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BARNSLEY Metropolitan Borough Council

Help us to help you recycle Through your efforts Barnsley achieved a recycling rate of 50% for the first time in 2013.

collected in the new weighted white sack, creating the opportunity to collect cardboard in the blue bin.

You will be aware that recycling collections are changing. There are reasons we are making these changes are;

For those households who generate extra recycling larger recycling bins or additional white sacks are available on request.

• Statutory guidance on the quality standards for compost mean we cannot continue to collect cardboard mixed in with garden waste. These materials must now be collected separately. Also; • Households in Barnsley generate 2kg of paper per fortnight. This amount of material can be stored and

Thank you for your willingness to recycle more and more each year. These changes will help us meet new government guidelines, save money, and maintain regular waste and recycling collections for you.

For more information visit

How to use your bins and bags • Grey bins – non-recyclable waste, fortnightly • Green bins – garden waste only, fortnightly. Four-weekly in winter • Brown bins – glass, cans, plastic bottles, four-weekly • Blue bins – cardboard only, four-weekly • White bags – Weighted, hardwearing hessian-like 55 litre bag – paper, four-weekly


What’s inside...

health checks 18 Spring Spring is here, and we're looking ahead to an exciting summer. This issue takes a look at the Tour de France Grand Départ, and the activities we've got planned to celebrate the tour passing through Barnsley. We take a closer look at recycling, through the eyes of a

16 The future is bright for Barnsley

gotta lotta bottle 8Barnsley’s

glass bottle. We're also thinking about healthy eating, and how we can choose healthier options when it comes to takeaways. You can find out more about our boiler replacement scheme, and our initiatives to join up our services and become more effective.

4 Dearne’s hidden gem

10 Love where you live

We're thinking about new and different ways to get council news and information to you, so we're keen to hear what you think about open door magazine. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send them to

We welcome your comments and views. Contact Corporate Communications, Gateway Plaza, Level 9 Barnsley S70 9GG Tel: 01226 774586 Email:

If you need help understanding this document please contact Corporate Communications on 01226 773443.

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Cllr Sir Steve Houghton CBE, Leader

Diana Terris, Chief Executive

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Dearne’s hidden gem – home to wildlife and sculpture



Barrowfield Road

The Windings

Phoenix Lane

Lidget Lane

Thurnscoe Business Park




1 9 4



5 field Ro Barrow

8 ne La ) od ay wo w ck cl e Lo (Cy


Business Park





Š Crown copyright, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Licence No. LA10002264

Located between Thurnscoe and Goldthorpe, Phoenix Park is a popular community woodland which can be enjoyed by walkers and cyclists. Open to the public since 2001, the former colliery spoil heap of Hickleton Main has been transformed into a range of habitats which are home to an abundance of wildlife. There are interesting features to see including a climbing wall, carved farmyard animals, a maze and an art gallery designed by a local youth group. Please take care when walking and wear appropriate clothing and footwear. How to get there By bus: from Barnsley take Stagecoach service 219 (to Doncaster) and alight at Barrowfield Road, Thurnscoe. By car: vehicle parking off Barrowfield Road (off A635 Doncaster Road) at Thurnscoe.

3 Bear left at the next junction and follow the path around the pond to the stone animal sculptures.

6 Where several paths meet bear right over the bridge, then left up the hill.

4 To finish the short route carry straight on back to the car park.

7 Take in the long-range views from the highest point of the park. Then head left, following the tree boundary back to the junction of several paths.

Longer route The longer route is an additional 1.5 miles (2.3km) and has an uneven, stone surface.

8 Turn right, then right again and continue downhill.

From the animal sculptures (point 4) turn sharply right uphill towards the mining sculpture. 5 Cross over the tarmac cycleway and continue straight on past the bridge to your right and up the hill.

9 Cross over the tarmac cycleway and continue back to the car park. Phoenix Park is owned by The Land Trust and managed by the Forestry Commission. For further information visit

Directions Short route The shorter guided route is 0.4 miles (700 metres) long and has a stonesurfaced path. 1 Leave the back of the car park and immediately turn right before the bridge. For those with a head for heights have a go on the bouldering wall on your right. 2 Turn right at the footpath junction, then sharp left when the path forks. The energetic can read the engravings at the top of the hill sculpture on your right.

For information about the Trans Pennine Trail in Barnsley or other walks, cycle routes and rides contact 01226 772142 or email


Services team up to

The Family Intervention Service supports the small number of households in Barnsley who are involved in a high proportion of incidents of antisocial behaviour. Key workers, in partnership with a range of services, deal with antisocial behaviour by setting agreed standards, and then help the family concerned tackle its underlying causes by offering appropriate support. The purpose of the programme, which is managed by Berneslai Homes, is to work with families at risk of losing their homes through eviction, and those who may have a reputation for antisocial behaviour. Issues of domestic violence or substance misuse, and the exclusion of


underlying causes of antisocial behaviour. “It was mainly antisocial behaviour and rent arrears issues we needed help with,” says Karen (not her real name). “We were on the verge of being evicted children from school may also need to when Ian, my key worker, and his be addressed. colleagues started visiting to help us sort things out. If it wasn’t for their help I wouldn’t have a house now. We were on the verge of being

evicted when Ian, my key worker, and his colleagues started visiting to help us sort things out. If it wasn’t for their help I wouldn’t have a house now

Support plans can involve a wide range of different services and offer practical help with day-to-day tasks plus more complicated interventions to deal with the

“They make you see sense, show you where the problems are and give you whatever support you need. We used to have people coming round to the house a lot for a drink and a chat. That’s stopped now and as a family we’re more settled. Ian would come round as often as two or three times a week to support us –

even at half past eight at night if that’s when problems were happening.”

this approach because he speaks to you as an adult and he’s clear he’s there to help you, not to judge.”

