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Rachel Pedro FAS274 A Spring 2013

Table of Contents 4-5 Logotype 6-7 Business Card & Letterhead 8-11 Symbol & Word Book 12-13 Saint Anselm Posters 14-15 Magazine Layout 16-17 Saint Anselm Crest 18-19 Poster Designs


a rA chel pE dro rA c a


Business Card & Letterhead

rachel pedro 100 Saint Anselm Dr. Manchester, NH 03102

St Anselm College.

l pedro aint Anselm Dr. hester, NH 03102

St Anselm College.

rachel pedro

St Anselm College

100 St Anselm Drive

St Anselm Drive

St Anselm College

rachel pedro

St Anselm Drive

100 Saint Anselm Dr

Manchester, NH 03102

St Anselm College.

rachel pedro 100 Saint Anselm Dr. Manchester, NH 03102

Symbol & Word Book

Saint Anselm Posters

Magazine Layout



Mo scow e t l l m a y By Ellen

Police officials here on Tuesday detained a dancer at the Bolshoi Ballet and two suspected accomplices in connection with an acid attack in January on the company’s artistic director, Sergei Filin, a crime that gripped Moscow and left one of Russia’s most revered institutions in turmoil.

Investigators said that they believed that the dancer, Pavel Dmitrichenko, hired two men to accost Mr. Filin outside his apartment building late on Jan. 17. As Mr. Filin punched in an entry code, the police said, a masked man called his name and tossed the contents of a jar of sulfuric acid at his eyes.



D L k E c a H t t A d i Ac


Early Wednesday morning, a spokesman for the Russian Interior Ministry said that one of the three had confessed to the crime. “Therefore, we can consider that the crime has been solved,” the spokesman said, according to the Interfax news agency. The person who the police say confessed was not identified.


The crime set off weeks of soul-searching in this ballet-mad city, especially because Mr. Filin said he was sure he had been attacked over a professional grudge. Detectives worked their way through the ranks of the Bolshoi, becoming so entranced by the world of the ballet that they began asking Mr. Filin for tickets, he said in a recent interview.

Mr. Dmitrichenko had not been mentioned publicly as a potential suspect. A theatrical, athletic dancer, he is a fierce advocate of classicism in the Bolshoi’s repertory. He is also romantically linked with a ballerina in the company, Anzhelina Vorontsova, whose supporters blame Mr. Filin for stalling her career. Neither Mr. Dmitrichenko nor anyone representing him commented on Tuesday.

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The company’s spokeswoman, Katerina Novikova, said the day’s revelations had given her hope that the theater could leave a dark chapter behind.

Investigators had been combing through the records of cellphone calls placed from areas around the scene of the attack. Before dawn on Tuesday morning, police officers carried out a raid in Stupino, a neighborhood outside Moscow that is also the site of summer cottages used by Bolshoi Theater personnel.

Saint Anselm Crest Class of 2016

Unitaten Nostrum Est Fortitudo

Class of 2016

Nostrum Est Fortit itaten udo n U

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Final Book Design  

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