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Welkom Allereerst wil ik jullie een hand geven. Aangenaam ik ben Rachella Shana Alting, nu gaat de deur open naar mijn magazine.... Het thema van mijn magazine is vrouwelijk, kleurrijk, flexebiliteit laat ik zien door gelaagdheid, ook word er een beetje gespeeld met weerspiegeling. Verder wil ik graag dingen laten zien die ik leuk vind zoals reizen, genieten en het vooral hebben over de mooie dingen in het leven. Hieronder is een collage van beelden die mij hebben geinspireerd voor dit magazine. Reis mee door mijn magazine!


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Posted on December 20, 2013 by rachellashana

About me! Posted on November 29, 2013 by rachellashana Starting with my name Rachella a name which I got from my dad. This name makes people think that I am not Dutch As well as my blond curls I got a bit mixed by my long lasting roots in Indonesia (Mother of my Grand Dad). My study is Leisure management and I start this blog for my study! My interests are travelling like the picture above where you see me at the Gili Trawagan island in Indonesia! I lived in Indonesia, Java for 7 months. I was always interested in other cultures and my study gave me the opportunity to explore this beautiful country. I learned how to life in a community based country which inspired me a lot! The netherlands is quite Individualistic but I learned how to think more about others so my next Quote: Think first of others before you think about yourself! By thinking more about others makes you realise more how you can express yourself with words as well as with your behaviour. If you think about how this influence others you can act in a way you never hurt someone! 6.

When I started my trip to Indonesia I never expected this journey. I arrived in Surabaya where I discovered that we had another 3 weeks of vacation. What to do?? Travel around!! I didn’t know anyone in Indonesia, at the same day I arrived another student of my school Natalia arrived as well. Another Dutch student Eline arranged a room for as in the Lady dormitory where she lived as well. At the Petra university did we arrange our subjects and visited the art city of Java Jogjakarta by train 5 hours. It was super nice this is definitely the most cultural place in Java. You can see everything traditional dances, the sultan palace, but also very famous temples Prambanan and Borobudur. This are super nice temples they are huge in Borobudur you have an amazing view over the palm three woods and in Prambanan you have a different Buddha in every temple which explains the Hindu culture with all the temples together beautiful. But don’t go if you are married, because the story goes that if you go there as a couple you will get divorced. This because the temple was build by a man who wanted to impress a lady, he didn’t get her in the end because she asked for too much temples in not enough time. So the guy died alone and bitter in the end.

Then got into the plane to Bali. The island is amazing we thought it would be a quite island with parties of course but more in a relaxed way. When we arrived in Bali, Kuta the main city were most the tourist come it is super busy but super nice. The moment you land in Bali, you feel the culture, everywhere you go you see offers to the god. The offers are colourful mostly with flowers super nice. There are a lot of people who wear traditional clothes sarongs as skirt especially woman. Next to this are a lot of uniforms of companies traditional clothing. The sarongs are looking good with patterns and flowers drawn on them. We stayed 2 days in Kuta and then decided to go further on our journey. We went to Ubud the place where a lot of creative

people went, they have a lot of rice fields, nice quite restaurants and bars. Next to this is a famous monkey forest with temples and monkey statues. Personally I was afraid of the monkeys because they try to climb on you hihi. We looked around to find a cheap hotel

and found one a beautiful hotel which had painted 3d doors with flowers, Buddha's and other patterns. Also the houses were build in a historical Balinese way which was really pretty when we looked out of our window we say the rice fields. In one word Amazing!


The next day we went to the harbour were we took the public boat to Lombok. This boat was very old and slow. With the expansive fast boat you be in Lombok in 1 hour. With this boat it takes you 4 hours. We slept a bit on plastic stadium seats after watching a horror movie on a really old television. After we woke up we were invited by Indonesians to sing karaoke with them which was super funny me and Natalia song Los Lobos – La Bamba. It was nice with a lot of laughing. We arrived in the harbour city and shared a fake taxi to the city where you could take a boat to the famous Gili Islands. We stayed 2 days in Lombok where there is a lot of nature and nice beaches a more quite as Bali and Gili Islands.

and dancing on Reggae music, chilling, relaxing and tanning. Natalia took a Diving Course. The bars share one music system which moves each day to a different bar. The parties are great and you never have seen such nice stars as at Gili you can even see the galaxy. Afterwards we missed the boat so we slept one day at the quite Gili air were we say the most beautiful sunset at a flat sea which was just like a mirror under the sky so double sky. We had a camp fire with the locals and the next day back to Bali. I made an appointment to visit Eline in Bali. I slept over in here favourite place which became my favourite hotel Kedin Inn. Eline showed my around in Bali, Kuta. She knew Bali really good drove a scooter

We travelled by small fishers boats to the Gili Islands, which took around 30 minutes. There are 3 gili islands, Trawangan the biggest, Meno and Air. We went to Trawangan you have a small city in the middle of the island and there is no traffic aloud on the island. The only transport is by horse, bike or walking We took the last one, we looked up an hotel via Tripadvisor. Wrong!! They forgot to add one 0 to the price which was 100 dollar a night instead of 10 dollar. Hmm we needed to find something else. We found The Exile great 20 dollar with breakfast included. Our hotel room was a wooden hut with a double bed and a bathroom outside with a bamboo pipe as shower great. It also included an private beach which was only filled with people at the sunset where people watched this together and the people of the island played guitar or drums. A magical feeling! We stayed one week at Gili’s partying, snorkelling, listening 8.

and party hard. We went the first night with a group of people who slept at Kedin Inn to Sky garden a popular discotheque with multiple levels and a floor open on the roof. We partied under the sky where I met Santos a friend of my Dutch friend Daphne who travelled to Bali before me. The Brazilians partied with us which mend a lot of beer taps and dancing. We had a good time and then went back to Surabaya.


Posted on December 28, 2013 by rachellashana Surabaya is a huge city, I was really impressed when I flew over it as well as when I arrived and lived there. Surabaya or Soerabaja is the second biggest city of Indonesia. There are living 3 million people in Surabaya.

A lot of people come to Surabaya to shop, one of the four has a motor cycle and one out of the sixteen has a car. The traffic in Surabaya is crazy, just like in Jakarta are there a lot of traffic jams. There are a lot of poor people and a lot of rich people, this is not a really rich neighbourhood but also not really rich just a regular street. You have people in slums and people in the most beautiful houses and buildings so divers I guess this happened because this is such a large city. It is amazing how much people can fit on one motor cycle and how much products they can transport on only 1 scooter. Almost all people I asked bought their driving license, if you do a driving test to get your license it costs you around 20 dollar and if you buy one it cost you only 5 dollar 10.

