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So, What IS Movies Capital?

Movies Capital is where you can legally download all kinds of movies. All the movie titles are licensed. There is no peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing on Movies Capital. All movies are downloaded directly from their servers, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. All movie downloads are safe and legal. There is no need to download and install additional software for downloading. You can choose to download a movie and burn them on CDs or DVDs. Another option is to directly watch the movie of your choice straight from your computer.

Search Movies Capital’s vast archive of movies – from comedy to drama, from adventure to romance, horror, suspense, thriller, sci-fi movies, even musicals, documentaries and cartoon movies. Their movie archive is constantly updated. You can search from the classics up to the newly released movies. Members can get unlimited movie downloads. Movies Capital memberships are a one-time payment only. The only payment you will ever make is when you are registering. Their online order is 100% safe and secure. They do not have any monthly billing charges. There is no fee for every movie being downloaded. There are no hidden fees. There are three membership options. The silver membership allows members to download or stream 25 unique movie titles while the gold membership allows its members to download or stream 50 unique movie titles. The platinum membership will give members two years of unlimited movie download. And there is no waiting time, once you have already paid the membership fee, you can easily access the members area and start downloading the movies that you want. At Movies Capital, you can even watch the movie as it is being downloaded. The downloaded movies are in AVI format. If you are streaming the movies, it is in WMV format which means that it will open in your media player. Download time is dependent on the length of the movie being downloaded. There is also a tutorial guide on Movies Capital where you can learn how to best optimize your viewing experience. If you want to widen your own movie collection, the site can guide users on how to burn the movies. Movies Capital also offers tools that can help you burn your downloaded movies on CDs or DVDs. It is not a problem even when you are travelling outside the US. You can still avail of their services. Their movies have international distribution licenses. Movies Capital has worldwide services. All their movies are compatible with different types of operating systems. It means that you could download and watch movies even if you are a Mac user. If you are having trouble downloading or burning the movies, the Movies Capital technical support staff can readily help you with your difficulties.

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Movies Capital Review  

Movies Capital Review