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01 DAUGHTER “Daughter� was a project based off of a record cover design I made exploring conceptual thinking & the conceptual process. Along with the record cover & vinyl record, I designed merchandise to go along with it. The items include a promotional gig poster, t-shirts, buttons, tote bags, & a VIP backstage pass. This conceptual thinking based project helped me realize that it is one of my favorite & preffered ways to approach design.

02 REMEMORY Rememory is a memory game meant to encourage attention to detail & challenge how much information a person could successfully retain in their heads. The more a player remembers, the further & quicker ahead they advance to the finish line. This project explored interaction design & really went in depth into taking consideration & observing how people approach, react, & learn from things. It demonstrated how the designe heavily affects the success or failure of a users understanding & learning from something.


If the GUESSER answers any questions incorrectly, there are no penalties, they simply don’t get to advance forward 1 spot for that question.

How to Play


The players will begin by selecting the first “GUESSER”, who will be memorizing the other players’ cards. All players, except for the GUESSER will draw a MEMORY card and show them to the GUESSER Once the guesser has decided he/she has had enough time to remember the objects/words on the cards, he/she will indicate that the players can flip their cards around.

Each of the players with a MEMORY card will take turns asking the GUESSER any detailed question about their own card (i.e. “What were the color of the stripes?”, “How many triangles were there?”, etc.) After the GUESSER finishes answering all of the players’ questions, he/she will get to move their player game piece forward on the board the same number amount of questions he/she answered correctly. .

If the GUESSER moving forward on the board lands on a BONUS spot, he/she will get to draw another MEMORY card, giving him/her the privilege of advancing additional spots forward on the board during that turn. The single MEMORY card will be passed around amongst the other players, each asking 1 memory question and the player who drew the BONUS card will get to advance as many spots as the questions . Move forward 2 spots



he/she answers correctly. If the GUESSER lands on a ORANGE SPOT on the board that says MOVE FORWARD, he/she will get to move forward the amount of spots indicated on that particular ORANGE SPOT If the GUESSER lands on a DUAL SPOT on the board, he/she will have the opportunity to have a dual with a their selected opponent. All players will take turns being the GUESSER until 1 player reaches the END spot first, becoming the winner.


M fo ove rw sp ar ot d s

Move forwa rd 4 spo ts


Mo for ve 2 s ward po ts














Memory Card




03 Infiniti was a project exploring packaging through a constructivist point of thinking. My idea was to design packaging for the Infiniti black camera, which is meant to be fairly small & easy to travel with & carry around anywhere you go. Its capabilities along with its variation of available lenses are supposed to allow you to capture the small, the big, & an infinite ammount of moments & places that you desire.

B l a c k Digic 4 Image Process & Live View Mode 24-105mm f/4.0-22 L-Series IS USM Lens Full HD 1080p Video & Stereo Recording Self Cleaning 3.9 fpb’s Full Frame CMOS Sensor Super Spectra Coatings

B l a c k

B l a c k Infinite possibilities in the click of a button.

0 4 LittleMONSTERS Little Monsters is a childrens clothing line inspired by the fun, silly, playful, & one-of-a-kind attitude of children. The clothing line offers a variety of styles of clothing & accessories for newborns to 12 year olds. With its versatality of styles it is meant to encourage a child to express their personalities & be their one-of-a-kind selves through the expression of their outfits. Little Monsters offers fun & playful patterns designed by collaborating artists nationwide & designs made by people from all around the country. This brand is exciting, playful, & edgy, meant to embrace the personality of every little monster out there!


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The Brand new, Animal Friends Collection is a Little Monsters Exclusive line designed for your little ones to have a fun and adventurous fall season doing all the things they love, while at the same time keeping warm and cozy. This fun & friendly line oers a selection of Duel coats with warm and fuzzy animal friend patterns, trench coats for the splashy days, sweaters for a lighter day, & a variety of long and short sleeve t-shirts to keep your little ones at their perfect level of comfort. Exclusively designed by other loving & caring moms, this collection utilizes strong & durable, yet comfortable and protected with the comfort of your little ones in mind.






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Pulse is a music magazine inspired by my early love for music, as well as Pitchfork website & David Carson’s RayGun designs.I particularly grew up being intrigued by indie, rock, & a lot of experimental sounds, which sort of influenced the overall feel of the magazine. Once I saw David Carson’s desings of the RayGun spreads I saw the same edgyness & experimental sounds of the music I listened to being reflected & it heavily inspired me to do a cleaner version of something similar to RayGun that would essentially combine the edgyness of David Carson’s design with the cleaner & more legible aspect of Rolling Stone, CMJ, & other music magazines.