Surabaya 6 m more so why should you do a test? Almost nobody does a test, but people anticipate to each other in an amazing way, they really see what happens around them 24/7 but that

is also really necessary because every 2 row road like above gets around 3 of 4 lines made by Indonesians. The people cross from every side. The crazy thing is that adults need to wear a helmet but children not You see a lot of sleeping children and

you see 3,4,5 people at one motor. Look at this pictures more closely. Surabaya has 15 shopping malls, the malls are huge, they have around 4 till 8 floors and Plaza Tunjungan has even 4 buildings which are together between closed bridg-

months of my life! es. You got everything from really expansive till super cheap. The thing that is really amazing are the food courts. This are all small restaurants with amazing decoration and tables and chairs in the middle. Everyone can order from a different restaurant with all their own order plates so the restaurants know where to bring their food. The childern have their own playing area which has big playing machines but also amazing decoraton for example, Safari decoration.You have a lot of different malls, a restaurant & bar mall (Sutos mall), a mobile phone mall (Marina mall) and the popular mall at the moment I lived there was Ciputra owned by one of the richest person of Indonesia. All things in Indonesia are themed this is something where a lot of people can learn from all malls look so amazing in malls etc. All stores are with a lot of promotion from small stores without doors or big stores, they all look really colourful and full of advertisements and of course fake elements like fake tries etc. The streets really differ over Indonesia most of the times there is only road and nowhere to walk, Indonesian people don’t like walking I guess because the country is too big. Look at a preview of stores.


The second most popular activity in Surabaya is Karaoke, I thought this will be in front of unfamiliar people but the Karaoke places are like a hotel with all doors with small, medium and large rooms where you can sing karaoke. The karaoke room looks like a discotheque with disco lights, one or more flat screens and luminous music instruments with every song you can think of with table service, you press a button and you can order everything. Another popular thing is or being lazy, go to the movies or take a massage, hair spa or do your nails etc. A lot of students hang out together which is super nice, just sit, talk, eat, dance and laugh together this is something we should do more often in other cultures! The feeling of being really part of the group is something I really miss sometimes. Just hang out with 12 people or more at the time instead of just 2,3 or 4. So Surabaya or Soerabaja is not a really pretty city the people there are strict so you cannot walk half naked unless you are out somewhere so not just at the streets. But I loved living there for 6 months!


Exchange student in Surabaya Posted on December 29, 2013 by rachellashana I started my exchange at The Petra University in Surabaya. My exchange was for 6 months from February till June. I would choice all subjects I wanted so I focused myself at International business focused at the Asian market, communication and To u r ism. I had 4 classes so more as 100 new students. Everyone was interested in getting to know m e and wanted to show me Surabaya and help my out at school which was super sweet. The school looked really good we had 3 canteens with all different small restaurants you could eat whatever you want: Rice, soup, bread, salade, vegatables or all kinds of cake and candy. Drinks where also really nice fresh juices, fresh coffee my favorite was Oreo coffee and then of course Ice tea which is really popular in Indonesia and other general softdrinks. Furthermore where there a lot of spaces to work with computers or hang out. There is a cafe at the front entrance and there is a restaurant managed by students which looks really cute just like a Disney world restaurant. There was also a Dermasiswa pogram which means that all stundents study Indonesian language and culture. I followed Indonesian language and Traditional Javanese dancing. We performed for all Petra students and won the dance competition for all international students in Surabaya. We performed in traditional clothes which was a great experience!


The teachers are good but sometimes they don’t know how to explain something more in English so they do it in Bahasa, Indonesian especially on the Tourism department. The students at the Tourism department are more one whole group then at the International business department there are the students a bit more individualistic. This a part of my Tourism classmates. I went on a study trip with my Tourism students, this was great! I really got to know them. I did a course Travel guide so they learned us how to guide a group and also really needed to do this in the travel bus.

We stayed in 3 different hotels a 2,3 and one night in a 5 star hotel. The trip was 7 days. We visited all the tourism spots in Bali and we had meetings with government departments and managers or CEO’s of big companies as the big shopping mall in Bali, Beachwalk. I really liked the meeting with the government management of Tourism, The Anthonio Blanco museum which makes really trendy art, Tanah lot and the old villages we visited where everyone still wears traditional clothing and should stay in the city where they are born in the middle of the bamboe wood. And the traditional Kecak dance which is with 100 young man how make the music with their mouth really nice. I went to the one in Ubud and Uluwatu and I liked 14.

the Kecak dance from Ubud better. The bus trips where long but really nice with all classmates singing together in the bus and sleeping together in the hotels around the tourism area in Bali. To sleep in a 5 star hotel was also really nice they had a beautifull hotel with 2 swimming pools, a fake laguna with real fish and large salamanders which look like alligators. The trip was really nice we had such a strong relationship with all the classmates super nice In the evenings I sometimes sneaked out to go to parties hihi because we had a night curfew ;)









My balinese friend Erik showed me this beautiful place with white sand, Blue sea and there is a rock The part of Bali I love most is the part of Uluwatu, Padang looking like a skull and the sea is really white. BaPadang and of course Jimbarang. This part of the island langan beach! To go there you go to a small road have white beaches and are less touristic as Kuta. They through villages, The villages are really nice the peoalso name the place Blue point because of the good ple share everything the water and really take care of waves and of course the blue sea.\The people who go their communities it was a great experience to see this. there are mostly surfers and people who come to relax. Bali is an amazing island where you really feel the The beaches in this area are super nice, but the area is peace and relaxation. You have one area which is suchanging super fast because of the tourists. Everything per touristic and then a lot of areas which are super here is build in the mountains so with a lot of stairs. relaxed and still the real Bali like it used to be which is great! The streets everywhere are filled with offers to god which always mostly small buckets from betel Uluwatu leaves, lime, gambier,tabacco and rice then are flowers is a place added with extra offerings like money, food or sigarets. where people go to surf, they h a v e one of the best waves in the world. The waves are super high but the place is surrounded with beautiful beaches. you also have little restaurants in the mountain and the view of the sunset is super nice there. Padang Padang has a really nice beach it is really an Bay so a beach between two mountains. If you are a good searcher and not affraid of some cold water. The most beautiful place to The offerings like the colours of the flowers, palm sleep over will be in the mountains next to Padang leave, meat etc make the offering to each different Padang where you only have view over the sea and appearance of god. beach. Your house will be really build on a mountain which is great you have a house with your hammock so you can lay down and watch the sea and the surfers who are also surfing there. It is close Uluwatu where you can go for dinner or on Wednesday or Sunday are there parties in Single Fin which is really nice, a live band and dj really nice party starting from 4 till 12 or 1 o’clock. Then Jimbarang which is a really nice beach filled with restaurants on the beach so you can have dinner with your feet in the sand watching the Sunset.


