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Leonard E. Grosso, M.D., Ph.D.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: 1976 1980 1985 1985-1989

B.S. Chemistry, SUNY at Stony Brook M.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison Ph.D. Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin - Madison Resident (Anatomic Pathology) Washington University Medical Center

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1989-1991 1991-1993 1993-1998 1998-2003 1994-Present 2002-Present 2002-Present 2003-Present

Instructor in Pathology, Jewish Hospital at Washington University Medical Center Assistant Professor of Pathology, Jewish Hospital at Washington University Medical Center Assistant Professor of Pathology, Saint Louis University Medical Center Associate Professor of Pathology, Saint Louis University Medical Center Director, DNA Diagnostic Laboratory, Department of Pathology, Saint Louis University Medical Center Director, Hematopathology, Department of Pathology, Saint Louis University Medical Center Director, Hematopathology Residency Training Program, Department of Pathology, Saint Louis University Medical Center Professor of Pathology, Saint Louis University Medical Center


Missouri American Pathology





HONORS AND AWARDS: 1976 1978-1985 1979 2003 2008

Bachelor of Science with Highest Honors Insurance Medical Scientist Scholarship Fund Scholarship Alpha Omega Alpha Roland Quest Award Pathology Faculty of the Year


Alpha Omega Alpha American Association for the Advancement of Science Association for Molecular Pathology Wagih Bahri Pathology Society FUNDING: Past: American Heart Association - Missouri Affiliate: Cloning and Characterization of a Family of Elastin/Laminin Receptors (7/1/89-6/30/90). Total Direct Costs: $25,000.00 Biomedical Research Support Grant: Cloning and Characterization of a Family of Elastin/Laminin Receptors (7/1/89-6/30/90). Total Direct Costs: $10,000.00 Biomedical Research Support Grant: Elastin Receptor-Ligand Interactions-Characterization using a monoclonal antibody with an Identical Recognition Sequence (7/1/91-6/30/92). Total Direct Costs: $10,000.00 Biomedical Research Support Grant: Characterization of the Interactions of Tropoelastin and the Bovine Elastin Receptor and the Bovine Elastin Receptor Complex using a Recombinant Tropoelastin-Protein A Fusion Protein (7/1/90-6/30/91). Total Direct Costs: $10,000.00 American Heart Association - Missouri Affiliate: Elastin Receptor-Ligand Interactions-Characterization using a monoclonal antibody with an Identical Recognition Sequence (7/1/91-6/30/93). Total Direct Costs: $49,895.00 American Lung Association - Missouri Affiliate: Molecular Characterization of the Bovine Elastin Receptor (7/1/91-6/30/93). Total Direct Costs: $34,915.00 American Lung Association: Fungal (7/1/93-6/30/95). Total Direct Costs: $49,746.00. Current: None.




COMMITTEES: Tissue Procurement Committee, Co-Chair – Saint Louis University Medical Center, 2005 - Present Promotions Committee, Department of Pathology, Saint Louis University Medical Center, 2005 – 2006, 2007-Present. Pathology Chair Search Committee, 2008-2009. Pathology Resident Review Committee, 2009-Present PUBLICATIONS: Manuscripts 1.

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Abstracts Submitted: None