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Music Video Case Study

Marilyn Manson

Music Video Case Study Marilyn Mason (Brian Hugh Warner) is a shock rocker, known for his unique makeup and his disturbingly intriguing videos. Marilyn Manson has been signed to three different record labels; Nothing records, interscope records and Cooking Vinyl. He is currently with Cooking vinyl records, and has been for around 3 years now. Marilyn Manson may just be known for his music however he is also a Singer-songwriter, musician, artist, poet, film director, actor, and, writer. Brian Warner chose the stage name Marilyn Manson by combining Marilyn Monroe's first name and Charles Manson's last name. Marilyn Monroe is famous for her singing and acting, but also her beauty, Charles Manson is known as a serial killer. This could indicate that in Brian Warner's eyes he is beautiful but has the horrific side of Charles Manson. Marilyn suggesting normality and beauty and Manson suggesting horror and depravity

I have chosen Marilyn Manson’s The beautiful people to write about as the video has an intriguing start and all throughout the video it has strange content in it. The chorus of the song makes you think that all they want is to be accepted for who they are no matter what they look like. The video that goes with the song doesn't really have much relation to the lyrics but the video still gets the point across that everyone is different but that's what makes us unique. The video is trying to portray these people as 'beautiful' by showing that not everything has to fit into the conventional idea of beauty.

The art in this video is very clear and very unique. For example the start to this video has strange clips of different things like a machine with a clock, pictures of eyes, worms and false teeth, it then leads onto Marilyn Manson singing. Throughout the video there are different things that show just how truly different he is from other artist.


Although you don't need to see Marilyn Manson in his videos to know it is one of his you always expect to see him in his individual style. He has a lot of out of focus shots which actually adds originality to his video's. The song the beautiful people makes a parody of beauty because it is everything but beautiful, again this shows his individuality. It shocks the audience by showing what is considered to be the opposite of normal, but the video has a way of showing that no one has the right to judge other peoples definition of normal.



Marilyn Manson made an appearance in the video game Area 51 as Edgar, a Grey Alien., his song Cruci-Fiction In Space is featured in a commercial for a video game, The Darkness. A remix of the song Tainted Love appears in the debut trailer for the game, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and in the launch trailer of Twisted Metal.

Marilyn Manson launched an energy drink called Eat Me, Drink Me was also produced for a limited time, inspired by Marilyn Manson's album Eat Me, Drink Me. Manson launched "Mansinthe," his own brand of Swiss-made absinthe, however some critics who described the taste as being "just plain". Despite what critics said it came second to Versinthe in an Absinthe top five and won a gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Extended playability In the US alone, three of the band's albums have been awarded platinum certification and three more went gold, and the band has had seven releases debut in the top ten, including two number-one albums.

Marilyn Manson does lose out on some publicity as he cannot have his songs played on channels like 4Music and Viva as the content in his video isn't suitable for all ages.

People who have spotify, iTunes, and YouTube accounts can all help raise Marilyn Manson's publicity because they can choose to share their music on Facebook, twitter and another type of internet site with a wide range of people signed to it.


Visual Music video's are created to help portray more emotion into the song, The visuals in this video give a good sense of what Marilyn Manson is singing about. In the beautiful people Marilyn Manson is singing about how everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one should be able to judge anyone else. The content Marilyn Manson has in his video clearly puts across the point that being different is good and you shouldn't want to change to 'fit in'. Marilyn Manson's definition of beautiful in the beautiful people is very different to what you would consider beauty to be, for example in his video he has a man with his mouth held open with a metal contraption, in normal life we would look away or feel weird but as it is in Marilyn Manson's video we feel the need to look at it and analyse it we then instantly think that it doesn't belong in society however to Marilyn Manson it is completely normal.

Streaming websites Streaming websites are things like YouTube allow people to watch videos from all around the world, YouTube is a good way for artist to get more fans. The downside to streaming websites is that you download the music illegally.

Marilyn Manson has his a YouTube channel which will have his music video’s (official and lyric) posted to. This is good publicity for him as people can hear his music and want to buy the album, which they can do so on his official website, iTunes and Spotify.

Artist websites Artist websites are a good way to attract people to find out more about them, for example the layout of the screen is simple and easy to use. Another reason artist have websites is so they can sell merchandise to their fans or sell concert tickets. Marilyn Manson's official website gives you different things to view (bottom right corner). The page shows you newest music videos that may not be on streaming websites yet, or where he will be touring and things you can buy to do with Marilyn Manson. Although streaming websites are more popular fans always go back to the official website as it tends to have things that you cant find anywhere but the website.

Downloads (legal and illegal) People download music all the time although it is illegal to download music off of sights like YouTube downloader people still. This is a big problem in the music industry as people aren’t paying for the music meaning the artist loses money. You can download music off of iTunes and Spotify and you can pay for the entire album, this means that the artist has money to produce Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People was released more music videos and albums. as the lead single to the 1996 album, Antichrist Superstar, released as a single in September, 1996. The album has sold over 7 million copies worldwide, with 1.9 million of those sold in the United States. Also Marilyn Manson got publicity when his album ‘The Beautiful People’ ranked 26th place on VH1's 40 Greatest Metal Songs in 2006.

Comparison Although many artists try to be unique most artists have an idea of what ‘cool’ is and follow in the same footsteps as everyone else just changing the lyrics of the song. Marilyn Manson on the other hand, makes videos that most people would consider as pointless but Marilyn Manson the videos may have real meaning. Marilyn Manson admits that he gets his inspiration from other ‘shocking’ such as Ziggy Stardust, Alice Cooper, KISS Iggy Pop, Black Sabbath, and the Beatles.

For Marilyn Manson to say that he is influenced by the Beatles is a bit hard to believe looking at the songs they sing and the way they dress. It is very different however his stile is more of dressing is more like Alice cooper. For Alice Cooper he looks like a biker, Alice Cooper also wears scary makeup around his eyes and mouth this is more like Marilyn Manson as he wears makeup to make him stand out in all of his individuality. Although Marilyn Manson doesn’t wear leather jackets in his videos he still stands out.

Record label

Marilyn Manson has be signed to 3 different record labels (Nothing records, interscope records and Cooking Vinyl records). At the moment he is signed with Cooking Vinyl Records and has been for some time now. Having already sold over 50 million records worldwide. They also say that now that Marilyn Manson has left interscope records he is now able to express his individuality as he couldn’t do that before.

Interscope records is an American record label, owned by Universal Music Group, and operates as one third of UMG's InterscopeGeffen-A&M label group. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails signed Marilyn Manson to his label Nothing Records, a vanity label of Interscope, in 1993; however, Nothing Records became defunct in 2004.

Nothing records was an American record label, specializing in industrial rock and electronic music, founded by Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails) and John Malm, Jr. in 1992. It is considered an example of a vanity label, where an artist is able to run a label, with some degree of independence.

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