The support given to Like Karen, Karen included Ian is also helping my Shelley has enrolment on a 10husband with his fitness training, benefited week parenting skills including advice on diet and from a course at Barnsley exercise; as a result he’s lost two parenting library. This helped and half stones since Christmas programme; her understand how for instance her behaviour could she’s found that a conflict situation with influence that of her three children, aged her 12-year-old is sometimes best six to 11 years. Now, through resolved by each of them taking ‘time volunteering at a school parenting panel, out’ to allow tempers to cool. With the she’s planning to share that learning with support of Family Intervention, Shelley is others to help them resolve challenging determined to succeed; she adds: behaviour from their children. “Through my local job centre I’ve started to look for part-time work that I can fit “As a family we’ve been working with around my son’s schooling and Dominic Ian for 18 months, so the support he is supporting me with this. Having an gives now is more on the level of simply extra source of income through having a quick chat on the phone – I’ll employment will give us more tell him what’s on my mind and any independence as a family.” concerns I have. I’d recommend the programme to anyone. The Family Intervention Service is just one of a number of initiatives that make “Ian is also helping my husband with his up Stronger fitness training, Dominic said he would be honest Barnsley including advice with me and he wanted me to be honest Together. on diet and in return,” explains Shelley. “I really exercise; as a The pioneering result he’s lost value this approach because he speaks programme is two-and-half to you as an adult and he’s clear he’s continuing to stones since there to help you, not to judge transform the Christmas.” way health and social care is delivered across the borough. It’s all about joining Family Intervention Service key worker services together – such as the council Ian added: “As a social landlord, and Berneslai Homes, along with Berneslai Homes has a duty of care to Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust, South West all its tenants. So if we can help a family Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation to succeed it means people in the Trust and the clinical commissioning surrounding community can live their group to provide a more seamless and lives without the effects of noise, crime or efficient service for local people. antisocial behaviour.”

‘Shelley’ was referred to the Family Intervention Service over issues of school attendance, antisocial behaviour and substance misuse. Now, six months into a package of support led by key worker Dominic, she feels she’s beginning to turn her life around. “Dominic, said he would be honest with me and he wanted me to be honest in return,” explains Shelley. “I really value

The scheme aims to support residents to help themselves and their families within their communities, rather than bringing them in to the formal system. You can find out more information about the programme by visiting

for your feedback open door survey Thank you for telling us what you think about open door, we had a great response to the survey in December's magazine. The competition winner was Mr Mythen from Hoyland, who won a year’s free fitness membership with Barnsley Premier Leisure. You’ve told us that you find the magazine useful, and you like the what’s on guide as well as the regular walk. You liked the article about Tour de France, and were interested in finding out more about volunteering.

Residents’ survey Many of you also filled in the residents' survey, where you told us that you're most satisfied with waste collection, street cleaning and library services. You said you'd like more regular information and direct communication from the council, and you want us to be more open and honest. We're working hard to make sure we do this. 43% of you told us that you get your information about the council from open door magazine, 62% find the magazine useful and 53% think it tells you what you need to know. We are looking at different ways of creating and distributing the magazine, and new ways to communicate directly with you, so please get in touch at if you have any ideas.




lotta bottle

As you look at the sparkling new glass bottles and jars on supermarket shelves it’s difficult to imagine that some of the glass could have been in use for 30 years or more. In a previous life they might have been soft drinks bottles, jars of jam or bottles of beer. There are plenty of reasons to recycle, including saving energy, creating employment, raising public awareness and conserving the environment. Every tonne of recycled glass used preserves 1.2 tonnes of raw materials, meaning they do not have to be quarried from our landscapes. Some recycled glass is collected from bottle banks, and Barnsley also has a kerbside recycling service.


Currently 5,500 tonnes of glass bottles are recycled from Barnsley households every year, in keeping with similar areas. Recycled glass can reproduce literally millions of new bottles and packaging items every year, which has many positive environmental effects.

We follow the life-cycle of a Barnsley green bottle to get an insight into the borough’s recycling scheme.


Barnsley uses a fleet of seven recycling collection vehicles, each operated by a three-person team. These teams collect material from 54,000 properties each week – that’s about 1,900 properties per crew per week. Glass bottles and jars are separated from general household


The kerbside recycling vehicles deliver the glass, which is mixed with cans, tins and plastic bottles, to Glass Recycling UK (GRUK), the UK’s largest independent glass recycling company. Its main plant is located here in Barnsley, at Carlton, and employs 75 people including plant operatives, maintenance staff and clerical workers. The recycled materials are separated into glass, metals and plastic bottles using a varied range of mechanical sorting equipment. From there the glass is taken to the colour separation plant to be sorted into clear, brown and green glass. In the processing plant labels and aluminium/plastic caps are removed. Some of the glass recycling contains unrecyclable material such as ceramics (tea mugs etc) and cookware such as

rubbish by Barnsley residents and then placed out for collection every four weeks in either the green box or brown bin, together with steel and aluminium food and drinks cans and plastic bottles.

Pyrex. These also need to be removed as they don’t melt down. Please remember this when you recycle and put it in your grey bin instead, or dispose of it at one of our waste and recycling sites. The glass, or cullet as it is known, is then graded by size and sent just half a mile down the road to Ardagh Glass. Having the glass reprocessing facility and the sorting plant in Barnsley helps keep the carbon footprint of the whole process to a minimum. Thousands of tonnes of glass is sent from GRUK to Ardagh each year. For every tonne processed back into bottles and jars, 325kg of carbon and 1,000 tonnes of landfill is saved each year. The energy saved from recycling one bottle will power a 100 watt light bulb for almost an hour, or a computer for 20 minutes.


