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Annual Report

Our Passion is the Best Possible You.

From time to time it is important to stop and look over where we are in life and how we are moving forward. We check if we are heading in the right direction or if there are any slight course corrections we may need to think about undertaking. By looking at ourselves and how things are going it also gives us a chance to appreciate all we have been doing. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets so busy that we just keep doing things but never stop to appreciate how much we accomplish. This is a good practice for ourselves as individuals, as families, and of course as a Family of Faith. For the parish family it is also important because there are so many things that are happening, but we are involved in some part of events, and may not realize all the other things that are occurring. One tool a parish uses to examine itself is the Annual Report. This report tries to bring together in one place all the stewardship of the parish family. It looks at the time, talent, and treasure that have been given to Christ here at St. Benedict Parish, and tries to report, at least in a small way how that stewardship is being guided to accomplish all that Christ has asked us to do. While this one report cannot capture everything, it can at least give us a larger sense of the scope of this parish and its many activities. In the Gospel of the Talents, Jesus points out that while it is true that each person may have been given a different amount of talents, all of us can and should do something to make a difference with whatever we have been blessed with. The only person criticized is the one who was too afraid to do anything. Here you will find the report for this past year (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017). As you read the parts of the story, and look at the pictures and examine the numbers of our financial life and Sacramental life, remember this is our shared story. It spells out how over this past year we have recognized our gifts from God and used them to make a difference in our neighborhood and beyond. It is a good story. One that speaks of the generosity and care of so many people. It also reminds us of the even greater blessings of God. As the new pastor here at St. Benedict, I feel quite privileged to be a part of this community. I am looking forward to our time together. This parish has a great reputation, and it has been well earned. As I look over the past, I am impressed by all I have seen and read about this Family of Faith. God has certainly blessed us in many ways, but in turn, we have reached out to try to bring God’s Good News to others and show His love in service to many as well. Enjoy this latest chapter in our parish family story. Thank you for your generosity in time, talent, and treasure. May we continue to grow in our appreciation for all the blessings God has given us and may we continue to use these gifts wisely to build God’s Kingdom in our homes, parish, and neighborhood. I pray that God will watch over and bless all of us in our continuing journey.

Fr. Steve Kanonik COVER: Parable of the Talents – Matthew 25:14-30: Talents, according to the parable, have to do with money. However, it is only God that sees the human heart when we are given an opportunity to prove ourselves. How does the parable of the talents apply to us?

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL Terri Aluise Justine Beck Karen Cholipski* Matt Doucet Nick Ford Glorieta Gaston Tricia Graff Irene Ireland-Katsogridakis* Molly Klucznik* Mark Kromkowski* Todd McGovern* Peg McLaughlin Amy Novicki Susan O’Keefe John Schuberth Amy Stern* Mark Sullivan Joy Walton* Janice Zach

FINANCE COUNCIL Karen Cholipski Jim Corbett* Thomas Fiske Chris Graff Rebekah Kohmescher Todd McGovern John Schuberth Gary Stark Ryan Stecz Amy Stern Tim Urquhart* Janice Zach Elizabeth Zakaras

SCHOOL BOARD Tim Urquhart, Chair Becky Hauman, Vice Chair Karla Stearns, Secretary Megan Biggam Aileen Blake* Rachel Combs* Dean Evans Michael Hart* Gina Hortatsos Jamee Insko* Alan Johnson Beka Kohmescher Peg McLaughlin* Erich Parker Patrick Patras Jose Ronchetta Julie Rothweiler Greg Thompson* Carrie Tracy Ron Wojcik Bill Yankowski Elizabeth Zakaras

* term concluded June 2017

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100th Birthday Celebrations CORNERSTONE PARTY Happy Birthday to Us! The first event to mark the 100th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone by Cardinal Mundelein on March 21, 1917 was our own Cornerstone Red Carpet Party. A blustery Friday, March 31, 2017 brought out parishioners and school families to take their picture by the cornerstone and have some birthday cake. Our Knights of Columbus provided the Lenten Fish Fry Dinner to a crowd in the gym and our 8th graders reenacted the Passion of Our Lord with Living Stations in Church.


MASS AND GALA Ball and Auction came on site on April 22, 2017 as the Mass and Gala 2017. It was an extraordinary celebration of the current innovation, creativity, spirit and community of St. Benedict Parish and Preparatory School! A “once-in-a-lifetime� experience for all of us; bringing the Mass & Gala on site in the Gymnasium and Courtyard became a reality thanks to the vision of our pastor, Fr. Jason and the hard work put in by our co-chairs, Tricia Canty and Colleen Mueller, and their great committee. Our overall net profit for the Mass & Gala was $190,000. $33,550 earmarked from the Target Technology Paddle Raise went to cover technology improvements to benefit all students this past summer with another $19,000 to Build Our Future covering needed facility improvements. The balance supported the operating costs of our education mission. This was a big accomplishment thanks to a dedicated committee of volunteers, our generous sponsors and donors, along with the tremendous support of our parishioners and school families.

5 Our Passion is the Best Possible You

Sacramental Life The sacraments are sacred signs. They show Christ’s presence in all the key moments of life: birth, death, coming of age, community leadership, the most basic relationships of family, our daily struggle to love better, and, in the Eucharist, our daily life in communion with the God we worship. The sacraments confer grace and show what grace does in us. They penetrate us with the life of Christ. And when we come to those perfect moments in the life of grace, when we act like graced people by truly participating in the sacraments, the sacramental life of grace is fulfilled and renewed in us, and so the sacraments drive us forward, as well.






680 N/A N/A N/A 3,000

2,981 1,062 8,552 +2,124 10,676

3,119 1,209 9,022 +2,418 11,440

120 8 67 164 36 57

140 11 144 82 31 39

155 7 138 54 36 44



SENIOR MINISTRY Over the past year Senior Ministry, with the assistance of Sr. Helen Marie Kling D.C., aimed at providing for the spiritual needs of senior parishioners. The activities have been simple: a small lunch followed by a prayer activity such as the Rosary in October and Stations of the Cross during Lent led by Fr. Robert and Deacon Reyes. Outings to visit retired sisters in various convents brought out Fr. Jason as bus driver for trips to Terra Haute and Dubuque. These activities led to the bonding of our seniors, some of whom were new to the neighborhood. Thank you to our Leadership Team: Bill Buchholtz, Mary Close, Glorieta Gaston, Maureen Gawlik, Rosemary McDonnell, Kathy Minneci, Jan Mocarski, and Beverly Wallin.

MINISTERS OF CARE The spiritual life of those who are sick, homebound or in nursing facilities is enriched by parishioners who have offered their time and willingness to serve. These ministers are called Ministers of Care. The role of this ministry is to take Communion and pray with those in need of this care. Our ministers have been trained and are offered up-date gatherings three times a year. We are blessed to have many active ministers taking Jesus to those who cannot come to receive with the parish community. If you are aware of someone homebound or would like to become a Minister of Care please call the rectory.



INSPIRED BY THE PAST St. Benedict Parish has long been synonymous with great music. If the walls of our church could talk, they’d tell of the magnificent sounds that reverberated between them over the course of a century. This legacy is part of both our parish and our Catholic identity. We draw inspiration from our history as we fill our church with music week after week, and we will strive to continue this great tradition for years to come. EMBRACING THE PRESENT Over the past year, our parish music ministry has been blessed with a period of abundance. Through the use of creative marketing and re-branding, the enrollment in both our Adult choir and Children’s Chorus is the highest it’s been in years. We have also added new groups such as our teen ensembles and Chant Schola. We are blessed with an exceptionally talented music faculty in our school, and the collaboration between parish and school music departments is strong. This is evident at our school Masses. We are seeing a return on the investments we have made in our ministry, and many of the seeds we have planted are finally bearing fruit. Because of the overwhelming generosity of an anonymous donor we were able to upgrade our aging church piano to a world-class instrument. This new instrument has taken both our liturgies and concerts series to the next level. We have invested a lot of time and resources to make much needed improvements over the past few years. This included new hymnals, sheet music, folders, upgrading of our sound system to an all-digital interface, digital mixers & amplifiers, and the addition of brand new choir microphones. A less tangible investment has been that of minister formation. In our adult choir and cantor program we have focused on the spiritual growth and prayer. We began this season with a mini-retreat for all of our ministers

over the course of two evenings. Through formation we help our musicians to realize that they are not performers or simply volunteers, but ministers of the church. They also realize that they are sharing the gifts bestowed upon them by God to help the assembly pray. It may sound cliche, but a choir that prays together stays together. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE As we look to the future, we have a rare chance to create something truly special. Our aim is to continue the growth that we have experienced and to create an inclusive, vibrant, and comprehensive program that serves our block in its entirety. We still have some needs that will have to be addressed moving forward. As our school transitions to a PK-8 model, we will need to figure out how best to engage our middle-school students and engage them in choir. We will likely have to upgrade our church organ as it continues to show its age and reaches the end of its life expectancy. We also need to do some further work on our sound system and audio equipment. Though there is much work to be done, our future looks bright. Through the generosity of our parish family, we will continue the legacy of great music at St. Ben’s for years to come.


Our Passion is the Best Possible You


Adult and Child CatecHEsis Commission

The adult and child Catechesis Commission is the collection of ministries dedicated to life long learning around the celebration of sacraments and around different milestones in our lives We are blessed to have such a large and dynamic Religious Education Department here at St. Ben’s that is supported by many dedicated volunteer ministers. Many ministries are covered, including K-8 Religious Education classes for St. Ben’s children who do not attend our school, an RCIA program for those wishing to be welcomed into the Church, a SPRED program to help those with special needs come to Christ, Children’s Liturgy of the Word to preach the Gospel to the young ones in our community, Baptismal Preparation for new parents, Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation for those preparing for the Sacrament, and Adult Education for our parents and parishioners.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION • The Religious Education Department is run by Daniel J. Hughes, the Director of Catechesis and Nancy Uczen the Administrative Assistant. • Our Catechetical Leader for RE is Michelle Stevens, our lead 2nd grade Catechist. • Over 250 families send their children to St. Ben’s for Religious Education. • In the 2016/17 year there were 318 children attending. • This year we have 313 attending. • In 2016/17 we had 132 receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion • This year we will have 142 receiving those Sacraments. • In 2016/17 we had 46 teens receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. • This year we will have approximately 72 receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. • The SPRED team, led by Pat Woodhouse, helps to guide those with special needs closer to Christ.

PRE-CANA • Gilbert and Stephanie Tolentino host Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation twice a year at their lovely home nearby.

RCIA • We have a dedicated team, led by Mary Jo Shaver, which helps to guide those being welcomed into the Church. • Last year we welcomed 9 into the Church and this year it will be 10. • Those being welcomed come from a variety of faith traditions. • This year we reviewed the program and decided on new materials to make the process more dynamic.


BAPTISMAL PREP • Our Pastoral Associate Elaine Lindia and Daniel J. Hughes, our Director of Catechesis team up to prepare new parents to have their child Baptized at St. Ben’s. • From September 2016 to September 2017, 168 children were baptized.

CHILDREN’S LITURGY OF THE WORD • Gabrielle George and Deacon David Reyes lead the Children’s Liturgy of the Word. • This is usually held at both the 9 am Mass and the 10:30 am Mass. • It is an amazing way to bring the Gospel to some of our youngest parishioners.

ADULT EDUCATION • This year we began hosting Chicago Catholic Scripture School on campus for those parishioners looking to more deeply connect to Christ through study of Sacred Scripture. • We host a number of Catechetical Conversations for our parents who have children preparing for Sacraments.

PARISH MISSION 2017 Our parish and St. Andrew Parish co-hosted the annual parish mission during Lent in 2017. “Your Story, Our Story” Finding Belonging in the Church through Story was presented by Dr. Timone Davis, professor of theology at the Institute of Pastoral Studies. Dr. Davis inspired our communities to see how our own personal stories could be part of the story of God’s great redemptive plan.

Father Sergio Romo, Pastor of St. Andrew with Dr. Davis at the reception held in our church basement. Our Passion is the Best Possible You



What Catholic School Excellence Will Look Like at St. Benedict Preparatory School in the Future REACHING NEW HEIGHTS – SBPS STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE MISSION, VISION AND POSITIONING OF OUR PARISH SCHOOL In February 2017, parish and school leadership announced that we will transition to an Early Childhood through Grade 8 Parish School, concluding our high school ministry in two years (June 2019). Last year through the strategic planning process, the work of the school advisory board and school leadership analyzed all grade levels of our school and reflected on community feedback to discern how we can be our best at all the grade levels we offer. The strategic planning work wasn’t just a study on whether or not to continue the high school. We knew this process was an opportunity to create a vision for an excellent parish Catholic school that would thrive in the 21st century global society. After many months of prayer, collaboration and data-driven discernment, we envisioned our future school model.

OVERALL ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE GOALS FOR ST. BENEDICT PREPARATORY SCHOOL SBPS will develop an effective model for 21st Century Catholic School Education focusing on the “Seven C’s” of progressive educational excellence. The “Seven C’s” which SBPS will build our program are the pillars of Catholic, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Content, Communication and Confidence. Building classroom practices around these Seven C’s will enable students to develop skills required to be self-directed, independent, life¬long learners; these skills will help them succeed in high school, college and beyond. The Seven C’s allow SBPS to provide a personalized, enriched, inclusive education that will support all areas of each child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional development. In early 2018, the parish adults will be invited to a “book club” to explore these Seven C’s. We hope you will be able to join us!

WHAT WILL WE BE DOING FOR EACH LEVEL OF SCHOOL? WE WILL… • strengthen the early childhood experience, incorporating age-appropriate social-emotional learning, as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programming; • further increase the rigor of our elementary programming, as well as integrating STEM components authentically into classroom learning; • enhance our robust middle school program, expanding enrichment and elective choices that allow our young adolescents to achieve and grow in areas that interest them; • continue strong Catholic identity, create rich prayer experiences and service opportunities for each grade level; • invest in teacher training, facilities, materials and technology to support a personalized learning experience for each student. ST. BENEDICT PARISH 2016-2017 ANNUAL REPORT

CREATING AN ORGANIZATIONAL MODEL TO SET UP SBPS FOR SUCCESS One of the key goals of the strategic planning process was to create an organizational model to help us reach our parish school goals, taking advantage of our already unique structure and resources. The organizational model was created in partnership with the school advisory board and parish and school leadership in consultation with Catholic School Management. The model integrated successful national models with our own robust urban parish school setting.

