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2016/2015 FINANCIAL INFORMATION 2016 Budget : $604,107

2016/2015 Financial Information as of 10/31/16 2016 2015

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Total Expenses $465,384.00 $491,064.79 Net Income



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“Christmas Lessons from the Slaves” “The slaves made the Christmas holidays a time of joy,” writes Eugene Genovese in his classic study Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made. He goes on to describe the common ways that Christmas was celebrated on the antebellum plantations of our nation. On some plantations the slaves’ holiday lasted as long as it took to burn a log, which sent the slaves searching for the biggest, slowest-burning log they could find. Even the cruelest masters were expected to give the slaves a few days off work. Despite having little the slaves would find ways to entertain slaves from other plantations and give gifts. Sometimes this meant selling chickens or doing extra jobs for weeks ahead of Christmas. The holiday was centered on the children with the kinder Master and Missus playing Santa Claus. A common custom was to fill a stocking with food and little gifts for the kids. Prince Johnson of Yazoo, Mississippi, remembered the kids all asking the plantation Missus for a stocking since she weighed over 300 pounds! “The children capped the day by exploding firecrackers, which they made by blowing up hog bladders, tying them tight, and popping them in the flames,” Genovese writes. What must Christmas have meant for those who had so little to look forward to? Was Christmas the joy that God knew their plight and would provide a better future? Was it a hope for a Savior desperately needed by a world full of evil? Was Christmas a time to rest, relax, and celebrate the good things in life, as few as they might be? Was it a time to be able to give as well as to receive? When they did interviews of former slaves during the Great Depression some looked back on these times with the fondest of memories. At Christmas these slaves found that hope and joy were possible in the worst of situations -- because God was there and God cares. What does Christmas mean to you? Is it a time of joy and celebration? Have you discovered the thrill of giving, the excitement of expectation, the true meaning of the season? The slaves remind us that Christmas goes beyond outward circumstances. It is about things of the heart that no dire economic situation can destroy. Christmas reminds us that there is hope because there is a God who cares -- enough to send his son to rescue us. It is a pledge that there is a better day coming for those who trust in the Lord. May the joy of Christmas bless you and your family this year as we celebrate the gifts of Christmas. For the greatest gift of Christmas is Jesus Christ, who brings us hope for eternity. “Do not be afraid; for see -- I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people; to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11. Yours In Christ, Pastor Ken D. Hutchens

“Remembering the Why” by Michelle Rose

I don’t know about you, but I still can hardly believe that 2016 is quickly drawing to a close. I

never managed to take my Christmas tree down in my office from last year, and here we are ready to have it up again. As a worship director, my life revolves around Sundays. As I always tell my team, Sunday comes around each and every week. So often I will look at the calendar, and the month feels like it’s over before it began, each week filled with its busy tasks.

Especially during the Christmas season, we can easily lose sight of the “why” as we are contin-

ually looking at the “what” and the “when”. Between work Christmas parties, children’s school programs, shopping, and everything in between, the month of December is often over before it starts, and we’re into a new year without knowing how we got there. We know “the reason for the season”, but somehow we still manage to forget to pause and thank God for His many blessings and invite him to the celebration. It is Jesus’ birthday party after all!

Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (ESV). I challenge you to do two things during this holiday season. First, invite Jesus to the party, welcoming and acknowledging His presence. Secondly, make the effort to be in the moment, not distracted by the next moments to come. Through doing these two things, let us make the most of the holiday, maintaining perspective without getting so bogged down by the craziness and busyness.

