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onder’s “enriched” white bread isn’t cutting it anymore in a category focused on all-natural and whole wheat. As a result, Wonder is selling itself defensively as a healthy choice. Not a good position for an American icon like Wonder.

When we asked consumers, we constantly heard back,

“Some things just taste better on white bread.” When we asked them to explain why, they told us that white bread enabled them to put interesting things on their sandwiches -- because no ingredient goes unnoticed on white bread. This led us to the insight that while people eat wheat bread because they should, they eat white bread because they want to. So how can Wonder compete with guilt-free wheat? It needed to embrace white bread, the guilty pleasure. So we set out to rekindle America’s craving for all the comfort foods that start with Wonder Bread. From fluffernutters, to baloney and cheese, to yes, even the fried Elvis.


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In the supermarket, all the fun ingredients you can put on a Wonder sandwich set the stage for not only new partnerships, but making Wonder a bigger discussion within the store.



Sixty - Wonder Bread  
Sixty - Wonder Bread  

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