THESE ARE THE MAIN GOALS OF THE NEW ORGANIZATIONAL MODEL: • Enables a focus on Catholic academic excellence at the three levels of schooling: early childhood, elementary school and middle school; • Optimizes the span of control within the organization structure to allow key administrators and staff to provide the proper support to faculty, students and families as we implement the school vision; • Ensures proper support for curricular and co-curricular programs; • Creates a robust stewardship and development team to support parish and school financial needs to ensure the vision is created and sustainable; • Provides proper administration as we conclude the high school ministry in two years. Key Leadership Roles in the New Organizational Model: Head of Early Childhood, Rachel Waldron Head of Middle School (NEW ROLE), Mary Deletioglu Head of High School Transition (NEW ROLE), Dr. Erika Mickelburgh Innovation Coach for grades EC-8 (NEW ROLE), Phil Siegel School Counselor for grades 6-12 (NEW ROLE) Colleen Fahrenbach Director of Stewardship and Development for the Parish and School (NEW ROLE) Director of Alumni and Annual Giving (NEW ROLE), Joe Accardi Director of Enrollment and Marketing (NEW ROLE), Janet Gallagher Head of Parish School, Rachel Gemo (This year serving as Elementary Head of School as well.)



We are making significant changes to the school’s organization structure, leadership and programs. As this transition takes place, we will periodically review our progress, successes and challenges. Based on our learnings, we will continue to refine our structure, resourcing, and priorities as needed.

FORWARD IN OUR FAITH CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE AND THE SCHOOL’S STRATEGIC PLAN Now that the church roof and tuck pointing project has been completed, we now are able to turn our sights to the school. Father Steve, with the assistance of the new Director of Development and Stewardship and the Capital Campaign Committee, will review its current progress and determine a communications plan and marketing strategy to encourage continued participation. The parish facilities committee is reviewing options for the tuck pointing and windows replacement of the elementary school building along Leavitt Street. There is also an evaluation of renovation possibilities of the Bell Street building for the third project of the capital campaign. There will be more coming soon. We are grateful to all those who continue to support the Forward in Our Faith Campaign. Upgrades to the school facilities to support our school programming will be forthcoming. We have a great future to look toward. Our Passion is the Best Possible You


AN EXCELLENT CATHOLIC SCHOOL NEEDS A VISIONARY TECHNOLOGY PLAN There was a lot accomplished this past year in the area of technology. In order to get our building and campus future ready, we completed foundational upgrades to the network, infrastructure, security, and technology policies. While that was happening, we visited forward-thinking schools across Chicagoland to see what was working and what are essential components of a strong technology plan. Along with leaders from the faculty, administration, technology committee, academic excellence committee and the advisory board we formulated a three-year educational technology plan. Educational Technology Goals: • Hire an Innovation Coach • Implement one-to-one computing for K-8 over three years • Update faculty laptops • Create STEM labs (we’ve named them the EXPLORATORY) – we will have the Elementary and Early Childhood EXPLORATORY ROOMS rolled out this year; middle school will be created in the near future • Creative Communications Arts Lab for middle school • Evaluate and implement programs that support goals • Hire and retain a quality Tech Support Team Thanks to a generous family foundation gift, we’ve been able to create the new EXPLORATORY for the elementary school, as well as move and remodel the elementary school library. The EXPLORATORY received 24 brand new computers this summer and we’ve put in STEM materials and applications to foster critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. We’ve moved the library down to the first floor so that we can have an extra-large room for our EXPLORATORY. For the secondary school Creative Communication Arts Lab, we’ve purchased six high-powered computers to support digital creative arts. We will also be creating a video recording studio that will be accessible to all grade levels.





Over this summer, the technology department has grown to accommodate a number of new policies and programs, all in an attempt to develop a 21-century learning environment. Developing a One-to-One program was the highest priority. As a result, many prerequisites would have to be established, if we were to deploy computers to every student in the building. First, we would need staff to support the additional devices. Next, we would need to grow the infrastructure to sustain the added device load; and most importantly, we would need to insure security for all kids, both at school and at home, when doing online activities. Doing so, however, would also require the need to update teachers’ machines, as well as updating the computer labs. Adding devices to the elementary school requires a lot of overhead, constant contact with teachers, as well as, a well developed infrastructure. We hired a fulltime Network technician, Jazel Gabriel, whose main responsibility was to upgrade and maintain the network backbone in every classroom across the campus. In addition, a part-time computer technician, Denisa Gargovic, was brought on to address ticket submissions, and assist in the rollout of the One-to-One program. Originally, classroom infrastructure was set up to service one computer per classroom, which had horrific cable organization, as well as poor placements of phones and Access points. Therefore, we decided to locate and mount all phones on the walls closest to the doors. This insures consistency in all classrooms, ST. BENEDICT PARISH 2016-2017 ANNUAL REPORT

so in the event of an emergency, everyone on campus knows where to access a phone. Access points were mounted on ceilings/walls for maximum performance and minimum interference. The old network cable was cut and replaced with new Cat6 cable, terminated, and installed in all classrooms. The goal was/is to maintain a consistent, organized, and efficient set up in every classroom that insures reliable usability. The internet is a blessing, bringing instant information and communication to children wanting to learn. However, because there are people out there that are always looking to do harm, security is imperative. That is why we employed ForcePoint to run an onsite and cloud offsite security proxy for all computers. BEFORE


Each classroom now has a phone at a designated spot near each door, along with access points to help with internet access and speed.



Cable organization provides for easy accessibility for infrastructure maintenance.

ForcePoint insures protection from Malware, Viruses, and ransomware; while, filtering all unwanted/ blocked content that kids should not be exposed to when searching online. Purchase of ForcePoint Services was a major investment and partnership that St. Benedict has made, and is a clear differentiator from all other parishes and schools in the area. Update of Teacher machines and Computer Labs were the last identified prerequisites to implementing the One-to-One. As a result, we transitioned the Labs to a STEM environment, where a more diverse level of skills can be acquired through hands on activities. Because we wanted to encourage users to write on their device and interact with the projectors in meaningful and dynamic ways, a Lenovo ThinkPad was the most logical choice to attain these results. Many positive and beneficial accomplishments were completed this summer, which really helped to define the direction of the department as a whole, and for its future success. Thoughtful attention was also given to how we complete and log tickets/requests, hours and availability in the office, professional development for the teachers, as well as, communication with faculty on updates and procedures. Last summer was definitely a most rewarding major step forward for developing St. Benedict 21st century learning environment. Our Passion is the Best Possible You


Human Concerns Commission


The focus of the Human Concerns Commission is to minister to those among us with spiritual, physical, social and economic needs. Our task is to assure that all people are invited to be full participants in the Church and society. Our ministries are “Christianity in Action” where we work to affirm and uphold the dignity of all individuals.



As part of our efforts to provide food to all the needy in the community, St. Benedict was recognized by Common Food Pantry for collecting over 3257 pounds of food in 2016! Members of our St Vincent de Paul Society ensured that the food was delivered to the pantry to help them in the fight against hunger. St Vincent de Paul also partnered with the school to collect food during Advent so that Christmas baskets of food could be delivered to families in need. Our Christmas Giving Tree served the needs of several ministries including St Joseph Village, Maryville Academy and Neumann Family Services. We continued to offer our lunch program as well as our Ministry Dinners on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter where over 300 people come to share a meal with others in the community. Our Health Committee continues to offer Zumba classes and also held a blood drive, flu shot offering and a presentation about how to have a healthy heart. A Christmas card exchange was made to our Sharing Parish and they visited our community for a presentation from a special guest speaker, a retired Air Force pilot. Both schools made cards for soldiers in the Military and enjoyed lunch together. St. Benedict Sanctuary partnered with the House of Good Shepherd and collected needed items for the residents. They continue efforts to raise awareness of domestic violence and prepared purple ribbons for all to wear to show support for the sisters and brothers in our community dealing with domestic abuse.


In an effort to expand the promotion and preservation of human dignity and human solidarity, a new Peace and Justice Committee was formed. A survey was conducted by the committee to determine the issues of concern. Committee members partnered with Heartland Alliance to offer an educational event on how to support refugee families. Efforts for Respect Life and our CRS Rice Bowl campaign continue and the committee will be working on new offerings for education and outreach in the coming year. MEMBERS OF OUR ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY: PAT CLARK, RITA ZEITNER, JIM VAHEY (LEFT SIDE), AL SCHOEN, DIANE BOROWCZYK (RIGHT SIDE)


Our Passion is the Best Possible You

Parish Life Commission




is a chapter of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women of Chicago, Vicariate II, and is an inclusive community of Catholic women who seek to empower and educate its members in spirituality, leadership and service. The society meets on the first Wednesday of the month after the morning Mass in Beaven Hall. For over 40 years this society has made homemade cookie baskets for the homebound, those in nursing homes and for our daily sandwich program for the poor, prior to Christmas. They also participate in service projects for the Council’s Prison Ministry.


is the parish men’s club since 1917. Its mission is to promote devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus and to assist each other to grow in holiness. The apostolate of the society is to assist in parish ministries by performing the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. They have sponsored numerous events in the past such as Donut Sunday and Lunch with Santa, as well as participated as volunteers for Benfest and Oktoberfest.


the fraternal organization formed as Council # 15052 to which there are currently 76 Knights with 12 very active members. Throughout the year they sponsor numerous events to support both the universal and local church such as the Keep Christ in Christmas project, November and March food drives. They are also very active throughout the year at parish events such as Benfest and offer their honor guard to special celebrations such as Fr. Kanonik’s recent installation as pastor. Their Tootsie Roll drive supports our SPRED religious ed program for the developmentally disabled. The organization also offers a life insurance program unequaled by any in the nation.

WELCOMING MINISTRY was formed by very active women whose vision is to joyfully be among the first-responders of the parish to new parishioners. Each of the nine women are members and leaders of other parish ministries and special events. Their ultimate goal is to cultivate the spirit of Christ and St. Benedict’s welcoming atmosphere. Last year 87 new families were welcomed at a monthly Sunday Mass. WOMEN’S BOOK CLUB has been a ministry at St. Benedict’s for 17 years. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month, except during the summer, in the Pine Room in the Rectory. We have approximately 20 members, but are always welcoming to anyone with a love of reading. Twice a year we vote on selections suggested by members to read for the upcoming months. We read all genres, from classics to current titles, fiction to non-fiction.



BEN’S BUDS is the team of gardeners headed by Anne Hunt who take care of the various gardens on the block. This year’s highlights included a project with the Girl Scouts to have native plantings put down in the garden in front of the St. Kateri Center. The restoration of the statue of Blessed Mother was finished and reinstalled in the garden east of the rectory. ST. BEN’S YOUNG ADULTS

The group’s events are on the 4th Sunday of each month, after the 6:30 pm Mass. This Fall there will be a series titled Theology Uncorked at Mrs. Murphy’s on Tuesday. The group is looking for services opportunities this Fall.

YOUNG ADULTS RCYA There were 12 Softball Teams this year. The Champion Team was the Purple from St. Clements.


Scouting is alive and well with Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Daisies, and Brownies who meet regularly and participate in various activities and outings. Kindergarten Daisy Troop - 22 girls First Grade Daisy Troop - 6 girls Second Grade Brownie Troop - 22 girls Third Grade Brownie Troop - 14 girls Fourth Grade Junior Troop - 12 girls Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Grade Junior and

Cadettes - 21 girls Boy Scouts - 23 boys Cub Scouts - 74 boys Den of Lion Scouts - 13 boys TOTAL GIRL SCOUTS: 97 TOTAL BOY SCOUTS: 110

OUR ANNUAL BALL & AUCTION: THE MASS AND GALA 2017 was on campus for the first time having almost 600 guests in attendance on a beautiful Saturday night in April for the 100th birthday celebration at Mass and then in our transformed gym and courtyard.

BENFEST 2017 was well attended with beautiful weather all three days.

OKTOBERFEST 2017 also had large crowds with good weather, celebrating our German heritage. Peter Kattner Jr. was recognized at this year’s Oktoberfest for his 40 year commitment to organizing and putting on Oktoberfest at St. Benedict Parish.

Our Passion is the Best Possible You

St. Kateri Center With the retirement of Mrs. Dee Logan in December 2016, a year of transition began at the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Native American Center hosted in our parish convent. Josie Dykas became the interim coordinator until Cardinal Cupich appointed Jody Roy and Lisa Franqui as co-coordinators of the center in June of 2017.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM LAST YEAR: • 8 Native American Children attending Catholic schools were provided with scholarships for 2016-2017 and currently 6 students were awarded for 2017-2018 academic year. • During the summer of 2016 and 2017, representation from the center attended the annual Tekakwitha Conference, the world’s largest annual gathering for Native American Catholics. • The Center hosted a student group from St. Labre Indian School in South Dakota who came to learn about our center and meet with Native American youth here in Chicago. • In partnership with American Indian Education Program a series of 4 week beading and sewing classes was provided. • Senior Luncheon for the Native Community is also back at the center. This monthly event offers native elders an opportunity to gather in kinship with other community members. • Recently a partnership with St. Eugene Parish supported our first co-sponsored Pow Wow held this past July at St. Eugene. • The St. Kateri Youth Circle has been started and meets twice a month for 4 hours. • In addition a Youth Leadership Program has been launched for Native American youth who want to become more involved in community programs and develop their leadership and professional skills. • We currently have Ojibwe Language Classes open to the public. We are currently looking to bring more Native American Language classes to the community. Jody and Lisa are working to ensure that St. Kateri Center’s biweekly Masses continue. COMING SOON: 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass in the St. Kateri Chapel, 3931 N. Leavitt followed by a potluck feast: November 26 and December 17, 2017. Please follow us on Facebook for future events and please come visit us at St. Kateri Center and learn more about us.


JODY ROY is Ojibway from Atikameksheng Anishinabek. She is a wife and mother to one wonderful daughter. Growing up and living on the reservation until she and her family moved to this wonderful city in spring of 2000. She started volunteering her time in the community in 2003. Jody recently graduated from Kendall College here in Chicago with Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. LISA FRANQUI is Native American, an enrolled Member of the Navajo Nation and Puerto Rican. Lisa was born in Chicago and currently resides in Dunning square, she also has a son named Paul. Lisa became Catholic at the age of thirty years old. She has been involved in Native American Ministry for over 20 years. Lisa attended USML Lay ministry program and graduated in 2005. Lisa enjoys reading, running and attending pilgrimages.