Ardagh make new bottles and jars from the finished, high-quality cullet. This is known as a closed loop recycling system - where waste material is turned back into its original form and sent back to be consumed. In the case of glass, the loop can repeat itself over and over again.

To make its green bottles it will use up to 90 per cent recycled cullet with the rest made up of raw materials including sand, soda ash and limestone. The ingredients are melted in a furnace that will reach 1,700°C from which toffee-like strands of glass will be cut into 'gobs' and placed into moulds. From there, they are reheated to 550O°C to allow for a controlled period of cooling that will ensure a strong, non-brittle final product. Following stringent safety and inspection tests, the finished containers are put into pallets and distributed to customers and retailers to end up back on your table. And finally Once used, the bottles are placed back out for collection by our recycling collection crews and the whole process starts again.



where you

Live Love where you live is coming to Barnsley this summer. It’s a new campaign that aims to inspire, encourage and enable everyone from across the borough to make where we live a place we can all take pride in. It’s all about everyone of us doing our bit to make a difference, as an individual, a group or organisation to find ways to transform our communities. The success of love where you live will be down to you, your friends, family and neighbours. The more people that get involved, the more we can achieve.

Are you up for the challenge? If you’ve got any ideas on how you might want to improve where you live, or the quality of life for people in your community, we want to hear from you. We could help support you and your community to turn your idea into reality.

Help us to put the love into where you live. Let us know by emailing or calling us on 01226 773014.

Love where you live is part of the Cities of Service Programme. For more information on the programme go to


Inspiring Barnsley's young people

to achieve “Follow a career that is based around something you enjoy and don't be put off because you don't think it is achievable. You don't know until you try,” Katie Cartwright, Barnsley Hospital Charity.

After university, the career of former Penistone Grammar pupil Katie Cartwright began with work experience at a media company in London before she secured her first job as a marketing officer for a theatre in the north-west. Following a post in events management, Katie sought employment that offered more scope for creative thinking and where her energies would benefit a good cause. After a spell working for Sheffield’s Weston Park Hospital – where she recruited actor Sean Bean as a patron, Katie now works as fundraising manager for Barnsley Hospital Charity. “Working in events and PR involves very long hours – evenings, weekends – you pretty much live and breathe it,” she says. Katie is now busily raising the charity’s profile and aims to double its income with the help of a team of fundraisers. Her career story so far is just one you can read online at the I Know I Can (IKIC) website,

The IKIC alumni network aims to build connections between former school and college students from Barnsley and their wider communities. Present-day students can learn from, and be inspired by, those who have grasped the opportunities presented to them. There are lots of opportunities to support young people through the IKIC initiative, which is supported by the council. For instance the IKIC Barnsley Big Challenge is always looking for business people to mentor teams of pupils as they develop their own business ideas. There are a number of ways to get involved, with commitment being anything from one hour each month or less depending on which initiative you get involved in.

• Read Katie Cartwright’s story and others at • Find out more about the Barnsley Big Challenge at • Email

An example of the calibre of young entrepreneurs involved with the Big Challenge is one of last year’s winners, Horizon Community College student Eve Lodge (pictured) who set up Barmy Bunting. Eve was praised by the judges for using Facebook to market her innovative products. Her business goes from strength to strength and she is now getting support from the Enterprising Young People project. The IKIC website is a great place to find out what's happening whether you're a young person, parent or carer, an employer, or if you just want to help.

What is I Know I Can? IKIC’s aims are to • INSPIRE by building confidence and creating dreams and goals, • ENABLE by helping young people acquire the appropriate qualifications and strengthen life skills, • SUPPORT by helping young people to access information, advice and guidance to take ownership of their lives and future.


Our budget Where it comes from and where it goes The council’s budget has come under increasing pressure over recent years. The grant that we receive from government, which has historically formed the greater part of our annual revenue budget, has been cut dramatically since 2010. For 2014/2015, we have some £201million to spend on services coming from a variety of sources.

How current funding is made up: Public Health Grant: £14.2m Other grants, council tax etc: £72.6m

*Local 50% share of business rates: £24.8m *Section 31 grant: £1.5m

*Top-up grant: £25.9m *Revenue support grant: £62m

We have to find an estimated £13.1m of savings in 2014/15.

Key points from this year’s budget • Proposals for the introduction of the Living Wage for the lowest paid council workers. • National pay negotiations, which have resulted in a one per cent pay award for local government employees. • Five-year phasing out of the council tax discount for over-65s. • Further reductions of 45 posts across services to add to the 760 that have been lost in the last three years. • Increases in fees and charges for some services, including burials and marriage ceremonies, planning, building control, resident parking permit costs.


• 1.9 per cent increase in council tax. This equates to a 44 pence per week increase for a Band D property in the council element of your council tax bill. We have frozen council tax for the last four years, when we accepted government grants for those councils that freeze their council tax. This grant won’t continue forever, and every time we accept the grant it leaves us with a financial gap to plug in the future. Accepting the grant this year would leave us with an additional £800,000 deficit in 2015/16. Although we’ve done as much as possible to protect council tax payers over the last four years, we cannot continue to absorb the impacts.

*These four components form the full Local Government Finance Settlement

Since 2010 we have saved £59million. That figure will be closer to £90million by 2017 and that’s only if the current government targets stay the same. We started with the savings agenda early and were able to save costs in a planned, considered, well-managed way. We’ve been able to minimise redundancy levels and maintain a good level of service in a number of areas as well as keep all of our libraries open. However a significant number of jobs have been lost since 2010, with the obvious impact that has on services. Despite the fact that this has been managed effectively, the impacts will become more visible in time.

