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How to arrange a Family Meeting? To arrange a Family Meeting please contact

talk The Family Meeting Process

Alex Camm at: Hampton Trust ECO Centre Shide Road Newport PO30 1HR Tel: 01983 530097 Email:

Do you need support after a life changing event such as a bereavement, illness or accident? Our process is simple and designed for you, your family and friends. You, a family member or friend makes contact with The Hampton Trust

The Hampton Trust:

We will contact you to arrange a time to meet with you first

Registered Charity Number:1055209

The family meeting is Client referred to Hampton held with your friends, support Trustand / Self Referral people family members

This service is funded by the Big Lottery

The volunteer will chat with you about what you want from the family meeting and who you want to be there

A plan of action is agreed and each person present at the meeting gets a copy

hope Are you concerned about the future of an older family member or friend?

“Planning adds life to years� Family Meetings for older people.

We will contact you within 12 weeks to see how things are going with the plan


plan Why have a Family Meeting? We spend a lot of time planning. We plan for Christmas, holidays, careers, weddings and our retirement. We even make a will to plan for our death. We often don’t plan for a life changing event that alters the course of our future, such as an accident, illness or bereavement. It is a big undertaking to think about planning for the latter part of our lives. We might not have a say in when that happens, but we can say what is important to us during that time. The Hampton Trust provides a free service, supported by trained volunteers, to help people have a real say in any future plans. We do this through organised meetings with you, your family, friends and others involved in your life. Our aim is to help each person have the best possible support and care.

How is the Family Meeting Arranged?

What Happens in the Family Meeting?

You can contact us yourself or be referred by your GP or another support service.

The family meeting is your time to let your family know what you want for your future - and for the family to let you know what they can do and can’t do.

We will then arrange to call or visit you and explain what is involved with the Family Meeting.

What will we do? We will: • Ask you who should be invited to the meeting. • Make contact with family members, close friends and other people you identify. • Co-ordinate the meeting, arrange a place to meet and send out information. • After the meeting, remind people what has been agreed.

It is important the family know what you want so they can make sure this happens. The volunteer is there to help you all come to some decisions. This might be what happens to your pet, where you live, what sort of support you want - and what you don’t want to happen. The volunteer will then put this into a plan for you and your family to keep as a record. The volunteer will also ask if you want to set another family meeting date in case anything changes.

Planning for the Future Leaflet  

The Hampton Trust provides a free service, supported by trained volunteers, to help older people have a real say in any future plans. We d...