Page 1 Empowering Tomorrow’s Education An EduTech Consultancy founded by IIT Alumni

Vision and Mission Statement Vision Empowering Tomorrow’s Education

Mission Promoting cloud based technology in educational institutes enabling collaborative learning and aid paperless campuses

Key Product Other Educational Study material

Your Cloud Campus

An exclusive learning portal for your institute with a focus on interaction and collaborative construction of content.

Five Basic Bricks of Schoodle

Time management of class activities via calendar & study plan for upto-date information

Store Cloud based repository of your lecture notes, videos, presentations etc. for easy sharing & building collective study material

 Files  Webpage  Folders  Links

 Database  Portfolio  And much more..

 Collaboration through Forums, chats, blogs, messaging etc. leaving no room for doubts

 Continuous evaluation through regular timed quizzes, assignments, projects

etc. improving overall performance  24x7 easy access to professors and resources

 Forums

 Chats  Messaging  Calendar

 RSS Feeds

Evaluate  Quiz

 Choice  Rating  Survey

 Grade  Assignment

Collaborate  Wiki

 Glossary  Workshop  Lesson

 Socialize  Blog

Supplementary references like Wikipedia, BBC videos, graphs, charts, animation can be shared for better understanding

Mobile Site & Android App

All this and much more‌

The Schoodle Difference Schoodle is here to save the day. Not just today, but every day moving forward. With effective teaching and learning tools to create modern, customized online courses, teaching and learning will never be the same. We have it all. From hosting, implementation, support, training, course conversion, and customization to our teaching, learning and administration features, Schoodle is ready to work for you.

Schoodle Offerings Total courses


Collaborative learning

Total test series


Easy to use Messaging System



Free implementation No Infrastructure cost

✔ ✔

Content Upload


Mobile access Student/Parent Login

✔ ✔

Assignment Repository


Custom branding

Multi Institute Management


SCORM certified Event Calendar

✔ ✔

Web Conferencing tool


Student Information Zero Setup fee

✔ ✔

75+ languages available

Open Source Linked Content


Benefits to Institute Reduces Cost  Decreasing grading time  Paper, printer cartage & office supply cost reduction  No technical hassles of servers and staff required with everything on the cloud Improves Education quality  By collaborative learning  Individualized learning experience Technology Edge  Added value in distance learning / test series program  Portal can add to the ‘wow’ factor of your institute  Tablet based education will make the institute eco friendly with all its notes and resources already available in it Improvises information channel  Through forums and chats  By calendar and final grades

Benefits to teacher         

Automatic grading Less paper to manage Information available online 24x7 Instant response from students (Q&A session) Instant feedback to students Results can be analyzed and accessed easily Content can be reused from other web sources Individual learning experience for students Student activity can be monitored easily

Benefits to Student  Submit assignment online

 Complete course work anytime  Receive immediate grading result for automatic quizzes  View grade at centralized location

 Experience individualized learning  Interact with peers / instructors inside and outside class  24x7 accessibility to resources on mobile site / android app / tablet if provided by the institute

What we offer  Zero set up / deployment fees  Hosting Schoodle for your institute on our robust server

 Customization for you, like making it look like your own Schoodle; Zero downtime on our reliable servers  Offering software as a service on your own website  24x7 support for any kind of issues occurring with it  Resources to learn and use Schoodle efficiently  Free backups and up-gradation

 Training to students & teachers to familiarize them

Our Partners

And a lots more..

About us Your Success is Our Success!

When you choose to partner with Schoodle, we can assure that you will be working with the very best engineers, technical designers, trainers, support representatives, and e-learning experts, the industry has to offer with over 30 years of collective experience. We are an EduTech consultancy Schoodle founded by alumni of IITs, providing technology based solutions to training and educational institutes.

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Schoodle was Awarded 3rd Position at Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, 2013 Our venture is Nominated for a one on one business meeting with Goa Chief Minister

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Schoodle - For Training / Educational Institutes  
Schoodle - For Training / Educational Institutes  

We are an education consultancy Schoodle founded by alumni of IITs, providing technology based solutions focusing on collaborative learning,...