Love Bali


The well-known city is Kuta, next to the airport at Denpasar. This is a really touristic place, filled with hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and clubs and the beach. This beach is oke but not really as beautiful as the picture above they don’t have white sand. Then you have Siminyak which is the richer part of Bali where you have more luxurious shops, bars and restaurant if you visit it. Go to Potato Head in Siminyak which has 3 restaurants in one, beds where you can lay down and watch the sunset or have drinks at night or a bar inside the pool, it looks amazing! If you are really rich, you can stay in the 5 star resorts in Nusa Dua. This is a district designed for the tourists. It is great to stay in this area to rest but in this district you don’t really get to know the real Bali. So stay in whatever comfort you will but made sure that you travel the whole island to see where Bali is all about. I slept in one 5 star Hotel Ayodya hotel which used to be an Hilton hotel and now owned by Balinese people which is great because they where born in this beautiful island so they deserve to own companies there This is Ayodya!


Another side of the island you cannot miss are the east and south of the island this has still a lot of waterfalls, beautiful nature and the real Bali culture, in this parts of the islands are not that much tourists but this is really nice. Go to Singaraja, go see dolphins in Lovina and Amed is a really nice city in the east where people are also super nice, you have volcano there and you can also the boat to the Gili islands from there. They all have black beaches but to go snorkelling and swimming is perfect here. They have everything even shipwrecks. Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I hope that this islands stays this way and don’t become polluted by the tourists and people living there. I hope this paradise will stay here forever! Watch this movie community reaching against pollution and you see how beautiful Uluwatu is as well. To be continued..!



Posted on January 3, 2014 by rachellashana

I had a transfer flight in Kuala Lumpur so I stayed there for 3 days. My friend from school Pedro had his friend living in Kuala Lumpur who showed me around. The first day I arrived in my hostel which is super nice Reggae Mansion in Kuala lumpur. It is a really cheap place but the facilities are great and they have a party on the rooftop every night ;) -->

Next day we went side seeing in Kuala Lumpur we went walking because the city is not so big and metro. We started at the musk which was really pretty, the famous old clock in the middle of the city, the old palace at an important square from KL and then we went to a famous water fountain. Then we went to a museum about Asia then making a picture with KL --> 20.

I took the metro in Kuala Lumpur to a place close to the Twin Towers. I was amazed because the public transport and transport in Kuala Lumpur is great. It is just like the tube in London super different from other places in Asia but great! I met my friend close to the twin towers where we took the taxi to have dinner at the party street of Kuala Lumpur. We had dinner in an Mexican restaurant and had a glass of wine which was great because they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really have it in Indonesia unless you pay around 100 dollar per bottle. After that we went to a club in the middle of the street, this is a club where a lot of people who life in KL go. It is a nice place with all different kinds of music, you need to order your drink before you enter the club. We went to an Irish bar and a gay bar then back to first club, it was really nice to do club hopping. The street is a really nice street to party, Jalan Bukit Bintang. Kuala Lumpur looks really nice at night. The taxi driver dropped me wrong, I was lost and needed to find my hostel. There were only men on the street who told me it was dangerous to walk down the street by myself because I was a woman, this made my nervous luckily I found my hostel after all. street is a really nice street to party, Jalan Bukit Bintang. Kuala Lumpur looks really nice at night. The taxi driver dropped me wrong, I was lost and needed to find my hostel. There were only men on the street who told me it was dangerous to walk down the street by myself because I was a woman, this made my nervous luckily I found my hostel after all. <--

y sia

statue and then to the museum of wood they make all kinds of images of wood which are really nice where i bought wood jewellery. Then we went to the media tower with the view on the Twin Towers. Below you see a picture of the palace of Kuala Lumpur. -->


Furthermore did Eline & Guiliana go there for a few days as well they had company from two guys we met at Bali during Balinese New year which is the Day of Silence once every 250 days. The friends where Willy and Tameem international students in Kuala Lumpur from Jemen. We went out with them the day after I went side seeing in Kuala Lumpur. We went first to the Havana club at Jalan Bukit Bintang what you see below, after that we went to another night life street where we only eat something and they dropped my at Reggae mansion.

Then we visited Putrajaya which is the political city of Malaysia. This is really a business city all the buildings are really nice and really beautifull. Malaysia has a prince which also lives in Putrajaya. The president of Kuala Lumpur also has his building here, see it here below. They have huge parks and are still building everything they want to make Putrajaya as capital city of Malaysia and want to make this an ideal city for families. It is a really nice place but all parcs and buildings are really to big. That night I went back to pick up my backpack in Reggea mansion and took the plane to the Philippines. 22.

The next day we went to the Indian streets and the Chinese streets where they had all markets with fake bags, shoes etc and we went to a shopping mall in that district as well, We also went to a temple which was with bright colours this is really different as the temples in Indonesia because they are not really coloured but just with blake grey or orange stones. Then we had lunch in a Indian place. Afterwards we took the train to Batu cave which has an enormous gold statue of Shiva and an temple insite an enorm cave which was really nice.




hil ippines Posted







I have family in the Philippines so I was super excided to visit them and see how they five. My niece, 2 aunts and my aunts family lives there. I went to Manilla the capital of Philippines. I was amazed by the big city, it is very different as other Asian countries because they have been colonized by Spanish people in 1570. The religion is mostly Christian, the buildings are different, the roads are more like Amerika, the people look more like Europeans and the advertisements are more with the own people not the Europeans or Americans.

I really liked Manila, the city is super diverse. It is a really harbour city next to the sea is it super busy with boats, they have beautifull buidlings, the people are friendly, the people are really modern and the city is full of culture. My family showed me a lot of the city, they took my around every day. I did a lot of different trips they took my surfing, they showed my the culture of Manilla, we had a lot of different super nice dinners and we of course did some shopping.

