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Sam Tickell

Sam founded Racer Views to showcase the positive side of motorsport. He has been involved in the motorsport media industry since 2004. Sam has gained extensive experience in the Australian motorsport game, something that evolves with every new event.

sport offers. Sam has handled bodies, including MotoDestino, various assignments from Gold Coast Indy, Rally gallery shoots, shooting for Australia and Dark Horse sponsor and driver needs and Racing. Away from the track, purely for fun and Sam works in the University experimentation. sector in Australia, currently working in a corporate In the current media climate, communications role providing Sam has adapted to be able to assistance for senior provide full journalism, management and regional publicity and social media journalists and their media Sam’s emphasis is placed on options to all clients to support needs. the artistic side of the sport to his strong history in highlight the unique attributes photography. Sam has of speed and design that the worked with other industry

"For me, my photo of 2012. WSBK rookie, Josh Waters sits on the grid preparing for race 2 at Phillip Island. His Yoshimera Suzuki grid girl looks on. The clouds, the lighting, the angle and the rider of choice all came together for me here."

"2011 was the first year that the Radical Cup went national. Here at Queensland Morgan Park, the Radical groups showed their skill and the pace of the cars. This photo shot coming under the bridge has a slower shutter speed and a shorter lens showing speed and crispness"

"Marc Marquez is undoubtedly a name we will hear a lot of in the future. Here at Phillip Island he looked to have turned the tide on title rival Bradl. The oncoming clouds would be more symbolic than we ever though at the time, as Marquez's title run was ended by injury and one week after this picture, Marco Simoncelli would lose his life."

"A sunny Saturday morning greated the Australian GT drivers at Phillip Island. The Championship had a renewed vigor with it as the Series had new owners. This shot out of Syberia of the two Vipers shows the light and the crispness you can get - and the angles you can acheive if you want to contort yourself!"

"Carlos Checa got his WSBK year off to a great start. Here at Phillip Island he showed his 2011 hand - and made a break from recklessness of the past. Standing in the post race mess, I was able to capture the joy of the team and congratulations to the rider who would go on to take the 2011 crown"

A beautiful hard cover photo book with over 70 pages of images from racing life in England and Ireland.

Professional photographer and amateur jump rider Jamey Price spent 5 months living and working in racing yards in the UK and Ireland between July and December 2010. The photos in this book are his personal collection With names like Tony McCoy, Noel Fehily, from that period and are photos that could Dougie Costello, Sam Twiston-Davies, Master only have been made by someone that lived Minded, Hello Bud, Nacarat and Imperial the racing life. Commander running and winning races at places like Cheltenham, Aintree, Haydock and many and many other places, makes this book a behind the scenes look at racing like you've never seen before.

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Jamey Price

Jamey Price, is a Charlotte, Jamey’s work as a sports Jamey’s unique and award North Carolina based photojournalist has been winning work has been photographer who has defined by his experiences as featured around the globe in extensive experience working an athlete. Having competed print and online publications alongside the industry’s best through his four years at such as The Racing Post, F1 through internships with the Centre College as a varsity Racing Magazine, Charlotte Observer, Danville swimmer, he now competes in, the Charlotte Advocate Messenger and the occasional triathlon and Observer, SouthPark through his continued can frequently be found on theMagazine and the Chronicle freelance work with a variety back of a race horse as a of the Horse. He joined Racer of wire services covering a steeplechase horse racing Views at its inception and diverse assortment of sporting jockey. With over 40 races more of Jamey’s work can be events around the globe. and 11 wins to his riding found at career, Jamey is no stranger to the highs and lows of life as an athlete.

"The Mid Ohio ALMS race was one heck of a wild ride for everyone. The whole day the announcers were talking about rain but the race started under sunny skies but with 30 minutes left to run, the clouds had rolled in and rain was in the air. Minutes later the entire track was under water."

"The Baltimore Grand Prix certainly had some teething problems early in the weekend but at the end of the day, the track was a blast to photograph and the drivers loved it too. This photo was taken of the LMP1 Muscle Milk machine roaring down the back stretch during the last half hour of the race."

"The evening light as the race was ending was something to behold. I saw this gorgeous golden light pocket popping through the buildings onto the track as the cars exited the final turn heading down the stretch."

"Audi and Peugeot brought out their big guns for the premiere race of the year in the Americas at Petit Le Mans. Though Audi struggled during the race, I love the movement and power that is conveyed in this slow shutter speed image."

"The hill following turn 5 was a tough place to shoot and especially at a slow shutter speed. I had about a second to find the car in the view finder before it was gone again. The Ferrari really showed it's pace that weekend though."