During this year we started a structured meeting schedule, continued building connections between parish ministries and have continued to offer the young people ways that they can live out their call to discipleship by participating in service to our community. In January of 2017 we began a regular first and second Sunday meeting schedule to help create a pattern for gathered events. It isn’t necessary to participate in every event, to belong. First Sunday Fun starts at 5:00pm and goes until 6:30pm. It usually takes place in the gym and consists of time building our relationship with each other and just having fun. Second Sunday Scripture is just an

alliteration that invites those who attend to engage in prayer and/or scripture and some really great conversations with the group. We have made bridges between several parish ministry groups to help highlight that we are one community of faith. In October of 2016, youth ministry and the Sanctuary ministry met together to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and talk about healthy relationships. This year because of the generosity of the Holy Name Society we have 8 young people attending the National Catholic Youth Conference. The members of the Holy Name Society offered to sponsor two of our young people to attend NCYC and as a response to their kindness, the youth helped at one of their sponsored Donut Days. Why am I created? and How do I fit in? are two major questions that most people wrestle with at some point in their lives. I think that participating in our Lord Have Mercy service weeks helps the participants begin to answer those questions. The opportunity to serve others and spend time reflecting on our experiences as followers of Christ, makes these some of my favorite weeks of the summer. Serving the families at the Ronald McDonald House by cleaning the house they stay in, really was a wonderful way to serve. Cleaning in our church helped the whole group take pride in our worship space. There were approximately 95 hours of service during this time frame and all the young people participated generously with their time and talents. This year we will continue to focus on making connections to other parish ministries and holding open the door for all our young people to continue being active members of our Community of Faith. In reflecting on this past year of youth ministry we are reminded of the support that youth ministry receives and the value our parish has for all young people.

Our Passion is the Best Possible You


Completed Facilities Projects in 2016-17. FORWARD IN OUR FAITH UPDATE Through fervent prayer, generous teamwork, and formidable generosity, our parish capital campaign Forward in Our Faith continues to turn our dreams into realities. The initial campaign consisted of three project phases: 1) The complete replacement of the 100-year-old slate roof and carry out all necessary tuck pointing around the exterior of the church:. • Remove and replace the underlayment and slate on the upper roof and conical roof on the south side of the church; installation of new snow guards, copper flashing, gutters, and downspouts; as well as for the lower aisle roofs. • Major tuck pointing repairs around several parts of the church, largely on the north, south and east sides of the church • The removal of paint from the façade of the church, restoring the original limestone, the opening and assessment of the front limestone steps of the church, and the replacement of the cracked clay gutter sewer pipes underground • Re-establishment of the lightning rods at the top of the bell tower and at the top of the roof copper cross. • The final part of the project was the restoration of the failing paint and plaster in the church completed in time for the 100th birthday celebration 2) Thoroughly tuck point the façade of the school building (Building 1) on Leavitt Street as well as install new lintels and windows. 3) Build a new addition to our parish school to house new and innovative educational centers. However, due to the phasing out of the high school, the parish has reassessed this need and has begun to move forward with plans to renovate and upgrade the school building (Building 4) on Bell Street with new and innovative educational centers. Watch for more details in the future about this endeavor. CAMPAIGN STATISTICS Total pledged (to-date): $4,691,991 Challenge goal: $6,200,000 Total paid gifts (as of October 31, 2017): $2,446,464 Total number of donor families: 738 CAMPAIGN EXPENSES INCLUDE: • $1,614,125: Final cost of the work on the church building • $234,840: General expenses to administer the campaign • $157,058: The first two of five gifts to the Archdiocese of Chicago for the “To Teach Who Christ Is” Campaign • $70,394: Structural reports and interior church repair work • $20,000: Gift to our sharing parish, Our Lady of the Snows • $18,750: Preliminary plans for the renovation of Building 4

With profound gratitude, thank you for your continued generosity as we strive to continue moving our parish “forward in our faith.”







The 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal supports both parish and Archdiocesan ministries. In addition, the appeal is also one of the largest philanthropic sources of financial support for Catholic schools in the archdiocese. The appeal also funds services that are of great help to other ministries offered here in our parish. This year, the theme of the Appeal was “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.” We have all received God’s love. By financially supporting the ministries and services funded by the ACA, we help to extend God’s love to many, many others. When our parish reaches its goal of $48,090 in paid pledges, we will receive 100% of the additional funds for continued heating upgrades to our parish plant. This goal represents 6% of our offertory income. For the past two years, our goal was lessened by 50% in 2015 and by 25% in 2016 because of our participation in the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign, which is tied into our Forward In Our Faith campaign. Because of your immense generosity over the last several years, the following special programs and projects were completed:



In addition to the water fountain additions around the campus, plumbing upgrades were made throughout the campus this past year. • The Ackerman Center which houses the kitchen in Beaven Hall received the most work. A new water line was installed to bypass the old water lines that contained high levels of lead in the drinking water. • Some of the outgoing lines in the rectory had cracks or were clogged and needed replacement. • Glass pipes in our science department were not functional for proper disposal. These specialized pipes were replaced.


In addition to the work on the façade of the school building on Leavitt Street as part of our Forward in Our Faith capital campaign, our parish will put forth effort into the following capital projects: • While preventative maintenance and inspections are regularly done to our heating and cooling systems, our parish is in need of new condensation pump stations. There are 6 old pumps strategically placed throughout the campus. None of the 6 are working effectively. Some of the pumps have been completely bypassed altogether. The purpose of the pumps is to collect and return condensate from remote areas of the campus back to the boilers. However, since many are not functioning and leaking a significant of water, warm water is not returning to our boilers for reheating. Rather, cold city water is constantly refilling the boilers. New condensation pump stations will not only help our parish be more energy efficient, but will also help to extend the life expectancy of our existing boilers. The parish is currently soliciting multiple bids for this project. Funds for this project will come from parish reserves as this is not a project associated with the capital campaign. • Continued plumbing upgrades to address aging pipes • Roof repairs and sealing of roof gaps on Building 4 (Bell Street) LEAKING CONDENSATION PUMP STATION IN OUR BOILER ROOM

THANK YOU HSA! Major renovations were made to the first floor building 1 bathrooms. We would like to thank the Home and School Association and all those who contributed to the 2016 Fun Run last fall. With left over funds (after supporting the other great initiatives), the HSA was able to cover the costs of remodeling the first floor washrooms in the elementary building. We now have sinks that our younger students can reach! The new materials will help us keep our bathroom cleaner and healthier for all!



FORWARD IN OUR FAITH DONOR LIST Kirk & Jane Ahlfors Mark & Meg Ahlheim Scott & Anne Alford Milagros & Aimee Almendras Ernesto & Mary Almodovar Leonard & Teresa Aluise Tom & Marzena Anderson Curt & Laurie Annis Jay & Sarah Anzevino Helen Applegate Shannon & Amy Archer Julian & Clarita Ares Steve & Shalita Ativie Stetson & Kristie Atwood James Audia & Laura Bloem Elenita Ayalin Colin & Jeanette Aylward Joseph Babbo Tom & Debbie Babu Frederic & Aileen Bacon IV Marilyn Bade Brian & Shannon Bafaro Maggie Bahler & Chuck Rizzio Milagrina Balbuena Michael and Joan Balcsik Christopher & Julie Balzarini Craig & Anne Barclay Jesus & Lucita Barin Richard & Kathryn Barnaby Jenna & John Barrett Carla Barrios Mike & Judy Bartley Loreta Bautista Mike & Peg Bazzell Thomas & Justine Beck Michael and Nancy Beebe Michael & Melanie Behling Rachel Bernhardt Stephen & Marjorie Best Bethany & Joseph Beyer Hortencia Bicaldo Ursula Bielski Carole Bilina Clare Billingham Mary Binicewicz Lazar & Wilma Bityou Susan Bland Paul & Betty Blazek Michael & Michelle Blose Jim & Janet Bonebrake Kristopher & Ashley Boron Diane Borowczyk John Bowles & Erica Mickelburgh Eileen Boyle Mark & Eileen Boyle Alfred & Elisabeth Brandt Karen Breen Jon & Kari Bresemann Sue Breunig Geraldine Brewster Paul & Carol Brimstin Veronica Bruce Eric & Shannon Brusca Kevin & Kathleen Buchar Jerry Buldak Joseph & Julie Burke Patrick & Jennifer Burke Robert & Andrea Burke

Jacob & Lori Calhoun Scott & Nancy Campbell Tricia Canty Bienvenido & Georgina Capeles John & Kathleen Caplis Rosemarie Carsello Rob & Marsha Cassidy Giorgio & Kelly Castaldi Oscar & Sandra Castaneda Zachariah & Alby Celestino Beatriz Cervantes & Mario Benavidez Jordan & Meghan Chalmers John & Eileen Chambers John Chan Christopher & Tracy Chantry Karen Cholipski Erhard Chorle Michael Claffey Susan Clarke William & Mary Close Steve & Rose Cohen Shawn & Patty Colgan Kelly & Mark Colpoys Kristin Condon Bernadette Conneely Brian & Lisa Connolly Padraic & Siobhan Connolly Lucy Consing Barbara & Abelardo Contreras Joseph & Betty Contreras Robert & Colleen Contreras James & Mary Cooney Beatrice Coppola James E & Barbara A Corbett Asuncion Corpin Carlos Correa Jorge & Aurora Cortes Maricar Cortez Thomas & Audrey Cosgrove John & Cynthia Crimmins Philip Cronce & Victor Ambrosio Mark & Amy Crumrine Kelley Curry Timothy & Gabriela Dace Romel & Maria Perlinda Dalalo Joseph Daprile & Patricia Flynn Jonathan & Joann Davidson Richard & Regina Davis William & Tracy De Allaume William and Janet De La Fuente Richard & Charlene DeGuzman Dio & Cherina Delfino Mark & Stephanie Delia Tom Deske Michael & Donna Dietrich Brian & Angela Dillon Paul & Rosemarie Dinan Adelaida Dino Benjamin & Elisa Dino Frederick & Tisha Dino Neil & Joy Dizon

Mary Doherty James & Elizabeth Donaghue William & Mary Donahue James Doney Christopher & Joy Donohoe Edward & Indira Doran Jeanne Doran Chris & Krista Dorgan Matthew & Kerry Doucet Brian & Kathleen Doughty Joseph & Juliana Doyle Sean & Meghan Duffy Thomas & Christina Duggan Michael & Julie Dzamba Natalie Eden Paul & Holly Edlund Ben & Julie Eichenseer Ronald & Susan Ekx Cesar & Sandra Escovar Pablo & Consuelo Espiritu Darin & Chelli Facer Bret & Anna Faford Erik & Maria Fagrelius Sue Fahey John Paul & Debra Fanning Nicole Farinella-Cafillio Christopher & Jean Faris Dan & Darianne Farley Jeanne Farley Joseph & Ann Fattore Frances Fazio Scott & Linda Feaman Peter & Claire Feczko Marvin & Amanda Ferguson Anita Fernandez David Field Bradley & Rita Filbey Diane Filbin Anne-Marie Finger Kevin & Joanne Finger Agnes Firek Terry & Shirlee Firestone Linda Fischer Tom & Virginia Fiske Brian & Marie Fitzpatrick Edward & Christine Fleming Leonido & Luisa Flores Maureen Flynn Justin & Kathryn Foley Christopher & Jennifer Ford Cordy Fortunado Nicole Foster & Chris Hill Lisa Franqui David & Jennifer Freda David & Pamela Fritzsche Walter & Sara Furie Mark Fylling John & Sharon Gaietto Kathleen Gailey Alex and Elizabeth Galiano Janet Gallagher Patrick & Anna Gallagher Kim Gambino & James Smith Emilio Garcera Glorieta A. Gaston Martina Gavigan William & Anna Gay

Tess Gecijo Andrew & Elizabeth Geer Mary Lee Geesbreght Hilda Geldmyer Sally Gilger Joan Gillespie Michael & Gail Giovannelli John & Tracey Glibowski Brian & Molly Goad Edmund & Mary Gobat Gloria Goerner David & Kathy Goetz Consolacion Golloso David & Kristin Gonnella Stanislaus & Shona Gonsalves Guillermo & Jessica Gonzales John & Kara Goodwin David & Laura Gould Brian & Laura Grady Christopher & Patricia Graff Amy & Kristopher Graft Christian & Erin Greiner James & Therese M. Grohman Kirk & Angela Grossnickle John & Lisa Gschwind Daniel & Melissa Guilfoyle Adam & Amanda Guillaume Judy Gumler Peggy Gumler Rita Gumler Bojan & Elizabeth Guzina Suzanne Gylfe Eleanor Haberkamp Stevens & Barbara Haen Gabriel Hailu & Nighisti Berhe Alicia & Kenneth Haller Matthew and Jennifer Hallgren Edward & Kelley Halper Matthew & Laura Hamister Sarah Hanson William & Christina Hardin Michael & Iris Hart Cherrie Hartman Barbara Hartnack Janet Haslwanter Chris & Jen Hastings Jim & Rebecca Hauman Alan Hauser & Anne Suh Paul & Karen Hawk Sean W Hayes Matt & Rosalind Heckman Jim & Megan Heneghan Shawn & Margare Heneghan Mary Henneman Adam Hennig Eleanor Herkert Melissa & Michael Hevner Daniel Hickey Laverne Hickey Edgar & Nancy Hillner Angielyn & Ray Hodges Anne Hoellich Gavin Hoffman & Lorraine Egan Kevin & Amy Hogan Rita Holly-Lindsay Michael & Gina Hortatsos

Matthew Houlihan Luke & Bridget Howe Chadwick & Charlene Hoyt Casey & Erin Hulliberger Arthur Hundrieser Anne Hunt Greg & Jennifer Hurst Heather Hurst & Michael DiDomenico Colleen Huston Carl & Jean Hybinette Daniel & Christina Hynes Marquita Hynes Esteban & Agustina Ibanez Michael & Jamee Insko Irene Ireland Nilda Irizarry Rosina Istl Nellie Jamiro Marilyn Jerger Froylan I. Jimenez Maggie Johnson Sunil Joseph Marie Jost Emilie Kaim Hans & Maria Kaim Ken & Katherine Kang James & Katherine Kartheiser Mary Ann Kattner David & Stephanie Keenan Mike & Danielle Keenan Brandon & Susan Kennedy Edward Kestler Mary Lou Kestler Ronald & Kimberly Kinn George & Marissa Klatt Jim & Susan Klein Scott & Carol Klemm Brian & Molly Klucznik Beth Knobbe Daniel & Janice Knuckey Frederik & Amy Koning Spencer & Randi Kowal Edward Kozak Irena Kozlowski Timothy & Elizabeth Kramer Todd & Michelle Kramer Samuel & Alison Krauss Linda Krier Thomas & Jeanne Krier Carl & Doris Kriho Mark & Christina Kromkowski Kathleen Krueger Karl & Cacinda Kuhn Mary Kurczak Mary Bridget Kustusch Richard & Marcia Lansu Aileen Laracuente Thomas & Julie Lauletta Jack & Kathryn Lavin Margaret Lawlor The William Lawlor Foundation Peter & Amy Leadstrom Donald & Corazon Lee Russell & Kelly Lee Eugene & Karen Leone Rose Leversha Floyd Lewis Bernie Libao


