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Making The Most Of Everyday If you’re reading this, the world did NOT end and all of the rumors we have been hearing about the Mayan Apocalypse well, didn’t come true.

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For the last few years we have all been watching TV shows, listening to commercials, and reading news stories about how on December 21, 2012 the world was going to end. I’ve heard we were going to be saved by aliens, blown to bits by asteroids, and even the world was going to spin the other direction on its axis, throwing off all weather patterns.

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You know, if the Mayans had known the world was going to end, don’t you think they would have made a survival plan of some kind? If I knew my world was coming to an end I would sure as heck make every effort to survive. So now that we’ve established that we’ll all be around for a while longer, let’s talk about making the most of every day. I know, I know, it’s cheesy. But come on. Why wouldn’t you want to live life to the fullest so that on the day that the world does decide to implode, you’ll know that you lived your life with no regrets, and you’ll be ready to go out with a bang. (No pun intended) So. Go on an adventure. Go kind of crazy. Yes, there are limits. Every day, do one thing that’s just for you, even if it’s going for a run or locking yourself in your room to catch up on a TV show. Everyone needs a little time to themselves.


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At 4:11 this morning, all of the planets were supposed to align, and that was going to trigger the end. Well, at 4:11 this morning I was snuggled up in my bed asleep, and when I woke up at 6, lo and behold the world was still there!

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And other days, go out with a group of friends and have a blast. Drink within your limit, laugh your butt off, and do

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whatever you do as a group. As much as anyone needs alone time, hanging out with your best friends makes the day totally worth it. What have we learned? Well, the Mayans didn’t get their calendars together, you need time to yourself and with a group of friends, and, well, everyday needs to have something new. Who knows when the next apocalypse will happen. As they say in the movie UP, “Adventure is out there!� Go find it. How many of you thought the world was going to end? Send me your apocalypse preparations and I’ll put them up next week! Cheers to another year! Courtney

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