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Mass Communication RACHEL EARHART COMM 110

Position Description ď‚— Mass communication is where a message is given or

displayed to a large group of people. This uses some form of media such as newspapers, television, or the Internet. People can acquire a degree in Mass Comm and get jobs such as news reporters, sport broadcasters, Public Relations, Research and Publishing.

Required Education and Experiences ď‚— Many jobs in the field of communications offer on-

the-job training through internships. Of course, these jobs do not pay as well compared to someone who takes that position with a degree. ď‚— Other jobs require a Bachelors of Science for Mass communication with basic courses such as broadcast journalism and print journalism.

Required Skills  Need to be able to use a computer to find reliable sources

for researching information. Requires good listening and “people” skills.  Have to be able to professionally write and be able to investigate news stories on current events and issues. Then, present the material to the reporters.  Although many start out just writing for the reporters, when they get to be on the News, they must be able to be “natural” in front of the camera, operate camera equipment and edit videos through programs on the computer.  Work places that offer these jobs in our area would be WGAL, Comcast Sports Net, Fox News etc.

Interview  Samantha Earhart. She has a B.A. in Mass Communication,

 

 

and is a graduate of Temple University. Q: What is your favorite thing about a career in Mass Communications? A: Being Challenged everyday with something new. One day you could be covering a hard news story and the next day you could be doing a feature piece. Each day hands you something new. Q: What is your biggest challenge working in this field? A: Keeping a neutral perspective. We all have our own opinions on topics and it can sometimes be tough to not let your emotions get the best of you while on the job.

Interview  Q: Why did you choose to get a B.A. in this field?  A: I have always had a passion for news and communications because of

 

 

the challenges I talked about in question 1. And I have always felt that there aren’t enough good news reporters out there. I have always wanted to add to the common good. Q: Where did you do your internship at? A: I did 2 internships, the first one at Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia where I worked in production. I got the opportunity to interview Fylers players. My second internship was at the Comcast Network in Philadelphia where I was with Larry Kane who is a life timer in the business. He is the only person in Philadelphia to work for every major station in the city. I got to help produce his show “The Voice of Reason” and got to meet some really influential people. Q: Now that you have graduated, are you happy with your degree? A: I am happy with my degree. Even if I’m not doing exactly what I went to college for, at least I have my degree to back me up.

Summary ď‚— Mass Communications is a broad field where people

have many job options to choose from. They can be in the spot light on the news, be behind the sceens working at the news, be at a desk in Public Relations, or be able to be creative writing articles for the paper. This is a great field because of the options with your education. Some of these positions offer internship trainings and others you need a B.S. or B.A. Some people don’t want to go through a lot of school to get to the job that they dream about, and this field offers you the option to do that.

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