PULSE November




TOP 10


Album Releases!

Chealsea Wolfe Speaks About Full Band Album

It’s RAINING BOWIE rip bowie David Bowie lived many lives. He was completely capable of transforming from blues-loving Davie Jones to rock & roll alien Ziggy Stardust to the dapper Thin White Duke with ease. Even until his death in January of 2016, the singer, performer, actor and fashion icon continued to reinvent his image and sound, ending his career with the dark, reflective Blackstar that served as a parting gift for fans who did not yet know about his struggle with cancer.

Over the years, Bowie’s fashion was a reflection of his personal rebirth, the killing of his past and the beginning of a new era. Take a look a back at the development of the artist in the nearly 50 years of evolution.

54 Records, 1,000’s of admirers David Bowie lived many lives. He was completely capable of transforming from blues-loving Davie Jones to rock & roll alien Ziggy Stardust to the dapper Thin White Duke with ease. Even until his death in January of 2016, the singer, performer, actor and fashion icon continued to reinvent his image and sound, ending his career with the dark, reflective Blackstar that served as a parting gift for fans who did not yet know about his struggle with cancer. Over the years, Bowie's fashion was a reflection of his personal rebirth, the killing of his past and the beginning of a new era. Take a look a back at the development of the artist in the nearly 50 years of evolution.


ew i v r e t n I e Exclusiv

OVERLORDS of post Rock How It Began


While buzzwords like

"cinematic" &


are thrown haphazardly around the post-rock arena, I can't help but feel that the Texas four-piece Explosions in the Sky are one of the few they imply. - Kevin Adickes


union a family re ed next to were seat e w re whe nolia Cafe

All About

"The wilderness" Kevin: All right, let’s start off with a little background informa-



Kevin: Well, judging from the artwork on the new album, I had my theories that you were attempting to document the fabled appearance of the “Angel of Mons.”

Mike: Yes. Kevin: What was so profound about that story? Chris: Well, the story behind the picture is that, in World War I, there was a group of French troops in a trench. In trench warfare, there’s not much movement except back and forth through the trenches. And one night, after a really fierce battle, they all looked up at the sky and they thought they saw an angel in the clouds. They all reported seeing it, or at

“They all looked up at the sky”

tion. What did you guys do before Explosions in the Sky?

Michael: I played in bands. Up until I was 19 years old, you

know, just playing in high school bands. Actually, Mark and I played in another Austin band before Explosions in the Sky.

Chris: I moved down here from Chicago about two months before I met the band to go to school. Munaf: The three of us-- Mark, Michael and myself-- are

from a small town in Texas called Midland. We grew up there and we all moved to Austin at different times-- I moved up here to be close to my friends. Then, Chris just popped into the picture.

Mark: We also played in a band in Midland. Munaf: Yeah, so I’ve

least a significant portion of them did, but the official military story is that it was a plane’s lights.

Kevin: I read that, when

Michael: All the songs we’d been doing up until that point seemed like they were

known Mark and Michael for about seven years. you write songs, you try to come up with an image or narrative. Have you ever considered lending your music to a film soundtrack?

Mark: We’ve actually scored two films for filmmaker friends of ours. Munaf: I really like the idea of

taking an individual story and translating it musically. I don’t know if you remember the Russian sailors that crashed into the bottom of the ocean about a year ago. The Russian submarine or whatever. Well, we wrote a song around that which hopefully will show up on the next record. It’s called “Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean,” which is how

about... war.

Kevin: Speaking of; the artwork for Those Who Tell the Truthhas come under a lot of scrutiny

“I really like the idea of taking an

in the wake of the World Trade Center attacks. The drawing of an airplane captioned “this plane will crash” seems especially intriguing.

Mark: Well, in terms of criticism, I can say that we had that artwork a year before this happened so...

Munaf: This woman at my

work saw that and said, “Oh my God, should I call the FBI?” [Laughter]

Kevin: Those Who Tell the Truth seems very seditious from the sound of your hard-to-find


Wi “Explosions in the Sky’s sixth album, their best since 2003’s The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place, is a quietly masterwork.” -Alex Trelly

d Release New Album Explosions in the Sky are the kind of band is the sheer size of their songs, but also of the Hall and play larger concert halls (which is surprising for a rock band without a vocalist); they famously soundtracked “Friday Night Lights,” a number of motion pictures, and their songs shows up on dozens of television shows. But their sixth soundtrack collection since 2011’s Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, ward and turning their gaze toward minutiae, the group still manages to create something that resonates means, and it’s their best since Dead Place.