My family picked me up at the Airport of Manila, we went to have breakfast at the open mall close my aunts work, it was a super nice restaurant with pancakes and philippines food which all where super nice. After that we walked around in the open mall. It is a really nice district they have grass everywhere it looked like a small city from shops with all small hills which was super nice. I slept over in the appartment of my aunt which is a nice complex which has a swimingpool next to the appartments. We went to have dinner at night with my two aunts and my niece which was really nice. In the Philippines you get refills which is funny, just like America.


We went to have dinner in a really special restaurant, a bi- is the independents statue with all flaggs around the oloigical one which all produces their own food and then parc it looks amazing. In the parc can you sit down for makes it fresh for you it was a really nice place, we also a real nice picknick and do a lot of different activities, visted the Taal vulcano close Manila. We went to drink star bucks on the hill and had a great few over the vulcano super nice That was the first vulcano I saw in my life! It looked cute and small but it killed some people already it was small because it exploded already some time ago… Manilla has a lot of cultural places you can visit, they are all intact. Manila has a city wall which is something really European, it is still intact and you have a beautifull view over the old part of the city from this point. Furthermore did I got a tour through the old part of Manilla, I visited the building where Jóse Rizal (the man of revolution) was kept in prison a huge ear with a city wall as well, the building with a museum, which even has the original book of Jóse Rizal from the 19th century. Then the oldest church which you see below it was really pretty it looks a bit like Latin churches. I went to the prison from World war 2, where Japanese soldiers build a system which drowned almost all prisioners a lot of youngsters hang around here, really nice! which saved them bullets because they didn’t have to They took my to a mall where local people go, it is big shoot all. The prision is a round building and if it was and you have a lot of pearls, they have a whole hall full high tide would the prision be under the water so all of small shops you sell juwelry and pearls! A girls parpeople drowned and the survivors got shot a real dis- adise It also had a lot of shops with cheap clothes, all gusting idea. There is another part of the city wall there really nice. Really a shopping paradise called Green which has a beautifull view over the main city with all hills which is a square with a few shopping centers. We skyscrapers and below was the famous golf course of the also went to the biggest mall of Asia which is in Manila, Philippines which has one of the most amazing views I See a picture below it is huge. I never say such a hugh guess. I visited another really old restaurant which had mall, Really amazing! If you need to find something, I one of the most delicious food ever! I saw the building am sure this mall has every product or service you can of the government of Manila. I have been to the Revo- think off huge and nice so much different shops wauw lutionairy parc in Manila which is huge, it has all the I was amazed! But don’t think that Philippines is very statues of the old presidents heads and in the middle cheap because the normal malls have almost the same 26.

prices as Europe.Then super nice of my family, they took my to the south to learn how to surf. We stayed in a super nice hotel with 3 different restaurants, swimming pool and a huge and cosy family room. The hotel provided surf lessons so I got surf lessons, my aunt already knows how to surf by herself. I got 1 hour surf lesson and he told me I got 2 hours for free after to teach my all, in the end he told my aunt she should pay for it what

long because you needed to have a certain amount of people to go in with the guestlist. I had such a good time with everyone, I really enjoyed it, the friends of my niece are really nice people as well as my niece.

was not that nice of him But I was super glad that he teached my how to surf, I could now stand up on the board and surf till the end of the wave Wauw I was super impressed that I learned it, this was something I really wanted to learn all of my life! I took one lesson in the morning and then we went back to Manila, we stoped in a small town to buy a bit of souveniers and I bought new slippers because I lost mine on the beach ;)

his waist, his skin was black because of the dirt on his body. You have a lot of different slums in Manila city. One is in the middel of a business district so you see the huge companies on one side of the street and a slum on the other side really weird to see.

The only thing I found really weird was the difference between rich and poor people. I saw the wurst slums in the Philippines. I saw a naked boy around 5 years old running over the street with only a plastic bag around

I was a bit stressed to take the plane back to Kuala lumpur and then Surabaya. I though that I lost my phone in the Macdonalds which was really ashamed, I can be I went to a really famous night club in Manila called a bit choatic sometimes. My family brought me to the Republic, it is a super nice club very luxury and real- airport, they could not join me inside because you can ly nice djâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. I went with my niece and her friends and only enter if you have a flight. I thanked my family, I my aunts just walked in with us and stayed not that had a great time, hope to visit them again someday.. 27.

Malang & Se


empu Island


Posted on January 6, 2014 by rachellashana

I went with my classmate Rica to her Hometown Malang. Before we went we visited the Hair spa, something really nice. You visit the salon and they wash your hair and put a nice mask in it, you can chose the flavour yourself. Then they massage your head, shoulders and arms super nice. You wear a special top which is made from the same fabric as bed sheets and is to cover your upper body. At the end they wash your hair and blow dry it That night toughed Rica me how to eat rice by hand, it is more difficult as you think. You need to put your rice together in a small boll and eat it, I made a bit of a mess but I learned how to do it. The next morning we went with our friend Rio by car, on a road trip which was really nice. We went around Malang city and slept over at a hostel build on the rooftop of a hotel. The hostel was really nice build of bamboo. The next day we went to Sempu Island. We went by car through the mountains with very old villages where most people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have toilets but just have the river. We took the boat from a small harbor, a real old oil boat to the island where a guide brought us around. This is an uninhabited island filled with jungle with an beach in the middle of the island. We went on a jungle trip for around 2 hours through the jungle, then we arrived at the beach in the middle of the island. The beach was really nice and had high fill where a waterfall was created by a hole in the mountains around the beach where waves from the sea hidden the island. In the water where all small islands super nice view. 30.


We went to see around the city the next day, the old mosque, the square and then we went to the shop of Ricaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s family. They have a store inside a mall in Malang, they have a lot of bags, clothing and her family is super kind. Her father treated me like I was his own daughter, we got a lot of really lovely food


I slept over a few days at Ricaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s place and helped her in the store. We hanged around the mall and played karaoke with her friends what also was really nice. Her dad showed me how you should prepare Indonesian Mie and we sit around in her house with her dad, sister and brother where we had lots and lots of food, fruits and candy and her dad made really nice Indonesian coffee for me. Her dad brought us at Monday morning to Surubaya because we had school again.


