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Rachel Norris Interior Design Portfolio

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About Me I am a third year interior design student attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I have an emphasis in commercial design and enjoy the aspects of furniture and hospitality. I have had the opportunity to design a variety of projects in school including: a hobbyist retreat, relaxation space within the College of Architecture, and the Next healthcare facility. I enjoy working with furniture and discovering the new and improved designs for peoples wellbeing. Some of my hobbies include traveling, hiking, painting, drawing, and videography.

NEXT Healthcare 01

NEXT is based around helping patients with the basic healing process. The facility is located in Seattle, Washington on the fourth floor of a building consisting of many office spaces as well as a pharmacy. The facility is made up of 12,000 SF and focused on outpatients and the basic care anyone needs daily. NEXT is a new and improved type of care for patients. The design of the space mainly focuses on natural elements and cool colors making it more soothing and comfortable for patients when coming for appointments. The logo for NEXT consists of the Washington state flower, the Rhododendron macrophyllum. It’s a lovely blooming flower that imitates the healing process. The flower shows the stages of blooming and how it starts as a seed and grows its leaves and fully blooms. Medical professionals main focus is to help their patients reach the final stage of the NEXT healing process.


Rendered Floor Plan


Site Analysis + Healthcare Research Much of the Seattle area is taken over by rainy weather causing the common cold and sickness in the area. The number one diagnosis in the Seattle area is congestive heart failure with Pnemonia being the second. NEXT has a goal of treating these patients with the right care of the healing process.The cycle below shows the stages of the NEXT healing process: diagnosis of illness, healing progression, and full recovery.


Medicare Patient Treatments + Natural Light Viewing

Natural Light Viewing

The chart to the right shows the most common patient treatments in medicare. The number indicates the amount of patients treated in 2014. The most common treatment is congestive heart failure with Pnemonia as the second most treated. A majority of Seattle weather is very rainy causing the common cold and major treatments for patients.

Congestive Heart Failure Pnemonia

Acute Myocardial Infraction


Spacial Diagrams + Office Space

Staff Patients

Patient vs. Staff Patient and staff areas are divided into two seperate spaces creating the on stage, off stage affect for medical staff to access confidential records. This way patients are seperated from the medical staff on duty and have a more comfortable space to relax in.

Staff Circulation

Patient Circulation

The staff are on their feet all day traveling from exam room to exam room. Their circulation around the facility is very open and accessible. The exam rooms are close to the office space for them to have easy access to records or certain medical information.

Patients have restricted but open areas to circulate in the facility. If they are there just for massage therapy, they are able to enter through a sperate door with easy access to restrooms across the hall.

Work Cafe/Office Space


Work Cafe + Office Space



Locker Room Mother’s Room Work Cafe

Floor Plan + Reception

Office Open Offices


Massage Conference Room Unisex Restroom

Education Zone

Unisex Restroom



Exam 5

Exam 4


Conference Room


Printer/Office Supplies

Exam 3 Bariatric Exam

Reception Exam 2 Exam 1

Medical Supplies


Not In Scope

Exam 6

Exam 7

Exam 8

The floor plan of the space is layed out to show the easy circulation of the NEXT facility. It is filled with lots of curved walls and features to make the space intriguing to patients. The reception is one of the most eye catching space because of the water feature included inside the waiting area. Patients can be distracted by the falling water and be less stressed about going in to see a medical professional.

Exam 9


Floor Plan



Waterfall Elevation



Exam Room

The Seperation between patient and Medical Staff Choi, Y., & Bosch, S. J. (2013)

Exam Room Analysis + Materials

Solid Surface material is easy to clean and the black color doesn’t show the dirty surface.



The Color blue is proven to reduce anxiety in healthcare facilities


Nanda, U., Eisen, S., Zadeh, R. S., & Owen, D. (2010)

Comfortable seating for patient and family


Choi, Y., & Bosch, S. J. (2013)

Solid Surface

The furniture used in the NEXT facility is from Steelcase healthcare seating. Much of the research for this project was about making patients and their families comfortable and to get lesser white coat anxiety. Each exam room is provided with comfortable seating for both patients and staff. The node chair is a seat for staff members to speak to their patients at an equal eye contact level to make sure the patient is not worried and to let them know the medical professional is not superior to them.