“Teaching Children the Real Meaning of Christmas”

Family Focus by Bev Comeaux

When you think of your Christmas celebrations as a child, what do you recall? I picture myself as a young girl, sitting with the rest of my family in my grandmother’s living room on Christmas Eve, knowing that under and around the Christmas tree awaited lots of presents to be opened. But before we could begin, my grandmother would ask my aunt to read the verses in Luke 2:1-14 about the real meaning of Christmas. I remember thinking, Can’t you hurry? We have presents to unwrap! Today I cherish the memory of my grandmother wanting her children and their children to know the real story of Christmas. It’s an impossible account, one of a virgin giving birth. And not just to an ordinary child, but to the very Savior of the world! Not too long ago I once again read Luke 2 and other Scriptures about the day Jesus was born. As I imagined what it must have been like, the old familiar story came alive with rich spiritual truths. And I was reminded of some of the things that our children need to know about the Messiah’s birth. Before you open Christmas presents this year, why not spend a few minutes reading aloud through the story of Christ’s birth? As you read through the account in the Gospel of Luke, here are some things to teach your kids about Christmas: 1. Christmas is about Christ. As presents are placed under the Christmas tree, we should teach our children about God’s greatest gift to mankind: Jesus Christ. 2. Jesus is God and has always existed. When I was a child, I didn’t understand that Jesus Christ always existed. In my little mind I thought that His life began on Christmas. But now I realize that although His earthly life had a beginning, Jesus Christ has always been. Why? Because He is God. We should teach our children that even though Jesus’ human form began in Mary’s womb, the Son of God is eternal. 3. Jesus was born into a family. Mary and Joseph’s relationship was centered on pleasing God and following His unique purpose for their lives. We should teach our children that God placed His Son in a family. 4. We can trust God with the circumstances of our life. Was it a mere coincidence that Caesar Augustus had required a census of the entire Roman world at the exact time that Mary was to deliver her child and for Him to be born in Bethlehem, the “City of David”? Centuries before the Savior was born, the prophet Micah foretold where He would be born. We should teach our children to trust God in the circumstances of their lives. Sometimes the puzzle pieces of individual events won’t make sense … until He puts them together. And sometimes that won’t happen on this side of eternity. 5. Jesus can work in the darkest places of life. In our 21st-century world, children cannot be totally protected from the onslaught of darkness. Through television, the internet, and radio, horrific events find themselves not thousands of miles away, but in our very living rooms. What should we as parents do? The same thing parents needed to do centuries ago: point our children to Jesus. He is the light of the world, and He wants to guide them one step at a time. We should teach our children that Jesus can work in even the most sinister situations of this world. That they can be certain that darkness can never overcome Him. As you read through the nativity narratives in Matthew and Luke, you will probably think of additional truths to teach your children. Whether you teach them five or 50 eternal truths, one thing is certain: Jesus is the treasure worth seeking. He is the very reason that we celebrate Christmas.



As much fun as decorating for the holidays can be, each year they come to an end and it’s time to tear everything down. Our second Boxing of the Greens will take place Wednesday night, January 4th from 5-7PM. We’ll have another soup potluck, and then we’ll take down and store decorations. Ornaments and other decor from each ministry tree will be returned to their owner. See Michelle if you have any questions.


Do you spend time messing with the volume knob on your radio, playing with the treble or the bass? We are looking for individuals who are willing to learn to join the sound team. No past experience is necessary, and you won’t be left alone in the booth until you’re confident. Help mix once a month by attending the Wednesday night rehearsal and then coming early on Sunday for sound check. Email if interested in more info.


After the Gospels comes The Acts of the Apostles. Some have said it is really The Acts of the Holy Spirit. Luke follows his Gospel with the story of how the disciples of Jesus took the message of Jesus from Jerusalem to Rome and many places between. During the journey, many of the issues of what it means to be a Christian and a church were worked out. Despite the forces stacked against it, the church of Jesus saw phenomenal growth and impact in the lives of believers. Pastor Ken will be leading a class on Acts following the meal during WOW from January 11th to February 22nd. All are invited to join as we explore what it means to be the church of Jesus Christ.


Our mission as Christians is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. So how do we do that in practical terms? Join us for a special evangelism equipping event on Saturday, January 28th, from 1:30 - 5:00PM at St John’s UMC in Edwardsville. For more details or to reserve a spot, see the sign-up at the information desk, the UMC web site, or speak to Pastor Ken at 217.390.1566.


