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Volume 10, Issue 1 October 2010

Ripples A Student Publication of Dakota Adventist Academy “The average human heart beats 100,000 times a day. Make those beats count.�

Camp Week At Dakota Adventist Academy, many fun trips and events are planned each year for the students. Some of these happen only once in a while, but others occur every year. Every year, the students and staff of DAA travel to Northern Lights Camp outside of Bottineau, ND. There are water sports, field games, electives that include music and art, and other activities are organized for student participation. This year, there were some changes in the events planned and the scheduling for the students. One of these is that time was arranged so students could take more than one elective during the week. Singing, art, photography, and guitar were offered. This change helped students to find what electives they enjoy and perhaps entice them to join an elective at DAA. The other change was that two activities were added to the schedule. A canoe race and a biathlon were planned for the kids. It seemed as if these events went over very well as there were six canoe teams and five people competing in the biathlon. The winners of the canoe race were Marcus Singer and Nathan Struckman, and Matthew Boyko took home the gold in the biathlon. The student association of Dakota Adventist Academy has a big role in planning camp week and making it enjoyable. They plan games and activities to be played class against class. SA games are always a big hit for new and returning students. This year, the seniors seemed to dominate the competition. They took first in a cardboard boat race and in a game where teammates had to throw cheerios and try to make them stick on a select teammate’s face, which just so happened to be smothered in peanut butter. Another game that was played was a race where teammates carried a class member wrapped in toilet paper to a certain point and back while other teams threw water on them. Those with the most toilet paper left on them at the


end was the winner. It was a close match but the freshman came out on top, stopping the seniors from sweeping the SA games. On Friday, students separated into groups for service projects around the camp. In just a few hours, students were able to make a huge difference in the condition of Northern Lights Camp. On Saturday night of camp week, arguably the biggest and most anticipated game of the year took place. Every year an intense game of capture the flag is organized and played on the dark, winding trails. The teams are separated by gender and both teams desperately want to be labeled as the champions for that year. After a grueling battle between the guys and the girls, the girls emerged victorious for 2010. Even with all the fun going on, camp week is a very good time to grow closer to God and learn more about him. Worships were held by Pastor Terry Pflugrad. His talks covered the topics of enduring trials, heaven, the second coming, as well as others. People often overlook the spiritual aspect of this week, but it is very evident. A highlight of the week was the baptism of Adrienne Bohl and Erica Chapman on Sabbath. This year’s camp week seemed to be a big hit with the students. New activities, beautiful weather, and new friends made it a very special week for everyone. After reading student’s comments about camp week, this fact is supported even more. Here is a sample of these remarks. “Camp week is where you make some of the best memories of your life. You get to experience new things and make lots of new friends.” - Brienne Engelhart “The thing I like the most about camp week is the worships held there. I learned a lot of new things. I really want to go to heaven, and get to know God better.” - Dream Wongvorakul “I had a lot of fun at camp week because I got to do all of my favorite things, some new, some old. I got to meet new people and get to know them and build a good friendship with them.” - Trevor Lakoduk. “I love camp week and wish it would never end.” - Thomas Chapman For some students, camp week is the first camp experience they had. It adds an abundance of wonderful memories to their life. One student, Connor McCain, proved this in his writing where he said: “Camp week has added four year of camping fun to my life that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.” -Jordan Stolz



Principal’s Message “I Just Don’t Have Time”

“Have you ever heard about the butcher who backed into the meat grinder? He got a little behind in his work.”

“Two ropes entered a restaurant. The waiter asked the first rope, ‘Are you one of those ropes?’ ‘Why, yes,’ stammered the rope. ‘We don’t serve your kind,’ spat the waiter and whirled the rope around in the air and threw him out the window and into the street. The second rope decide that he’d better disguise himself, so he made his two ends all raggedy and curled himself into a knot. Then the waiter walked up to him and asked, ‘Are you one of those ropes?’ Replied the rope, ‘I’m a frayed knot.’

“She was only an optician’s daughter, but she really made a spectacle of herself.”

“The Yiddish comedian had oi vay with words and always earned a standing oi vay-tion.”

There are only 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep at least 9, so that leaves only 15 hours to use. Eating takes 1 1/2 hours, so now I am down to 13 1/2 hours. My six 40 minute classes and two 50 minute classes use up another 6 hours, counting the time to walk from one to the next. That only leaves me 7.5 hours to dress, worship, study, exercise, work, and play! Take a bit of time today and write out your complete schedule. How much time do you waste? Time is one thing that we all have an equal amount of every day (except on the day you were born and on the day that you die). One of the greatest determiners on success in life is how a person uses their time. Have you even studied how you could improve your use of time? - Leonard Quaile

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” -Plato (427-347 B.C.)