Roundtrip Posted on January 7, 2014 by rachellashana

After 5 months in Indonesia visited my parents, sister and brother. I was finishing my school at the moment so I had exams in between their visit which made though tour to make. The tour started in Surabaya, Java my hometown where they arrived. Then we went the next day to Bali. We stayed 5 days in Bali. We visited Kuta first where I always stayed in Cadin inn in Poppies 1. I took them out eating in Jimbarang dinner at the beach with our feet in the sand, at the luxurious beach club Potato head in Siminyak and La Plancha at Siminyak. I also took them to Tanah lot where we also had dinner with a beautiful view. I also slept with them in Padang Padang at a bamboo hut build in the mountains with the best view only sea, rocks and nature! I visit this place a few times once with my Family, twice with Eline and once with Giuliana, Jurre and Kevin


Then we went back to Java, I made my exams and my parents went to Jogjakarta to see some cultural places and my brother and sister went to the Safari Zoo close Malang. I love Malang it is a really cosy city, I went to the safari once which is super nice you have all wild animals there and you can make pictures with baby lion, tiger and urang-utang, See below. When my brother and sister went was their a baby white tiger, envy :$

rip Indonesia

Then we went to Sulawesi, we had a transfer flight from Makassar to Manado. It was chaotic, they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have computers to arrange the transfers but you just need to exchange your tickets for the right transfer ticket and there is no line of people but just one desk with hundred people around who want their transfer ticket. Our plane should have been left when we arrived, luckily we could still catch the flight. When we arrived in Manado, we needed to find an hotel. We found a real nice hotel at the end of the city, a quite parc with a real nice view over the Bunaken islands. We went snorkelling at the Bunaken islands which was amazing. The part of Sulawesi, Ambon and Flores has the triage with the most beautiful coral of the world. My parents never did snorkelling so this was a perfect experience for them, we almost visited all the Bunaken islands. I had a scary experience a big fish was mad at me because I snorkelled to close and tried to attack me and follow me, I was lucky to escape pff.. but we also saw wild turtles it was worth because it was beautiful!!

See above, Manado is not that touristic, it is a small city with a lot of blue public transport buses (Angkot) which are really funny because they are all personally owned by people of Manado and most of the times have lights and real loud music hihi But it has nice local markets, nice restaurants and it has malls as well. We went to have dinner at the harbour with a beautifull view over the sea which was very nice. A perfect family night! 35.

I went out with my friends in Surabaya, Java and with my sister and brother to do some karaoke because this is super nice to do with friends just rent your own room and play some karaoke! My friends are great singers hihi, me and my family had so much fun!

Then I took my family back to Bali and the Gili islands. We first went to the Gili islands which are small islands with white sand, blue ocean and without any busy transport you only have bicycles or horses. We stayed on Gili Trawagan, it has small parties every night and a small centre with really nice products they sell a lot of island clothes, pearls from Lombok and Gili island souvenirs. My family and I really relaxed to the max, Welcome to the Gili islands! Then we went on a trip around Bali. We had our own driver which a friend helped me arrange it was easy to have one driver. It was a real nice trip we started at the water palace, then we passed really beautiful rice fields and visited my Romanian friend/ classmate Lily which lived in the super nice city Amed. We stayed their one night, the next morning did my sister and brother diving close a ship rack at Tulamben, looks amazing!



Then we went back to Ubud to see the rice fields and the Monkey forest Then we went back to Kuta to party a bit more with my sister and brother and to stay close to the airport because my family would leave soon:(. We also visited a few other cities around Kuta to have dinner and visit the beach, I also took my parents to Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Sanur. It was hard to say goodbye to my parents again but I wanted to stay a month longer in Indonesia. I think I organised some nice trip to experience the different sides from Indonesia Then we continued to Singaraja, Lovina where we went at sun rise to the harbour to catch a fishers boat to watch dolphins, we also looked around the city and had a great dinner. We also visited a few really beautiful waterfalls, the nature at the south part of the island is super nice, also the villages give you a better Bali feeling!

After that we visited the mother temple of Bali Basakih which I of all temples found really special, we also visited another temple at a Bratan lake. We also visited the volcano close Ubud and we did a Hindu ceremony twice once at the Mother temple and once at the home of a family in Ubud. 38.

Then the party started, I was still at Bali with a lot friends, I first went back to relax a bit in Padang Padang with Giuliana, Jurre, Kevin and Eric. Then I went with Kevin the friend of Giuliana to visit my friend in Amed we went on a scooter trip which was nice because you see a lot on the way it is around 4 hour drive. Kevin wanted to join me to Ubud because he wanted to dive at Tulamben which is next to Amed. My friend Lily has her own house in Amed, we had a lot of fun snorkeling at a Japanese shiprack, chill parties in Amed. After a few days we went back to Kuta, where we meet all the students and friends of Surabaya and my friend Ewa who lived and studied in Denpasar, Bali. We went to a lot of parties, had a lot of tours around Kuta super nice, like Seminyak, Cangu, around Uluwatu and Padang Padang. We found a hidden beach which was super nice we where to only group of friends there, It was around 200 stairs down but really worth it.


We did some last shopping for souveniers and went to same last parties in Kuta. It isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the most beautifull place of Bali but we had a lot of fun here and the Hotel where we stayed became our Home with all our friends who worked their. The last picture of Kuta Beach taken from the Beachwalk Mall in front at the beach, they have nice stores but look at the 2e and 3e floor for the most nice boutiques and try the delicious Bubble tea, ice tea with jellies super nice!

I tried to go to a special party which is held once a month on the Beach La Plancha, Bali doensâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have parties straight on the beach and this was the best party in Bali just dance with your feed in the sand under the stars in the sky amazing! I went there with my classmates and friends Eline and Luca. I also met a dutch girl Joyca and her friend from the US Wade Million great name!