Working as we always have done, trying to provide all-encompassing services for everyone across the entire borough, is no longer possible. We have had to radically rethink how we do things, concentrating our efforts on providing our core services and protecting the most vulnerable in our society.

Where the money goes

Children, Young People and Families - £55.912m

Development, Environment and Culture - £34.752m

The Future Council will be nothing like what you have been used to. Our role will be to enable people and communities to become more selfsufficient. Area councils will have £100,000 per ward to spend on locally-identified priorities. This will open up the chance for local businesses, social enterprises and the voluntary sector to get involved in helping to deliver services. Contact your area council for more information and to find out how you can get involved.

Non-service expenditure £22.718m

Adults and Communities £53.293m

Public Health - £14.390m Corporate Services - £19.903m Development, Environment and Culture - £34.752m

(road and pavement maintenance, street lighting, waste collections, museums, parks, planning, regeneration, business enterprise) Children, Young People and Families - £55.912m

(child protection, lifelong learning, Family Information Service, schools, youth services, child welfare, fostering and adoption) Adults and Communities - £53.293m

(Protection of vulnerable and elderly, care services, Barnsley Connects, independent living, libraries, community services, area councils) Corporate Services - £19.903m

(Welfare Rights, council tax, human resources, communications, performance monitoring, legal, finance) Public Health - £14.390m

(Responsibility for Public Health transferred to the council from April 2013) Non-service expenditure - £22.718m

(Loan repayments, levies, financing)

Central Area covering Central, Dodworth, Kingstone, Stairfoot and Worsborough wards; 01226 775707 Dearne Area covering Dearne North and Dearne South wards; 01226 775106 North Area covering Darton East, Darton West, Old Town, St Helen's wards; 01226 775516 North East Area covering Cudworth, Monk Bretton, North East and Royston wards; 01226 775590 Penistone Area covering Penistone East and Penistone West wards; South Area covering Darfield, Hoyland Milton, Rockingham and Wombwell wards; 01226 355867 For more information about the council’s budget, links to cabinet papers and more, please visit our website at


Tips for Chips


Crispy, tasty and healthier chips. That’s what chip shops displaying a ‘tips for chips’ poster will be offering their customers.

Under the scheme, chip shops are encouraged to make a few simple changes to the way they prepare, cook and serve their chips, while making sure they remain crispy and tasty. Simple changes to cooking techniques such as using thick straight cut chips, frying at 175°C and using liquid oil means that the chips contain less fat than those cooked in other ways. It’s also about cutting down on salt. Chip shops taking part will also be asking their customers if they want salt adding and using salt shakers with fewer holes, meaning less salt with every shake. This is all part of a project being run by the council to help businesses across the borough sell healthier products, by reducing salt and saturated fat levels. For more information visit

Healthier options help reduce obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease


the gorgeous Georgians a t

C a n n o n

H a l l

Easter sees Cannon Hall Museum open again for a new season of events, from Saturday, 19 April. With free admission, it will offer a whole new visitor experience with interactive displays and fascinating stories about Georgian Barnsley, including the opportunity to ‘meet’ Walter Spencer-Stanhope, thanks to support from the East Peak Innovation Partnership. The Spencer-Stanhope family were landed gentry who held Cannon Hall for 200 years. Cannon Hall and the Spencer family were at the centre of a great iron making empire that stretched from Sheffield to Leeds and beyond, putting Barnsley at the centre of the early Industrial Revolution. Cannon Hall will host an exciting spring exhibition featuring a variety of art works including beautiful examples of prints. All works will be created by local artists who are inspired by landscapes, animals and nature, reflecting their shared love of the natural world. This exhibition will be the perfect opportunity to further explore the museum collections at Cannon Hall as well as the surrounding parkland and gardens. Cannon Hall will be open 10am to 4pm, six days a week. It is closed on Mondays, (except Bank Holiday Mondays). For more information please call 01226 790270.

No need to

whisper You can now immerse yourself in your favourite books anytime and anywhere, with free eBooks from Barnsley Libraries. It’s simple to borrow an eBook. All you need is a compatible device with an internet connection, a valid Barnsley library card and a pin number.

Interested in fostering? Information events now being held.

Barnsley is encouraging residents from all walks of life to consider fostering and make a real difference to the lives of young people. There are still a lot of preconceptions about fostering, and as a result, many people decide fostering isn’t an option for them or their family. Regardless of your relationship status, your sexuality, employment situation, or whether you rent or own your own home, if you can provide a stable and nurturing environment then we’d love to hear from you.

Once registered, you can borrow up to five eBooks for up to three weeks. There’s no need to worry about late fees, as eBooks will be automatically removed from your reading list at the end of your loan period. There is something for everyone with over 500 eBooks from children, romance and crime to history, thrillers, travel and local history. More titles are being added to the collection regularly. Borrow your first eBook today by visiting

We are hosting regular information evenings at the town hall, where you can find out more about fostering and ask any questions over a cup of tea. You can also chat to members of the team, meet some of our foster carers and speak to people who are also in the early stages of thinking about fostering. Event dates are available at like us at for regular information and updates. Contact the fostering team on 01226 775876 or email


