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Risk Assessment Form Location: Boy’s Room Risk rating (High, Med, Low)


The bed in the room is large and takes a lot of space so it could affect the video by making the room look crowded.


We could film around the Bed and consider in using it so we know that we can use everything we have. There isn’t a lot of space to use so apart from working around the bed, we could use it as one of our objects.

There are two large mirrors and that could be a problem because the camera could reflect off the mirror.


I could angle the camera more towards the actors so that the camera will not be seen. This would also make a good effect on the video because the camera would not be straight but angled.


Loose objects such as lamps and cups could fall injure or harm the cast or crew.

There could be a problem with wires as they are lying around everywhere and there might be an accident that could happen. Siblings running around the house could disturb the cast and crew as they would interrupt in filming.


Make sure that all the loose objects are put away where it cannot harm anyone or disturb the casts and crew.


I would clean the room and make sure that there are not any dangers that could harm the cast and crew.


We would make sure that all the siblings are occupied and away from the room so that the cast and crew would not be distracted.

Risk Assessment Form Boys Room