The New Roof Before our school year began, we had a

The old roof was in shambles. Tears and

substantial amount of work done on the roof.

holes could be seen in the membrane that the tar

Workers have been tearing the old roof off, and

covered. The glue no longer sealed the seams, and

laying new roof on. The most outstanding part about

the gravel held moisture so long that moss began

our new roof being put on is that all of the money for

growing! The old roof was in desperate need of a

the project has been donated. Our conference

brand new makeover.

president, Elder Neil Billoff, sent letters to the

The entire school is not being re-roofed, the

constituency and within three to four months we

gym, for example was just redone the year before

raised 400,000 dollars. Yes, 400,000 DOLLARS

last with a metal roof. The roof above the science

DONATED to get a new roof.

room is not being redone either.

Unfortunately in the recent past we have had

The new roof we are putting on is a rubber

some mishaps with our roof leaking in a place or

membrane. First they lay down two sheets of

two. You know, just the casual waterfall in the

insulation about five inches thick each, which will

kitchen and English room when it rains, and every

hold almost six times the amount of heat than the old

now and then a ceiling tile will fall to the ground.

roof did. Then after applying the insulation the

Only minor setbacks.

workers lay a rubber membrane over the insulation.

Thanks to some generous donors the fixing

They attach the membrane to the insulation with a

of the roof has begun. It all started in May of last

special glue and Presto!! No more leaks, warmer

school year when workers began tearing off the old

winters, and a fifteen year guarantee to top it all off.


It is amazing what God can do. Our school The old roof was made of tar and it was

was donated over 400,000 dollars for our new roof

insufficiently insulated especially in this crazy location

and within the next few weeks, a brand new roof

in the world where the only places it gets colder are

over DAA. It is most definitely a miracle!!!

Alaska, Antarctica, and Greenland. The roof was nearly as bad at leaking as it was with insulating.

- Jenna Donald


Recreation Rennaissance Four evenings a week students rush to their

to who can play,” said Mr. Miller in the interview.

rooms from supper to change clothes and gather

Teams will be drafted by chosen captains, so no one

equipment for recreation. For years, rec and

is left out. He pointed out that he is basing his ideas

intramural sports have been a very popular activity

for the recreational program on how it was run when

at DAA. People say that DAA does not have sports

he was a student at DAA.

programs, but they fail to realize that intramural

Mr. Miller seems excited for the year,

sports provide students with exercise, friendly

especially the recreational program. He is giving 100

competition, and the opportunity to learn

percent to try to make memories that will never be

responsibility and leadership skills. Last school year,


the student body showed a lack of interest in

-Jordan Stolz

participating in rec. However, it is a new year and the new boys’ assistant dean, Mr. Miller, has considerable goals for this year’s recreation

Welcome, Miss Wright!

program. In an interview, he said that his goals for rec are to create excitement in the kids. Also, he

Miss Lynelle Wright, our new assistant girl’s

wants to make rec enjoyable and help make

dean, arrived a little after camp week started,

memories in the kids’ lives like he has from his days

August 20. She is teaching computers, taking an

at DAA. He is looking into buying some new

aviation class, along with being the girl’s assistant

equipment and will be doing work on the football

dean, and has become a friend to all.

field to make it easier to chalk and also changing the dimensions to better fit our style of play. Many different sports will be played

Miss Wright grew up in upstate New York but later moved with her family to Tennessee. She has two siblings, one older and one younger. She

throughout the year. Softball, football, basketball,

was raised in a Seventh - day Adventist family. After

volleyball, floor hockey, badminton, and soccer are

high school she went to Southern Adventist

scheduled at the moment. “There are no limitations

University with her brother. She says her experience

6 there was fun, and she liked the positive, friendly

especially the girls. The girls along with Mrs.


Altsman count her as a blessing and are very grateful

While at Southern, Miss Wright studied

for all the work she does in the dorm. She is always

accounting. Originally she did not want to take

there if you have any questions and is willing to talk

accounting, but since she had been told that she

if you need someone to listen.

would do very well at it, she pursued it and discovered she actually enjoyed the field. After college, Lynelle searched for a job as

Miss Wright enjoys down hill skiing, canoeing, hiking, spending time with friends and family, reading, and playing the piano. Her strong

an accountant for several months. Her mom, an

relationship with God is inspiring. Helping others find

elementary teacher, had seen a teaching position for

Christ is top priority and working for Jesus, showing

herself in Rapid City, and went for an interview.

his love, is her ultimate goal.