The future is bright for Barnsley

Artist impresssion of the new Barnsley College

Barnsley town centre is set to be transformed and renovated over the next three years with the investment of over £57million. It will see the council lead the way with regeneration plans to the value of £41 million as well as further £16 million in the town with the development of a brand new, purpose built sixth form college. The new plans will build on the town’s strengths as a well-loved traditional market town that offers a diverse selection of independent stores. The

plans also look to increase footfall in the town with the inclusion of more than just shops, such as a new £4million purpose built library, and public spaces to encourage more visitors and investors into the town centre. The council will lead the multimillion-pound project, taking on the role of developer. Works will commence as early as this summer with the creation of new public spaces to the value of £6million. This will then be followed in early 2015 with works on the major scheme, which will include:

In order to stay ahead, town centres and high streets have to look at what they offer on a regular basis and make sure it delivers. This is what we’ve done for Barnsley. “One of the unique points of difference that Barnsley town has is its traditional market that offers variety and value. Our aim is to ensure that the uniqueness is maintained and strengthen in any future town centre.” “The plans will see improved open spaces, improved access and a complete regeneration of the look and feel of the town. We will engage with business to ensure the new offer generates footfall for the future town centre. Phil Dorell, Retail Remedy


• redevelopment and redesign of the metropolitan centre, creating space for new shops and indoor market • demolition of the former county council offices and adjacent shops • redevelopment of the Kendray Street site as a leisure and retail centre • proposed purchase of the former Training and Enterprise (TEC) building and adjacent property to the north of Kendray Street • creation of a new public square to accommodate a new open market and town centre events • work to attract new retail investment Dramatically improving one of the main gateways into the town will be the development of the inspirational new sixth form college building on Shambles Street.

Wonderful News, bringing Barnsley into the 21st Century.

Neil Baxter, Neil’s men’s and sportswear, Barnsley Market

The mosaic on the central library at Shambles Street

The central library on Shambles Street will temporarily relocate to Wellington Street until the new library is built. To prepare the library’s collection for the move the current central library will close on Shambles Street on Friday 21 March.

Former county council offices

The existing meat market

This aspirational new sixth form college will show the young people of Barnsley that they deserve the best A Level provision and help future generations realise their full potential. The new development will complement the council’s investment in the town centre and significantly improve the gateway into Barnsley for the benefit of residents, businesses and the wider community. Colin Booth, Principal of Barnsley College

The regeneration of Barnsley town centre can only be a progressive step forward, creating more jobs, which means more income in the town centre. This can only be positive for the Alhambra Shopping Centre. Exciting times indeed.

John Tarrant, Alhambra Shopping Centre Moving as quickly as possible, there will be an essential closure phase and care will be taken to make sure that the needs of library users are met during this change. This will allow staff and specialist movers to carefully pack away the library’s extensive collection of books, music and DVDs as well as its computers and furniture ready to be transported down the road. Everything will then be unpacked in the new purpose built layout and books placed back on their shelves ready for central library to open in its new temporary home at Wellington House on Thursday 15 May.

Getting a vibrant and popular town centre

Remembering the past, prior to the site of the old library being demolished, work will be undertaken to see if it is possible to remove the mosaic on the external wall of the building. If it can be removed intact the mosaic will be incorporated as part of the design of the new college.

We’re excited and interested in the new development, and very pleased we relocated late last year to be even more of a part of the town centre. Richard Share, Share Jewellers, Cheapside

Very pleased to hear the announcement, really great for Barnsley and will create jobs and prosperity.

The views of everyone will be vital in getting this scheme right for Barnsley and its future. Over the coming months we will be asking the views of town centre users, market traders and local businesses on the proposed designs. We will also be consulting on the design and accessibility of the proposed new library with its staff and users. If you would like to keep upto-date with the latest news about this project, including how you can have your say on the proposed design, directly to your inbox, why not register to receive the council’s weekly ‘open mail’ newsletter. You can subscribe by registering at

Andrew Ibbotson from The Silkstone, Market Street


Spring health checks “Two weeks later, I had an appointment with the practice We are all at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, nurse who had looked at my blood test results and diabetes, kidney disease or some form of dementia. calculated my ‘score’. She spent time explaining what it However, the good news is that free NHS health checks all meant and what effects my lifestyle was having on can identify those at risk and give you simple steps to my health, including high cholesterol and maintain or improve This helped pushed me into making high blood pressure. We then talked health, even if you through my options for medication and the have a history of them some changes. I now take a lot more exercise. I have lost nearly four stone in simple changes I could make to my lifestyle.” in your family. weight and my GP has now reduced the strength of my cholesterol tablets The advice Julie received supported her to “I had received a letter

from my GP inviting me for a health check,” says Julie. “My father had a heart attack and I knew I didn’t have a healthy lifestyle. It had been a worry to me that I would also have one but I have never done anything about it and I felt it would have been silly for me to miss the opportunity. “I had two appointments. The first with the health care assistants, who checked my fasting bloods, weighed me, took my height, pulse and blood pressure and asked some general questions about my lifestyle.


make some big changes to her lifestyle. “This helped to push me into making some changes. I now take a lot more exercise. I have lost nearly four stone in weight and my GP has now reduced the strength of my cholesterol tablets.”

If you’re aged between 40-74 years old, why not put the spring into your step with a free NHS health check? For more information contact your GP surgery or visit

Boiler replacement scheme – heat your home for less Barnsley’s vulnerable households can get help to buy a new boiler. This will help to prevent cold, damp houses as well as combating fuel poverty. Poor housing conditions can lead directly to poor health. Children living in cold and damp homes are more than twice as likely to suffer from a variety of respiratory problems as those living in warm homes. Older people fall prey every year to excess winter deaths, in part caused by living in housing with inadequate levels of heating.

Get into gear

Approximately 8,000 properties, both owner-occupied and private rented, are eligible and have been sent letters notifying them of the scheme. Once people register their interest an assessment will be carried out by one of three contractors – Keepmoat Regeneration, Scottish and Southern Electric or Willmott Dixon – who will then carry out the boiler replacement work.

