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Rachel Brien Student No: 591230 Semester 2/2013

Group 6

I emulated the drawing of the ‘Tokyo scissors’ from “300 years of industrial Design”/Jensen by drawing my object from each face in a plan view. As my object is comprised of a few elements I also deconstructed it. I then scanned and resized it at a scale of 2:3 for the body parts, and 1:1 for the paper part. I then traced the scanned documents. I also traced a photograph after reading “How to layout a crossaint”/Miralles to give the viewer a sense of how all the deconstructed components come together. I also focused on drawing particular parts of the fan that drive its function, form and movement (such as the pinpoint that holds the arms in order, and the paper which folds).

Rb 591230  
Rb 591230