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PNW Division 21

April 2012

The Bumbler

Issue 1

Take the road less traveled!

Who are we?

Division 21 Bumblebees Quick Look:

Key Club International

13 schools: Arlington Edmonds-Woodway Glacier Peak

Pacific Northwest District

Henry M. Jackson Kamiak Lake Stevens Lynnwood Mariner

Division 21

Marysville Getchell Meadowdale Monroe Mountlake Terrace Snohomish

Your school’s club!

Our mascot is the...

Why is it so important to stay in contact with your division?


you and your club! ๏

make it easier for YOU! ๏

and Black

Going through your Lieutenant Governor for DCON/Seattle Rally Registration and major service projects (like Trick or Treat for UNICEF)

Our colors are: Yellow

PNW district and the International board want to communicate with

You get to meet like-minded students who are dedicated to volunteering!

Getting involved gives you opportunities to serve as a leader in district and even international positions!


Division 21 at PNW’s 63rd annual DCON


It’s the start of your 2012-2013 term! Are you willing to take the road less traveled? Now that it’s April, outgoing officers are turning their duties over to the incoming officers, seniors are nearly done with high school (and Key Club), and members are planning for the new year. For those that attended DCON, I hope you found a new spark to serve and make a name for your club in your community! And

Division 21 PNW District

for those that didn’t attend, I hope you also feel ready for the crazy year ahead! I know that all members might feel motivated to volunteer in the beginning of the year, but tend to do less and less as their term goes on. I encourage all of you to constantly remind yourselves why you joined Key Club and why it’s worth it to serve! Take the road less traveled- don’t stop Key Club-ing! Take some time

now to plan for your year of service, and your efforts will definitely pay off!

In this issue: Greetings DCON Recap Making Goals DCM/ Officer training April Project Ideas

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DIvision 21’s long-term goals are to have all 13 clubs in their area have active status, be efficient in fundraising and awareness for Key Club International’s Major Emphasis projects as well as Pacific Northwest District’s projects, and have complete communication between all clubs regardless of distance. However, our biggest goals are those stated by Key Club International: To provide service, build character, and develop leadership.

DCON 2013:

Division 21’s first time winning the spirit stick at DCON!

Steps you should take NOW so you can have fun LATER! 1. Pay your dues ON TIME! If you want to have the experience of the Grand Ballroom, and not the Overflow, get those dues in by NOVEMBER 1st! If one club pays late, the whole division suffers the consequences. 2. Find chaperones! Take a lesson from your very own LTG and find chaperones now, for less of a headache later! 3. Get buddy-buddy with your Kiwanis Club! Give your sponsoring Kiwanis Club a presentation on DCON! Most clubs DCON paid through 1/3 members, 1/3 club fund, and 1/3 Kiwanis! 4. Talk to your ASB! ASB is there to help YOU! Show them how DCON gives your officers training, and is overall an experience worth having. They just might cover some of your fees! 5. Plan fundraisers! The more money, the better! Have DCON-specific fundraisers, so that you’ll be able to cover for incoming officers, underclassmen, and lastminute members who want to come!

Just how much do you love DCON? Andy Nguyen, the 2012-2013 Convention Chair, has released the applications for convention aide! Convention aides help the chair in planning everything for DCON! DUE: APRIL 14TH, 2012 Interested? Email Rachael for the application at

Service on the Big Screen: DCON 2012 From Alaska, from Idaho, from Northern California, 1600 members met at SeaTac Doubletree for one purpose: DCON. Division 21 spent Friday through Sunday going to workshops, voting for district and international candidates, and getting to know their fellow Key Clubbers. There were other divisions that brought hundreds of people, and there were divisions with matching t-shirts and seats at the front of the Grand Ballroom. But the 60 bumblebees in Division 21 made themselves noticed! Just what did the bumblebees do to win the spirit stick? - They showed their 21 pride from the beginning of DCON, cheering even louder than the LTG’s that stormed onto their bus! - They were loud and spirited during general sessions, even though they were in the overflow room and not in the main room! - They were courteous and showed leadership, which were key to winning the spirit stick on the second day!

DCON is the best way for members to really understand how Key Club works, and what goes on beyond the club level. Especially useful are the Club Officer workshops, but for officers that couldn’t come to DCON, no worries! Our division will be having officer training soon! For the bumblebees going through a little Post-DCON Syndrome, the Facebook group, “PNW Key Club DCON 2012”, ought to ease your symptoms!

Organization is key to getting things done!