Exclusive Interview with Chelsea Wolfe


and being an outcast. Read the interview and being an outcast. Read the interview



PULSE: When did you start making music?a

Chelsea Wolfe: My dad

was in a country band while I was growing up and he had a home studio. So when I was around nine, I started writing and recording songs, and I never really stopped. But for some reason it never seemed like an option for me to be a musician. It was a very long time until I took it seriously.


your music, you were part of a but now it seems like you’ve opened up to something less niche.

CW: I’ve always been a musical

outcast-- I don’t mean that in a negative way-- but I don’t really

or not underground. Whatever's available to me-- a large or small audience-- I'm there with them.

PULSE: How do you view

the acoustic material on the new

from the intensity of the other kinds of music you’ve performed.

CW: I can’t really stick to one genre-- I like to experiment ent sounds and my voice as an instrument. And as much as I like music with intense energies, I also love old country like Hank Williams. And I love Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt. It’s part of who I am. I have folk roots ing back and forth between these PULSE: I noticed you thank


nown Rooms notes.

CW: When I was younger, I

didn’t really listen to music and

people did. So the past few years when I actually started listening to records and discovering musicians and authors and comedians that I really loved, I felt compelled to tribute to them. It was a long time coming to have these strong who could draw forth familiar emotions from me.

PULSE: Your press photos are a big part of your music.

Yes, I think there is more openness in my new music; I think of it as white space.

there and posing; the images

CW Unknown Rooms. Can you talk about that photo?

friend who I've worked with for years. We found this old abandoned hotel in the Bay Area, it was a room overnight and just experienced the place, wandered the halls and discovered stories of the history. It used to be a brothel and all the rooms there. Visual aesthetic is something important to me and something I want to explore even more.

PULSE: When I’ve seen you live, you per-

formed wearing a veil, or a mask. On the Unknown Rooms cover you have your hand over your face. When you perform with the veil, is that an aesthetic thing or is it a functional way of removing yourself from the audience?

CW: Being a singer and songwriter and some-

one who records music comes naturally to me, but being a performer is something that came second. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with the actual physical visual aspect of playing veil was a nod to funeral marches and the mood of my music at the time, but I realized it helped me to be able to be up there and feel sort of obscured or blank, so it was more about the sound and what people saw when they closed their eyes. of 2011; it was a little bit symbolic for me. I still struggle with these same issues, though I’ve gotten better at dealing with it.

PULSE: I’ve noticed metal fans seem to be

into your music-- why do you think people who

CW: work and pain actually going into loving somebooks with very intense, strained relationships, like 1984. I was also thinking about how women used to get sent to insane asylums and lobotomized for ridiculous reasons like "promiscuity." Another new song, “Feral Love”, was inspired by a passage from one of my favorite books Sons and Lovers [by D.H. Lawrence], where the characters are talking about what it would be like for a wild open space, or to be someone who’s used to the open space and then to be suddenly surrounded by trees. It’s about animal instincts and exploring the idea of love as an animal.

PULSE: You thank D.H. Lawrence in the especially important writer to you?

CW: Yes. He’s known for his themes of mother-son relationships in English coal mining families, but I read him and notice the unique way he writes about nature-- it’s so descriptive and instinctual. It’s helped me understand the

my favorite books, and the music that plays in my head while I’m reading.

0 6 POSTERS This collection includes a variety of posters made through different mediums & explorations of art & design. The mediums & processes used include, digital, printmaking, collage, paint, & ink.

0 7 PACKAGING & SUPPLIES This project was a smaller one, mainly showcasing items with a youthful & young adult fun & edgy doodle style. It’s meant to be free-spirited & edgy & aiming to show personallity. The two packaging items on the right were items I designed for a group project, which was a made up cafe that helped aid homeless teens & young adults. It was meant to embrace the personality & vibe of the shelter cafe. The items on the left are a journal & a pencil bag meant to be part of a bigger school supply collection decorated with a variety of collaborating artists who’s work gets showcased on the supplies. The Bread & Butter logo designed by Garrison C. in group project & all other art sketches were made by a variety of artists.

Tu Av rke ac y ad o

THANK YOU For taking the time to look at my work

CONTACT EMAIL: PHONE: 801.825.0833

Design Seminar Portfolio  

School portfolio

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