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10 faces of innovation Innovation Persona Rachel Lorimer

The Learning Persona; Within the learning personas I have one that stands out the most to me, that I would say describes me the best. This is the Anthropologist; it says that and anthropologist is someone that is rarely stationary. Well that’s definitely me I’m always up and doing things and keeping myself busy. It’s also someone that researches and experiments with new techniques. I do this a lot whilst doing my work, I try and always learn something new from each project and then try and work out how things work. An anthropologist also thinks about how they can make something better and more suitable for people to enjoy, I think this is a really important element in design and especially in interior design as you are creating a space, so if you fail at making it enjoyable and you don’t have a very good understanding then I think you’re in the wrong career. They also have an ability so see things that are important and that have maybe gone unnoticed, which is a key requirement in design as you need to be able to distinguish what’s important and what is good and what isn’t in order to make it better and solve problems as and when they come. They are also someone who can be inspired anywhere they go, have an open mind so that they can evolve things into something that is amazing and different and something that actually works. I have all these ability’s so this is why I would put myself into this criteria.

The Organising Persona; Within the organizing personas I’d say I’m the hurdler. As soon as I am faced with a problem I find ways and means of getting through it and quickly so that it doesn’t hold me back and get me behind. I’m a very determined person who likes to set goals, I like to have my ideas and then actually do something with them, if I have a task I want to achieve I will get it done no matter who or what gets in my way, if I know it’s right and that it’s something that needs doing I will make sure that is my number one priority. I think this is an important asset to have in any team, project or business, as there are constantly problems arising but I always get through them in order to succeed. I tend not to get too panicked about deadlines as if you are organised and you manage your time well this is something that won’t be a problem.

The Building Persona; This is when you move on from the organising and you actually channel yourself into making things happen. It’s someone that gets stuck in and finds themselves in the heart of the

action and knowing exactly what’s going on. In this I would be the experience architect I’m very focused on making each and every experience worthy and one of which that won’t be forgotten in a hurry, I want to make my designs into something that is an experience when you encounter them. I love being able to make the most out of what I have got to work with and learning new ways of doing this.

The Guiding Persona; In this persona I would be the caregiver, I’m the someone who likes to get to know the people they are working with and finding out what they really want from their experience, this is then creating the relationship and understanding that is key in any project. No matter where I go or who I have to deal with this is me, I talk to everyone and treat people with the respect that I expect them to give me. I try and give people as much information as they need in order to keep their knowledge to the highest it can be. So that the work place and the people in it are happy and comfortable with what is going on. This is a very important key when working on large projects and with clients that are paying you for your expertise. They want someone who they can trust and who they can talk to.

10 faces of innovation my personas in each criteria  
10 faces of innovation my personas in each criteria