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Professional Bridal Makeup Artist Australia Australia's professional makeup artist, Rachel Heyes guide you about skin preparation, Hairstyling, bridal makeup on your wedding (Big) day.

Here are a few simple tips that I have learnt and which will make you look and feel you're best on the day whether that be a special event or a wedding. Skin Preparation Tips for the Big Day Your makeup is only going to look as good as the skin underneath it so having a good skincare regime is an important part of the preparation. There are great quality skincare products at every budget level so there is no reason not to invest in a good cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser for your skin type and concern.

I would advise starting a regime between 3 and 6 months before the big day. It is also important to avoid any active facial treatments (such as facial peels or microdermabrasion), eyebrow waxing and spray tanning the day before as you might have an adverse reaction or skin irritation.

In the days leading up to your event try and drink plenty of water, and avoid excess sugar, salt and alcohol where possible which will ensure the skin is radiant and hydrated.

Don't forget to wear sunscreen which apart from protecting your skin will also help to avoid tan lines and sunburn. Makeup Tips Firstly I can't emphasise enough the importance of having a trial! Even if you are not hiring a professional makeup artist and intend to apply the makeup yourself, it is good to know how your look will translate into photographs. If you do have a trial with a professional makeup

artist and hair stylist, bringing inspiration pictures will give then a clearer idea of what you are looking for.

Also think about the style that would best suit your personality and the feel of your wedding. There are lots of great inspiration websites such as Pintrest where you can search thousands of pictures.

When choosing your makeup you should look like the best version of yourself, for example if you always wear red lipstick or winged eyeliner is your signature look then do it with style on the day! Your wedding day is not the day to trial a new trend or a look that you never wear as it can date your photos.

Importantly, enjoy the preparation!! Allow extra time to be pampered by your bridal makeup artist and hair stylist, taking your time will relax you and enable to enjoy the experience.

Finally, give your bridesmaid a touch up kit to look after so that you can maintain a flawless face throughout the day. I recommend including blotting papers, pressed powder, lipstick and gloss, tissues, cotton buds and a little lash glue if you are wearing false eyelashes. Hair Preparation Tips A week or two before the planned date is a great time to have a good trim so that the hair is in good condition. I would also recommend washing hair the night before unless your hair is very oily. Freshly washed hair doesn't hold the style as well as day old hair. Avoid rich serums or conditioners again as these can affect the lasting effect of your style. Things that will help the makeup artist and hair stylist A few simple things can help a makeup artist and hair stylist produce their best work. For example having a cleared table set up near a window or in natural daylight and near electrical outlets will enable a makeup artist to apply makeup to the correct light.

A large nearby mirror is also handy so you can check on the progress. You wouldn't think it but the lighting conditions in a bathroom may be darker and give you an incorrect impression of the shading of the makeup. Finally a low backed chair will allow a hair stylist to easily work on the hair, especially if it is long.

Professional bridal makeup artist australia  
Professional bridal makeup artist australia  

Australia's professional makeup artist, Rachel Heyes guide you about skin preparation, Hairstyling, bridal makeup on your wedding (Big) day.