited for the season and think the players will do well” they said.



ALL THE SPIDER-MAN MOVIES: Spider Man inspires kids because some kids want to be big and strong. There is a video of Andrew Garfield where he was inspired by Stan Lee to become spider man so that's why he has so much respect for him. (RIP) Also when all the Spidermans lost someone they were feeling hatred towards the other person but afterwards they had to let it go and forgive them because they knew that wasn’t the right way and that way wouldn’t even bring them back. “Remember with great power comes with great responsibility”Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

BY: Valenisia Faimalo


BLACK WIDOW: It is a really violent movie but many kids love violent movies. Black Widow sets an example for kids but some kids really look up to her because she inspires them. “When we live our lives everyday, we’re met by opportunities, and most of us don’t even realize them” Scarlett Johansson.



ANT MAN: He's funny and he sets an example because he's a man that lost cosity and he also fought for it back and he fell in love with a women named Hope. “You can’t destroy power all you can do for it is make sure that it is in the right hands”- Hank PYM.

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BLACK PANTHER: His movies are inspiring because there are quotes in this movie that inspire kids to fight for what they believe in because he fought for his home and he basically him inspiring such a good thing like for kids to be themselves. “The struggles along the way are only meant to shape you out for your purpose.”T’challa.


SHANG-CHI Shang Chi inspires kids to let go of grudges and that it’s ok to let go of people who you lost. It shows what grudges and hate can really do to a person and nobody wants that. “The stupid don’t even understand something that happened long ago. The wise understands it before it develops”- Shang Yang.


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COMPILED BY: Olivia Anderson Hakima Abdikadir

Alyssa Aguirre

You know what grinds my gears!? Math, I

Peter Thang

You know what grinds my gears!? People

You know what grinds my gears!?

just don’t like it. Actually, I hate it.

who stand in the middle of the halls. It’s

Waking up to a school day. It’s the most

Everything about it is so complicated and

super annoying because you are blocking

stressful and tiring moment of the day.

just so hard. I know what some math

everyone’s way when they’re trying to go

Waking up to your parents calling your

teachers will say, “Just try your best and

somewhere. It is really easy to just move to

name to wake up to get ready for school.

pay attention and everything will be okay!”

the side when someone is trying to get

Everything sucks about waking up to a

I do try my best and I most of the time pay

somewhere. No one can think of a good

school day. What sucks is that it affects

attention, but it just doesn’t work. You see,

reason for people to stand in the middle of

others too and most of them are tired and

I have a love and hate relationship with

hallways or the entrance to hallways and

are as tired as you are maybe even more

math. Well, mostly hate. It’s always been

block people from getting to their class. I


like this since 1st grade and I don’t blame

hate how those people just don’t care about

And that’s what grinds Peter’s gears!

my teachers, I blame myself. Not because I

others who are trying to get to the class or

hate math but it’s because I don’t care for

the bathroom or pretty much anywhere in

math. Some kids like math because of how

the school. It’s really annoying, so just go

“easy” it is and how “fun” it is, it’s not even

to some other place to stand and talk that

fun and it’s not and nowhere near close to

isn’t preventing others from getting from

being easy. I really do dread going to math

one place to another.

class every day. I’m not saying I don’t like

And that’s what grinds Alyssa’s gears!

my teacher or anything but because of the work, the graphs, the this and that. Overall what I'm saying is math just isn’t my thing. And that’s what grinds Hakima’s gears!

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