This Christmas Eve celebrate the greatest gifts we could ever be given. November 27th through December 25th Shiloh Church wants to help you and your family, friends, and neighbors celebrate in a new way. Join us as we celebrate the true gifts of Christmas: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. With our Christmas Angel Breakfast, special children’s Christmas program, cookies, hot cocoa, and coffee before and after service, lighting of the Advent wreath, and a relevant message on what the Gifts of Christmas are really all about, we encourage you to bring your family and invite everyone you know to come for an unforgettable celebration.


We will have special candlelight services on Dec. 24th at 4PM and 6PM.


Come dressed in your pajamas Christmas morning for a fantastic worship service at 9AM.


• Closed Dec. 23th - Jan. 2nd • Office will reopen on Jan. 3rd • Three Springs Preschool closed Dec. 21st through Jan. 3rd.


Bless another family this Christmas! This year we will be supporting both families in our congregation as well as families from the Shiloh School District. Look for the Giving Tree in the Gathering Area beginning Sunday, November 27th. Take a tag, purchase the gift and return unwrapped gifts by Wednesday, December 14th. Contact Gretchen Nichols at for more information.


We serve family dinners from 5:30-6:15PM, followed by activities & classes for everyone from 6:15-7:30PM! Cost: $4.00 adult, $2.50 child or $13 per household



Meetings: We are meeting on December 16th and January 20th from 9:00 - 11:30AM. The special Holiday themed meeting will start our journey into the Hope part of our Starry Eyed theme. Christmas is the season of hope as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Pastor Ken will be delivering a wonderful message to us as well. *We currently have a waiting list for childcare. Playdate: We are hosting a playdate on January 10th from 9:30 - 11:30AM at World Class Gymnastics in Belleville, Il. This is a great opportunity to get your littles ones out of the house and to play around the gymnastics equipment. The cost is $5 per child. Hope to see you there! For more information please contact us at or by email at



No class in December. Bible Study resumes on January 10th with Jennifer Rothschild’s “Hosea”. Please contact Denise Augustine at if you are new to this group and would like to attend. We would love to have new participants!



Beginning on December 5th, I will try to keep the following office hours. • Monday 9AM - 12PM • Tuesday 12-3PM • Wednesday 1-3PM • Thursday 9AM-12PM If you need to set up an appointment or reach me at other times you can call the office during our regular hours (9AM-3PM Mon.-Thurs.), email me at, or call my cell phone at 217.390.1566.


All chairs, ministry team leaders, and ministry staff are invited to a calendar planning meeting at Shiloh on Tuesday, December 6th, at 6PM. Bring your calendar and ideas for 2017.


Thank you for all the cards, gifts and goodies I received for pastor appreciation. I am truly blessed to be pastor of Shiloh UMC. -Pastor Ken D. Hutchens


Stephen Ministry training begins in February. If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, now is the time to get involved. Be a part of the 2017 commissioning class. Call Ruth Anderson at 618.874.1939, fill out a card on the Stephen Ministry shelf, or talk to Ruth, Tai Prohaska, or Brenda Tracy. We’d love to share more information on how you can be “Jesus with skin on.”