FORWARD IN OUR FAITH DONOR LIST Patrick & Elaine Lindia Stacy & Raquel Litherland Leonora Llanes Dustin & Kristy Loeffler Corazon Lopez Lilliann Lopez Maria Lopez Jon & Rochelle Luciano Martin & Linda Lunkes John & Carol Lydon Kathleen Lydon Patricia Lydon John & Julia Lynch JoAnn MacDonald Mickey & Dana MacMillan Ben & Remy Magahis Miguel & Violeta Magnabijon Timothy & Cheryl Mahon Joseph & Anne-Marie Maida Terence Maiellaro Jason Malave John & Mary Mangan Juan & Corazon Marasigan Eddie & Cathy Markul Brian & Liza Martin Todd & Karla Martin Pete & Zenaida Martinez Anthony & Kristin Mateja Fernando & Andrea Matro Fredrick & Brighid Matvias Andrew & Matty May Paul Mbinglo Peter & Amina-Mercy Mbinglo Mike & Becky McCallum Kevin & Megan McCarthy Terry & Mary Kay McCreery Rosemary McDonnell Brian & Jackie McFadden Jerry McFarland Jill McGinn-Henderson Todd McGovern & Lisa Dall Brian & Marisa McHugh Todd & Ellen McIntosh Kevin & Linda McJessy John & Margaret McLaughlin Michael McMahon Bernie McNally Brian & Annaliese McSweeney Patrick & Megan Melson Anthony & Ramona Mendes Jillian & Daniel Mendez Kevin & Kitzze Mendoza Larry & Cheryl Menke Minda Menor Lisa Mersereau Alexander & Katherine Messing Marc & Lindsey Milanowski Michael & Apitchaya Miller Rick & Kattie Milton Joseph & Kathleen Minneci Michael & Linda Misetic John & Janice Mocarski John Morales & Dolores Ponce de Leon Eileen Moran & Eamon Nash


Cesareo & JoAnn Moreno Joann Moretti Michael & Tammy Morris Christine Morrissey Mary Most Humberto & Jill Moya John & Colleen Mueller Peter & Paula Muenzner Matthew & Angela Mulderink Melissa Mulhern Regina Mulhern Melody & Curt Mullenix Beth Murphy James & Jeanette Murphy Mary Ann Murphy Matthew and Dana Murray Sean & Patti Murray James & Mara Myers Rodalfo & Rosita Nabong John & Brittany Nanry Mark & Neymi Nehring Eric & Amy Nelson Anne Neumann Adam Nieto & Jamie Ezzo Vincent & Jennifer Nigito Dee Noesen Janet Nolan Patrick & Erin Nolan Sean & Brooke Noonan Christopher & Heather Nordloh Mary C Nordloh Dan Notter & Haley Carlson Amy & Thomas Novicki Max Nutkowitz & Colleen Sullivan Joseph & Angelique Obiri James Ochoa & Susan O’Keefe Ryan & Catherine O’Connell Michael & Elizabeth O’Connor Thomas & Elly O’Donnell Chad & Aimee Ogren James & Kelly O’Hara Ronald & Christa O’Keefe Alan & Teresa Osinski Gerald & Gloria Ottesen Scott & Amy Paeth Justin & Agnes Pagsisihan Jon & Annie Palak Steve & Linda Palfi Gus & Lynn Pappadimas Leonardo & Maria Paradiso Erich & Robyn Parker Patrick & Jennifer Patras Joseph & Rose Pattison Kimberly Payne & Scott Berg Nicholas & Colleen Pelino Tony & Laura Pellikan Ricardo & Jo Ann Pena Concepcion Perez & Irm Owens David & Lisa Periolat Richard & Jennifer Petrillo Michael & Katherine Pfeffer Chris & Paula Pienton Robert & Ramona Piske Scott Pitts & Jennifer Ryan David & Christine Polanic Christina Polito

Rebekah & Stephen Polutnik Matthew & Rima Ports Robert Porzelt Joseph & Mercedes Prause Precision Excavation Janet & Jeff Preston Mariiusz & Halina Pydych Jaime & Magdalena Queroz Rowan & Delia Quinain Peter & Anne Quinn George & Kimberly Radich Elisabeth Rapp John & Catherine Rebel Arturo G & Belinda Recinto David & Allyson Regnier Sandra Regnier James & Agata Reilly David & Lynn Retford Ellen Reynolds Robert & Marta Rhyner Jeffrey & Carol Rich Tom & Kelly Rieckelman Greg & Anne Rief Brian & Kathryn Riehman Armando & Abad Rivas Timothy & Sally Roach Daniel & Elizabeth Roarty Mary Roche Jose & Bethany Ronchetta Theresa Roniere Ronald & Lara Rooney Hans & Anna Roos Bob & Jeanne Roth Michael & Julie Rothweiler Ben & Sarah Roxworthy Daniel & Jennifer Russell Ceannaich & Shawna Ryan Harry & Bonnie Ryan Janice Ryan Patrick & Beth Ryan Thomas & Isabelle Ryan Matt & Rachel Saccaro Eleazar B & Teresita B Sagun Matthew & Darlene Sagun Jose & Maria Salas Timothy & Tracy Samonds Paul & Rose San Pedro Kathleen Sanchez Mark & Maureen Sanders Vinod Sanghrajka Raymond & Gabrielle Sansonetti Frederick Sanzenbacher Kathleen & Patrick Schaefer Anton & Maria Schall Matt & Charleen Scherer Matthew & Rebecca Schick Dolores Schillizzi Christian & Melanie Schlachter Donald & Marion Schmitz John Schmitz John & Emily Schmitz Daisy Schmookler Olive Schneider William & Barbara Schneider Alan Schoen Barbara Schroeder Daryl & Megan Schumacher Dan & Cyndi Schuman

Steven Schwartz & Elizabeth Briggs Kent Seger Daniel & Julie Semenak Francesco & Bridgett Sessa John & Amanda Sharkey Christopher & Kara Sheaffer Eliot & Aggie Sherwin Dmitry & Maureen Shifrin John Shirey & Carmina Pereja Mary Shurba Laela Skaer Kirk Smid John & Malissa Smith Abraham & Eden Sobrepena Dino & Sylvia Solver Frank & Kirsten Sorensen Kerry & Christopher Porter Sorvino John & Lisa Souter Jason & Britt Staley Andy & Julie Stanglewicz Gary Stark Russell Starr Brian & Karla Stearns Ryan & Stephanie Stecz Jeff & Amy Stern Margaret Stevens Michelle Stevens Steve & Molly Stewart Scott & Emily Stiglicz Brett & Amy Straley Johanna Strecker Brian Stumpf Sookra & Yolanda Sukhu Mark & Patrice Sullivan Sean & Susan Sullivan Faith Swanson Brian & Samantha Szopinski Karen Tabbert Thomas Tansor & Aileen Blake Paul & Erica Tayaban Patrick Terrien Joan Theis Michelle Thelin George & Caitlin Tobin Margie Tomlinson Brian & Carrie Tracy Patrick S & Tami Tray Thomas & Mary Frances Trucco Doug & Nora Trybula Helen Tubog-Gabaisen Jennifer Turner Tim & Liz Uligian Esteban & Rosina Unzueta, Sr. Tim & Fiona Urquhart Victor & Carmen Valdez Nelia Valera Todd Van Dyke & Jennifer DeMay Jason & Elizabeth Vantine Christopher & Heidi Vassalotti Gloria Vergara Graziella & Juan Veron Jose & Yanitsa Villagomez


Kristin Villarreal Luz Viloria Guido & Marisa Volpe Beverly Wallin Daniel & Catherine Walsh The Walsh Foundation Joy & Larry Walton Carly Waltz Thomas & Maureen Ward Steven & Kara Warmbir Dorian & Yesenia Warner Andy & Mary Eileen Weber Chris Weber Daniel J. Weber Estela Weber John & Ilona Weber Walter Weglinski & Kendra Ensor Nicholas & Christina Weidman Tom & Mary Weirath Stephen & Michele Welsh George & Gertrude Wersching Robert & Jane Wharton Joan Wilcox Amy Wilkins Brett & Tammi Williams Quentin & Lydia Williams Maureen Wilson and Rich Madl Dan Wiltgen & Kristine Lantz Charles & Rosemarie Wimberly Michael & Dorothy Winn Margaret & Walter Winsor Josephine Wischler John & Michele Wittenborn Brian Wittenwyler & Jill Corcoran Marianne Wojak Edward & Barbara Wolke Howard & Collette Wong Wayne Wong Kenneth & Patricia Woodhouse William Wooten & Anni Braverman Patricia Wrona Stephen & Rohini Wurth Gisela Wysgalla William & Nicole Yankowski Robert & Carrie Zacks Gregory Zadell Matt & Elizabeth Zakaras Robert & Rita Zeitner Susan Zeitner David & Colleen Zinck Molly Zurek-Kennedy

Financials PARISH 17/18 CHURCH INCOME 15/16 16/17 BUDGET Collections $805,164 $801,653 $818,000 Religious Education Tuition and Fees $68,016 $69,315 $69,000 Lease and Rental Income $32,080 $33,042 $34,000 Fundraising $32,519 $54,505 $45,540 Annual Appeal Rebate $81,016 $58,350 $45,000 Other Miscellaneous $87,257 $90,776 $86,500 Total $1,106,052 $1,107,641 $1,098,040

SCHOOL 17/18 SCHOOL INCOME 15/16 16/17 BUDGET Tuition $5,985,967 $5,930,604 $5,890,336 Fees $208,821 $268,875 $207,000 Fundraising $267,120 $181,707 $225,329 Annual School Fund $73,707 $125,556 $150,000 Outside Funding Sources $109,300 $153,850 $70,000 Advancement Office Appeals/Scholarship $99,745 $91,621 $51,200 Other Miscellaneous $100,268 $61,657 $27,000 Total $6,844,928 $6,813,870 $6,620,865 CHURCH EXPENSE Salaries and Benefits $602,714 $612,300 $635,998 SCHOOL EXPENSE Rectory and Religious Salaries and Benefits $5,794,449 $5,303,596 $5,319,960 Education Office $76,583 $69,095 $61,000 Instructional $276,733 $185,040 $200,500 Liturgical and Church $16,956 $15,003 $11,000 Administrative $270,650 $104,590 $102,000 Utilities $62,042 $65,766 $70,450 Food Service $114,882 $107,843 $98,500 Building Maintenance Field Trip/AGORA $68,008 $49,255 $60,000 and Repair $39,491 $47,419 $40,000 Utilities $165,978 $176,543 $212,650 Archdiocesan Building Maintenance Assessments $126,200 $130,096 $129,141 and Repair $273,748 $247,731 $245,000 Property and Casualty Property and Casualty Insurance $83,496 $84,876 $87,679 Insurance $124,356 $122,760 $126,605 Other Miscellaneous $37,241 $47,432 $38,050 Other Miscellaneous $227,830 $268,575 $193,572 Total $1,044,723 $1,071,987 $1,073,318 Total $7,316,634 $6,565,933 $6,558,787 NET CHURCH NET SCHOOL OPERATING $61,329 $35,654 $24,722 OPERATING ($471,706) $247,937 $62,078 EXTRAORDINARY INCOME Archdiocesan/Sharing Parish Collections $72,570 $81,918 $80,000 Bequests and Memorials $5,919 $267,137 $30,000 Parish Educational Endowment $31,981 $43,320 $23,500 Build Our Future $49,361 $38,655 $43,700 New Family Fee $51,682 $50,307 $45,000 Forward in Our Faith $1,048,308 $891,351 $645,000 Other restricted $- $220,514 $Total $1,259,821 $1,593,202 $867,200 EXTRAORDINARY EXPENSE Archdiocesan/Sharing Parish Distribution $72,570 $81,918 $80,000 Forward in Our Faith $91,951 $1,818,529 $850,000 Capital Improvements (non-FIOF) $90,339 $67,564 $300,000 Vehicles $30,232 $32,980 $21,986 Total $285,092 $2,000,991 $1,251,986 NET EXTRAORDINARY

$974,729 ($407,789) ($384,786)

17/18 NET INCOME TOTALS 15/16 16/17 BUDGET Net Church Operating $61,329 $35,654 $24,722 Net School Operating ($471,706) $247,937 $62,078 Net Parish Extraordinary $974,729 ($407,789) ($384,786) Total $564,352 ($124,198) ($297,986) CASH BALANCE REPORT 6.30.16 6.30.17 Assets General Operating Accounts $257,252 $744,805 Restricted Accounts New Family Fee 103,972 $143,299 Build Our Futur $59,123 $308,088 Forward in Our Faith $1,089,579 $162,821 Parish Educational Endowment $126,116 $163,185 Total Assets $1,636,042 $1,522,198

General Operating Liabilities Account Payable $251,176 $1,571 Pre-paid Tuition Holding $261,403 $442,569 Restricted Use Holding $- $98,893 Sponsorship Holding $- $22,904 Parish Ministry Holding $98,275 $55,271 Total Liabilities $610,854 $621,208 PARISH EQUITY $1,025,188 $900,990


CHURCH • Income remains relatively stable. The parish is looking at ways to address increasing the Sunday collection with more extensive use of GiveCentral. There is also a concerted effort to reach out to those who have fallen away from regular Sunday giving. Miscellaneous income includes stole fees (funerals, weddings, baptisms), stipends for Masses, bulletin rebate, non-Sunday donations, and vigil candles. • Expenses also remains stable. However, the parish continually looks for ways to decrease our spending by encouraging better stewardship of our utilities, maintenance and office needs. Parishwide, our vendor contracts are reviewed regularly for better pricing options. Miscellaneous expenses includes ministry formation, Parish Mission, hospitality, other special programs.

