Duty to Create Consideration of the Concerned

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Bartending + waitressing (especially in NYC) means you talk to 1000s of people over the years. Forces you to get great at reading people + hones a razor-sharp BS detector. Just goes to show that what some consider to be “unskilled labor� can actually be anything but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

more than $1, 000, 000, 000 jalapeĂąo infused vodka, tomato juice, pineapple juice, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, hot sauce, old bay seasoning

the 99 percent vodka, watermelon, mint, lime juice, ginger beer

334 by month 9* vanilla rose syrup, lemon juice, ginger juice, club soda *the total number of shootings that took place in the US from January 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019

american progress gin, blackberry, lime, tonic

this is america

this is america

female owned businesses uncle nearest whiskey, absinthe, peychauds bitters, angostura bitters

but who is it convenient for? dark rum, brown sugar, orange juice, egg whites

for every $1 a white male makes chai-infused johnnie walker, coconut cream, coffee liqueur

Most people in the United States think of feminism as a movement that aims to make women the social equals of men. This broad definition, popularized by the media and mainstream segments of the movement, raises problematic questions. Since men are not equals in white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal class structure, which men do women want to be equal to? Bell Hooks