Remembering the Parsonage

A special article about the old parsonage by lifetime member JoAnn Hartman

About 1935 Mom (Doris Lambert) came down with scarlet fever. Joan and I (JoAnn) were twin babies. Mom was 18 and Dad (Bill) was 25. No one was permitted in the house but Dad and Grandma Bicky, as it was quarantined. Reverend Charles Hill from the Methodist church came and prayed by the door for Mom to get better, as he was not allowed inside. Needless to say, after sometime Mom got better. She was the strongest, most ambitious person I knew. From that time on, Shiloh church was ours. The powers that be asked Mom and Dad if they would move into the little brick house to take care of the church and grounds. The house had to have been there empty for sometime, as it was in sad shape and my Dad had to fix it up to get it livable.The house had 13 feet ceilings and they always papered and never painted. I guess they didn’t have paint back then or it was too expensive. They cleaned the walls with absorene. We kids used some of the absorene to play with, like play dough today. The house had five rooms, but one wasn’t used right away. There was a cellar with a cellar door you could slide down, but we weren’t allowed to. There was no concrete down there, just dirt, but lots of shelves for all the canned food Mom made and garden veggies that Dad planted--- like potatoes. On the back of the house was a closed in porch, but you could see daylight between some of the boards. That was where Mom did her laundry with a ringer washer and used no other kind until she died. In the winter she pulled the washer into the kitchen. The water was heated on a coal stove. She also did most of her canning there. One day, we kids were out in the yard laughing and having a good time. Mom came out on the porch and saw a snake on the floor. She figured we kids put a fake one there and was laughing about it. As she went to pick it up it moved and she let out a yell. We all came running.The little brick house used to draw what we called bums, looking for food. Well, of course, my Mom always fed them. It used to draw stray dogs there also. A couple of the best dogs we ever had were strays. The concrete steps in front were a great gathering place for everyone to come and enjoy singing and having fun on the summer evenings. There was no running water in the house. We only had a cistern that caught rain water off the church and house. The water we drank came from Grandpa Lambert’s well. He lived up the street and back by the cemetery. It was a good well and had real cold water. Grandpa Lambert was another story by himself. We had an outhouse, no inside toilet. We always had chickens and had a mean rooster. If you went to the outhouse, he would not let you out. We were so afraid of him and had to call to Mom to come with a broom to shoo him away so we could run inside the house. We never had air conditioners or even fans. Can’t ever remember suffering from the heat. In the winter we had a big coal heater that had to be tended all day and night. Later, we graduated to an oil heater. There was a fireplace but was closed in and unusable. Coal was also used to heat the church. Services were held in the basement in the winter. My Dad had a huge garden every summer. Also many flowers, always. There was always someone at our house eating, it seems like. Many preachers were there for Sunday dinner after church. We almost always had student preachers from McKendree. Professor Kleinschmidt would bring them from Lebanon and went on to preach in Belleville. When he came back, he would drive right past them, being the absent minded professor. Sometimes my Dad would take them back to the school or they would hitch hike. One of the student ministers was so nervous while reading out of the large Bible, threw up all over it. My Mom had to clean it up, being the custodian. We had an old ice box and the ice man would bring blocks of ice. That is how we kept food cold. There used to be a man with a horse and wagon selling rags. We were so afraid of him we’d run and hide. You could tell God was present in that house all the time. I do not know when the house was built because there are no records, but it was a very important part of Shiloh United Methodist Church. When we moved there, Dad had to remove boards from across the church doors. One of the preachers (Reverend Canon) had a friend in Chicago who offered to pay for carpeting in the upstairs of the church. One of the busybodies of the church wrote the benefactor that we did not need or want carpeting. So the floors stayed bare and noisy. My Dad had a large family, 3 brothers and 8 sisters. I think they all loved coming to that house, as one or the other was there for Sunday dinner very often. One aunt was so funny, Joan and I sat and laughed at her all day. That’s the way the little brick house was. It seemed to draw people there all the time. My Mom and Dad were such good hosts. When we went to school, we always had friends in the evening to do homework. It got a little rowdy sometimes, but one time a friend threw a book at me and missed but hit the coffee table and shattered the glass. Everyone left in a hurry. I don’t remember my Mom being very angry, just concerned that no one got cut. That’s the way it was living in that little brick house. I had no terrible memories; well just one. It had to do with the empty room. My Dad got 40 baby chicks. He built a pen in the empty room with a large light shining on the chicks for warmth. When we came home from visiting Grandma Lambert, we were in shock. The dog had been playing with the chicks and tossed them in the air. Needless to say, none had survived. This is the only thing I remember that happened that was bad. In 1948 our sister Christy was born. Joan and I made no secret about how unhappy we were about that, but our feelings changed when she came home from the hospital. We tease her about it today. Finally, the day came and they made a lovely bedroom out of the empty room. One Sunday everyone was in church waiting for the student preacher to arrive. He never did. Everyone got up to leave and my Mom said, “Don’t leave. Let’s sing some songs and pray. Then we’ll go home.” That’s what they did and continued to come back on Sundays.