Then my and eline went to Jakarta to see jakarta and meet our friend Yong. We had a nice day we first went to the hotel slept a bit, went with the Taxi through Jakarta which was super busy so we took an Otjek (man at a scooter who brings you around) but we wanted to go to a party that night, to bad my flight from the morning got cancled so I needed to fligh back to Surabaya that night. I slept over at my old appartment building and said goodbye to my friends who lived at my appartment/ dormitory and Then flown to Hong Kongâ&#x20AC;Ś


Hong Kong, Last par


part of the Journey! Posted on January 7, 2014 by rachellashana

I had a transfer from 10 hours in Hong Kong, so I went to the city one day. You can take the train straight from tghe Airport to the middle of the city super nice to do. I arrived in a mall in Hong Kong. I looked at the map and I really wanted to go around the city so I took a cruise from 2 Hong Kong dollars to the other side of Hong Kong which is really nice you have an view over both parts of the city! I took the city from at night When I arrived in the first part of when I went back this is the most the city, You see a really busy center beautifull look with all the lights! with all the big stores like Versace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc. I wanted to go to the real part of Hong Kong so I walked down a main square and followed all the streets in one direction so I will not get lost. When I walked further I saw the streets getting smaller and more and more Chinese people and almost no tourists. Then I saw signs of women so I decided it is far enough I went a street back and searched for a place to eat. My grandma always taught me always eat a place where it is busy, so you know the food is good. I went to a small busy restaurant a lot of business people where eating here. The food was delicious I took spicy friend rice with shrimps. The restaurant staff was really polite, it eat my food talked charged my phone, went on wifi and to the toilet where I was amazed that the manager had his own toilet. You can really see the division between people in China so I went to the public toilet.


Then I went to do my nails, China is the city of the nails so I wanted to get a manicure and a nice nail polish. I searched for a salon which looked good. I found a nail salon upstairs the third floor of a building. Actually you needed an appointment but they could make time for a manicure with nail polish. Most of the ladies took fake nails, they had beautiful designs so I also wanted an design on my nails. I took pink with a small beer, see my nails and the Hong Kong dollars super nice money all bright colours.


Then I needed to buy two more gifts, I went to buy a real leather wallet for my brother and search for a present for my dad so I went to two malls. Then I needed to find the exact place to take the boat back which was annoying because you could not cross a lot of streets on the way back. So illegally did I cross the street to cut the way a bit to get back. I took the boat back, I was super glad I took the opportunity to look around in Hong Kong it is a nice city with all lighted buildings super nice few specially at night! I loved the Star cruise back to Hong Kong metrain to go back to the airport.


Me and Eline had different flights but landed at the same time in Amsterdam so we met up because I was also carrying a bit of her luggage. We did a bit of make up in the toilet and then went out together so we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to come out alone. Welcome back in Holland. The family of Eline made a nice banner look ;)

We all drunk a Starbucks coffee and went home or actually the beach and then had dinner at my grandparents place I went to the beach and in the evening was a welcome back surprise party. Hihi Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s it be prepared for my next journey P.S. you want to see my face with the surprise party?





Creatieve CV Om in hetzelfde thema als mijn magazine te blijven, heb ik bedacht om mijn CV om te zetten in een paspoort. Als je op reis gaat krijg je een stempel van elk land waar je bent geweest. Inplaats van stempels heb ik de logoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s van de bedrijven en scholen gebruikt waar ik heb op gezeten. Voor de rest heb ik ook mijn kennis qua programmaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s en talen eraan toegevoegd. In mijn CV staat letterlijk alles wat ook in mijn eigen CV staat maar dan als een paspoort en mensen weten ook meteen wat mijn hobby is namelijk: Reizen!


Infographic De infograpic is een feestelijk geheel, het gaat dan ook over de opening van het Rijksmuseum. De infograpic verteld aan de hand van drie spetterende vuurwerk ballen hoe de media van het rijksmuseum is verdeelt. Het Rijksmuseum wil natuurlijk aandacht en zoveel mogelijk mensen trekken voor de opening, zie hoe dit verlooopt door de media keuzes. Er word uitgelegd welke media het Rijksmuseum zelf gebruikt: Own media. Welke media kanalen en evenementen zijn betaald om meer media aandacht te krijgen: Paid Media. En hoe door de opening van het Rijksmuseum zelf en natuurlijk de inzet van Own en Paid Media, heeft het Rijksmuseum Earned Media gekregen. Dit houd in dat het Rijksmuseum geen geld heeft betaald of mensen ingehuurd voor deze media. Maar dat bedrijven zelf over het evenement en de activiteiten hebben gehad op hun eigen media. Deze media word gegenereerd door Public Relationship en is de beste media spreiding. Dit omdat andere bedrijven schrijven over hoe goed jou concept is dat is altijd goed. Het Rijksmuseum kreeg heel veel earned media, vooral in kranten en nieuwzenders deze kanalen hebben veel lezers en kijkers. 51.

Metaverse Multiverse is de opvolger van Metaverse van Neal Stephenson. Deze theorie is gebaseerd op een virtuele wereld die lijkt op de realiteit. De virtuele wereld word bestuurd door mensen die als avatar in de virtuele wereld leven, om zo deze virtuele wereld te beveiligen.




1. 2. 3.

Multiverse Physical world -> De vertrouwde werkelijkheid waarin tijd lineair is en ruimte en materie gewoon echt zijn. Augmented reality -> echte tijd, echte ruimte maar met virtuele materie. Bijvoorbeeld naar een 3D museum gaan. Je komt daar echt om 1 uur sâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; middags aan en bent echt in het museum alleen de plaats is gevuld met virtuele materie doordat je een 3D bril draagt.

Augmented virtuelity-> De ruimte is virtueel maar de tijd en materie zijn echt.

Warped reality-> Echte ruimte, echte materie maar de tijd is niet-lineair. Je kunt dus in de tijd reizen.

4. 54.

In de Multiverse is zowel de virtue een virtuele dimensie. Joe Pine he tiverse. Deze werelden worden o


Mirror world -> Je hebt een virtuele ruimte en virtuele materie maar in echte tijd zoals google earth of spelletjes als Second life.


ele wereld als de reële wereld virtueel in eeft 8 werelden die bestaan in de Mulopgebouwd uit Tijd, Plaats en Materie.

Alternate reality -> Virtuele materie, geen lineaire tijd in een echte ruimte. Games die de echte wereld als platform hebben.

Physical ‘virtuality’ Echte materie in een virtuele en ruimte. Games waar tijd rol speelt. Zoals tamagotchi je op tijd eten moet geven

tijd een die etc.

6. 7. 8.

Virtuality Een wereld waar tijd, materie en ruimte vrtueel zijn.



Op vrijdag 13 December, moesten we naart Magnetico om de ideeën voor een Word To Mouth actie voor Amsterdam Light Festival te bedenken. Onze groep had al een word to mouth actie bedacht namelijk. Spot Spark, een man/vrouw die door de stad Amsterdam te zien is met een lichtgevende lampenkap op hun hoofd.