Landlords have been contacted via the Landlords Accreditation Scheme and have been urged to support the initiative. For more information on the scheme visit the council's website at and click the banner on the homepage.

Private sector tenants have to seek permission from their landlord before agreeing to any works.

The Tour de France Grand Départ is coming through Barnsley on Sunday, 6 July – the biggest, free sporting event in the world. We urge you to plan your day carefully. Traffic management measures will be in place in parts of the borough and surrounding areas, and you can expect large crowds. We’ve been working with businesses across Barnsley to help them make the most out of this opportunity, which we hope will be a real boost for Barnsley’s economy. Schools, community groups and artists are also getting involved with activities to celebrate the 100-day Cultural Festival, which starts on 27 March. These include sculpture and land art projects, which will be seen by the nine helicopters that follow the race.

Barnsley town centre is getting involved by turning yellow – watch out for colourful flower displays, shops and public art installations. Even the town hall fountains will change colour. A continental market (3 to 5 July) will bring a flavour of France to visitors and residents alike, as well as activities for all the family to get into the spirit of the Tour - c'est bon! There’s a chance to get involved in cycling, too, with the 65 Roses Sportive on 14 September, Barnsley Town Centre Criterium Race - a spectator event, in June (date to be confirmed) and Birdwell Wheelers short rides. Barnsley’s Tour de France website will be kept up to date with the latest information. Please visit: or call 01226 770770.


Monday’s Child

What’s on To book your place or for more information contact the individual venues. Glasshouse

The Civic

Box office and enquiries: 01226 327000

Thursday 1 May, 7.30pm Glasshouse £11, concessions £9

Until Friday 25 April, daily, Cultural Ties, Free admission

Friday 2 May, 7.30pm The Anatomy of Melancholy £10, concessions £8

Sunday 6 April, 1pm and 3pm Dogs Don’t Do Ballet £7, concessions £6, children £5


Saturday 3 May, 7.30pm Buddy Holly and the Cricketers 21st Birthday Party £16, concessions £14 Sunday 4 May, 1pm and 3pm WASH £7, concessions £6, children £5

Thursday 10 April, 8pm Curtis Eller's American Circus £10, no concessions

Saturday 10 May, 8pm Cabaret Boom Boom £12.50, concessions £10 Friday 16 May to Saturday 12 July Bike Show Free

Friday 11 April, 7.30pm Shhh! £12, concessions £10

Bike Show

Friday 16 May, 7.30pm The Night Ball £12, concessions £10

Tuesday 15 April, 2.30pm The Wizard Of Oz (1939) £5, children £3

Saturday 17 May, 1pm and 3pm The Wind and the Sun Free Sunday 18 May, 2.30pm The Worried Walrus £7, concessions £6, children £5

Once Upon a Time in a Western

Friday 23 May, 7.30pm Our Fathers £11, concessions £9 Thursday 29 May, 8pm Word Life £3 in advance, £5 on the door Friday 30 May, 8pm Bridie Jackson and The Arbour £10 Saturday 31 May, 8pm Toby Foster’s Last Laugh Comedy Club £12 Sunday 1 June, 1pm and 3pm Meeting Mr Boom! £7, concessions £6, children £5

Wednesday 16 April, 7.30pm Once Upon a Time in a Western £12, concessions £10 Friday 25 April, 8pm Jonny and The Baptists £12, concessions £10 Baptists Jonny and The

Sunday 27 April, 2.30pm Jungle Book £7, concessions £6, children £5 Until Saturday 3 May, Daily Sacha Ferrier Free Thursday 1 May to Friday 30 May A Celebration of Life Free


Wilde Without the Boy Andrew O'Neill

Wednesday 4 June to Saturday 12 July Eliza Southwood Free Thursday 5 June, 7.30pm, The Legend of Sohni and Mahiwal, prices TBC Friday 6 June, 7.30pm Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Show £20, concessions £18 Saturday 7 June, 8pm Heavy Metal - A History by Andrew O'Neill £12, concessions £10 Sunday 8 June, 2PM, PeeWee's Big Adventure (1985), Adults £5, children £3

Thursday 12 June, 7.30pm Wilde Without the Boy £11, concessions £9 Saturday 14 June, 7.30pm The Rite of Spring £12, concessions £10 Sunday 15 June, 1pm and 3pm Monday's Child £7, concessions £6, children £5 Wednesday 18 June, 7.30pm The Life and Loves of a Nobody £10, concessions £8 Thursday 19 June to Saturday 21 June Le Grand Voyage £5, no concessions

Cooper Gallery

01226 242905 Events at Elsec ar Heritage Ra ilway

Elsecar Heritage Centre

01226 740203 Sunday 13 April 10am to 4pm Antiques Fair £1.50, £1 concessions.