Empath Exam Chair

Node chair

Regard Sofa


Unit 125 02

Unit 125 was originally a ccommercial typewriter factory dated back to the 1970s. The building consists of original features from the exterior such as red brick making the structure very industrial and interesting to tranform into a more urban element. The downtown Lincoln nightlife can be very exciting and outgoing for the younger generation. Much of the surroundings are urban and can imitate Lincoln’s nightlife making it much brighter and full of life. For this space, I transformed it into a rental for a young couple and their friends using a variety of cool colors and natural elements to imitate the beautiful and fun nightlife of New York City as well as Lincoln, Nebraska. The dark colors will show the night time appeal and articulate the white washed brick of the original structure. The space consists of a loft and deck area for a variety of people to enjoy each others company.


Deck Perspective

Site Analysis + Precedents + Hand Rendering I used my research of precdents to create a space with wood like materials along with blue tones to imitate the nightlife of NYC. I started with a variety of colors and textures to see what makes the space stand outand glow like city nightlife.

Process Drawing 14

Floor Plans + Furniture

Open to Below Not In Scope

Second Floor

Second Floor Mezzanine: The Loft

Not In Scope

First Floor

The floor plan is layed out to seperate between a social and comforting space. The furniture was chosen to give each room a good aesthetic bringing out the darkening colors of the paint and cabinetry. A majority of the floors are taken over by hardwood floors to give the space an urban feel.



Second Floor Lounge Space

Materials + Loft Elevation The materials for Unit 125 consist of hardwood floors, concrete counter tops, and green teal glass tile. These colors imitate NYC nightlife in a way that they articulate the accessories and furnishings in each room. The white washed brick walls emphasize the urban like feel of the downtown nightlife.

The Loft 18

International Quilt Study Center 03

The International Quilt Study Center is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. People from all over come to visit and get inspired by a variety of beautifully crafted quilts. The museum consists of up to 5,000 different quilts and change them out year round. Their mission is to build a global collection and audience that celebrates the cultural and artistic significance of quilts. Our assignment for this project was to recreate the retail space currently located in the open lobby area of the museum. I was able to partner up with Katrina Christiancy to create this project. The building has a tall ceiling along with large open windows for people to view inside. Our goal was to be able to draw in more millenials and others from the outside into this inspiring and exciting place. The current state of the retail space is very unorderly and random. It was our job to create something more modern and useful to draw millenials into the space when walking in and out of the museum.



Site Analysis + Precedents We started this project with researching a variety of retail spaces and their layouts. As a quilt museum, we wanted to keep the traditional feel of quilts and merchandise alive. We based our layout off of the log cabin quilt which happens to be one of the most popular quilts in the museum. The proportions of the structure, furniture pieces, and even the ceiling feature are based off the log cabin quilt design. The celing feature adds an interesting affect for people walking by the mueseum giving them the urge to come inside. The feature starts from the entrance, and curves its way into the retail sapce leading people towards the gallery upstairs.

Site Photos 21

Precedents 22

Floor Plan + Spacial Diagrams + Entrance Perspective



Organizational Structure



Floor Plan



Retail Space

Furniture + Materials + Retail Space Perspective


Apparel Shelf

Focal Display Case Reception Desk

Brown Wood

White Countertop

Brown Metal

Retail Space + Entrance


Workspring 04

Workspring is a workspace for a variety of work men and women to come and meet with clients and coworkers. It is located in Chicago Illinois. The space consists of a variety of spaces for meetings and collaboration. We were given a new floor plan located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska to recreate this coworking space. The goal for this project was to make Workspring into more of an interesting collaborated space. I wanted to incorporate more focus on the materials used and the colors from the brand brought out into the space. This makes it more playful and interesting for people coming into the space and can also give them inspiration for projects as well as feel welcomed into the working environment.


Lobby Lounge

Spacial Diagrams + Brainstorming Space

Social/Brainstorming Space UP

Lounging Space

10' - 6 3/8"


Conference Space



Level 2 11' - 0"

Entire Floor Section 29

Level 1 0' - 0"

Brainstorming Space

Lounge Space

Furniture + Materials + Floor Plan

Canadian Maple

Steel Tile

Seismic Wave Tile

Together Bench Pale Gray Oak

Celestial Tile

Digital Terrain Tile

Circa Seating


Lagunitas Lounge

Floor Plan


ASID Rockin the Runway My team and I had so much fun creating this outfit for Rockin the Runway. The event was 80s themed making it very interesting to use many colors to emphasize the crazy mashup. Our inspiration for this outfit was Stephanie from “Full House” and her dancing number to “Love Shack.” We believed it to be a fun edge to the overall clash of colors. We used a variety of commercial textiles to make up the outfit: Knoll, Carnegie, and DesignTex. Each fabric has a different kind of pattern to show an intersting mashup of fashionable pieces to make up this outfit.



Rachel Norris Phone: 402-881-1403 Email: Instagram: rach_design_

Rachel norris interior design portfolio  
Rachel norris interior design portfolio