OFFICER TIPS: How can I let my club members know what is going on? 1. Facebook/Twitter We live in a world where most teenagers have some form of social media. Take advantage of this for your club! Make a group, not a page, so that members get a notification whenever you post!

2. Email Emails are efficient and allow oneto-one message. Just make sure your members are checking them!

3. Mass texting

Making Goals for Success Tackling school, sports, social life, and Key Club? It’s a lot to have on your plate, but it’s reality for many Key Clubbers. So how can you juggle all of these things, while not paying too much attention to one thing, or ignoring another? Make goals! Not only are they something for you to work towards, but they give you

achieve these goals. If you write down specific steps, rather than just thinking of what you generally want, you are much more likely to reach your goal. So sit down with a pen and paper, jot down your plans (including for Key Club!), and enjoy being a little more organized.

Texting gives you the peace of mind, knowing that members WILL be seeing your updates. It’s very convenient- just not for whoever is sending out the text messages!

4. Webpage A webpage provides a place for all of your resources and event information! It’s a one-stop and can be extremely helpful as long at it is always updated. Consider electing a club web administrator for this purpose (and to give your editor a break!)


Fly to Orlando, go to Disney World, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, stay at the Hilton Orlando, and meet Key Clubbers from all over!


initiative to make an actual plan to

(+ $90 for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

Get Connected! Join our division’s Facebook group for updates on DCMs, projects, and more! “PNW Division 21 Key Club International 2012-2013”

Come to the April

Who: Anyone! But mostly Division 21 Key Clubbers!


What: Divisional Council Meeting Where: Lynnwood Library When: Friday, April 27th, from 3PM-6PM Why: To discuss divisional/club goals and decorate our spirit stick!

Division 21 Events: DCMS

Officer Training

DCMs are meetings for the Division, just as how we have club meetings. Just what can you get out of a DCM?

You took the initiative to run for your position, you recited your speech, and your club members decided to vote for you. Now what? Your outgoing officers should be teaching you the ins and outs of dues paying, secretary reports, and most of all, leading. There’s only so much they can cover though, and that’s where Officer Training comes in! At Officer Training, you’ll learn what exactly you need to do with your club board during your term and your specific duties as laid out by Key Club International. Furthermore, you’ll get actual opportunities to work with your new fellow officers! Be sure to attend one of the two upcoming Officer Training meetings in May!

• Valuable resources and information • Time to get to know the Key Club members near you • An opportunity to get more involved • Shared ideas for fundraisers and volunteering events • A chance to get volunteer hours In the past, division 21 has done activities such as trauma dolls, Operation Shoebox, and postermaking for Major Emphasis projects. Make the most of DCM’s and use them as a way to work alongside clubs near you! Have a football game with a fellow club in Division 21? Use DCM time to plan out a miracle minute! There are so many benefits to going to DCMs.

Problem Solving: If a divisional event is too far... Make use of technology and get a Skype username! Always contact whoever is holding the event to let them know you cannot attend in person, and that you’d like to be able to Skype in instead.

If you have trouble getting involved... Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Fusce consequat porttitor arcu. Vestibulum ut nunc. Sed dictum ante vel lacus. Pellentesque quis est eu pede laoreet elementum. Aliquam pellentesque lorem ipsum ante vitae ligula nec.

If you need fundraising/ volunteering ideas... Contact your club officers or the officers from the other clubs in our division! Don’t forget that your Lieutenant Governor is always here to help you out too! Use the internet, with websites like

April Service Ideas Need a little help? Just check here!




Relay For Life


Car Wash

Food Drive

Talent Show

Start your teams now! Relay for Life is a way for you to raise money for cancer, and get closer to your club members!

Pull weeds

Contact your local city’s park coordinator and request for a day for your club to clean up your city!

Sherwood Community Services is holding a bowl-athon on April 15th. For more information, contact Lake Stevens Key Club!

Offered by Youth United, the Letter Carriers’ Food Drive takes place in Edmonds and Everett on May 12th.


Seniors can get quick last minute volunteer hours by offering to tutor students at your school!

It’s finally spring! Now that the weathers nice, take out your sponges and posters, contact a gas station, and have a car wash!

Make your presence known at your school! Organize a talent show and enjoy the bonus advertising for your Key Club!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and II took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.� - Robert Frost

Ask not what your club can do for you,

ask what you can do for your club!

Rachael Lee Division 21 Lieutenant Governor Pacific Northwest District Key Club International 5319 169TH PL SW Lynnwood, WA 98037 (206) 465-2425

The Bumbler: April 2012  

Issue 1 Division 21

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