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HAYDOX A fast and simple access solution which slots into a Kwikstage imperial four legged system •

Fully compliant Aluminium Staircases German certified

Adheres to current WAHR BSI2811A specifications

Tested to 2KN per sq metre

Welded and constructed to provide robust industrial solutions for single access usage within an imperial modular system Light and easily installed by scaffolding operatives to provide super fast erection for scaffold towers at height (4 legged)

Aluminium staircase sizes 0.58 metre x 2.0 metre lift 0.58 metre x 1.5 metre lift

Integral handrail system which slots into the aluminium staircase

Stringer decks 1.185 metre x 0.50 metre

Connector decks 1.335 metre x 0.60 metre

Guardrail to fit connector deck which allows facade integration Plywood non slip decks for a complete walk through capability alternating access every 2 metre lift parallel or return

Green End, Whitchurch, Shropshire SY13 1AS

Tel: 01948 662327 / 01948 666054 Fax: 01948 666359 Email: Web:

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