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Fire Control System – no parts available, little support from Symplex for maintenance. Needs to be replaced.

HS clock/bell system. Needs to be replaced. Bell system does not work. Clock system works for some clocks not all. No parts nor maintenance support available.

Example of a hallway clock that broke and was not replaced.

Phone intercom also serves as the PA system for the building. There are no external hallway speakers or room speakers for PA.

Building was hit by lightening in 2007. Phone voice mail was knocked out at that time. Company that current phone system was purchased from (Impression Comdial) is no longer in business. No parts, support maintenance available.

Many door closers are broke. No parts available. Fire Marshall has ordered that door closers cannot hold a door open.

HS Gym Doors- There are 10 doors into the gym. closers are broke, doors don’t fit in the frames, frames needs painting, locks don’t work, push bars need replacing, doors need refinishing.

Junior High girl’s bathroom door. Door does not completely shut and needs to be refinished.

Junior High Gym door. Needs to be replaced. They don’t shut properly, can’t be locked.

Elementary door. Needs to be refinished, louver covered and door is not to be standing open.

Elementary fire doors. There doors do not qualify as fire doors and need to be replaced.

Metal HS hallway ceiling is stained and discolored.

There are 18 sky lights in the high school hallway that have all been covered up.

Broken and covered up sky light in high boy’s locker room.

Old light fixture, electrical outlet and stained ceiling outside the elementary office.

Elementary Classroom Ceiling – Not just the stained tile but that many are adhered with screws.

Ceiling in JH boy’s locker room that has (is) sustaining water damage. Source of the leak has not been determined.

Junior High Boy’s Locker Room Ceiling – more water and moisture damage caused by roof leak.

HS floor tile are in constant need of replacement and repair.

Broken floor tile at North East door of HS.

Elementary Classroom Flooring – mismatched colors, tile constantly coming off.

HS Gym basket motors don’t work. You can see that the electrical wires for this motor have been unhooked. Motors are large enough to lift glass backboards. New motors needed.

Gym Bleachers are in constant need of repair. Replacement parts are scarce. Bleachers do not meet ADA requirements. Need stairs, hand rails and wheel chair access. Bleachers are not motorized and need to be taken in and out by hand or with mechanical mule.

Gym needs updated lights, bleachers, doors, backboards and basket motors. There is still some life left in the floor but will need to be replaced sometime.

HS univent that needs to be replaced.

Univent located at the South East entrance of the Elementary. Does not work.

Manual control for radiator. There are no automatic radiator controls that function properly in the JH portion of the building.

Covered register in Pre-School room – not an appropriate heating system for young children.

2nd floor JH classroom. Non-working controls to univent and example of deterioration of plaster on wall.

One of two boilers in JH section of the building. Installed in 1950. One works fine, the other is working but not in as good of shape. We have been warned that it could fail at any time.

Loose brick on chimney from inside the boiler room.

Water leaking onto floor of JH boiler room from base of chimney.

Entrance to high school tunnel system. Abatement of tunnels will be necessary to do work on infrastructure issues.

JH boy’s locker shower room. Limited or no hot water available.

Mechanical access point in Junior High area of the building.

Same pipe, different angle.

Interior of 2nd floor JH janitor closet located inside boy’s bathroom. Other side of wall is boy’s bathroom.

Old electrical box in JH boiler room.

Electrical panel located in JH boiler room.

Light switch in Junior High hallway. Some of these switches still work, many do not and have been bypassed.

Elementary Classroom Outlet- added to the room, can’t keep the cover on it.

HS library is general need of a complete update; lights, furniture, flooring and ceiling. It could also use additional space to handle more than one group in the library at a time.

Elementary library. Needs updated lights, new flooring, new furniture.

Sidewalk at East Breezeway entrance is cracked and falling away from the building.

Area of tuck pointing needed on JH building.

More tuck pointing needed on Junior High building.

High School Boiler Chimney

Junior High Boiler Chimney

East wall of Elementary. The wall is bowing out and needs to be repaired and possible replaced. Bowing is due to settling of the footing from water draining down the interior of the wall. The connection of the wall and roof system has failed.

South side of Elementary. Problems with the windows and screens.

Interior view of Junior High gym north windows. The windows leak and the water has caused damage to the gym floor. Windows have been sealed from the exterior.

Elementary classroom. In need of proper storage of student gear.

Elementary classroom. In need of updated lighting, flooring, desks and other furnture.

Interior elementary classroom – No windows. Inadequate ventilation.

Elementary classroom. In need of new cabinets that are in constant need of repair.

Elementary Cabinet with laminate coming off.

Each elementary room has a cabinet with a sink. Each has plumbing issues and cabinets are damaged and broken.

Deteriorating wall plaster in 2nd floor JH counselor office.

More deterioration of wall plaster in counselor office. Root of the problem is water coming into the building from the outside. Mold has been found when plaster falls off the wall.

Paint and wall board deteriorating in 1st floor Junior High classroom.

More plaster problems in 2nd floor JH classroom (TAG).

JH bathroom stalls with no doors. Not ADA compliant.

Plaster peeling on wall in downstairs JH boy’s bathroom. A constant issue in the JH portion of the building. Often mold is associated with this problem.

JH boy’s bathroom floor urinals that were boxed in due to water leaking into 1st floor bathroom and ruining ceiling. Urinals need to be replaced as well as floor.

Junior High stairs are not compliant with current fire code. Should be removed and relocated.

2nd floor JH needs a straight and connected hallway for fire exit.

Wrestling/Ag Room Roof. Same roof as on the Junior High building. Roof membrane has not come loose but seems are in constant need of repair. Needs to be replaced.

Junior High Roof. The black roof membrane has come loose and cement blocks and sand bags were added several years ago to keep the roof membrane from rippling in the wind. Roof needs to be replaced.

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Photos of Montezuma School's facility outlining needed upgrades and replacements

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