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Rachel Gyan Bailey

For Isaac

Hey Fox? Yes Rabbit?

What do you think would happen if all the trees were...

Well Rabbit,

for one thing I’d have nothing to lean on.

Well, yes Fox

But, the birds would have nowhere to rest,

the squirrels nowhere to put their acorns,




wha? hmm...

and the deer would be very confused.

nfused than usual you mea What? More co n?

Yes Fox.

Well, what about Mrs. Fox?

Where would she hang her washing?

a What

t on E bou

l k’s

a n tler s?

u se t

u She co


h ose...

Hmm yes. But I think you are missing the point Fox.

Where would everyone live?

They could live in burrows, like us!

Can owls dig burrows?

I guess not,


But maybe I can ask Mrs. Fox to help?

Looks good honey


a e did

pretty good j

ob w ith our earth.

Even so,

there’d be nothing left to shelter under.


I spose...

But what are the chances of that happening? Š Rachel Gyan Bailey 2011

Hey Fox, what do you think would happen if all the trees were... gone?

If All The Trees Were Gone  

Set in a wonderful woodland scenery a curious rabbit and a rather blasé fox discuss what would happen if all the trees were gone.

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