SCHOOL • Tuition and fee collection is now audited every year to ensure proper billing and accounting for all families. Outside funding sources includes scholarship money received from Big Shoulders and other scholarship agencies. Advancement appeals includes all of the scholarship, alumni appeals, and reunion gifts. Miscellaneous income is primarily athletic proceeds along with vending and building use income. • This year, staffing expenses were better aligned to the academic needs of our PK-12 student population. Therefore, there was a large dip in our staffing costs last year. Instructional costs saw a drop after the 2015-16 year had a significant purchase of new materials. Administrative costs also drop over 60% after the parish withdrew from our contract with SBTC and moved to an in-house IT plan. Miscellaneous expenses include hospitality, campus ministry, admissions, advancement office, graduation, school nurse, guidance and athletic expenses.

EXTRAORDINARY • Last year, the parish received a generous bequest and an additional large restricted amount which are being saved for future parish needs. • The buyout lease for our parish vehicles (one van, one large bus and one small bus) will be paid-infull in February 2018. The parish is assessing our future needs for these vehicles.

CASH BALANCES • Year-over-year, our cash balances remain in a strong position. Unlike 2015-16 where our liabilities outweighed our general operating accounts, 2016-17 paints a different picture with the general operating accounts now outweighing our liabilities. • Our parish bulletin stewardship page updates our financial picture on a weekly basis for better communication of our parish assets and restricted funds.



IMPORTANT ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS OF OUR PROFOUND GRATITUDE • Annual School Fund: $122,000 Thank you to all our parents and grandparents that support this important School Board appeal to close the gap between what it costs to educate and what tuition is. Last year’s gap was $850 per student at St. Benedict Prep. This year’s goal is $150,000. • Mass and Gala: $142,000 (April 2017) net proceeds after Build our Future and Technology Fund-ANeed. What a great celebration! Thank you to Colleen Mueller and Tricia Canty for their leadership and to their team of volunteers who pulled off an extraordinary event transforming our courtyard into a marvelous venue. Save the date for this year’s gala on Saturday, March 3, 2018. • BenFest: $54,779 (2016) Proceeds from this annual summer festival are split between the parish and the school. Many thanks to BenFest chair, Jennifer Petrillo, the BenFest committee and the many volunteers for their coordination of this event. BenFest 2017 raised nearly $50,000 this past summer. Congratulations to all who work so hard all year-round for this event. Save the date for next year’s event from July 13-15, 2018. • Oktoberfest: $18,286 (2016) Carnival rides, beer and German music can mean only one thing, Oktoberfest at St. Benedict’s. This family-oriented affair brings not only financial resources for our parish, but brings together generations of family and friends for a fun-filled event. Thank you all who coordinated this event. This year’s event (2017) raised a record $21,000. Save the date for next year’s event from September 28-30, 2018. • 3rd Annual Bell Tower Open: $9,678 (2016) In an effort to support our endowment, a committee of school parents & parishioners host an event filled with golf, laughter, friendship and fun. Thank you to this committee for their leadership of this annual event. This year’s Bell Tower Open (2017) raised an additional $2,000 for our endowment account.

• Home School Association: Garage Sale $30,000 and FunRun $110,000. There are so many people to thank on the HSA for the variety of events that they host and the multiple ways they support our school. Proceeds from these events go to fund teacher bonuses, classroom needs, technology needs and new this year, new water fountains and the remodeling of bathrooms on the first floor of building 1. From everyone who benefits from your tireless work, thank you!

Our Passion is the Best Possible You


SUNDAY CONTRIBUTIONS Nilsa Agosto-Venegas Catherine Ahern Yaminah Alanis & Juan Capistran Amelia Alcantara Lisle Alderton Jeffrey & Jennifer Aldridge Naty Alejo Ann Alesi Scott & Anne Alford Milagros & Aimee Almendras Olibeth Sarigumba Almendras Ramon & Solita Alpasan Leonard & Teresa Aluise Ricardo & Mary Alvarez John R Anderson Karl & Barbara Anderson Tom & Marzena Anderson Carissa Androkites Curt & Laurie Annis Brian & Julie Annulis Helen Applegate Julian & Clarita Ares Thomas & Ronely Arvia Brian & Luanne Atkinson Stetson & Kristie Atwood James Audia & Laura Bloem Damon & Tiffany Auer

Elenita Ayalin Colin & Jeanette Aylward Joseph Babbo Tom & Debbie Babu Kevin Bachner & Angela Greene Frederic & Aileen Bacon IV Marilyn Bade Brian & Shannon Bafaro Maggie Bahler & Chuck Rizzio Ronald Baker Michael and Joan Balcsik Quintin & Corazon Balingit Louis Ballog Christopher & Julie Balzarini Craig & Anne Barclay Laura Bardowski Jesus & Lucita Barin


Otto & Olga Barone Dylan & Jennifer Barrett James & Marina Barrientos Charlie & Teresa Patty Barszcz Emily Bartlett Mike & Judy Bartley Denise Barton Kurt & Deirdra Baumstark Loreta Bautista Robert Bazzell & Margaret Murphy Matthew & Annie Beach Thomas & Justine Beck Joe & Hang Becker Michael and Nancy Beebe Matthew & Jennifer Belcher Danilo Belicena & Sally Sobrepena David & Dana Bender Janet Benedict Lawrence & Janet Bentz William Berkhout Rachel Bernhardt John & Rachel Berschied III Steven & Wanda Berthene Adam & Jennifer Betzen Bethany & Joseph Beyer Josip & Marion Bicanic Dolores Bielski Ursula Bielski Carole Bilina Clare Billingham Mary Binicewicz Jessica Bird Mark & Megan Birschbach Lazar & Wilma Bityou Kevin & Maureen Black Bertha Blaha Marcelline Blake Susan Bland Kevin & Anne Blasko Paul & Betty Blazek Manfred & Julieta Blohm Michael & Michelle Blose Richard & Deborah Bocek Larry & Melanie Bode Mathew & Tracy Boemmel Katherine Boesen Brian & Erin Bognar Ryan & Antonella Bolton Jim & Janet Bonebrake Diane Borowczyk Mark & Eileen Boyle Maynard Brandon Alfred & Elisabeth Brandt Bill & Katy Brannigan Karen Breen Melissa Breland Keith & Rachel Brenan Sue Breunig Paul & Carol Brimstin Rick & Annie Britton Werner & Kimberly Brockerhoff Nora Broeck James & Mary Brophy

Shirley Brouwer John F.K. & Mary Jo Brown Donna & J.M. Bryski Kevin & Kathleen Buchar Tricia Bulaclac

Rosemarie Carsello Brendan & Jessica Carter John and Mary Kay Carter Dominic & Jennifer Casey Ricardo Casiano

Jerry Buldak Jeanne Bunnell & Beth Ryan Werner & Laura Buol Brian H & Bonita E Burke Joseph & Julie Burke Robert & Andrea Burke Christine Burkhardt Paul Burmeister & Maria Vertuno Ian & Allison Burns Thomas & Laura Burns Carl & Erin Busse Aurora Bustamante Donald & Wendy Butzen Jr Jerry & Annette Byrne Jeff Calcagno Matthew & Besina Calcagno Jacob & Lori Calhoun Frank & Linda Campbell Scott & Nancy Campbell Jennifer Campion & Brett Maher Thomas & Jackie Campisi

John P Casserly Rob & Marsha Cassidy Keith & Lory Cavanagh Zachariah & Alby Celestino Sallie Cervantes Elizabeth Chacon Jordan & Meghan Chalmers John & Eileen Chambers John Chan Christopher & Tracy Chantry Melissa Cheng Joe & Natalie Chesak Marvin Childress Marcy Choinoski Karen Cholipski Br. Fred Oberriederc Christian Brothers of the Midwest Inc. Edward Cima Peter & Maria Ckuj Michael Claffey Patricia Clark Kevin & Dana Clarke Kevin & Elizabeth Clarke Susan Clarke Christopher & Jill Claus Andrew & Heather Cleaver Edward & Sharon Clement William & Mary Close Jeffrey & Alena Cloud Raymond & Cheryl Cobarde Harry & Mary Lou Cobb Steve & Rose Cohen Martin & Rachel Collins Kelly & Mark Colpoys Kristin Condon Bernadette Conneely Paul & Dianne Conners Padraic & Siobhan Connolly Thomas Connolly Robert & Alicia Conradi Barbara & Abelardo Contreras

Antonio & Lisa Canario Erwin & Debra Canciller Tricia Canty Bienvenido & Georgina Capeles John & Kathleen Caplis Heidy Carcano-Flores Meghan Carey


SUNDAY CONTRIBUTIONS Joseph & Betty Contreras Robert & Colleen Contreras Vincent & Elinor Convery Kelly Conway Jason & Stacey Coolick James & Mary Cooney Beatrice Coppola Asuncion Corpin Carlos Correa Jorge & Aurora Cortes

Thomas & Audrey Cosgrove Joanne Costin Frances Cotter & Robert Schrader Patricia & Grant Covell Thomas Coyne Franklin & Linda Crane Philip Cronce & Victor Ambrosio Mariano & Avelina Cruz Joanne & Timothy Cullinan Margaret Cullotta Kelley Curry David & Melissa Cusick Timothy & Gabriela Dace Rogelio & Amalia Dalalo Romel & Maria Perlinda Dalalo Brian & Lucie Daley Nicholas & Francine Daloia Ronald & Patricia Damore Joseph Daprile & Patricia Flynn Richard & Regina Davis William & Tracy De Allaume Bernadette DeBiase Jonathan & Tara DeFreytas Ramon & Bridget Delapena, Jr Dio & Cherina Delfino Lurdes Delgado Mark & Stephanie Delia Thomas & Laura Demko Tom Deske Trudy DeWaters Vanessa Diaz Michael & Donna Dietrich Mark & Jennifer Dilling Brian & Angela Dillon Paul & Rosemarie Dinan Adelaida Dino

Benjamin & Elisa Dino Frederick & Tisha Dino David & Cathleen Dixon Neil & Joy Dizon Mary Doherty Teresa Dominguez Carl Dominik James & Elizabeth Donaghue Kyle & Julie Donahoe William & Mary Donahue Sandra Donaldson James Doney Edward & Indira Doran Jeanne Doran James & Kelsey Dore Chris & Krista Dorgan Richard F Dorgan Matthew & Kerry Doucet Matthew & Marcia Doucet Brian & Kathleen Doughty Joseph & Juliana Doyle P.J. & W.A. Drakton Patricia Drennan Mary Drew Jim & Cynthia Dudek Sean & Meghan Duffy Thomas & Christina Duggan Derek Duman & Kathleen Wagner-Duman Francis & Margaret Dunne Michael & Julie Dzamba Eduardo Echevarria Dolores Eder Jack W. & Heather Edgar Jr. Paul & Holly Edlund Mary Ann Egan Dave & Elizabeth Eggering Ben & Julie Eichenseer Ronald & Susan Ekx Matthew & Christine Elliott Justin & Jessica Ellis

Paz N Endriga Thomas & Barbara Ennis Stephanie & John Epperson Anthony & Dorothy Erbacci Cesar & Sandra Escovar Patrick & Mary Eskew Pablo & Consuelo Espiritu David Ettelson & Lindsay Rohrbacher Tanzania Evans Frank & Gertrude Fabiankovits Darin & Chelli Facer Bret & Anna Faford Erik & Maria Fagrelius Sue Fahey John Paul & Debra Fanning

Jesus Farfan & Amanda Saenz Farfan Christopher & Jean Faris Bruce & Karen Farley Dan & Darianne Farley Jeanne Farley Joseph & Ann Fattore

David & Pamela Fritzsche Jennifer Fullenkamp Walter & Sara Furie Christine & Gregory Furman Glenn & Patricia Gaerditz John & Sharon Gaietto Kathleen Gailey

Frances Fazio Scott & Linda Feaman Nancy Fearon Peter & Claire Feczko Thomas & Mary Fencl Marvin & Amanda Ferguson Anita Fernandez George & Marcia Fernandez Marco & Elizabeth Fernandez Roberto & Isabel Fernandez Louis & Theresa Ferrante Robert & Maureen Fialkowski Diane Filbin Anne-Marie Finger Gregory & Melissa Finger Kevin & Joanne Finger Kristen Fink Brian & Elizabeth Finn Agnes Firek Greg & Martha Firestone Terry & Shirlee Firestone Judith Fischer Linda Fischer Tom & Virginia Fiske Brian & Marie Fitzpatrick Barbara Flaherty Mary Flatley Edward & Christine Fleming Frank & Lillian Flesch Jean Fletcher David & Meggan Flom Cynthia M Flores David and Katie Flores Jesus & Isabel Flores Leonido & Luisa Flores Maureen Flynn John & Christine Foanio Nick Ford & Callie Baird Edward Foss Nicole Foster & Chris Hill Anthony & Jennifer Fout James & Rachel Freund Elinor Fritz

Christopher Gajdostik & Maria Gabriela Albornoz Alex and Elizabeth Galiano Eduardo & Fanny Galiano Greg Gallagher James & Brigid Gallagher Janet Gallagher J. Teresa Garate Emilio Garcera John & Jean Garrahy Glorieta A. Gaston Mark Gathman David & Lisa Gau Martina Gavigan Gerald & Maureen Gawlik Greg & Kristina Gawor Tess Gecijo Andrew & Elizabeth Geer Hilda Geldmyer Thomas Geoghegan Robert Giel Joseph Gietl & Claudia Zapata Anthony & Maria GilanaMagturo Rebecca Gilbert

Our Passion is the Best Possible You

SUNDAY CONTRIBUTIONS Edward Gilger Sally Gilger Michael & Katherine Gillespie Zebulun & Jasmine Gilliam Brian Gillin & Erin Moore Frances Ginther Michael & Gail Giovannelli Joseph & Tracy Giunta, Jr F. Martin Glynn Brian & Molly Goad Chris & Erin Goergen Gloria Goerner John Golde Patricia Gollehon Consolacion Golloso David & Kristin Gonnella Stanislaus & Shona Gonsalves Nelson Gonzalez & Teresa Garcia John & Kara Goodwin Christopher & Megan Goril Robert Gorman & Lindsey Fash Matthew & Natalie Gormley David & Laura Gould Christopher & Patricia Graff

Laura Graff Amy & Kristopher Graft Alan & Patrice Gray James & Angela Greco Helen Greene James & Marian Greene Grein Funeral Directors Christian & Erin Greiner Lawrence & Mollie Griffin James & Therese M. Grohman Kirk & Angela Grossnickle Nicole Guarino Jen & Gary Guidi Daniel & Melissa Guilfoyle Judy Gumler Peggy Gumler Rita Gumler Percival & Wendelina Gutierrez Michael & Katie Guzan Bojan & Elizabeth Guzina Suzanne Gylfe Eleanor Haberkamp Thomas & Betty Haberkamp George Hain Alicia & Kenneth Haller