Saturday 21 June, 12noon to 9pm LIVE in Barnsley Free

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 April BBR Spring Show More info from

Sunday 22 June, 2pm, Belleville Rendez-Vous (2003), Adults £5, children £3

Monday 21 April, 10am to 4pm Volkswagen Golf Show

Saturday 28 June, 10am to 5pm AdVintageous £1 Sunday 29 June, 2.30pm Arthur's Dream Boat £7, concessions £6, children £5 AdVintageous

Worsbrough Mill Museum 01226 774527

Monday 21 April, Monday 5 May, 11am to 2.30pm Milling demonstration Free Sunday 13th April, Sunday 16 March, Sunday 11 May, 1pm to 3pm Hot Bulb Engine Demo Free Wednesday 16 April 1pm start Nature Trail £5 per child (booking advisable) Saturday 19, Sunday 20 and Monday 21 April from 11am to 3pm Easter Bunny’s Treasure Hunt £3 per child Wednesday 23 April, 1pm Make a bird feeder £5 per child (booking advisable) Monday 5 May, 11am Frolicked to 3pm Ye Old Miller’s Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt £3 per child

Until Saturday 31 May The Art of Dogs Free

e Art of Dogs Exhibition: Th

Sunday 27 April, 5 May, 10am to 4pm Craft Fair Free Saturday 3 May and 7 June, 10am to 1pm Saturday Story Mornings Free

Wentworth Castle Gardens and Stainborough Park 01226 776040

Sunday 6 April Spring Fair Sunday 13 April Classic Car Show Monday 14 to Friday 18 April, 21 to 25 April, 26 to 30 May Kids at the Conservatory 11am to 2pm

Saturday 5 April to Saturday 31 May Exhibition by Glenys Newman Free Saturday 5 April to Saturday 26 April Easter Crafts

Demonstration of painting water

Saturday 12 April Glenys Newman Demonstration of painting water Friends £6, others £8. Booking essential. Saturday 12 April to Saturday 19 April Easter Egg Hunt Wednesday 23 April World Book Day

vator y bished conser The newly refur

Sunday 13 April Children’s Activity

Until 24 May Bituminous Illuminations by Gary Blundell and Victoria Ward Free

Thursday 17 April and 29 May Garden Explorers 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Until Saturday 31 May How much is that Doggy? Free

Friday 18 April to Monday 21 April ‘Eggs factor’ Egg Hunt. Normal garden admission +£2 per child Sunday 27 April, 25 May, 22 June House Tour Monday 5 May Teddy Bears Picnic Children free entry with teddy.

minations Bituminous Illu

Saturday 7 June to 30 August The Hidden Art of Barnsley Free

Monday 26 May, 10am to 4pm Gift, craft & farmers’ market Free

Sunday 25 and Monday 26 May Rhododendron Festival

Monday 26 May Frolicked Treasure Hunt launch! Visit for details

Wednesday 11 June Summer Stroll

01226 730060

Sunday 15 June Family House Tour for Father’s Day

Friday 4 April. Abba Show. Tickets from promoter.

Sunday 15 June Gift Fair

Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 April. National Schoolboys ABA Boxing Championships.

Wednesday 28 May Colouring at the Castle

Wednesday 28 May, 1pm Pond dipping £5 per child (booking advisable)

Friday 20 June Sit in Movie Saturday 28 June Family Cycle Day

Barnsley Metrodome

Friday 11 April. MMA Cage Fighting. Saturday 12 April. Boxing event.


Lamproom Theatre

Experience Barnsley

01226 772500

01226 790270

Monday 7 to Saturday 12 April, 7.30pm Two £11, concessions £10

Saturday 5 and 12 April; 10am to midday Using the Archives for Family History Fees apply. Call 0114 242 3609 or

Saturday 19 April to Sunday 29 June Spring is Here! Free

Monday 7 April, 10am to midday Conscience and Dissent in Barnsley in World War One Fees apply. Call 0114 242 3609 or

Saturday 3 May Ghost Night See

01226 200075

Tuesday 15 to Saturday 19 April Pinocchio £11, senior citizens £10, children under 16 £9

Saturday 26 April, 7.30pm Boy on a Dolphin. £11 Monday 5 to Saturday 10 May, 7.15pm (Saturday matinee, 2.15pm) Jesus Christ Superstar £12, concessions £11, groups of ten or more £10 per person. Friday 16 and Saturday 17 May and Monday 19 to Saturday 24 May, 7.30pm Sparkles £11, concessions £10 Tuesday 10 to Saturday 14 June, 7.15pm Grease – School Edition £9, concessions £8, family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) £25 Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 June The Lamproom’s Got Talent £8 Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 June, 7pm Cinderella and Rockerfella £7, concessions £5

Tour de France Grand Départ for details 27 March to 6 July Le Grand Départ 100 Days Cultural Festival

Saturday 12 to Thursday 17 April The Art Station Free Weekends from Sunday 13 April to Sunday 27 April, 11am to 2pm Say It Your Way! £1 badge making, £5 banner making

Saturday 19 April to Tuesday 22 April, 11.30am and 2.30pm Easter Bunny crafts

Sunday 4 May, 2.30pm Informal Tours of Cannon Hall Free Friday 9 May, 7.30pm Spring Supper £15 per ticket. Please pre-book Wednesday 28 May, 11am to 1pm Come and bake with the cook in the Victorian Kitchen Booking advisable. £5 per child. Wednesday 4 June, 11am to 4pm Flower Power Plant Fair £3 (children free)

Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 April, 11am to1pm Easter Holiday Fun £1 per child/adult. Saturday 3 May, 11am to 12.30pm Flying with a Broken Wing Call 01226 773950 to book. Free. Saturdays 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 May, 7 and 14 June 10am to midday Family at war Fees apply. Call 0114 242 3609 or Mondays 12 May to 23 June, 10am to midday Troubleshooting your family tree Fees apply. Contact 0114 242 3609 or go to Monday 12 May, 7pm to 8.45pm The Friends of Barnsley Archives social evening and talk £2 Friday 16 May, 6pm to 7.30pm Museums at Night £3 per person. Booking advisable.

Barnsley ...for children and young people Do you organise activities for children and young people? The Open Access Service run by Barnsley Council supports organisers of activities and clubs for children and young people.

Town Centre

Saturday 24 May, 11am to 3pm Slogan TShirt printing Booking advisable. £5

Part of the council’s Integrated Youth Support Service, Open Access provides free information, advice, guidance and start-up support for individuals and groups who want to establish new activities.

