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Query Letter for Sunset Magazine: Dear Ms. Schenider, Have you ever been to the end of the world? Have you traveled to around the corner of the oceans? Many people have not had the ability to travel to many different parts of the world, and do not even know what different parts of the world look like. I would like to opportunity to provide your magazine with an article on a different location in the world each issue. It will be something that will draw readers into the magazine and be something that they will want to look at each time that they pick up your magazine. Imagine a person be able to see an African safari pictures and learn about some of the animals that they could encounter, or see a polar bear that lives in the ice mountains of Alaska. By being able to read the article each issue it will give a person the ability to be able to learn more and have the enjoyment of learning about a new place and feeling like they were able to travel there themselves. Personally I have had the opportunity to travel many different places around the world and see many of these things, but many people do not have that chance. Please give me the ability to work with your magazine to write for you about the many different places around the world and the things that people could encounter while traveling there. Thank you for the opportunity, Rachel Nydam

Sunsets Magazine