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The story of Presley Nash


Presley Nash

S u r v i vo r S t o r y

Presley was born and thought to be a healthy, normal baby that was just a late developer. The family soon found that Presley had a rare type of blood cancer.


Presley a few days before the Transplant, after enduring countless chemo and radiation treatments.

Before Transplant


“Immediately after the transplant, Presley developed sores on her mouth, which eventually developed inside her mouth and caused her airway to close. Because of that, she had to have a tracheotomy. In addition to the trach, she had heart problems, had to have more tubes put in her ears, and also had to have a feeding tube surgically placed in her stomach. She was in the hospital for 212 consecutive days before moving to the Ronald McDonald house. There were many times when the doctors did not think she would make it, and fortunately she proved them wrong.” -Staci Nash, Presley’s mother.

After Transplant

Presley is now 15 years old and attending Greenwood High School. She continues to lead a healthy life after a long recovery.


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Rachel Byrd, Sophormore at Western Kentucky University, registered to be a bone marrow donor approximately one year ago. She recieved was contcted about being a perfect match for someone in need of a transplant and is currently making plans to take the next steps towards saving a life.

“ The fact that I may be able to save

a life is rewarding in itself.�

-Rachel Byrd

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