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Annual Maintenance Tips for Restaurant Facility Managers

As the facility manager of a restaurant, there will be a number of checks that you will need to carry out regularly in order to ensure that the business is able to continue running safely and smoothly. Whether you’re maintaining the facilities of an exclusive Michelin -starred eatery or a fast-food diner, there will also be a number of annual checks that need to be performed in order to carry out necessary maintenance and repair work. With this in mind, here are just a few annual tips which restaurant facility managers should bear in mind in order keep businesses and buildings operating efficiently.  Type of restaurant – Not all restaurants will require exactly the same service regarding their facilities management. Fast-food restaurants, for example, are likely to experience significantly more ‘traffic’ in terms of the number of customers who walk through their doors over the course of a year, compared to an expensive fine-dining establishment. Therefore, you might find that they experience more wear and tear, especially to flooring, furniture and bathroom facilities, which can require repairs or replacements.  Kitchen – Facility maintenance is of the utmost importance when it comes to restaurant kitchens. Not only can it help to ensure that the food being served tastes great, but it can also be essential in guaranteeing that the restaurant meets health, safety and hygiene requirements. Grease traps will need to be emptied, cleaned and cleared during your annual checks, whilst appliances should be given a deep clean. In addition, appliances which contain a thermostat (such as the oven and refrigerator) should be calibrated once, if not twice, every year.  Before winter – As with almost any property, you will need to check the roof for signs of debris, moss and loose tiles during your annual maintenance survey. It is a good deal to do this during the autumn months, so that any damage can be repaired before the winter weather causes further problems. Heating systems and air conditioning units tend to be in frequent use throughout the year in restaurants and any issues

can have a huge impact to the levels of business. Therefore, it is well worth carrying out system maintenance checks to ensure that such systems are working safely and efficiently.  Before summer - The cold, wet weather can cause significant damage, so use the spring as an opportunity to carry out maintenance and repair work as soon as possible. Snow and salt can cause major wear and tear to restaurant car parks and you may find that the exterior paint is in urgent need of touching up. Outdoor seating areas can also be affected and furniture should be checked for cracks and splinters, whilst wooden chairs or tables may need re-finishing on an annual basis. Restaurants need to have aesthetically-pleasing exteriors in order to entice customers to come in and try their food, so this is also a good time to carry out any landscaping work.

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Annual maintenance tips for restaurant facility managers  

As the facility manager of a restaurant, there will be a number of checks that you will need to carry out regularly in order to ensure that...

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