We would like to thank Tim Poulten, Stig Richards and the entire Bundaberg drinks Lotus team for their support during the 2011 season! Congratulations on a fantastic second place in the Challenge Class of the Vodka 0 Australian GT Championship! Click the picture for on-board video

Jim Fonseca

Jim is a long time motorsports photographer based on the US west coast. His events cover the prestegious Long Beach Grand Prix and Laguna Seca rounds which include the ALMS events, Rennsport Reunion and Monterry Historics. In the past Jim has shot for magazines with the American motorsport scene, particularly Indycar and CART racing. More recently he has turned his attention to sportscar racing - with great success!

"Multiclass racing is never dull to watch. There is always passing, tactics and a variety of thoughts on how to go the fastest. Plus you get fading light and glowing brakes!"

"A rare car indeed races around the Laguna Seca track. The Ferrari FXX is a true dream car and the angles of this machine make it threatening. Like the fin on top, the whole thing is shark-like."

"The new way of sportscar racing with Porsches latest effort. We see an early effort later with big everything. The future seems a little more elegant."

"Two ways to go sportscar racing with almost identical colours. The private Jag effort didn't do well with their bespoke car but the Extreme Speed Ferrari impressed on occassion."

"What could be one of the last great factory sportscars before the green age. Great noise and a classic paint job. A vital win for the squad too at Laguna after a horror effort with the AMR1."

"Love him or not, Scott Tucker put his money where his mouth is in sports cars. Here we see one of his Level 5 Lolas in great sunlight at Long Beach Grand Prix."

"The Rennsport Reunion offers a rare chance to see these old beasts up close. The noise is also something else, something you have to experience. But the rear tyres may give a hint to what you might hear"

We would like to thank RacerViews columnist Ash Miller for his support through the 2011 season and wish him the best of luck on his UK adventure! Click the picture for on-board video

Jeff Picoult

Jeff Picoult is a motorsports photographer from northeast Ohio. He has been watching racing my entire life. But, once he hit 40, he decided that it was time to get out and show people what I see in racing so he created XSAutoSports as a way to express love of both photography and racing while also sharing his view of things on and around the racetrack.

"Anyone who has seen my work over the past couple of years knows that I love to showcase my photos as works of art - not just another picture on the wall. I like my work to be used as a striking desktop image on a computer or hung on the wall as a poster. This year I was lucky enough to shoot for several teams at the season Grand-Am Rolex Series season finale at The Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. It just so happens that Mid-Ohio is in my backyard – my home track so to speak. I know the layout quite well which allows me to focus not on trying to find a place for a good shot but rather to take my time to create striking images. Here's an image that I created of the #30 Mazda RX-8 at the request of Racers Edge Motorsports to use as a computer desktop wallpaper image for their fans to download."

"This is my absolute favorite picture of the year. Relief. Exhilaration. Excitement. Exhaustion. Anticipation. Enthusiasm. Joy. Many words can describe this scene. I'd be willing to bet that Memo Rojas, codriver of the #01 Telmex Chip Ganassi with Felix Sebates, felt each and every one of these emotions as his friend and teammate Scott Pruett crossed the finish line to end the 2011 Grand-Am Rolex Series season with another championship. Being a part of the post-race celebration was one of the most magical moments in my short motorsports photography career and certainly one that I will never forget."

Gail Shankland

Iain Shankland also joined Gail Shankland joined Racer Iain is very proud to have a Racer Views at its inception. Views at it inception and is selection of his photos He previously became Photo also part of the Moto Photo published on individual Editor of Hub group of photographers. driver’s websites including back in January of 2005., Since that time he’s been Gail got her first taste of working diligently to gather an, Motorsport photography in elite group of very talented and 2003 when she attended the professional photographers Saturday events of the Molson who now form MPH – the Indy Toronto. From that time Motorsport Photography Hub. In addition to his passion for forward, it has been Gail’s Together with his team, Iain is personal goal to deliver what motorsport, Iain has loved currently working with the very she calls “what women want”. cars in general from an early well-respected motorsport age. Since January of 2006 news website, he has been reviewing While Gail still loves the thrill consumer vehicles and has of motorsport photography, 2011 marks Iain’s 11th acted as Road Test Editor for she is always keenly anniversary in Motorsport three popular motorsport interested in her husband’s websites. With well over 120 Photography and he fondly efforts as’s remembers his first year, road test reviews, Iain has Assistant Photo Editor and where he became an what he describes as “The Feature Automotive Writer Perfect job.” accredited photographer and is devoted to provide covering the Molson Indy encouragement … so long as Toronto events. he continues to listen to her opinions.

