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GOING FOR BROKER Written by: Rachel Brethauer INT. WOODS & WOODS REAL ESTATE OFFICE - DAY Simple and tidy, but welcoming to visitors. on the phone.


REGINA Regina Woods, how may I help you? (beat, scandalized) No! Really? I'm TERRIBLY sorry. Let me assure you that my associate and I will discuss this IMMEDIATELY. She hangs up and immediately starts looking through her desk. ELIZABETH WOODS enters with her briefcase. Regina pulls a Woods & Woods-branded whoopee cushion out of a drawer, disgusted. REGINA (CONT'D) Are these all the promo items we have left? I thought I told you to order more mugs and pens. (beat) Lizzie, what happened at your open house today? ELIZABETH Nothing. Why? INT.


Regina talks directly to the camera. REGINA My sister has always enjoyed the holidays. I love that about her, really. But things went too far today. INT. WOODS & WOODS REAL ESTATE OFFICE - BACK TO SCENE Elizabeth puts her things away and sits down at her desk. REGINA Then why did I just get off the phone with Fred Smith? ELIZABETH I always knew you guys had something going on!

2. REGINA No, he called to tell me about his elderly mother. ELIZABETH Oh, she really liked the kitchen of that Oak Street house. And the grab bars in the bathrooms. I think she's into the kinky stuff. REGINA And? ELIZABETH Everyone loves your coffee cake? What.

REGINA Happened?

Elizabeth shifts in her chair. ELIZABETH The twins were dying to try out their costumes, so I brought them over, and -INT. OAK STREET HOUSE HALLWAY - DAY TWINS Come and play with us, Eunice. Play with us forever. And ever. And ever. INT. WOODS & WOODS REAL ESTATE OFFICE - BACK TO SCENE ELIZABETH They're going to be a hit at the party tonight! REGINA That old woman is DEAD, Lizzie. The silence shows that Regina thinks the prank did Eunice in. A beat, Elizabeth gets it. ELIZABETH Oh come on. There's no way a little prank like that would -REGINA She was 97! ELIZABETH Come on, Regina. This is ridiculous. (MORE)

3. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) And you can't trust Fred Smith anyway. He's creepy! And probably has a collection of taxidermied squirrels in his basement. REGINA Elizabeth, your kids KILLED AN OLD WOMAN! ELIZABETH Are you accusing my CHILDREN of MURDER? REALLY? (beat) You know what, I don't wanna do this anymore. I'm out. REGINA Out of what? ELIZABETH This business partnership. through.


Regina's shocked, but she covers it up OK. REGINA Well, good. I have standards to uphold, and it's clear that not. ELIZABETH Are you kidding me? I've increased your sales by 15% since coming on board! I'm the reason you could expand to this space! I'm a GREAT real estate agent. Oh really? me?

REGINA You think you can beat

ELIZABETH I do. In fact, I bet you $5,000 that by the end of the year, I'll have sold more properties than you. In my own business. REGINA You're on! The sisters shake hands, angrily. FADE OUT.

Going for Broker | Episode 1  

Sisters and real estate agents Regina and Elizabeth Woods take sibling rivalry to a new level in this new web series.

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