While at the interview she discussed her family and

-Jenna Donald

was talking about Miss Wright needing a job. Just twenty-four hours later, Mr. Quaile called her and talked with her about having Miss Wright as our assistant dean. While attending Southern, she became acquainted with Miss Bertresse, our former assistant dean, and Miss Boyd, our development director. After talking with Miss Bertresse, and much prayer, Miss Wright took it as God’s calling that she come to the Dakotas and become the assistant dean. Miss Wright admits that she was not exactly looking to be a Task Force Assistant Dean but she followed the Lord’s calling and is now here. Having never been any sort of dean, this has been quite a new experience for her. She has taken to it with seeming ease. She gets along with the students,

Crime Puzzler: “Bubba’s Fresh Fish” Early morning is the best time to fish, Bubba thought. He’d been an early riser all his life, and there wasn’t a whole lot to do at that hour besides fish in the backwater. Nobody out there except him and the fish. His only companion was the alligators and Bubba was smarter than they. Bubba rolled out of bed, grabbed a cola from the fridge, and slipped on his old topsiders. Ten minutes flat, bed to boat. It takes years of practice to get to fish that quickly. The summer sky lightened into a soft blue. Bubba thought he lived in paradise, for sure, and just maybe, in the best place on earth. What more did a man need? Besides breakfast, that is. He cast his line again into the heavy reeds. He’d caught lots of big grouper here over the years. He got a strike. Quickly, he jerked the line, setting the hook, and began fighting the fish. “Man, this oughta be tasty,” he said aloud to the birds. The fish didn’t wiggle much after that, but

7 Bubba had a bit of trouble reeling him in anyway because he kept getting caught in the weeds. Eyes closed, mouth watering with anticipation, Bubba gave one final tug and yanked his trophy up into the boat. “What!?” His unexpected trophy, a cleanly severed human arm, lay on the floor of the boat. “Old Aggie strikes again,” Bubba said, and returned home right away to call the police. Aggie was a local alligator blamed for the deaths of three different men. But when Chief Parks arrived, he took one look at the arm and called the medical examiner. The arm had been severed near the shoulder. There was a double heart tatoo containing the names “Sam and Sally” on the forearm. “That ain’t no alligaator bite, Bubba. Nope. We got a murder on our hands.” How did the Chief know the arm wasn’t bitten off by an alligator?

Solution on next page

In the Life... of a Textbook Usually I lie upon a desk, But occasionally, well let’s say, I’m placed ‘bout anywhere. I am useful for your classes and much, much more. I feel so abused, unused, and worthless too. I’m here to help you grow So you can succeed. I want you to do your best, Nothing more and nothing less.

You take me for granted And act as if you do not care. It’s as if you don’t notice me. Do you even see me there?

“Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.” -Danny Kaye (1913-1987)

Please listen to me carefully; I have one thing to add. When your teacher asks you To treat me with respect, Please do as they say. I want to stay in good condition. I’m expensive too and maybe a rare edition. I love being around you, your fun and your smart. So, please take care of me, Don’t tear me apart.

-Christine R. Taylor


The New Stove

we could get it in before school

Rumor has it: There is a new


stove in the Dakota Adventist cafeteria.

Q- “How did they know there was

That rumor is true. Mrs. Way has had

a need for one?”

the privilege of having one donated to


“I have no idea. I believe

the school this summer. I interviewed

they are alumni and noticed

her with a few questions. Here is what

while they were visiting.”

she had to say. Q- “Can you tell who the donors were?” A-

Q- “what are the advantages of the stove?” A-

“They wish to remain

“Omlettes, stripples, and sautéed foods are much easier

anonymous. They happened to

to clean up after, sauces and

see the need for a new stove

gravies are easier and also

some time back and decided to

require less clean up time.”

step up and help out.” Q- “When did they decide to donate the money?” A-

“They talked with me

“Bubba’s Fresh Fish” Solution

Alligators kill large prey by dragging it underwater. drowning it, tearing it into during the middle of July large pieces and then swallowing it. Bewhen my husband spoke at cause the arm was smoothly severed and not torn, it had to have been amputated by their church. They said they a knife or some other sharp instrument, not by an aligator’s teeth. Also, if Bubba would love to donate a new was fishing for grouper, he must have stove to the academy kitchen if been in salt water (grouper is a saltwater fish). Alligators are not found in saltwater.

9 Q- “Is the food better quality?” A-

“Yes. I believe it has the potential to do much better.”

Q- “How do the vegetables taste?” A-

“Taste great! More flavor. It was difficult to salt them in the steamer.”

Q-“Is the new stove more efficient?” A-

“Depends on what you are cooking. It is better for vegetables, smaller quantities of food, pasta, and cheese sauce.”

There you are, and there you have it friends, from the head cook of Dakota Adventist Academy. My advice to you is to eat more veggies, commend the cooks for their hard work, and kick back and enjoy the meals. -Christine R. Taylor

Ripples’ Devotional: “No Greater Love” Joan Boyd, a five-year-old girl lived in the small town of Rye Cove, Virginia. Her father was the leading physician. He would mend the animal’s broken bones and fix their wounds. Joan followed her father’s footsteps and would take care of the many animal friends she had. One Sabbath afternoon, Joan realized that she really wanted a dog. She longed for a dog. One day as Joan was getting ready to leave her grandfather’s house with her father, she hopped in the back seat of the car and sitting next to her was a small white ball of fluff. It was a white collie! Her grandfather had given her father the collie to give to Joan. Joan was so happy she didn’t know how to contain herself.

