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Ruby & the Fifteen Dwarfs Rachel McGuire

Once upon a time, in a far away land (named OakBranch), there once lived a little girl named Ruby. OakBranch was a very bad country. Their ruler (Bullfrog) wouldn’t let them do ANYTHING. They had to listen to whatever he said. Now Ruby had always dreamed of becoming a princess, but she was a ginger, and gingers weren’t allowed to be princesses in her country. In fact, in OakBranch, all the village people hated gingers. This made Ruby very sad.

One day, while she went into the woods to play with the animals, (all the animals loved Ruby and thought she was wonderful) she saw something mysterious poking out from behind a tree. Ruby walked over to see what it was. When she came close to the tree, BOOM! A little short man popped out! Ruby was so scared! “What are you?!?” Ruby screamed. The little man replied, “I’m a dwarf!” Ruby had never seen such a small person before. “Why are you here?” asked Ruby. The man replied, “you see, me and my friends saw you playing in the woods one day and wanted to see what you were doing. We have never seen someone with your hair before, and wanted to get a closer look!” “Oh!” exclaimed Ruby. “Everyone in my village hates my hair!” “Oh.” Replied the dwarf. “Me and my friends love it!!!” and just like magic 14 other dwarfs popped out from the trees! They all stared at her with big eyes.

“Where did all of y’all come from?” Asked Ruby. “We came from Beaver Town!” exclaimed the man. “Beaver Town? Where’s that?” she wondered. “It’s only a few miles away! It’s so wonderful, you would love it there!” he proclaimed. “Why is it so great?” Ruby asked. “For many reasons, but for starters, our ruler is the best! She is kind, and smart, and let’s us do as we please. In fact, she has hair similar to yours!” “Wow!” Ruby exclaimed. “It sounds so amazing. I wish I lived there instead of here.” “Well why don’t you come back with us, Ruby? We would love if you came!” “Really?!?!” she exclaimed.

“Why, of course! Oh… excuse me for being so rude! My name is freedom. These other 14 dwarfs are my friends. We all have special jobs in Beaver Town, you see.” “Really? Like what…?” Ruby wondered. “For instance,” Freedom continued, “I am in charge of making sure people have the right to freedom of speech, press, religion, and petition. So basically, our ruler can’t punish you for something you say or your religion. You have the right to these things and to petition something if you don’t agree with it.” The next dwarf piped up.

“Hi! My name is Grizzly! My responsibility is to ensure people the frredom to bear arms.” “BEAR arms? What does that mean?” Questioned Ruby. “sorry, all that means is that people have the right to own a weapon if they want to.” “Oh! Okay! Cool! I’m pretty sure my village doesn’t allow that…”

“Hi there, Ruby!” exclaimed a third dwarf. “You can call me Roomie! I make sure the people of Beaver Town never have to be forced to house soldiers in a time of war or in peace.” “Wow! This is awesome!” proclaimed Ruby, “but why are there so many of you?” “You see,” interrupted Freedom, “There is actually over 15 of us, but we are all here to protect the rights of the citizens who live in Beaver Town. That way the people are happy and we don’t end up like countries such as OakBranch.”

“That makes so much since!!!” Ruby said. “We think so too,” agreed Freedom, “Here, let me introduce you to the rest of us.” So Freedom introduced every dwarf to Ruby. They were:

Cesar: protects the rights of people against unreasonable searches or seizure of property Justice: you cannot be charged with a serious crime without going through a grand jury. You also can’t be penalized twice for a crime. Courtney: protects the rights of citizens to have a fast trial (the court can’t hold you for a long time) and the rights to have witnesses during a trial. Judy: protects the right that people have to a jury during a trial. Cruela: People are protected against cruel and unusual punishments. Dan: The rights of the villagers may not be twisted around to fit into a certain circumstance. Bill: the small cities in our country have the right to create new laws as long as they do not go against the other 9 dwarfs.

“Wow!” proclaimed Ruby, “There is so many more freedoms in your country!!!!” “that’s not even all of them!” Freedom continued to introduce the rest of the dwarfs and their responsibilities.

Suezy: villagers cannot sue another town in federal court. Victor: the ruler and vice ruler are voted on separately. (in ancient times people voted with the same ballot and it got really messy) Stan: no villager is allowed to enslave another villager or force them to work for them. Anita: People born in the village are citizens. People not born in the village are not citizens. Michelle: the people have the right to elect anyone they want to rule the village, even if they are a different color from everyone else.

Ruby could hardly believe her ears. There was a actually a country out there that was just, and gave the people what they deserved. She hurriedly ran out of the woods to find her family. She told them about all the dwarfs and what they meant to Beaver Town. The family was so excited they rushed back to the woods and traveled to Beaver Town with all fifteen dwarfs. There, they named Ruby the princess of Beaver Town and they all lived happily ever after.

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Ruby and the Fifteen Dwarfs  

story about the bill of rights