Matthew and Jennifer Hallgren Edward & Kelley Halper Inge Hamann Mary Hamelin Betty Hamilton Matthew & Laura Hamister Sarah Hanson William & Christina Hardin Kevin & Mary Elizabeth Hare Amanda Harrison Michael & Iris Hart Cherrie Hartman Barbara Hartnack Gerard & Kathy Haslwanter James & Suzanne Haslwanter

Janet Haslwanter Chris & Jen Hastings Jim & Rebecca Hauman Alan Hauser & Anne Suh Paul & Karen Hawk Scott & Grace Hawk Donna Hawkins Richard & Anne Hayes Sean W Hayes Howard & Maria Heath Martin & Eileen Heflin Julianna Hege Jim & Megan Heneghan Fred & Maria Henger Adam & Lauren Hengesbaugh Mary Henneman Sean & Jennifer Hennessy Adam Hennig Eleanor Herkert Carmen Hernandez Adrian & Maria Herrera Ryan & Faye Herzog Paul & Judy Hester Daniel Hickey Laverne Hickey

Joseph Hinch Shamus & Megan Hines Anne Hoellich Grene Hofilena Dorothy Hofstetter Kevin & Amy Hogan James & Mary Jo Hogan, Jr. Chris Hohenstein & Erin Stieber Rita Holly-Lindsay Micah Holycross & Katarzyna Giza Kristine Homan Donald Hoppa Michael & Gina Hortatsos Luke & Bridget Howe Mark & Donna Howe Ryan & Katie Hower George Hoy Lindsay & Lisa Huge Benjamin & Marjorie Hughes Thomas & Judith Hughes Arthur Hundrieser Anne Hunt Daryl & Judy Hurst Greg & Jennifer Hurst Heather Hurst & Michael DiDomenico Colleen Huston Carl & Jean Hybinette Daniel & Christina Hynes Msgr Richard Hynes Esteban & Agustina Ibanez Michael & Rhondi Inman Michael & Jamee Insko Mary Ippolito Irene Ireland Gerardo & Anna Irizarry Nilda Irizarry Rosina Istl Alice Jacinto Dorothy Jacob Marilyn Jacobsen Nellie Jamiro David & Mary Jarzebowski Marilyn Jerger Nancy Jerger Froylan I. Jimenez Michelle & Claus Johnsen Gary & Shauna Johnson Jerome & Eileen Johnson Maggie Johnson Matthew & Amanda Johnson


Natalie Johnson Scott & Elizabeth Johnson Donald Johnsson Marc & Sean Jordan-Bell Marie Jost

Gladys Jouzaitis Thomas & Rhea Joyer Bryan & Elisha Jurewicz David Justin Emilie Kaim Hans & Maria Kaim Phil & Robin Kain Margaret Kane Ken & Katherine Kang Kyle & Meredith Kappel International Traditional Karate Association Patrycja Karlin Alison Katon Lynne Kattner Mary Ann Kattner Rita Kattner Mary Kavanagh Rosa Kazmi Andrew & Emily Keaschall William & Barbara Keck David & Laura Keeler David & Stephanie Keenan Mike & Danielle Keenan Michael & Elaine Kehoe James & Paula Kelly Jeffrey & Rhea Kemerley Brandon & Susan Kennedy Curt & Katherine Kennedy Yvonne Kennedy James & Jeanne Kensik Robert & Alana Kern Brian & Angela Kerr Johanna Kerwin Mary Lou Kestler


Charles & Geraldine King Helen Mary King Ronald & Kimberly Kinn Stuart & Elizabeth Kirk George & Marissa Klatt Jim & Susan Klein Larry & Loretta Klein Scott & Carol Klemm Quentin Kloser Brian & Molly Klucznik Amanda Kmetz Christina Kneitz Patricia R Knight Beth Knobbe Daniel & Janice Knuckey Matt & Becky Kolarik Barbara Kolbasky Frederik & Amy Koning Sara Koop & Aaron Kuntz Robert & Melissa Kordas Katherine Kos Thomas & Catherine Kosnik Peter & Donna Koulogeorge Spencer & Randi Kowal Edward Kozak David & Laura Kozman Charles & Barbara Kramer Todd & Michelle Kramer Bryan & Sara Krauss Judith Kreczmer Margaret Kreczmer Linda Krier Thomas & Jeanne Krier Carl & Doris Kriho John & Lorraine Lynne Kriho

Bill & Kristin Krogstie Karl & Cacinda Kuhn Mary Kurczak Jennifer Kurk Chris & Susan Kustusch Mary Bridget Kustusch Greg & Sarah Kutza John & Ruth Kyle Santos Labombard Theresa Lacis Bryan & Julie Lamb Patrick & Ashley Lane David & Kathryn Lang Richard & Marcia Lansu Michael & Bianca LaPorte Sandra Lara Jerome Lassa Jack & Kathryn Lavin Sam & Patricia Lazzara Donald & Corazon Lee Russell & Kelly Lee Suzanne LeMignot-Rajsic Gregory & Kim LeMond John & Patricia Lemond Michael Lenehan & Mary Margaret Williams Eugene & Karen Leone Peter & Janet Letourneau John & Susan Levora Mark & Deborah Lewin Floyd & Phiona Lewis Patricia A. Lewis Bernie Libao John & Jilienne Limon Patrick & Elaine Lindia Brad & Chris Lindquist Roman Lis Michael & Kelly Lish Stacy & Raquel Litherland Andrew & Maria Litwinski Leonora Llanes Dustin & Kristy Loeffler John & Cristine Logan Margaret Long Corazon Lopez Lilliann Lopez Maria Lopez David & Diane Louis Jon & Rochelle Luciano Howard Luecke

Lionel & Mildred Lugo Martin & Linda Lunkes James Lust & Karen Limon John & Carol Lydon Kathleen Lydon Patricia Lydon

Paul & Donna McConville Douglas & Kathryn McCrea Terry & Mary Kay McCreery Patrick & Amanda McDonagh Thomas & Rebecca McDonagh

John & Julia Lynch Ken & Heidi Lyons Anthony & Sandy Macaluso JoAnn MacDonald Mickey & Dana MacMillan Matthew & Mariann Madden David Madlener Miguel & Violeta Magnabijon Brett Maher Carol Maher Timothy & Cheryl Mahon Joseph & Anne-Marie Maida Terence Maiellaro Fr. Jason Malave Dexter & Alane Malicay Joseph & Kochurani Maliekel James Maltezos John & Mary Mangan Shannel Mangao Matthew & Michelle Mann Mark & Megan Manz Nancy Maraist Gary & Catherine Marchlewski Margaret Maree Eddie & Cathy Markul Diann Marquis Omar & Delia Marrufo Michael & Sandy Marsico Todd & Karla Martin Pete & Zenaida Martinez Jason & Natalie Martini Fernando & Andrea Matro Fredrick & Brighid Matvias Fredrick M & Mary C Matvias Andrew & Matty May Mark & Debra Mayronne Todd Mazur David & Kimberly Mazzella Benjamin Mazzone Peter & Amina-Mercy Mbinglo Mike & Becky McCallum Kevin & Megan McCarthy Lawrence & Maureen McCarthy Niall & Judi McCarthy John & Jacqueline McCarty

The McDonagh Family Diane & Mac McDonald Josie McDonald Ross & Shanna McDonald Rosemary McDonnell Coleman & Gloria McDonough Brian & Jackie McFadden Dennis & Ellen McGann Marie McGee

Our Passion is the Best Possible You

Jill McGinn-Henderson Todd McGovern & Lisa Dall Joseph McGuan Brian & Marisa McHugh Meghan McHugh

SUNDAY CONTRIBUTIONS Michael McIntyre & Kimberly Gentleman Kevin & Linda McJessy Michael McKewin John & Nicki McKinnon John & Margaret McLaughlin Jeremy & Adrianna McLean John & Alexandra McMahon Michael McMahon Martin & Julie McManaman

Anna McMeekin Bernie McNally Linda Mead Matthew Meagher Dave Medendorp Robert & Amanda Mejia Anthony & Ramona Mendes Jillian & Daniel Mendez Kevin & Kitzze Mendoza Larry & Cheryl Menke Minda Menor Lisa Mersereau Alexander & Katherine Messing William Metcalf Gus & Diana Michalopoulos Zully Mihelcic-Delia Michael & Apitchaya Miller Timothy & Sarah Miller David & Stephanie Mills Rick & Kattie Milton Joseph & Kathleen Minneci Margarita M Miranda Michael & Linda Misetic John & Janice Mocarski Casey Moffitt & Melissa Greve Julie J. Mojica Gloria & Louie Monarrez Esteban & Anna Lissa Montalvo Bridget Montgomery Russell Montgomery


John Morales & Dolores Ponce de Leon Daniel Moran Eileen Moran & Eamon Nash Doreen Morand Cesareo & JoAnn Moreno Joann Moretti John Morrison & Linda Hogan Christine Morrissey Susan & Charles Morrissey Robin Moss Mary Most Humberto & Jill Moya Barbara Mueller John & Colleen Mueller Mary Mueller Irmgard Muirragui Melissa Mulhern Regina Mulhern Melody & Curt Mullenix Anne Marie Mullins Elizabeth & Walter Murphy James & Jeanette Murphy Jeanette Murphy Mary Ann Murphy Matthew and Dana Murray Patricia Murray Sean & Patti Murray Michelle Musgrove Jon & Melissa Myalls Judith Nash Derek & Kara Neathery Patrick & Kristen Needham Mark & Neymi Nehring Eric & Amy Nelson Mercedes Ner Joe & Tiffany Neuhausel Anne Neumann Lorraine Neumann Stephen & Cathleen Newcomb Adam Nieto & Jamie Ezzo Janet Nolan Sean & Brooke Noonan Christopher & Heather Nordloh Mary C Nordloh Dan Notter & Haley Carlson Amy & Thomas Novicki Jesus & Jasmin Nunez Michelle Oberts William Oberts Robert O’Brien & Kimberly Nelson

James Ochoa & Susan O’Keefe Brian & Deanna O’Connell Ryan & Catherine O’Connell John O’Connor Michael & Elizabeth O’Connor Nathan & Brooke Odem John & Dawn O’Farrell Chad & Aimee Ogren John & Pamela O’Hara Marty & Sondra Olhava Benjamin Oliva Joan Oliva Owen OReilly Eliezer & Jezabel Oropesa Michael & Jillyn O’Shea Alan & Teresa Osinski Gerald & Gloria Ottesen Douglas & Eileen Padian Ram & Caroline Padmanabhan Scott & Amy Paeth Carlos D. & Gloria Lumbay Pagalunan III Justin & Agnes Pagsisihan Steve & Linda Palfi Marc Pantarotto

James Pawelski & Scott Garland Kimberly Payne & Scott Berg

Gus & Lynn Pappadimas Leonardo & Maria Paradiso Dorian & Maria Parham Erich & Robyn Parker Sean & Lina Parnell Joseph & Julie Paterno Katherine Paterson Patrick & Jennifer Patras Joseph & Rose Pattison Brian & Heather Pavona

Dayn Perry & Mary Langenfeld Richard & Jennifer Petrillo Linda & David Pfeifer Ronald & Therese Piekarz Chris & Paula Pienton Kathleen Pietschmann David Pilat & Heidi Xu Luke & Michelle Pisarcik Robert & Ramona Piske Scott Pitts & Jennifer Ryan William & Hollie Platte Emily Pokrop David & Christine Polanic Lawrence & Kathleen Poleski Rebekah & Stephen Polutnik Ron & Susan Pontecore Jonathan & Sarah Popowich Robert Porzelt John & Molly Power Elsie Powyszynski Joseph & Mercedes Prause Brian & Amanda Prestegaard Janet & Jeff Preston Thomas & Kathryn Przybysz


Thomas & Madeleine Pearl Robert & Regan Pekkarinen Ronald & Patricia Peleschak Nicholas & Colleen Pelino Tony & Laura Pellikan Ricardo & Jo Ann Pena Carmina Pereja Augustine & Margaret Perez Federico & Rosita Perez Maria Perez Emerald Perez & Mark Bayer David & Lisa Periolat Rosalie Perris

SUNDAY CONTRIBUTIONS Jaime & Magdalena Queroz Rowan & Delia Quinain Peter & Anne Quinn Gemma Quinto Theresa Raatz George & Kimberly Radich Ian & Lynne Radomski

Rory & Heidi Rafter Matthew & Mia Rahn John & Catherine Rebel Arturo G & Belinda Recinto Victoria Reformina & Reynaldo Javellana David & Allyson Regnier James & Agata Reilly Jeffrey & Erin Remotigue Jesus Reyes & Catur Rismiati Ellen Reynolds John & Trisha Reynolds Mark & Geralyn Reynolds Robert & Marta Rhyner Lindsey Ricart Miguel & Judy Ricart Judy Rice Jeffrey & Carol Rich Suzanne Rich Tom & Kelly Rieckelman Brian & Kathryn Riehman Paul Rink Armando & Abad Rivas Antoinette Rizzo Daniel & Elizabeth Roarty Rhodora V. Roby Peter & Clare Roccaforte Mary Roche Anne Rodia David Rodriguez Estela Rodriguez Julio & Yesenia Rodriguez Camille Rogell

Dave & Andrea Rohlfing David & Jennifer Roock Ronald & Lara Rooney Hans & Anna Roos Zach & Particia Rosenstock Michael & Julie Rothweiler John Roxas Ben & Sarah Roxworthy Gaudencio Rualo Kristin & Scott Rubel Meredith Rubocki Todd Ruder Joshua & Meredith Rudolfi Bob & Jackie Ruf Gilbert & Theresa Ruiz Florian & Hildegard Ruscheinsky Molly Russell Angie Rutkowski Chris & Amie Ryan Harry & Bonnie Ryan Janice Ryan Lawrence & Margaret Ryan Patrick & Beth Ryan Thomas & Isabelle Ryan Matt & Rachel Saccaro Eleazar B & Teresita B Sagun Matthew & Darlene Sagun Jose & Maria Salas Eppie Salazar Timothy & Tracy Samonds Paul & Rose San Pedro

Kathleen Sanchez Pedro & Sylvia Sanchez Mark & Maureen Sanders Derrick Sandford & Sandy Morris Michael & Sheba Sands Vinod Sanghrajka Raymond & Gabrielle Sansonetti

