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Rachel Mednick MAT 675 Prof. Payne 3/6/11

Assignment 1.2c As an elementary school teacher, I read through the lessons on Bare Bones thinking about how I could adapt them to fit the needs of the learners in my fifth grade classroom. The lessons appear to be geared more toward high school and college students, so all of the lessons would be difficult to teach if left as is. Some of them could be more easily adaptable for fifth graders to relate to than others. I feel that lessons 2, 3, and 4 would be the most difficult lessons to teach my fifth graders because of the concepts. These 3 lessons are about defining the terms of “metasearchers,” “subject directories,” and “library gateways and specialized databases.” I feel that these lessons would be the most difficult to teach because they were the most difficult lessons for me to learn. In order to be able to teach a particular lesson, you must be well versed in what you are teaching. If the lessons were confusing for me, then I feel like they would also be confusing to my ten year old students. The concepts that are being defined in the 3 lessons use many other technology-specific vocabulary terms in order to define the concept. My students (and I) would need to have more of an advanced knowledge about how the Internet works in order to really be able to understand the lessons. I feel like with the other lessons I could more easily relate my student’s knowledge of the Internet (not in how it works but in how to use it) in order to make the content more comprehensible and relatable.


reflection on bare bones tutorial

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