Verder heeft iedereen daar verteld wat ze doen en waar ze zich mee bezig houden. Veel mensen die aanwezig waren zijn erg spiritueel en geïteresseerd in andere volken die hun eigen weg vinden door hun eigen persoon helemaal te kennen en helemaal in balans te zijn met hunzelf.

Ik werd uitgenodigd door de conferencie te zitten Open Space for the Digital Way. De conferencie ging over hoe mensen op het moment eenzaam zijn door social media. De mensen hebben vrienden op social media en spenderen hier erg veel geld aan. Hierdoor spenderen ze steeds minder tijd aan mensen ontmoeten in real live.

Ze hebben een virtuele website waar mensen in groepen met elkaar verbonden worden om zo ideeën te bedenken. Het wordt gezien als breinen, die met elkaar onderwerpen bedenken om daaraan te werken.

Verder hadden ze het over dat social media ook meer mensen bij elkaar kan krijgen om acties te doen. Ze namen het voorbeeld van een evenement dat georganiseerd werd waar mensen alleen mochten komen als ze iets voor een goed doel konden doen.

Ik vond het eerste deel van de seminar erg leuk, daarna hebben we samen gelunched ondertussen dat de seminar door ging. Dit was erg lekker namelijk broodjes, soep en salades. Daarna ging het ook voor een gedeelte over hoe je in balans met jezelf kunt zijn was soms een beetje te ver van mij.

Door social media is de verspreiding van ideeën veel sneller. 56.


Inteview Vito Varsano like for example they made a 3D projection from 2Pac Ik doe mijn scriptie bij het bedrijf Veejays. Dit bed- who performed on stage. So it looked like a human rijf maakt visuele beelden voor bedrijven en eve- walking on stage? menten. Ik zal de bookingen gaan regen van de mensen die de visuele beelden maken namelijk VJâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. *Which type of music events request the most VJ products? Ik wilde meer weten over het Vak Vj zelf. Dit om mij te helpen om mijn actie plan te schrijven *What kind of video services do you deliver? hieruit heb ik naast desk research wat voor kennis. *How do you process the designing of a video? Ik heb niet alle antwoorden volledig uitgeschreven maar -Do you mostly shoot the video material for the movie gewoon een korte samenvatting van zijn antwoorden. yourself? -How many time does collecting video material cost on average? Vragen: -How many programs do you use editing your video *How many hours a week are you busy working on VJ material? and which? -How long are the videoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s you make generally? assignments? -What makes the client see that you made the video, what is your personal style? *How do you describe your personal VJ style? -In how many days do you deliver the end result generally? *Which stadia do you take for the end product is processed? *What kind of companies fit your style best and why? -So do you do research about the company, how many hours? *Do you have a personal message in your work, a hid-Do you pre-make the visuals, how many images and den message you put in your work?\ how many hours does it cost you? -Do you bring your own equipment on a job or do you Antwoord: use the equipment on the event? -How many time does it costs to prepare your equipHet interview ging goed, het bleek dat Vito bevment before you start your VJ set? riend is met de eigenaar van Veejays. Ook heeft hij -How many images do you use per assignment on mij uitgelegt hoe hij beelden maakt. Hij hergebruiaverage? -How many programs do you use to design your imag- kt zijn beelden maar maakt ze altijd passend voor de opdrachtgever. Hij is in staat live beelden te makes? and which? en op lokatie. Hij maakt 2D en 3D beelden. En hij -How many time does an image design cost on avermaakt het meeste VJ beelden voor house muziek. age? -Do you re use your visuals or are they unique every Hij maakt ook video beelden, dit zijn meestal pro of aftime? If you re use them, do you change something? ter movies voor evenementen en ook voor bedrijven. Hij -Are you able to design images live while on the job? shoot meestal de beelden zelf maar het kan ook zijn dat het bedrijf de beelden aanleverd. Hij knipt en plakt de *Do you only make 2D or also 3D images? beelden bij elkaar en maakt er 1 duidelijk verhaal van. Ook bewerkt hij de beelden om de beelden mooier te maken. *Did you ever made 3D projections of moving images 58.

Social Media Voor de Minor Creative industry heb ik Twitter aangemaakt. Ik heb gezien hoe snel nieuws word verspreid via Twitter. Ik zou graag Twitter dan ook gebruiken om nieuwe dingen te ontdekken en up to date blijven over de dingen die gebeuren in de wereld. Bijvoorbeeld in Australie wordt Twitter gebruikt om mensen tewaarschuwen voorhaaien in het Kust gebied. dit is zeker een uitkomst. Ik vind Twitter leuk maar mijn eigen berichten worden niet heel vaak geretweet. Ik ga wel nog verder met mensen volgen op twitter en tweeten maar het is niet mijn favoriete social media.

Voor Amsterdam Light Festival moesten we een Word To Mouth acties creeĂŤn. Wij hebben Spot Spark organiseerd. 12 keer dook Spark op rondom het Amsterdam Light Festival. Hier sta ik dichtbij het rembrandsplein naast de brug waar allemaal lampen waren opgesteld. Ik ging er tussen staan met de lampenkap op mijn hoofd. De reacties waren heel enthousiast.

Ik heb de Word To Mouth actie gedeelt op Facebook, Twitter en Instagram. Ik had altijd al Facebook en Instagram. Ik vind Facebook heel handig omdat alle andere social media kunnen gepost worden op Facebook. Daarom vind ik Facebook nog steeds de beste social media. Iedereen kan zijn eigen voorkeur qua social media vinden en dan delen via Facebook.

Ik heb nu totaal 10 blogs geschreven, ik heb deze steeds via Twitter en Facebook gedeelt. Ik heb hele positieve reacties gekregen op mijn blogs. Ik vind blogs schrijven heel leuk en ga hier zeker ook mee door. Ik heb al mijn blogs met Wordpress geschreven. Ik ben tevreden met Wordpress maar zal wel verder zoeken naar blog sites. Dus ik zal nog actief bezig gaan met blogs schrijven en ook Twitter zal ik blijven gebruiken. Door nieuws te Tweeten en Twittwer te blijven volgen.


