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Bespoke Reporting Software by Ti Thermal Imaging LTD

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Features Benefits Dashboard Inspections& KBLs Problems Trending Data Report Client sites & contacts

Features 

Get full functionality—Inspections & KBLs, problems, trending data, reports, multiple sites & users - All in one package

Schedule unlimited preventive maintenance tasks for numerous clients or assets and set up automatic reminders.

Create, manage and analyse work orders.

Report pages generated links so you can incorporate into any system.

Track and analyse equipment information and history.

Analyse historical maintenance issues and help predict future events.

Email reports and problem pages to notify people of maintenance events.

Locate maintenance "hot spots" in your facility.

Webcor– Web based system –

Ticor – Android (tablet based application – reporting on the go)

Flexible reporting and analysis

Benefits 

Minimize equipment and repair costs.

Reduce equipment downtime.

Maximize equipment reliability.

Increase equipment efficiency,

Prolong equipment life cycles.

Boost capacity utilization.

Increase labour productivity.

Improve organisation of assets and employees.

Enhance overall maintenance efficiency.




Trending Data

Clients, Sites & Contacts

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Ticor webcor brochure 2014  
Ticor webcor brochure 2014  

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