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VLN Primary Schools Feedback There were 12 responses from approximately a 3rd of our VLN Primary Schools. 43% of respondents were Principals, the remainder were support teachers, including one eteacher. All respondents recommended participation in the VLN Primary school to others (92% Strongly Agree, 8% Agree).

What are the benefits to our children of participating in the VLN Primary? 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Access to Development Development Development Opportunities language or of key of digital of ICT skills to interact other competencies citizenship & and with students specialist (managing literacies capabilities from other classes self, relating (safe and schools to others, appropriate participating online & activity) contributing) Very Impt

Quite Impt

Satisfaction with Quality of VLN Primary Classes

Less Impt

Retaining Improving the Providing students in elearning personalised our school confidence learning community and capability opportunities of our for more of teachers our students

Not Impt

Satisfaction with Organisation & Support

Very satisfied


Very satisfied



Very unsatisfied


Very unsatisfied

What have been some of the challenges in participating for your students and school or as an eteacher? Other Access to professional learning & support Access to computers & internet Cost of contributing to VLN Primary participation Time & support for students to complete work Engagement of students during class time Lack of communication with other schools Clashes with other school activities Students remembering to attend classes on time Reliable & fast internet 0











Further Comments & Suggestions: • •

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Japanese to have a more advanced level for the children who have done it previously rather than starting from scratch each year. Excellent just-in -time support from Rachael. Maths programme provides extension that is more than just a one-off as students must complete follow up and support is available during these tasks. Problems have real-life context and demand a range of skills. This has been an excellent opportunity for our kids to learn another language that they would have otherwise been unable to learn. Great for extending the older children of a small school Could sessions be a bit longer? 45 mins maybe. The kids love going to the lessons, especially those classes in which they have been involved in for the whole year, the classes where they have joined in half way through the year takes a little bit of motivation for them to remember to attend and to get themselves organised. I need to timetable into my programme time for them to do follow up activities and to get on their emails and the web site The students have enjoyed learning Spanish this year. I would like to have our year 7&8 students involve in two different classes each week next year. If possible. Fantastic learning opportunity for our students. Can be difficult at times to give classes the priority they deserve in our busy school day. Students generally love it and are more committed the longer they are involved. Great way to provide learning opportunities to suit individual needs and extend students. Where does it fit with the next step should they continue at high school?

Future Learning Opportunities? •

I pad class, ICT class

Extension writing - perhaps an author facilitating a class

2014 I will have a year 7 student (oldest in class) achieving at a very high level and quite separated in ability from the next student below in year 6. I would like the opportunity for her to work with other students of similar age and or ability on any learning area.


Continue with what you are offering - a very good range and it presently caters for our needs. Thanks

More science topics

Maths problem solving

Maths knowledge - basic facts and place value???

Writing enrichment

Book circles???

Inquiry, research and essay writing in preparation for high school

Just some ideas - thinking of ways we can contribute too.

As a teacher in a small school, I often find it hard to fit in time to really give VLN the attention it deserves (The students have it timetabled in but I don't!!)... it is a fantastic programme and I feel privileged to be part of the team. Thank you !!"

Vln primary schools feedback 2013  
Vln primary schools feedback 2013