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bohemian is those who want nontraditional life style over a group of artists, writers and do not hold any illusions on the traditional way of life, culture and peoples. Although the Czech Bohemia Bohemian refers to the province of the locals, Bohemians is the second meaning of the French in the 19th century. The term reflects the 15th century Frenchman against gypsies from Bohemia perception. The Bohemian “movement� of 19th Century Paris had two generations before it died off with the onset of World War I.

“All the goods are wild and free.” - Henry David Thoreau


ohemian art and style are widely inspired from Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is the artistic movement that started in Europe around 1890 and lasted until around 1910. It took on many different characteristics in different places, and some of the most famous designers from the era have disparate styles, including Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Josef Hoffmann in Vienna and Carlo Bugatti in Italy. This outfit are inspired from the greek goddess in the Tarot cards. Based on loose, light, smooth feeling that given, the dress and the accessories are suitable for beach party or wedding occassions. Bohemian chic weddings are full of whimsical details, flowing dresses, layered and chunky jewellery, wild flowers and feathers, and a bride and groom whose look is relaxed and effortless. They got a best wishes from nature, the stars and harvest moon.

The bohemian lifestyle is about embracing a carefree and free-flowing life. It used to be viewed as unorthodox, but it has now become conventional and integrated into everyday appearances.


ohemian style consists of loose, colorful clothing and has appeared as boho chic, hippie style, and Aesthetic dress. With their long flowing hair and rich, though threadbare fabrics, bohemians stand out in a crowd representing a colorful counterculture based on creativity, poverty, and an indifference to social structures and traditions. The bohemian someone who tries to live by the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful-sounding concepts. There are people who living in thier on way , create thier own rules,.


hey prefer the way to be colourful, casual, breaking the rules, that’s the way they celebrate life as a gift. Bohemians also believe that life is a wonderful gift that is meant to be enjoyed. Life is not merely a test. It should be cherished and celebrated, each in his or her own way. Casual style don’t looks good individually, but with a special contrast colours and loose shirts or pants with some own collections accessories to bring out themselves.

“You cannot make it as a wandering generality. You must become a meaningful specific.” - Zig Ziglar


/ / J E S S

She’s now 21 years old and She spent a year for travelling when she was 20, and learned every lesson from people to places.

What makes you become a bohemian? The thought and the spirit of it. And of course a group of bohemian friends influenced me a lot while we met in Indian. Bohemian is like a wanderer and dreamer, an artist, the free thinker, and making myself my own rules. Why do you like to be a bohemian instead of others? I love how the way they make themselve think. They are like a living buddha, keep inspiring me, espeacially thier clean mind, free soul. Who doesn’t wants to be like them? Insist the way they want, make them living unstressed and relaxed? Where do you usually buy your bohemian kind of outfit? I used to buy and collect them all while I traveling to somewhere for instance, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia...I bought the kimono blazer at Bangkok, Thailand last year, and the head scarf from Cambodia. They hand made it. Is like thier own handcraft and I’m wearing every souviner i got on my body! I really love South East Asia. They had rich cultural and colorful places. But I do search for others outfit from thrift shops around London. Don’t you feel uncomfortable or heavy while you’re wearing a lot of accessories on your body? Nope. Cause I used to it! Every accessory stands out you and your characteristic of being a bohemian. Bohemian likes multi strands of beads, several bangle bracelets, and the wearing of unusual, hand crafted, or unmatched jewelry. Like my peace sign bracelet stands for “I want to be peace”, and my dream catcher stands for “free from nightmares, get bad things off” , and colorful scarves worn at the neck, on the head, or instead of a belt.

“All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.� - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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