Monday 26 May Barnsley Goes French

Monday 26 May to Saturday 31 May, 11am to 1pm May Holiday Fun £1 per child/adult

The service can also offer a range of other opportunities:

To Sunday 1 June Coal not Dole: Women Against Pit Closures Free

Advertising on to publicise events and activities available locally for children and young people.

Saturday 14 June Mayor’s Parade


Saturday 12 April, midday to 1pm Barnsley at work Call 01226 773950 to book a free place.

Cannon Hall Museum

Saturday 17 and 24 May, 10am to 4pm Theatre and Cinema in Barnsley Free

Monday 16 June, 2pm to 3pm Read all about it! Free

Promotion of locally organised events in newsletters and brochures to an audience of practitioners, schools, libraries and other providers.

Saturday 14 June until 14 September It's Just Like Watching Brazil Free

For further details contact Nicky Bloodworth on 01226 773256 or email

Need to contact the council?

Other useful numbers:

Remember, our website at is available all day, every day, and has plenty of information about our services. It also allows you to report, pay or apply online. We are currently updating the content of our pages, making it even easier for you to use.

01226 772678

If you prefer to phone, here are some numbers you may find useful.

Consumer Direct and Trading Standards

Call us about anything to do with roads, pavements and car parks on 01226 773555.

To report dog fouling, noise, abandoned vehicles or fly tipping, call 01226 772468.

For a visit from Pest Control, call 01226 772050.

Call 01226 772045 for information about household bin collections, recycling, or our waste recycling centres. For commercial waste services, call 01226 772050.

Struggling to pay? Call our council tax helpline on 01226 774774, the housing benefit helpline on 01226 774743, or get some free financial advice from Welfare Rights on 01226 772360.

Have a disability and need a bus pass or a blue badge for your car? Call 01226 775656. To make an appointment at one of our offices, call 01226 787896.

Councillor Contacts Central Ward Cudworth Ward Darfield Ward Darton East Ward Darton West Ward Dearne North Ward Dearne South Ward

Tel: 01226 388308 Tel: 01226 298981 Tel: 01226 243716 Tel: 01226 712443 Tel: 01226 712135 Tel: 01226 717348 Tel: 01226 757823 Tel: 01226 753741 Tel: 07786 525780 Tel: 01226 381289 Tel: 01226 385064 Tel: 01226 202955 Tel: 01226 743906 Tel: 07968 696321 Tel: 01226 297021 Tel: 01226 770770 Tel: 01709 898266 Tel: 01709 893036 Tel: 01709 880577 Tel: 01709 897949 Tel: 01709 894315

01226 206053

Council housing: Call 01226 787878 for repairs or 01226 775555 for general enquiries.

Seen graffiti, litter, flyposting or some council land that needs a clean up? Call Neighbourhood Pride on 01226 775656.

Got an enquiry about education or schools? Call 01226 773500.

08454 040506 Crematorium and cemeteries

Call 01226 774200 at any time to report faults with street lighting.

Got a planning enquiry? Call 01226 772000.

Building Control

Worried about someone’s welfare? Call child protection/children’s social care on 01226 438831, or for adults, call 01226 775656.

Families Information Service

0800 0345340 Registrars

01226 773085 Safer Neighbourhood Teams

101 Social services and homelessness emergency line

08449 841800 Can’t find what you need? Call us on

01226 770770

- March 2014. Please refer to the latest open door edition for up to date contact details. Dodworth Ward Hoyland Milton Ward Kingstone Ward Monk Bretton Ward North East Ward Old Town Ward Penistone East Ward

Tel: 01226 294235 Tel: 01226 246127 Tel: 01226 232404 Tel: 07791 753550 Tel: 01226 740035 Tel: 07786 525069 Tel: 01226 291456 Tel: 01226 283271 Tel: 07786 525804 Tel: 01226 206006 Tel: 01226 283271 Tel: 07786 525967 Tel: 01226 758410 Tel: 01226 712703 Tel: 01226 715694 Tel: 07854 024029 Tel: 01226 770520 Tel: 01226 288299 Tel: 01226 382861 Tel: 01226 770770 Tel: 01226 243497

Penistone West Ward Rockingham Ward Royston Ward St. Helens Ward Stairfoot Ward Wombwell Ward Worsbrough Ward

Tel: 01226 763772 Tel: 01226 763206 Tel: 01226 765799 Tel: 01226 743906 Tel: 01226 351723 Tel: 01226 749630 Tel: 01226 723159 Tel: 01226 723159 Tel: 01226 728390 Tel: 01226 210954 Tel: 01226 294690 Tel: 01226 212790 Tel: 01226 200493 Tel: 01226 298981 Tel: 01226 244558 Tel: 01226 751191 Tel: 01226 755570 Tel: 01226 753515 Tel: 01226 247828 Tel: 01226 297143 Tel: 01226 294235

WANT TO MEET YOUR COUNCILLOR? Barnsley’s councillors hold regular advice sessions or ‘surgeries’. These sessions give you the chance to raise any problems or discuss issues with them. If you want to find out when your councillor is next holding an advice session - ring: 01226 787890

O r g o o n l i n e a t w w w . b a r n s l e y . g o v . u k Or visit any Barnsley Connects office


Elsecar Heritage Centre

A variety of unique shops selling a range of arts, crafts, gifts and antiques, as well as cosy cafes. Free parking and admission For more information please call 01226 740203 or visit:

BARNSLEY G7765 03 14

Metropolitan Borough Council

Open door spring 2014  
Open door spring 2014