T h e Yo u t A L L K I C K O and the h Kick off lock- F F Katie Co community had in in September c o o rg a n m e a u x a n d G ra c a b l a s t ! T h i s e v w a s a h u g e s u c i z e rs, C h l o e N i c h e H a r m s f o r b e i ne n t w a s y o u t h e c e s s ! 3 9 y o u t h n ols and FA L L F E S Jo rd y n C g o rg a n i z e rs a n v i s i o n e d a n d l ef ro m S h i l o h d d omeaux. A huge t T I VA L C o n g r a t u M C s f o r t h e n i g h. K u d o s t o h a n lations f t We h a v e k s f ro m t h e or a job and their y $ o 1 u 3 t 5 h well don donated to the co you to J e! YO U T H O We d i d i e s s i c a G a v i n f o t o w a rd s o u r m i s n g re g a t i o n a n d O n N o v. N M I S S I O N To y S t o r t a g a i n ! T h e y o ur c o o r d i n a t i n g i s i o n t r i p t o I n d i p a r t i c i p a n t s f o r 1 ana this t for takin 1 the youth he d e c o r a t i y Tr u n k ! A s p e c t h w o n t h e t r u n t . summer! he Chili Cook Of l g i p o a k e n t l f! d s. L o o k i n o r t re a t A n e x t ra thanks t on Wed. he time to st to fold nea b g o e t h f s K o a t a n r a r n r t l w a rd t o k a b l e t o d i g h t s w i t h G re r t o u r s t u d y o y 1 0 0 b o x e s f t h e p r i z ee n D o n a h u e f o r r u n k a g a i n t h i s or the O n Povert tchen Ni onate 10 t y a e o k a f an ice per yw ch boxes th c r e a m o ui n g t h e l e a d o n r w i t h t h e i r i s y e a r ! o l s. S h o p p i n g f o i t h a l e s s o n a b a t i o n C h ri s t m a s t h e t ru n k ting. out the O r items a YO U T H S C h i l d P ro p n je e d packin W h a t a m U N D AY S C H g t h e b o ra t i o n C h ri s t m a c t . We a re s o t h a O z i s Child P x a es have l e a d e r, M n g S u n d a y s c O L ro j e c t . T n k f u l f o r M a rg e b e e n h i c o e h o s he youth a l p and Dav e e classes l P o l l e y. cially m this is w h o a e u v h F a r e r e n o y r i b m n o e een doin e Odem gful this uth get t our yout hands on out this g o h year! Th e youth a study s ch o o l ! c o o l c l a s s f o r y h a v e l e a rn e d t h B i b l i c a l t e a ch i n e x p e ri e n c e e v e r w e re If you ar o y e g e i n t e re s u rs e l f ! We a re i r B i b l e s o w e l l t o f a s t p a c e d S w e e k l e d b y o u al r c ted in si f g n i n g u p w a y s i n n e e d o f o r t h e p a s t m a n ri p t u re re t ri e v a f e a rl e s s S u n d a y l y , l e t M r. P o l l e y o a s e c o n d a d u l t d y e a rs ! C o m e a nd u ri n g B i b l e t ri v s ch o o l r Bev Co ia, m e a u x k u ri n g S u n d a y d ch e ck n o w. iz, K e v i n M u n m b e rs , r e d a e l e th vious you -20 weekly youth m . We meet e r p r u o h 8 5 is -2 w a n t t o w d a re l e a d i n g o u r 1 i a n a p o l i s, Ju l y 2 3 o m e e t o n e w , r e d a d n y o u t h l e a v e o rg a n i z e d a h i s s u m m e r t o I n w e e k e n d . We a l s h o h a v e w e n r u o I O N a n d w h o e v e r m a y b es t h e Yo u t h p a re n t sr “hb i g ” m i s s i o n t ri po tu t h e v e n t d u ri n g t hael l o f t h e p a re n t s wt e n i n g t o t h e T I S N A R T Y O U T Ht raI Nn s i t i o n t o t h e f uot unret h e j o u rn e y o f f ai si tshi oan s, a n d t o w a rdasv oe ua n o t h e r c h u rc h oorrky t i m e . T h a n k y ooun ,t oR i c k F i t z h u g h fdo rSlhiesl l y F i t z h u g h A s w e a re c o n t i n u i n g u d i e s, ch u rch m t h a t w e d o n ’t h n d s o m e h o m e w P P R C C h a i rp e rs W i l k e s, R i ck a n a m e a n d y o u t h w e l l . W e c o u p l e o f f a i t h s t o n e v e ry S u n d a y s t u d y, f e l l o w s h i p a n k P a s t o r K e n a n d t o B e t h a n d C ra i g i n g t h e C O O L E S T g t h ro u g h a v e n i n g 5 : 3 0 - 7 : 3 0 P M W O W f o r a s h o r t ! ! ! We w a n t t o t h a s p e c i a l t h a n k y o u t t M i ch a l k e f o r b e each day t s a f g o d n e n A c i n o r y S i a . t y S u n d a y e v e n i n g s, d u l a w l e s s t ra n s i o v e ry m e e t i n g a u s b a u g h a n d t e d t o p ra a n r a g c f t i d s S s i s a e d e h s d n s i e d o h e h t J t on We ting, and n s d u ri n g p to make like some d l u o w e s t e p p e d u o u g h t s a n d c o n c e r f i rs t d i s c o v e ry m e e .W y Va c a n c y i s i m p o r t a n t t i m e ! r t s i n y o u t h ’s t h y m e a l d u r i n g o u r i M h th ut f i l l t h e Yo s i g n u p g e n i u s f o r o t for a tast VER! g n i t s a F he h e l p e rs E i n u s i n P ra y e r a n d P l e a s e ch e ck o u t t . at 5:30PM h Please jo position is filled c r u h c e h tt until this ty- Meet a r a P s a m t V E N T S g re s s i v e D i n n e r C h ri s E G N I M O U P C c . 1 0 - Yo u t h P ro l s a l e b e g i n s o u p e r B o w l F u n d ra i sfeorl l o w i n g c h u rc h • De 22 - Souper Bow d chili for the S -up immediately • Jan. - Making soup an ups and Chili pick 0PM ng young i z a m a o 4 3 e S : b s 7 l • Fe 5 - S o u p e r B o w w l p a r t y, 5 : 3 0 - u n t e e r w i t h t h e 8 . 5 8 0 . 6 0 3 4 . • F e b . 5 - Yo u t h S u p e r B o r w o u l d l i k e t o v o l u m c . o r g o r c a l l 6 1 • Fe b . e a n y q u e s t i o n s o x a t B e v @ s h i l o h I f y o u h a vo n t a c t B e v C o m e a u people, c