Arturo & Joann Santos Dalia Saulys Andrew & Leslie Saur Robert & Patricia Sayers Kathleen & Patrick Schaefer Stephen & Emily Schappler Matt & Charleen Scherer Matthew & Rebecca Schick Dolores Schillizzi Christian & Melanie Schlachter Keith & Colleen Schlegel Donald & Marion Schmitz John Schmitz

Christopher & Kara Sheaffer Eliot & Aggie Sherwin John Shirey & Carmina Pereja Mary Shurba Tyler & Ashley Sifers Elizabeth Simek Michael & Julie Simpson Daniel & Jennifer Sirken Laela Skaer James Sklena John & Chawanphit Skudnig Timothy & Kimberly Slomka Abraham & Eden Sobrepena Alois Soehn

Daisy Schmookler Olive Schneider William & Barbara Schneider Alan Schoen Gary Schraw & Diane Miller Barbara Schroeder Pete Schroeder John & Rachel Schuberth Eugene & Rosemary Schulter Hugh & Melissa Schulze Daryl & Megan Schumacher Dan & Cyndi Schuman Joseph & Lisa Schwartz Steven Schwartz & Elizabeth Briggs Rafael & Ellen Seguban Maurice & Anna Marie Segura Daniel & Julie Semenak Francesco & Bridgett Sessa John & Amanda Sharkey

Dino & Sylvia Solver Frank & Kirsten Sorensen Manuel & Corazon Sorra Kerry Sorvino & Christopher Porter John & Lisa Souter Anthony Speciale James & Mellissa Speciale Jacqualyn Stancin Andy & Julie Stanglewicz Gary Stark John Stark & Kelly Novit Russell Starr Ryan & Stephanie Stecz Timothy & Mattie Stemper Jeff & Amy Stern Margaret Stevens Michelle Stevens Stephen M. Stewart Scott & Emily Stiglicz

Our Passion is the Best Possible You


Thomas & Elaine Stockwell Eric & Mary Stoelinga Mary Ellen Stoykov Brett & Amy Straley Johanna Strecker Leon & Tracy Stronsky James Strzalka Timothy & Jennifer Stull Brian Stumpf Andrea Sturm Henry & Ann Sugay Mary Sugrue Kieran & Sarah Sullivan

Michael & Carly Thornton Matthew & Erin Thunander John Timm & Jennifer Dohm Alice Tisher Francis Tobin George & Caitlin Tobin Gilbert & Stephanie Tolentino Margie Tomlinson Borislav & Darlene Topchiev Joseph & Lisa Torres Brian & Carrie Tracy Patrick S & Tami Tray Yanira Trejo

Mark & Patrice Sullivan Sean & Susan Sullivan Maria Sumulong Faith Swanson William & Janet Sweat Barbara Szczepanski Jeff & Anna Szidik Brian & Samantha Szopinski Karen Tabbert Micheal & Julie Tam Hilda Tamayo Silva Thomas Tansor & Aileen Blake Denise Tarnowski Paul & Erica Tayaban Patrick Terrien Joan Theis Michelle Thelin Barbara J Thomas Christopher & Lauren Thomas Colleen Thompson Gregory & Jane Thompson

Charles & Mary Trimarco David & Adriana Trino David & Stephanie Trout Thomas & Mary Frances Trucco Ricardo & Nora Trujillo Doug & Nora Trybula Tsiao Family Tsiao George P. Tuballes Helen Tubog-Gabaisen Wil & Angela Tumbaga Jennifer Turner Alex Udvary Tim & Liz Uligian Richard & Renee Unizycki Esteban & Rosina Unzueta, Sr. Tim & Fiona Urquhart David & Tasneem Uting Monena & Ernesto Uy Kimpang


Jason & Laura Vacek Jim & Mary Vahey Victor & Carmen Valdez Nelia Valera Todd Van Dyke & Jennifer DeMay John & Jane Van Houten Karen Van Paassen Andrew & Erin VanAwken Ferdinand & Maria Vargas Steve & Michelle Vazul Sarah Velasco Rolly & Kathyleen Ventura Jessica Vera Gloria Vergara Gonzalo Vergara Graziella & Juan Veron Juan Veron Jose & Yanitsa Villagomez Renato & Vanessa Villanueva Kristin Villarreal Luz Viloria Sarah Vodopest & Joseph Ekstrand Thomas & Melinda Voitus Margareta Volosko Guido & Marisa Volpe Judy Wahl Dennis & Sheila Waldeck Beverly Wallin Phelps & Jodi Walling James Walsh Michael & Elyse Walsh Patrick & Erica Walsh Steven Walter Thomas & Maureen Ward Steven & Kara Warmbir Dorian & Yesenia Warner Michael & Erin Warnke Melissa Washkowiak Charlie & Kim Watts Chris Weber Estela Weber John & Ilona Weber Walter Weglinski & Kendra Ensor Diane Wegner Nicholas & Christina Weidman Chris & Jennifer Weinacht Tom & Mary Weirath


Tim & Sarah Weiske Stephen & Michele Welsh George & Gertrude Wersching Leo & Barbara Wesley Juergen Wiedel Joan Wilcox

Jason & Allison Wilk Brett & Tammi Williams Quentin & Lydia Williams Collin Williams & Leslie Vickrey Charles & Rosemarie Wimberly Margaret & Walter Winsor Kirk & Amy Wojak Marianne Wojak Edward & Barbara Wolke Howard & Collette Wong Wayne Wong Kenneth & Patricia Woodhouse Damien & Sara Woods William Wooten & Anni Braverman Quentin & Ashley Workman Patricia Wrona Stephen & Rohini Wurth Gisela Wysgalla William & Nicole Yankowski Lisa Zabor Jeffrey & Janice Zach Robert & Carrie Zacks Matt & Elizabeth Zakaras Glenn Zarymbski Catherine Zaucha Robert & Rita Zeitner Trinidad Zepeda & Jacqueline Marchan Henrietta Zerrudo Debbie Zuehlke Barbara Zurek Thomas Zurek Molly Zurek-Kennedy

SCHOOL DONORS ANNUAL SCHOOL FUND APPEAL (replaces Fund Our Future Annual Appeal)

ST. BENEDICT CLUB (OVER $1500) Anonymous Scott & Anne Alford Michael & Nancy Beebe Thomas & Laura Burns Michael & Gina Hortatsos Todd McGovern & Lisa Dall McGovern John & Peg McLaughlin Patrick & Erin Nolan Rick & Jenni Petrillo

Stephen Polutnik & Rebeka Kohmescher Matthew & Rima Ports George & Kim Radich Tom & Kelly Rieckelman Erin Ross-Goergen Jeff & Amy Stern Tom Tansor & Aileen Blake Brian and Carrie Tracy Tim & Fiona Urquhart Dan & Katie Walsh Larry & Joy Walton Bill & Nicole Yankowski Matt & Elizabeth Zakaras GOLD ($1,000-$1,499) Brian & Erin Bognar Robert & Andrea Burke David & Melissa Cusick Paul & Holly Edlund Alex & Beth Galiano David & Lisa Gau David & Kristin Gonnella Adam & Laura Graff Michael & Iris Hart Jim & Becky Hauman Mike & Jamee Insko Ted & Alma Kreuser Mickey & Dana MacMillan Michael & Tammy Morris John & Colleen Mueller Patrick & Jen Patras Daniel & Elizabeth Roarty Jose & Bethany Ronchetta Doug & Lisa Rosskamm Michael & Julie Rothweiler Dan & Jen Russell Christian & Melanie Schlachter Ryan & Stephanie Stecz Sean & Susan Sullivan David & Tasneem Uting Ron Wojcik ‘63 MAROON ($500-$999) Brian & Angela Dillon Steve & Allison Ambort


Jay & Sarah Anzevino Kevin & Kathleen Buchar Ian & Allison Burns Neil & Tina DeBrass Stephen & Shannon Dorton Michael & Julie Dzamba Larry & Liz Evans David & Andrea Field Tom & Virginia Fiske Grzegorz & Kristina Gawor Dan & Melissa Guilfoyle Michael & Molly Hofmann Joseph & Jean Kummerer Grace Lee John & Mary Mangan Fred & Brighid Matvias Andrew & Matty May Jonathan & Elizabeth Meyers Gus & Diana Michalopoulos Michael & Jaquelyn Newman Max Nutkowitz & Colleen Sullivan David & Stephanie Petti Mindy Ponton Thomas & Isabelle Ryan Jeff & Kim Sargent Matt & Charlie Scherer Scott Sessa & Diane Sierens Andrew Stanglewicz Brian & Karla Stearns John & Jane Van Houten Walter Weglinski & Kendra Ensor WHITE ($100-$499) Joe & Alexandria Accardi Kirk & Jane Ahlfors Mark & Meg Ahlheim Julie Allen Ernesto & Mary Almodovar Colin & Jeanette Aylward Chris & Julie Balzarini Dylan & Jennifer Barrett Anita Barron Michael & Melanie Behling Lazar & Wilma Bityou Salvatore Boone Tony Bowles & Erika Mickelburgh Jim & Molly Buczynski Werner & Laura Buol David & Deborah Caldwell Brendan & Jessica Carter Dominic & Jennifer Casey Shawn & Patty Colgan Tim & Rachel Combs Padraic Connolly & Siobhan Rice-Connolly Grant & Tricia Covell Michael DiDomenico & Heather Hurst Nicholas & Maria Dilendorf Mark & Jennifer Dilling Robert & Carol Dodovich Edward & Indira Doran Matthew & Kerry Doucet Joe & Juliana Doyle Dan & Darianne Farley Brian & Beth Finn Greg Firestone & Martha Martinez-Firestone

Ed & Christine Fleming Pat Flynn Walter & Sara Furie Thomas & Amy Gaylord John & Jami Gekas Kyle & Allison Gillespie Joan Gillespie Brian & Molly Goad Chris & Tricia Graff Kristopher & Amy Graft James & Therese Grohman William & Christina Hardin Chris Hastings & Jen Greco-Hastings Paul & Karen Hawk Christopher Hill & Nicole Foster Shamus & Megan Hines Lindsay & Lisa Huge David & Mary Jarzebowski Alan Johnson & Annie Watson-Johnson Matthew & Amanda Johnson Ann Kalaska David & Stephanie Keenan Jeffrey & Rhea Kemerley Brandon & Susan Kennedy Jukka & Barbara Ketonen Stuart & Elizabeth Kirk Brian & Molly Klucznik Kan & Janice Knuckey Persid & Adeladja Koci Karl & Cindy Kuhn Jayden Laqui Russell & Kelly Lee Greg & Kimberly LeMond Joseph & Marisa Lewis Dustin & Kristy Loeffler Michael & Michelle Lynch Anthony & Sandy Macaluso Joe & Annie Maida Terry & Mary Kay McCreery Tim Irwin & Megan Alex & Katherine Messing The Misetic Family Casey Moffitt & Melissa Greve Matthew & Angela Mulderink Eamon Nash & Eileen Moran Christopher & Heather Nordloh Tom & Amy Novicki Brian & Deanna O’Connell John & Dawn O’Farrell The Ogren Family Michael & Sonia Parmley Brian & Heather Pavona Scott Pitts & Jennifer Ryan Jeff Prater & Laurie Cheney Dave & Lynn Retford Clark & Anne Richter Pat Roa-Perez Peter & Madeleine Roberts Julio & Yesenia Rodriguez MIchael & Suzanne Schmidt Brad Schwartz Francesco & Bridgett Sessa The Stark Family Tim & Jennifer Stull Rosette Tejada-Omandam Greg Thompson & Jane van der Zanden-Thompson Kevin & Vickie Thornley

Our Passion is th e Best Possible You ST. BENEDICT PARISH 2016-2017 ANNUAL REPORT

Doug & Nora Trybula Maria Tubay Jennifer Turner Jason & Laura Vacek Daniel & Jennifer Van Aken Todd Van Dyke & Jen DeMay Christopher & Jennifer Weinacht Myles Wolf Marco & Karen Yap BENGAL (UP TO $99) Michael & Michelle Blose John & Mary Jo Brown Jordan & Meg Chalmers Paul Chantry & Tracy Malave-Chantry Kelly Glenn Colpoys Aaron & Elizabeth Dirlam Brian & Katie Doughty Diane Esparrago Bret & Anna Faford Marvin & Amanda Ferguson David & Kate Flores Brad & Jill Henderson Sean & Jennifer Hennessy Michael & Lori Jarvis Brian & Angela Kerr Jim & Mercey Kerrigan Bob & Kerry Kinsloe Frederik & Kathryn Koning Peter & Amy Leadstrom Ferdinand Luciano Matt & Mariann Madden Lisa Mersereau James & Elizabeth Murphy Mark & Neymi Nehring Oliver & Janet Nolan Brian & Deanna O’Connell Kerry Parmley Michael & Katherine Pfeffer Brian & Amanda Prestegaard Jeffrey Preusser Pete & Annie Quinn Rachel Saccaro Keith Schlegel & Colleen Stock Chris & Kara Sheaffer John Shirey & Carmina Perea Christopher & Lauren Thomas Gilbert & Stephanie Tolentino Richard & Marianne Unizycki Renato & Vanessa Villanueva Guido & Marissa Volpe Brett & Tammi Williams


John Berschied Dennis & Kathryn Buchweitz Madeline Darnell Geraldine Delaney Jeanne Farley Eugene & Margaret Finnegan Deborah Flatley Edward & Rose Fleming Terry & Nancy Guilfoyle David & Ann Hawk Patricia Holinger Luke & Judy Johnsos Charles & Geraldine King Richard & Karen Korbas


SCHOOL DONORS Pam Liebert Ceslovas & Joana Melsbakas Tom Meskel Paul & Ikuko Nutkowitz William & Leslie Palmer Eleuterio & Marissa Piros Bruce & Linda Quicker Sheila Rock Mark Roock Sue Rudnick Thomas & Judith Stecz Anthony & Patricia Vahcic Charles & Gloria Zamiara Julius & Debbie Zuehlke


