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Rachel Nydam February 16, 2014 JRN 371 Professor Pearson Writing Assignment #5 We at Happy Dentist strive to make your experience something that will make you leave feeling happy. We strive to working at having every patient come into our office with no worries, and knowing that they are in the best hands possible. Dentists are something that many people fear, but we want to welcome you into our office we happy faces. Our motto is to work with gentle dentistry and give our patients pain-free dental work. We want each person to have a gentle dentistry experience, with people that they can trust. We promise that we will give you a pain-free dental work experience; our dentists promise that they will work with their utmost gentle dentistry work that will leave you wondering if your mouth was even worked on. All of our dentists at Happy Dentist work at making their patients the most important part of their day; they don’t want anything to be more important than they are. If for any reason a patient does not receive pain-free dental work we promise to make changes to further their experiences. Since our patients are the most important to our business we want them to be happy whenever they are in our office. If there is anything that we could do to change for the better, please contact us at and we will work at furthering your experience for the better.

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