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Newsletter November 2008

What Your Child Will Be Learning

link with the home so your child can show you what he or she has been learning.

The theme for the month of November is Fall and Thanksgiving. The children will be learning about owls, turkeys, Pilgrims, and Indians. We will also have a unit about energy conservation discussing how we get water and electricity to our homes and how we heat our homes.

Please praise your children's projects and display them at home. They are very proud of their efforts.

Many of the activity papers have a P.S. (Parent Suggestions) noted on the page. These suggestions are to help you discuss work done at school and create a follow-up learning experience. If you have a young child, don't expect the activity papers to be colored. The most important things are the concepts taught, i.e. beginning sounds, number of objects, etc. Most of the learning takes place in the daily group floor activities with real objects and discussion. The activity papers can reinforce the learning activity. They are mainly a

Contents What Your Child Will Be Learning.....................................1 Skills......................................1 Concepts................................1 Friendly Reminders....................2 Special Announcements.............2 Current Enrollment.....................2 Dates of Importance...................2 Creator........................................2


cutting for older children

P.E skills taught will be ●


hopping and jumping

If you see an opportunity to ● following the leader reinforce concepts taught in the preschool, be sure to do so. Safety taught will be Examples: “Which glass of juice ● stop signs and traffic lights has more? Is that car near or far? Can you make the doll go upside Health taught will be down?” Ask the children to name ● proper way to wash hands the color of objects that are blue, and care of hair yellow, and green. Music skills will be ●

singing songs in a group

rhythm and movement to music

Concepts Concepts taught will be

Skills Skills taught this month will be ●

direction following

listening in a group


pasting and gluing





more and less

most and least

near and far


up and down

upside down

colors blue, green, and


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Friendly Reminders

Dates of Importance Tuesday, November 4th - Please dress your child in something blue. Send something blue to share at sharing time.

Please be sure to send 2 complete changes of seasonally appropriate clothing for your child now that the weather is getting cooler. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 12th Please dress your child in something green. Send something green to share at sharing time.

I will be closing early the day before Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 26th at 1:00. Payment for the next week will also be due on this day.

Monday, November 17th - Please dress your child in something yellow. Send something yellow to share at sharing time.

I will also be closed for Thanksgiving and the day after.

Current Enrollment

Wednesday, November 26th – Early closing at 1:00 and tuition due for the next week

th Below is a current list of enrolled Thursday, November 27 and th children and their ages so you will Friday, November 28 – Closed have an idea of who your child is for Thanksgiving Holiday playing and interacting with.

Special Announcements

Savannah – 4 years

Kyle – 2.5 years

Cannon – 2 years

Eli – 2 years

Ray – 2 years

Kelsey – 1 year

If you know of anyone who might If you are looking for a babysitter to be interested, I do have one fullwatch your child(ren) in the evenings time position open for a or on weekends, Carly Castleberry is preschooler. offering her services. She is the teenage daughter of my substitute, Ruth Castleberry. She recently completed the Safe Sitter program and has already been introduced to the children during the initial observation visit a few weeks ago. She was great with the kids, and I would highly recommend her. If you are interested, she can be reached at 972-722-2605 for current fees and availability.

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Creator This newsletter was written by Rachael Taylor of Rachael's Super Star Preschool. 7403 Summit Ridge Ln. Sachse, TX 75048 214-558-2866 http://www.WeDontWatch.TV

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