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GOING FOR BROKER: Episode 6 Written by: Rachel Brethauer INT. WOODS & WOODS REAL ESTATE OFFICE - DAY The office, garishly decorated for Christmas, is empty. ELIZABETH enters and is shocked not to see Regina. She sets down her things, then tiptoes over to Regina's chair and sits down. As she does, the phone RINGS. She jumps. ELIZABETH Elizabeth Woods Real Estate, how may I help you? She quietly listens, and her eyes grow as big as saucers. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) Yes ma'am, right away. Absolutely. She turns to hang up the phone, but is so shaken and nervous that she knocks over a jar of candy canes and a desktop Christmas tree. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) Oh no! She jumps up and tries to tidy everything up, but the door opens and REGINA enters, loaded down with bags of presents and wrapping paper. Busted! REGINA What are you doing at my desk? Elizabeth half-assedly sets the tree back upright, but leaves the candy canes strewn across the desk. ELIZABETH The phone rang, I had to answer it, in case there was a last minute sale to push me even further into the win column. Regina pushes past Elizabeth and drops her bags on the desk before cleaning up the candy canes properly. REGINA Nice try, Lizzie. You're going to be pretty shocked when Thomas comes by with the final count. ELIZABETH We have other problems right now. (MORE)

2. ELIZABETH (CONT'D) Bigger problems. The QUEEN of problems. Regina stops dead in her tracks. REGINA Victoria? ELIZABETH She's on her way over. INT. INTERVIEW SET


Regina looks directly at the camera. REGINA Victoria is the master of real estate in the tri-state area. She can find you a home in about five seconds. And not just any home -- the PERFECT home. (beat) Do you know how hard it is to live up to a mother like that? INT. WOODS & WOODS REAL ESTATE OFFICE - BACK TO SCENE Regina tosses the bags beneath the desk. REGINA She can't see what I bought as gifts for my clients! ELIZABETH Regina, I told you to stop giving out those homemade cookies. They're disgusting. REGINA For your information, I bought chocolates this year. Gourmet ones from... She grabs a box from the floor and peers at it. ...Russia. chocolate.

REGINA (CONT'D) Yes, fine Russian Who wouldn't love that?

The door opens and VICTORIA enters. She's basically Joan Collins. She looks around at the office and sniffs. VICTORIA Girls.

3. Hi, mom!

ELIZABETH So glad you

Elizabeth rushes over to give her a hug, but Victoria keeps her at an arm's length. VICTORIA This is an REGINA It's in a great neighborhood, we're working with the BIA to revitalize it. They're opening a Chuck E. Cheese next door in March. It's going to be great! VICTORIA I'm not here for pleasantries, Regina. Someone told me -ELIZABETH (under her breath) One of your spies? VICTORIA -- That the two of you are competing to see who can sell the most houses before the year is through. And that there's a monetary figure involved. REGINA Maybe... VICTORIA Did it not occur to the two of you that if I could find out, living sixty miles away, that your CLIENTS might discover such unsavory behavior? REGINA Nobody knows about it, really. ELIZABETH She's right. And we've both been pushing really hard this fall. It's been a great season. VICTORIA Nonsense. I know about it, and it's unacceptable. How could you sully the good name of Woods real estate? Our name is Oak.

4. REGINA What? ELIZABETH Yeah, that's kind of confusing. I wouldn't put that on your business card or anything. VICTORIA You know what I mean -- in this business, your name is all you have. And I have worked since 1977 to create the Woods real estate empire. This little... competition? Will not continue. Regina and Elizabeth exchange a look but do not reply. VICTORIA (CONT'D) Am I understood? They nod solemnly. VICTORIA (CONT'D) Good. Now, Elizabeth, I will be at your house at 7pm for dinner. Make sure there is lemon Perrier this time, because my bulldog Jules will not put up with the lime. ELIZABETH Yeah, I remember what happened last time. INT.


Elizabeth scrubs at a large stain on her living room carpet while scowling at a large bulldog who looks very pleased with himself. INT. WOODS & WOODS REAL ESTATE OFFICE - BACK TO SCENE Victoria turns to go. VICTORIA I must go now and close a few more end-of-year deals. Oh, and Regina, nobody eats chocolate from Russia. Victoria exits, leaving Regina and Elizabeth deflated. ELIZABETH We love you too, mom!

5. They flop into their seats. Regina tears into a box of the Russian chocolate, and they begin stuffing their faces. REGINA She thinks she's so smart. But we've built a great business here. It's solid, we have some repeat customers. ELIZABETH And some rich clients, too! They munch for a moment, and THOMAS, their bookkeeper, enters with a large, fancy envelope like you'd find at the Oscars, which he places on the desk between the sisters. THOMAS Good day ladies, I brought you the end-of-year results, in an envelope just like you asked. Regina looks at Elizabeth, puzzled. ELIZABETH What? It's dramatic! (beat) Thanks, Thomas. Here, have some delicious chocolates. She smiles at him, her teeth black with... some kind of residue from the chocolate (maybe caviar?). Thomas recoils in horror. THOMAS No thanks, trying to watch my waistline! Have a Merry Christmas! He leaves the office.

They stare at the envelope.

REGINA Maybe mom was right. These chocolates taste kind of weird. How does she always know what's the right thing? ELIZABETH She DOESN'T, Regina. OK, maybe about the chocolates. But not about us. We ARE good at this, in our own way. Yeah!

REGINA You're right.

She grabs the envelope and tears it up. ELIZABETH Reggie, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

6. REGINA What do you say we each kick in half of the $5,000 bet money and use it to destroy mom? Elizabeth considers it for a second. ELIZABETH I like the way you think! They shake on it. FADE OUT.

Going for Broker | Episode 6  

Elizabeth and Regina unite to fight a new evil.

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