What we've been up to! What a terrific time we had at Fall Festival!! We had over 300 folks attend, an estimated 3/4 were from the community! Many hotdogs were eaten, games played, bodies bounced, chilies tasted and trunks treated! Congratulations to our Chili Contest winners… 1st place-Hans Koehl and Ted Dennis with their “Maggie’s Hair of the Dog” chili and 2nd placeKevin Frank with his “Clean Ya Out Chili”. Mmm! Mmm! Congratulations also go out to our Best Trunk was 1st place- The Youth Group with “Toy Story” and 2nd place- Josh, Erin and Levi Strausbaugh with “E.T.” So Cute! All of these wonderful memories were made possible by the most loving place around!

Upcoming events! Christmas Angel Breakfast

Join us Dec. 3rd at 8:30AM for our finale Angel Breakfast. There will be a delicious breakfast, fun activities, family pictures, and a surpise from some “special” visitors. Children up to 5th grade are invited with an adult. There is no charge, but please sign up in the Gathering Area by Nov. 26th if you plan to attend. If you have any questions, contact Bev Comeaux at

CHILDRENS CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Christmas is coming! And you’re invited to

“Three Wise Men and a Baby”

December 4th, 2016 @ 10:15AM A cookie reception will follow in the Gathering Area.


Sun. Dec. 11th our children will visit Cedar Hurst Assisted Living and Memory Care during the Children’s Church and Sunday School Time. We will share some parts and songs that we have learned for the Christmas Program.

Winter Movie Night


Feb. 10 Mock-in for 2nd-5th graders, 6-10PM th

We’ll be starting off the new year right by joining in a Winter Movie Night. Fri., January 20th, 6-9PM showing: “Inside Out”. Join us for free Pizza, Popcorn, and Soda. Bring a snack to share.