($25 or more) Mary Cascino Albergo Joseph T. Babbo Birum Bakalli James L. Barrett Kenneth & Catherine Berglund Petra Beucher Carl Brauneis Paul & Carol Brimstin Gerald & Bonnie Brouder Kenneth & Beverly Carlson John & Eileen Chambers Thomas Cleys George & Lenore Crowe George & Cara De Roeck Frank DiChristofano James & Catherine Dolan Daniel P. Dowling John & Shirley Durso Victor & Charlotte Ecimovich Eileen Elenz Charles & Margaret Emmling Peter & Charlene Engle James & Marguerite Fischer Thomas & Jeanne Fitzgerald Ernest & Joanne Frankovich Steven & Sharon Freisinger Jacqueline M. Garland Robert & Elizabeth Gavitt James Geldmyer Mary Lou Ginter Gloria M. Goerner William & Anne Greener Richard & Geraldine Groves Guy C. Grundhoefer William & Nancy Hanley James & Kathleen Haran Thomas & Thea Harrison Matt Hauman Michael Hegarty Fr. Robert Heidenreich Robert Hellgeth Robert J. Herrmann William & Mary Hetland Robert & Linda Jagla P. Jerome & Karen Jakubco Rose Ann & Kent Jarvis Joseph & Diane Jensen Andrew Hull & Lisa Jensen Steven & Cynthia Jerger Charles & Katherine Joseph James & Elizabeth Kaese Conrad & Antoinette


Kalchbrenner Alan & Mary Kalitzky Gerald & Joanne Kiehn The Kiplinger Foundation Joseph & Elaine Krause Mark & Catherine Kuhlman Joseph & Christine Lasch Sally Leffew Ron & Lynn-Ann Linka Martin & Helen Locke David & Caryn Lyng Edward Maggi John & Kathleen Martin Michael & Noreen McCormack Thomas P. McGuire Brian McHugh Mesa West Foundation Leon & Mary Mika Michael & Bonnie Mularski Regina A. Mulhern Thomas & Kay Neurauter Mary A. Nugent Joseph & Ellen Blie O’Gallagher James & Christine Piper Armando Pizzi Peter & Norma Post Kenneth Printen Mary Pat Raimondi & Mark Bartacchi Arturo & Belinda Recinto Angelo & Patricia Renguso John & Susan Renner Thomas & Frances Rich Brian & Katheryn Riehman John & Jeanette Saletta Frederick W. Sanzenbacher John G. Schmalz Suzanne E. Schmidt Frederick R. Schram Carl Silvestrini Frank & Judith Somogyi Robert & Joan Stafford Ed & Jacqualyn Stancin Daniel & Kathleen Steppan Berton & Janet Stevens Robert & Kathie Stumpf Russell & Mary AchesonSummers Michael & Cynthia Teolis Joan M. Theis Joseph & Barbara Thomas USG Foundation Gerald & Evelyn Walker Marianne T. Wehrle Don & Sandra Wiskes Patricia & Kenneth Woodhouse James & Kathy Zdeb Edward & Gertrude Zegler

ELEMENTARY SCHOLARSHIP ($25 or more) Ricardo & Mary Alvarez Joseph T. Babbo James Doney Glorieta Gaston Tess Gecijo Eleanor Haberkamp

James & Megan Heneghan Howard & Mary Henneman Anne M. Hoellich Daniel & Christina Hynes Marilyn J. Jerger Carl & Doris Kriho Suzanne Lemignot Eugene & Karen Leone Lisa Mersereau Regina A. Mulhern Patrick & Kathleen Schaefer John J. Schmitz Sean & Susan Sullivan Joan M. Theis Anne Marie Tirpak Patricia & Kenneth Woodhouse


Bernard & Natalie Eden Grein Funeral Directors Kathleen Halper Linda M. Krier Larry Martin & Raquel Bech Northcenter Chamber of Commerce Old Town School of Folk Music Square Roots Jeff & Kim Sargent Richard & Bonnie Werstein Wolverine Trading LLC Patricia & Kenneth Woodhouse

YEAR END APPEAL John & Joann Anderson Spyros & Barbara Antonopoulos Peter & Joan Buzzek Richard & Patricia Chapman Charles & Diane Dulay Peter & Charlene Engle Phyllis A. Healy Hugh & Catherine Hegarty John & Susan Humm Kent & Rose Ann Jarvis Marilyn J. Jerger Rita J. Kattner Thomas & Libby Koenig Joseph & Christine Lasch Larry & Clare Lau Chrystine Mertens Robert & Michele Moesch Kenneth D. Neidhart Mary A. Nugent Armando Pizzi Edwin & Irene Sabatka James & Denise Shaw Don & Dolores Tichenor Robert A. Wolf Joseph & Philomena Zelasko


Air Products Equipment Co James & Marina Barrientos


Robert & Joan Biebel Blyth & Associates, Inc. Erwin & Debra Canciller F.R. Cavero DDS & Associates Annabelle P. Cavero Helen Cebula

Barbara Clark Thomas Cleys James & Christine Cole Crafty Beaver Home Centers Rose Marie DePino Donna Easter Exelon Gregory & Linda Fahrenbach Dorothy Flynn Robert & Barbara Gaertner William & Anne Greener James & Ann Hennessy Bob & Diana Hubberts Ingrid Iverson-Jackson Joe & Barbara Jacobazzi James & Katherine Kartheiser Robert & Deborah Kartheiser Mary Ann Kattner James & Rita Knox Edward & Carol Kopp Richard & Dena Kramer James & Susan J. Kroll William & Teresa Leske Krystal Lewis-Pratl Craig & Annie Logan Donald & Marcelle Lukas Sharon R. Madison Margaret Maieritsch Robert & Margita Mandel Verne & Joan Mason John & Ada McHugh Thomas & Janet McHugh Colleen Merino Robert & Jean Miller Domingo & Josefa Morin William & Claudia Mulchrone Joseph & Kristine Penn Lorraine Runge Steven K. Runge Frederick W. Sanzenbacher Paul & Maureen Schaffhausen Jim & Pam Size Jeffrey & Barbara Skiles Anthony & Susan Skrocki Deborah A. Thacker Elizabeth Virta Kelly Wahmhoff John & Diane Wegner Beverly White Joyce Wilkos Dennis Wrobel Robert & Rita Zuponeck


100TH BIRTHDAY SPONSORS CAPITAL SOCIETY SPONSORS ($10,000) Big Buzz Idea Group Grace & Leavitt Tavern Lagunitas Brewing Co. TOTAL EVENT RESOURCES Wintrust Bank

PILLAR GUILD SPONSORS ($7,500) Blue Plate Catering the Kromkowski Family

PORTAL GUILD SPONSORS ($5,000) Altair Advisers Wilcox Realty


Chicago Office Technology Group (COTG) Patricia Flynn Reclaimed


Anonymous Julie D. Chesne, JDC Realty, Inc. Chicago Vein Institute Conlon/Christie’s International DePaul College Prep High school The Hortatsos family Mangan Builders Leigh Marcus Realty Team The Morris Family Mortenson Roofing Nextpoint Max Nutkowitz, J.P. Morgan Securities Nava Segall MD Pediatrics St. Benedict Home and School Association (our HSA) Swedish Covenant Hospital the Walton Family and Huron Consulting Group Ward Construction Waveland Bowl

This Sunday’s Gospel about the Parable of the Talents is an excellent example of a way of stewardship. All that we are and all that we have been given is a gift from the Lord. Stewards are grateful and generous people; of their time by praying, of their talents by serving and of their treasure by sharing. In our model of good stewardship, the parish asks that your first gift is back to God through our Sunday giving. This is our most important level of giving. Our second level is the annual appeals: to the archdiocesan Annual Catholic Appeal, our capital campaign Forward in Our Faith and the Annual School Fund. Next, our fundraisers, our community building events and our ministry specific events. No matter how you support the parish, be assured of our gratitude and our proper cultivating of your generous stewardship.


SPONSORSHIP: ADDRESSING DONOR FATIGUE Last year, in an effort to address the constant “ask” of our families, local businesses and corporate sponsors, the parish moved forward with a strategic plan when asking these entities to partner with the parish. The objective is to invite our past and new donors to make a one-time annual sponsorship gift rather than being asked for multiple donations throughout the year. The annual sponsorship supports the many outreach ministries of our parish. Sponsorship amounts are set at various levels and allow for the donor to determine a package that best fits their giving philosophy. This past year, the parish raised $99,500 in cash and in-kind sponsorship that was allocated to the Mass and Gala, BenFest and the HSA FunRun. We are grateful to our donors (see pg. 33) for their generous sponsorship in our 100th Birthday year.

and Events


at a Glance


Sunday Giving APPEALS Archdiocese Annual Forward in Catholic Appeal Our Faith Annual School Fund Primary Fundraisers Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Mass and Gala

HSA Fun Run BenFest

Building Our Parish Ministries Bell Tower Open



St. Nick Workshop & Breakfast

Pajama Jam

Alumni Events

Holy Name Society Donut Sundays

HSA Garage Sale

Thanksgiving Community Dinner

Music Ministry Christmas Concert

HSA Teacher Appreciataion Luncheons

Simbang Gabi

Christmas Community Dinner

Girl Scout Cookie Sale

Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast

Knights of Columbus Fish Fry

Easter Community Dinner

HS Parent Network Wreath Sale

St. Joseph Table

Youth Ministry

Thank you donors!


These students, the majority of the Class of 2017, were assisted by YOU and have been able to accomplish great things. Their future is bright thanks to your support over their last four years here with us. Your gift - no matter how big or how small - continues to live on as they grow up to be college graduates, upstanding men and women in society making a difference, and living out the tradition and values espoused by St. Benedict Prep. “Make use of the lessons that you have learned at Kairos and from the relationships that you have formed here. Stay true to yourself. The future is now, and now is an opportunity to become better people than we were in high school. It is time to not only grow independent, but also mature and accountable for our own decisions. Define success for ourselves and live up to our own expectations. Class of 2017, I am urging you to take action. Take ownership of your own destiny.”

EMILY GUTIERREZ Protégé: Swedish Covenant Hospital

Maisha Kasole ‘17 Valedictorian Address at HS Commencement June 2017 FERNANDO SAAVEDRA Protégé: Paws Chicago

MAISHA KASOLE Valedictorian Protégé: Weiss Memorial Hospital

“When you put the pieces of success together into one cumulative concept, I believe that one of the most important pillars is noticing the signs. When you notice signs as they can be you create them as they will be. Just like when you believe that everything with a will will happen in your heart of hearts, when you sleep, eat, dream, and breathe your goal then it will happen. Another one of those pillars is relying on the right people to help you become better. Without my teachers, I wouldn’t be who I am.”


Kaitlyn McGovern ‘17 Student Address at HS Commencement June 2017


“Life starts now, and this is our moment to think about what matters, what’s important, and what positive contributions can be made to make something, anything happen. Going forward, have the confidence to follow what you know is right in your heart. This is our new first day as graduates of 2017 to share our new gifts and talents on whatever journey we take. Along this path, God will be there with signs to help us reach the destination we want to achieve. What difference will you make?”

VINCENT PEREZ Protégé: 2RZ Architecture

Ursula Baca ‘17 Salutatorian Address at HS Commencement June 2017

FELIXIA RIVERA Protégé: 47th Ward Alderman Office


URSULA BACA Salutatorian




Protégé: Grein Funeral Directors

Protégé: Wolverine Trading

Protégé: Weiss Memorial Hospital




Protégé: Walsh Construction

Protégé: Fit Institute Physical Therapy

Protégé of the Year: Coonley Elementary


“Not Typical, but Extraordinary”

KEZIA DANSO Protégé: Doula at Birthways

HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM UPDATE: As was announced this past February, through the strategic planning process, we came to acknowledge that our high school program is no longer financially sustainable due to market trends, demographic shifts, and declining enrollment. The financial challenges and declining enrollment make it impossible to sustain the superior four-year college preparatory academic experience that our bright and deserving high school students seek. Since the announcement our parish school has begun the high school transition plan. For our last two classes, the high school experience may not be typical, but we will make it extraordinary.

TESSA NYKAZA Protégé: Weiss Memorial Hospital

RHEA OMANDAM Protégé: Weiss Memorial Hospital

2017-18 GOALS:

Ninety-five percent of rising juniors and seniors indicated they did return to SBPS this past August. We provided transfer assistance to other Catholic high schools for the accepted, incoming freshman applicants and the rising sophomore class (majority were accepted at DePaul College Prep) during the first half of 2017.

BROOKLYNN MARCHAN Protégé: Diana L. Patarroyo Dental



· being committed to our rising junior and senior classes through a tuition freeze and renewal of financial aid to those currently receiving assistance · working to continue to offer a quality academic program that prepares students for college entrance by having a fully certified and dedicated faculty · continuing our dual credit course AP British Literature through Loyola University · having Ms. Colleen Fahrenbach join the staff as our guidance counselor to help all students identify and achieve success in entering the colleges or universities of their choice. · the continuation of our Protégé internship program for seniors · providing four options for our Agora experiential week learning program: one international trip, one service-oriented trip, one local trip, and one regional trip to the Smoky Mountains. · seeking input from our upper classmen and acting on their recommendations: - new student lounge for HS students only - a new venue for prom - team building outing to Iron Oaks

RYAN HONG Protégé: SBPS Advancement Office



Thank you Fr. Jason,

for your 5 years of service to St. Benedict as our pastor. You guided us through many programs that helped us to realize who we were as a parish, how we can be transformed to grow as a parish, what our facilities need to be to ensure that transformation, how the parish should move in its stewardship, what the educational ministry is now being called to be, and the celebration of our “landmark” church’s 100th birthday.

Thank you for your support with: • The Parish Transformation Process • Our Campus Master Plan • Forward in Our Faith Capital Campaign kickoff and the completion of projects in Phase 1. • The School’s Strategic Plan: Reaching New Heights 2020 and its Mission Articulation Work • Hosting the Cornerstone Red Carpet Party and having the Ball and Auction on campus for the first time as the Mass and Gala 2017. Thank you too for sharing your priesthood with us as you gathered your flock at Mass around the pulpit to hear God’s Word and the Table of the Lord to be fed with the Body and Blood of Christ in Holy Communion. Thank you for sharing our joys at the various moments on our faith journey through the Sacraments and helping us get through so many difficult moments when we lost our loved ones and you consoled us with the hope of the Resurrection. You have our undying gratitude along with best wishes and prayers for the success of your work for Cardinal Cupich in the “Renew My Church” program.

Welcome Fr. Steve Kanonik,

ninth pastor of St. Benedict Parish! Your parish is so grateful for your commitment to the church of Chicago and coming to us with great wisdom and understanding from having been a priest in our Archdiocese for 35 years. You have set a tone for collaboration and trust with all your staff who are here to support your efforts to build upon what the previous pastors and parishioners have left as a legacy to us in 2017. We look forward to growing together into the model faith community we can be where love of God and neighbor are at the forefront of everything we do on “the block”. Know of our support and continued prayers for your success and that of our five commissions. May we all be the “hands of Christ” in our world today.

2016-2017 Annual Report  
2016-2017 Annual Report