10 After a long debate on what she should name her new puppy, she finally decided on the name Reno. Reno and Joan grew into the best of friends. When it came time for Joan to go to school, Reno would walk her there every day and wait outside to walk her back home. Reno was a loyal dog, and she loved Joan. The whole town knew who Reno was. Joan and Reno went to school one cold, windy day in the month of November. While at school Joan was at her teacher’s desk in the middle of a lesson, when all of a sudden her teacher grabbed her arm and told all the students to get under their desk. Miss. Brown, Joan’s teacher had noticed a cloud whirling outside. Many of the children were flung into the air with the cloud, while other children managed to escape with minor injuries, and others died. Joan and Reno were missing and it was predicted that Joan was among the dead. While another man was looking for his child he said he had seen Reno cross the road in front of him, limping badly. A search party was then sent to follow the path where Reno was last seen. A little farther off they found Reno and his paws stretched out with Joan’s small innocent head lying in between them. Both were dead. The faithful friend had stood by her side through both life and death. This story is a parable of God’s love for man. Jesus shed his blood on the cross so we could have eternal life. While in the process of doing so, Christ knew that many of the people he was dying for would reject him. But Christ died anyway. Why? Because he wants You in his kingdom. He wants to live with You eternally. You are precious to God. He’s crazy about You, and he wants everyone to have the privilege and opportunity to join him. God is love, and love never fails. “Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13

-Christine R. Taylor


Thoughts and Scribbles Greetings students, faculty, and other readers! It is my pleasure as editor to announce that Ripples is back in publication after a year-long hiatus. As editor, I feel that, since this is the first issue of the year, it is my duty to share some of my vast wisdom with you. This never-before-seen information is intended mainly for the student body, but will blow anyone away. As you may or may not know, I have decided to join our school’s choir and also DAK, the touring select choir. Part of the requirements of being in DAK is to be in the large choir and also take voice lessons from our illustrious music man, Mr. John McCombs. Now don’t take the following advice the wrong way. I love being in DAK, and I am enjoying my private lessons from said music-man. However, as I’m sure you have heard, timing is everything. With the busy life that most of us lead here at DAA, it is an arduous task to find a period to add in another class or, say, a voice lesson. The task becomes even more difficult when one gets into the habit of procrastination. I made this mistake by putting off setting up voice lessons with Mr. McCombs. By the time I got around to it, the only available period that worked with both of our schedules was 2nd period, about 8:30 AM. I very soon discovered that the voice does strange things at early hours of the morning. Just when I thought my voice was finished changing, I was told to do certain warm-up exercises. All of the cracks, breaks, and squeaks that taunted me during my thirteenth and fourteenth years decided to return to my vocal chords for a family reunion. However, I persevered through this deja vu of puberty and moved on to vocal range exercises. Again, I came to a new realization about my morning voice. I discovered that, at that time of day, I am able to hit notes so low that Tim Storms, the current record holder for the lowest sound made, would blush. However, the Vienna Boy’s choir would laugh me out of the choir room when they heard me crackle and squeak to get above middle C. My hopes of being the next American Idol flew quickly out the door. However, each week my “condition” seems to improve. I will be sure to keep you updated on how the family reunion is going inside my larynx. Moral of the story: Don’t procrastinate, and if you are planning on taking voice lessons, try your hardest to get a spot in the afternoon. The Ripples staff and I look forward to writing more articles for all of you. It’s going to be a great year! Don’t waste it! Live it to the fullest! -Jordan Stolz

Calendar: Ocotober 30: DAA Fall Festival October 31: Parent/Teacher Conference October 31-November 2: Junior Union College Days November 7: Girls’ Club Banquet November 12: Faculty Families/2nd quarter midterm ends November 13: Central Regional-Aberdeen November 20: Southeast Regional-Sioux Falls November 21-28: Thanksgiving Break

Credits “Puns”, page 3, are taken from Get Thee To a Punnery by Richard Lederer, Wyrick and Company, 1988. “Bubba’s Fresh Fish” pages 6,7,8, is taken from The Little Book of Bathroom Crime Puzzles by M. Diane Vogt, MJF Books, 2005. Quotes on pages 1,3,7 are taken from Bits and Pieces sample issue, Lawrence Ragan Communications Inc.

“In conclusion, my brothers, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable. Philippians 4:8 GNB

Ripples Voulme 10 Issue 1  
Ripples Voulme 10 Issue 1  

The first edition of the year, Ripples is once again up and running! Jordan Stolz is the editor with help from Christine Taylor and Jenna D...