CLUB 22.6

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it.” - Proverbs 22:6 January is a great time to join us!! Grab a friend or two and come and join the fun on Wednesday evenings! Club 22.6 begins back on Wednesday, January 11th, Club 22.6 is designed for children ages 3 years (potty trained) through 5th grade. This program is a fun part of the WOW! and meets after dinner from 6:15-7:30PM (Sept – May). Cost including t-shirts is $9 per child or $16 for 2 children, 3rd child is free! (per family). Children explore a weekly scripture point through choir, games, crafts, and other activities. Scholarships available. Registration forms are on the Children’s Ministry Shelves in the Resource Center in the Gathering area. Please return them to Bev Comeaux mailbox in the office, or directly to Bev. Or contact Bev Comeaux at 618.632.6913 or

D EC EM B E R 2016 Sunday


Every Sunday Worship Service, 9am Sunday School, 10:15am Jr & Sr High Youth Group, 5-7pm

Every Monday

Preschool, 9am-11:30am Prayer Gathering, 9:30am Explorer Men’s Bible Study, 7pm






Every Tuesday

Every Wednesday Preschool, 9am-11:30am Praise Team, 7:15pm

Every Thursday Preschool, 9am-11:30am

Every Friday

Every Saturday

Preschool, 9am-11:30am


2 MOPS Steering Mtg, 8:30am



Food Pantry Donations

6 Calendar Planning Mtg, 6pm

Children’s Christmas Program, 10:15am

“No Other Gods”, 5pm



7 Ladies at the Table Bible Study, 9am WOW!, 5:30-7:15pm Stephen Ministry mtg, 6:30pm


Children’s Choir to Cedarhurst, 9:30am



Giving Tree items due

Christmas Program Rehearsal, 9:30am

9 OAKS Christmas Lunch, 11:30am (Older Adults Knowing the Savior)


3 Angel Breakfast, 8:30am

10 Youth Christmas Party, 5:30pm





MOPS, 9am

Peter’s Place, 3pm

“No Other Gods”, 5pm



“No Other Gods”, 5pm



Preschool Last Day

25 Christmas Pajama Service, 9am

26 Office Closed

No Classes or Events

27 Office Closed

No Classes or Events

No Sunday School


28 Office Closed

PPRC, 7pm

Christmas Eve Services, 4pm & 6pm

29 Office Closed

No Classes or Events

30 No Classes or Events

No Classes or Events

31 No Classes or Events

JANU ARY 2 0 1 7 Sunday







Every Sunday Worship Service, 9am Sunday School, 10:15am Jr & Sr High Youth Group, 5-7pm

Every Monday

Every Tuesday

Every Thursday Preschool, 9am-11:30am

Every Friday

Every Saturday


Preschool, 9am-11:30am Prayer Gathering, 9:30am Explorer Men’s Bible Study, 7pm

Preschool, 9am-11:30am Ladies Tuesday Night Bible Study, 6:30pm

Every Wednesday Preschool, 9am-11:30am Ladies at the Table Bible Study, 9am WOW!, 5:30-7:15pm Praise Team, 7:15pm




1 Food Pantry Donations Happy New Years! No Sunday School

8 Congregational Care Training, 10:30am

15 No Youth Group

Congregational Care Training, 10:30am


No Classes or Events

Office Reopens No Classes or Events

9 The Messenger news due

10 Ad. Council, 7pm





WOW! Begins

24 PPRC, 7pm








27 Shiloh Page Turners, 1pm



Ladies Lunch Circle, 11:30am

MOPS, 9am Family Movie Night, 6pm



MOPS Steering Mtg, 8:15am

Martin Luther King Day No Preschool

Souper Bowl sale begins


Preschool Returns


21 OAKS Traditional Worship Service, 10:30am

28 Evangelism Training, 1:30-5pm

210 South Main Street Shiloh, IL 62269 618.632.6913



Ken D. Hutchens Ph.D.

December/ January Newsletter EDITION 2016  
December/ January Newsletter EDITION 2016