Gast college RIP! A remix Manifesto Een documentaire over hoe de huidige rechten van copyright eruit zien voor beelden en muziek. Door Amerikaanse wetten word het gebruiken van andermans materiaal bestraft. Al eeuwenlang worden mensen gekopieerd om uiteindelijk verbetert te worden maar nu sinds 1990 is er een verbod op het kopiëren van muziek en beelden. Dit verbod zorgt ervoor dat Amerikaanse bedrijven die de auteurs rechten van deze materialen hebben miljarden euro’s ontvangen van mensen om dit te kopiëren. Eigenlijk heel onnodig want alles zou gekopieerd moeten kunnen worden. In Brazilië hebben ze een wet om kopiëren van muziek en beelden mogelijk te maken. Ik denk dat dit ook mogelijk moet worden. Hierdoor zal alles alleen maar goedkoper en beter worden omdat iedereen arm of rijk iets kan kopiëren van iets wat al bestaat.

Gast college Cultuur en ondernemen Petra Befort werkt bij cultuur en ondernemen en heeft ons de werkwijzen van Cultuur en ondernemen uitgelegd. Ze heeft ons uitgelegd met wie de organisatie samen werkt en de beursen die zij uitdelen aan kunstenaars. Voor de rest heeft ze verteld hoe haar eigen carriere is verlopen en hoe zij terecht is gekomen bij cultuur en ondernemen. Voor de rest hebben we ook een kleine les gehad over brainstormen met bricks dat zijn plaatjes van allerlei soorten dingen. Het idee is om vragen te stellen over je concept en die met de bricks te beantwoorden, dit is lastig maar dit helpt je om heel open minded naar de vraag te kijken. Later hebben we werk college gehad waar we open minded naar hebben gekeken. Ons project was Amsterdam Light Festival en we hebben voor hun het concept Lamping bedacht. Een persoon die op plekken langs het Light Festival gaat staan met een lampenkap op hun hoofd, dit om te zorgen dat mensen de foto gaan delen op social media.

Gast co

Gast college Grafisch design Onze lerares Fieke … ze heeft veel uitgelegd over typografie van magazines, hoe je bepaalde ruimtes op kunt vullen en wat voor stijlen je kan aanhouden. Magazines moeten altijd dezelfde soort style hebben ook al gaan de artikelen over iets anders moet er het zelfde of bijpassend lettertypen zijn ook typen foto’s en overgangen moeten overeenkomen om 1 goed concept te maken. Voor de rest hebben we uitleg gekregen hoe je deze overloop van style kan doen. Ook hebben we uitleg gekregen over moodboards voor magazines uit deze moodboards worden de stijlen voor de magazines opgebouwd. Wij gaan zelf ook een moodboard maken voor ons eigen magazine. Voor de rest hebben we uitleg gekregen over wat wij mensen mooi vinden aan beelden bijvoorbeeld symmetrie

Meeting Magnetico We hebben een meeting gehad over Amsterdam light festival die een tour organiseren waar verlichten fietsen, rollerskates en skateboards een tour hebben door Amsterdam. We hadden een meeting om een concept te bedenken om hoe door word of mouth actie attentie te trekken voor Light my Ride project. Wij hebben bedacht om onze word to mouth actie van Amsterdam light festival met de Lamping actie te gebruiken. Dit door iemand met een lampenkap met een verlichten fiets door Amsterdam fietst. 60.


Transmedia storytelling Dit waren twee documentaires Dutch Insights on Transmedia en The Future of storytelling van Jeff Parkin op TedX die lieten zien hoe je een verhaal kan vertellen door verschillende media soorten. Dit zorgt dat mensen meer van een merk gaan volgen omdat ze via verschillende media informatie over het merk krijgen. De beste manier om klanten van je merk te laten houden is om klanten het verhaal mee te laten vertellen. Dit is een verhaal verzinnen en dan op social media en andere media los laten zodat klanten mee kunnen werken aan het verhaal zelf. Het moeilijkste voor de bedrijven, is dat ze dit proces los moeten laten. Ze hebben totaal geen invloed waar het verhaal heen gaat aangezien het gemaakt word door de klanten en niet meer door het bedrijf. Dit is erg lastig voor de bedrijven maar als ze het doen krijgen de mensen een veel sterkere band met het bedrijf.

Handshake FV #Glazenstudentenbus Ik ben naar een evenement geweest de Glazenstudentenbus. Het is een project van Lorezo van der Struik, waar studenten radio maken voor een aantal uur achter elkaar met weinig slaap voor het goede doel. Eerst hadden we een presentatie over de organisator van de Glazenstuntenbus, hoe het is onstaan en hoe de organisatie er nu uitziet en hoeveel geld ze hebben opgehaald afgelopen jaren. Er was een speed date met een bedrijf. Het bedrijf was Amsterdam … . Het bedrijf gaat in 2015 een project organiseren waar 6 landen samen in Amsterdam een festival organiseren. We waren aan het brainstormen hoe zij het aantrekkelijk en bekend kunnen maken onder de doelgroep. Ik heb bedacht dat ze een roadtrip moeten organiseren waar een kleine groep mensen het festival al meemaken in 2014 en dan populariteit zoeken met de roadtrip laten verfilmen door MTV. De organisatie was erg enthousiast over mijn idee. Ook hebben we een enquête getekend voor het goede doel en geld gedoneerd.

Gastcollege Fotograpie door Judith Vermeij We hebben een gast college gehad over hoe fotograpie werkt. Welke verschillende opdrachtgevers er zijn en hoe die benadert worden of hoe zij jou benaderen. Daarna hebben we uitleg gekregen over de kwaliteit van camera’s, hoe je een perfecte foto maakt en kiest. Hoe je een studio inricht en hoe je een model gerust stelt zodat de foto’s er natuurlijk uitzien. Voor de rest hoe je amateuristisch foto’s kan maken die er beter uitzien. Dit met dat je een shag flu voor de flitser kunt doen om een betere spreiding van het licht te krijgen.

Rocking up life Seminar Een seminar die gemaakt is doormiddel van entertainment en leiderschap informatie. Twee oud studenten presenteerde het beste uit 100 leiderschap boeken, 30 Seminars en 20 leiderschap goeroes. Zij deden dit aan de hand van verhalen vertellen uit hun eigen leven voor de rest hadden ze ook leuke spel elementen zoals een rad van Fortuin. Mensen moesten vragen beantwoorden over eerder vertelde informatie waarna ze aan het rad mochten draaien om grappige prijzen te winnen. Zoals bijvoorbeeld een krat red bull of 10 euro cash. Daarnaast lieten ze ook de hele zaal dansen, het was erg leuk om naar te kijken en de tijd vloog voorbij. 61.

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