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Buttercup Bear’s Diary

My week with Eloise Holt

Tuesday 7th June 2011 Today I found out that I am going to be spending a week at Eloise’s house. I wasn’t too sure about this at first, as Eloise didn’t seem to want me. I think she was a bit scared because she doesn’t know me. However, after she had read about how much fun I had with Lola, she soon changed her mind!

When we got home from Happy Tots, Eloise introduced me to all her toys. We had some dinner and then it was time to get ready for bed. Eloise read us her favourite bedtime stories – Ten in the Bed and Maisie’s Presents – and then Eloise’s Mummy read them too.

I knew Eloise had decided we were friends when she let me sleep in her cot together with her three favourite toys, Jessie Cat, Peppa Pig and Upsy Daisy!  

Wednesday 8th June 2011 Today Eloise went to Happy Tots while her Mummy and Daddy were at work. I spent the day in the car at the train station where I read some of Eloise’s books, watched people running to catch their trains and had a good nap. By staying in the car I was able to pick Eloise up from nursery with Mummy. Eloise was very pleased to see me and read an In The Night Garden magazine to me on the way home. Once we were home, Eloise and I had a great time pretending to drive the car, although Eloise thinks she should always drive the car instead of Mummy and Daddy. She knows that you need to put the keys in the ignition and that you have to move the steering wheel and the gear stick and doesn’t understand why Mummy and Daddy won’t let her have a go! Eventually Eloise’s Mummy persuaded us to come inside, as it was time to go to bed.

Thursday 9th June 2011 This morning Eloise, Mummy and I went to see the dentist. Eloise didn’t really want to show the dentist her teeth but eventually she opened her mouth enough for the dentist to count 12 teeth and a couple more that are just peeking though her gums. Eloise was a bit scared when Mummy’s teeth were being cleaned as there was a lot of noise but I gave her a big hug and that helped her feel better. The dentist also looked in my mouth and she gave us all a sticker! After that it was time for Eloise to go to Happy Tots so that Mummy could do some work and I went home to play with Jessie, Peppa and Daisy. In the evening, Eloise’s Daddy picked Eloise up from nursery and brought her home. Before we went to bed we all spoke to Eloise’s Gramma and Grampy on the computer. Eloise even showed them how she can do a wee-wee on the potty!

Friday 10th June 2011 When we woke up this morning Eloise was very happy to discover that her Auntie Helen had come to visit. When Eloise got dressed she decided that I should wear a nappy too and she gave me the orange one, which is one of her favourites. Later on I went to Tumble Tots with Eloise. We had lots of fun climbing and sliding and Eloise introduced me to her friends – James, Chloe and Olivia.         After Tumble Tots we went shopping. Eloise’s feet had grown to a size 4½G so she had to get some new shoes. However, the new shoes look the same as her old ones as Eloise absolutely refused to try on any others because they weren’t purple! In the afternoon Eloise went swimming with her Daddy and Auntie Helen. I don’t like getting wet so I watched from the side. It looked like they were having lots of fun! After such a busy day we were very tired and were happy to go to bed when we got home.

Saturday 11th June 2011 This morning we went to a Summer Fayre at Eloise’s church. I enjoyed meeting up with some of my cousins for a picnic. Eloise was very pleased to find an In The Night Garden ball, which she persuaded Daddy to buy for her.  

In the afternoon we drove a long way in the car so that we could go to a barbeque with Daddy’s old school friends. I had a lot of fun playing with Eloise and a little boy called Thomas who is the same age as Eloise.

We went to stay the night with Gramma and Grampy, which was very exciting. I also got to meet Eloise’s Uncle Toby.

Sunday 12th June 2011 This morning we went to church. When we got back Eloise, Gramma, Grampy, Uncle Toby and I had a lot of fun playing with Daddy’s old toys!

Gramma and Grampy cooked roast dinner for us all. I thought it was delicious but Eloise wasn’t so sure. After dinner it was time to drive all the way back to Eloise’s house. Before we went to bed, Eloise and I enjoyed watching her favourite Sing and Sign DVD. Jessie Cat also likes to watch Sing and Sign as she has a starring role!

Monday 13th June 2011 Today was my last full day with Eloise. This morning, before she went to nursery, Eloise helped to bush my fur and clean my teeth.

While Eloise was at Happy Tots, I had a lot of fun riding the rocking horse. We went very fast and by the time Eloise got home I was so sleepy that she tucked me up in her doll’s cot for a quick nap. However, it wasn’t long before it was time to get ready to go to bed properly.   Before falling asleep, Eloise decided to take all her clothes off, including her nappy! I was very pleased that Mummy and Daddy discovered this before she could have an accident, as I didn’t want to get wet! I have had a wonderful time playing with Eloise this week and I will be sad to leave her, although I am looking forward to finding out which Buttercup I will be visiting next!

Buttercup Bear's Diary  

My week with Eloise