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Press Release Manipal University

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Launch of ‘Labor of Love’, an initiative to promote workers’ benefits in the UAE. Sunday; January 8, 2011, Dubai, UAE – A notion conceived by the organization ‘AdoptaCamp’; designed to promote workers’ welfare in the UAE will be implemented from Jan 15, 2011 over a period of six months. The aim of the campaign which is to promote benefits for workers will be achieved by employing a variety of strategies to make the public and organizations aware of the growing problem and persuading them into making provisions to combat the same. The campaign will carry out activities to supplement the efforts of Adoptacamp, an initiative already undertaken and running to achieve the same cause. It will also involve promoting the existence and operation of Adoptacamp itself and making people and organizations aware of the activities carried out by it. It will involve making use of different media tools, such as posters, flyers, a brochure, newspaper articles and letters to the editor to reinforce the elements of the campaign. 3 posters over a period of 3 months, 1 poster introduced each month(to reflect ongoing efforts) will be put up in public places such as malls, etc; to make the public at large aware of the campaign and it’s motives. Flyers will also be distributed among members of organizations that employ labor and the common public. Posters and flyers will highlight the contribution













donations/visits/volunteering etc and make them aware of the organizations that they can visit if they wish to help. A brochure will be designed which will include the plans of action and strategies employed by the campaign to make people aware of what the campaign is doing. A seminar will be organized in the 1st week after the launch of the campaign. It will invite members of organizations that employ laborers on a large scale, and people who have contributed in the field of workers’ welfare. The chief guest for the seminar will be Saher Sheikh, the founder of the Adoptacamp campaign. The event will revolve around getting insights about worker’s problems and requirements from Miss Saher Sheikh and other people in the field. A provision to collect funds voluntarily given will also be made. The funds will be utilized to serve worker’s basic needs including food clothing and shelter, and facilitate basic hygiene. Page 1 of 2

Press Release Manipal University

After a period of 3 months, another event will be organized for workers only. The aim of the event will be to dedicate a day to workers, and cater to their likes and dislikes. They will be given food, and an opportunity to enjoy an evening. They will also be given the opportunity to talk to reporters, or students of Manipal University discussing their problems and expectations, a solution to which will be further incorporated in the latter half of the campaign. Invitations will be sent to organizations all over the UAE (only those that employ labor on a large scale and for a long period of time. Selection of organizations will be based on further research). Feedback for the campaign will be collected by conducting interviews with workers in the last month of the campaign and efforts to implement their expectations will be carried out simultaneously in the last month. The campaign will come to an end on July 15, 2011. University information: Manipal University is the leading privately-held university in India in academics and applied research. Manipal University, Dubai was established in the year 2000. It shifted to Knowledge Village in September 2003 before finally moving to its modern sprawling campus at Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) in September 2006. On 25th May, 2010, the Honourable Minister for Human Resource Department, Government of India, Mr. Kapil Sibal laid the foundation stone of the dedicated campus. The


disciplinary University offers graduate and postgraduate

courses in

Biotechnology, Management, Information Technology, Media and Communications, Interior Design, Fashion Design and graduate courses in Engineering. One year Certificate courses are also offered in select streams. The degree is conferred by Manipal University, India. Contact information: For further details and/or enquiries contact ‘*****�. Call ******* or email ****

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AdoptACamp - Press Release  

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AdoptACamp - Press Release  

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