Iain Shankland

Although I only had the When I was asked to submit While both Iain and Gail were opportunity to attend 3 races my 5 favourite picture for 2011out shooting for RacerViews in 2011, it was still a I thought it would be hard this year, Iain submitted the significant year for me. Having because I didn't think I'd following photos of his to to wait until the middle of July actually had a very productive represent them both. for my first race of the year year. But once I started sifting was excruciatingly painful, through my pictures again, I especially since the racing found that I'd a lot more season starts in earnest pictures that meant something around April/May. Once I got special to me than I'd to the track and got the expected. Without further ado familiar sounds and smells I here are my favourites in no knew the wait was well worth particular order from 2011... it. If you've never had the opportunity to attend a major racing event, I can't stress enough how much different it is in person - it's intoxicating.

I'm not a big fan of Ferrari - I was have to say I loathe everything about the company and especially the F1 team. That being said, I love the new 458 Italia - it's gorgeous. This picture is one of my favourites simple because the red Ferrari is surrounded by red advertising banners - I think it just "works."

"I had to put in a couple of pictures from this race. The all-new Panoz car was present - only the second time it had been seen in a race. This car is so ugly it would make babies cry and that's why I had to include it here..Alas, it was such a failure the car has been scrapped and probably will never be seen again in a race"

"One thing I love about the ALMS is that the race fans are encouraged to get up close with the cars and the drivers on race day. The fans love it"

"Another thing I love about the ALMS is the start. The fans are cleared away and now it's time to race. This is when everyone's adrenalin starts to pump through their veins..."

"Just say the word "Hockenheim" and you can only think about motor racing. Our friend and race car driver Andreas Wirth competes in the ADAC Masters series in Europe. This year we had the opportunity to go over to Germany and see him in the final race of the season. After all those years watching F1 races at Hockenheim, it was quite surreal to be there shooting a couple of races. Although the stands look empty, there's actually well over 30,000 people at the track - it's huge and they're all spread out. Ironically, the start/ finish line is not the best seat in the house. An entire weekend of racing is only â‚Ź15!"

"After driving flat out along the long sweeping ParabolikaCurve, the drivers have to come to almost a complete stop (from 310 km/h to 50 km/h in less than 100m) to make the righthand turn and head back towards the stadium section. It's a great place to shoot because you've got them coming in fullsteam and then leaving quite slowly."

"The stadium section is great because the different coloured seats make the background so much nicer to shoot."

"..and finally - I love it when drivers get really cool paintjobs on their helmets. Why wouldn't you put something different on your helmet? This was the best one of the year for me..."

Want to be part of the RacerViews team? As a driver/team member etc We have a variety of opportunities for drivers and team members at Racer Views. You can have a regular column with us or a one-off interview or if you have other ideas on how you would like to partner with us, please let us know.

As a photographer or journalist We are always looking for new people to join our team. We may not be able to provide financial payment but if we do agree to partner, you will get your photos, interviews or racer feature published with us. This can provide important progress in university assignments or provide published articles/photos to get your next assignment. You don’t have to be a professional or by studying to work with us – all you need is a passion – and some previous work to show. We have standards to keep!

As a commercial partner We connect directly with motor racing fans around the world. Advertising with us means you won’t have any wastage by showing your ads to people who have little interest in this area. Additionally we don’t use any advertising structure where we don’t have 100% control of the content. So on Racer Views you’ll only find ads that will benefit you – none of those internet games here!

Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson has had an extensive career in motorsport photography has spanned more than 20 years. Recently, Andrew has specialised in sportscar racing, becoming a team photographer in the ALMS. He previously worked with Sam in previous motorsport projects and joined Racer Views at its commencement. Andrew has continued to refine his art in the sport and via his organisation – Speed Captured Photography. He also has a background in IT which provides a individual flavour to his photos. It should be noted that due to Andrew's other commitments, I (Sam) chose these photos from Petit Le Mans.

"The Oreca Peugeot 908 was not meant to race at Petit Le Mans but after a fairytale win a Sebring, the French car made one last appearance"

"Night racing offers a challenge to photogs. You have to make it look like night and you have to see the car. Here we see it done right and when done right, it makes for a great shot."

"In fading light at the Road Atlanta circuit, you can slow the shutter speed to get the headlights to do some tricky stuff. Risi, long time ALMS runners also show off the great 458 Ferrari."

Thanks! See you in 2012. Racer Views

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RacerViews best of 2011  

The best 2011 photos from photographers as chosen by Racer Views photographers

RacerViews best of 2011  

The best 2011 photos from photographers as chosen by Racer Views photographers