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INSIDE: Navigating the Holidays

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Running at Night: Adventure Awaits


Race for the Winter Sun


What better way to see the fall colors than to participate in one of the many Northwest events on tap in the months ahead — details inside.

The Making of a Race Director

At your next half marathon, check a few things off your list, and finish with a fine Bend Ale.

Bend’s scenic Cascade Mountains Perfect fall running weather Oregon’s renowned craft beer mecca

Half Marathon, 10K, and Ale Festival November 12, 2016 | Bend, Oregon



Ashton Eaton running the 400-meter in Rio, on his way to a second Olympic gold in the Decathlon. VICTAH / PHOTORUN.NET


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Scott Lommers



Shannah Werner




Brook Gardner



Paul Lieto





Stephanie M. Howe, Ph.D.

Travis Trampe





Max King

Hamilton Newcastle



Jeff Browning





ON THE COVER: ON THE COVER: Alicia Woodside of North Vancouver, BC scampers across one of the many footbridges along the Baker Lake 100K course. PHOTO: Glenn Tachiyama Photography ABOVE: Check out Shannah Werner’s feature article Race for the Winter Sun in this issue if you’re looking for some warm weather racing options in the months ahead, including January’s Carlsbad Marathon (pictured) – page 26. PHOTO: Carlsbad Marathon


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Choices October/November/December 2016 Volume 24, Issue 5

When it comes to variety, we’re pretty darn spoiled — in almost all areas of life. Food,

P.O. Box 2370

entertainment, where we shop, and here in the Northwest, how (and where) we

Bend, OR 97709

recreate. This also leads to the ever-important factor of choice. How do you decide

PHONE (541) 617-0885

where to eat, shop, run or ride? I suppose it varies by person, taste, and what strikes your

FAX (541) 610-1636

fancy on any given day.

EMAIL brook@racecenter.com

When it comes to how we consume products and

WEB racecenter.com

services, the broad array of factors that influence our choices get condensed. It’s probably safe to say that we


look for value, good customer service and sometimes, just that feel-good sense of knowing you supported a local business doing good in the community. In recent years we’ve seen running stores fold, iconic events fall off the radar and recently, one of the country’s top triathlon retailers (Athletes Lounge in Portland) make the difficult decision to close up shop. Attrition is part of

Contributing Writers

the life cycle of business, whether that’s a restaurant, bike

Chris Bagg, Jeff Browning, Craig Dean, Stephanie M. Howe, Ph.D., Adnan Kadir, Max King, David Laney, Paul Lieto, Ruggero Loda, Scott Lommers, Richard Lorenz, Shannah Werner

shop or even a local race. However, it’s always sad to

Contributing Photographers Andy Atkinson, Dina Boswell, Win Goodbody, Ben Moon, Tim Moxey, Paul Nelson, Brian Penrose, Evan Pilchik, Tyler Roemer, Victah Sailer, Glenn Tachiyama, Bob Woodward

D Boswell Photography

PUBLISHER Brook Gardner

see those who have bent over backwards to serve the community end up in a pinch because of the choices we’ve made regarding our collective support of their operation. Times change, and it’s so easy to have an online retailer drop-ship a pair of shoes to our front doorstep with one click. But whether you’re battling plantar fasciitis, or looking to return to the sport of running after an extended hiatus, don’t bank on some online module to fit you in the right pair of shoes. If you’re looking to participate in your first half marathon, you’d be wise to ask a friend about their experience in the local running community rather than letting some pay-to-play social network sway your decision. We are a community of endurance athletes. We support each other at races, out on the roads with a nod or wave, and at the finish line with a post-race beer. However, as a society with an ever-diminishing attention span, maybe it’s time to put a little

The entire contents of this magazine are Copyright 2016 RaceCenter Northwest magazine. RaceCenter Northwest magazine is a Trademark of RaceCenter LLC. All rights reserved. The contents, in whole or in part, may not be reproduced in any manner without written permission from the publisher.

more communication back into our community. Tell a friend about an awesome race experience you had. Take expert advice from a local running specialty store or bike shop the next time you’re on the hunt for new wares (while also buying your gear from these fine folks). Along the same lines, if you end up participating in an event you

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learned about through RaceCenter, tell the event director we sent you.

Editorial Submissions. Unsolicited materials are welcome and will be considered for publication. The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions or any unsolicited materials submitted. RaceCenter NW magazine will not be held responsible for returning submitted materials. Please contact us for additional submission guidelines.

make have evolved from a process of thoughtful decision-making to that of a click or

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Brook Gardner

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In a world of likes, follows, shares and distractions, perhaps some of the choices we tap. I’d like to believe we’re a thoughtful bunch, but just writing this piece was a good reminder of how a handshake has always felt better than a computer mouse. Regards, brook@racecenter.com

* RaceCenter is proud to sponsor the endurance sports community of the Northwest and welcome any feedback you have about how we can support you, local businesses and the events in the Northwest.




BRING YOUR LIGHT RunRocknRoll.com/las-vegas


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A Gut Feeling

LEFT: Living with vitality and optimal health requires eating nutrient-rich foods. PHOTO: Bigstock.com RIGHT: Fresh greens are a mainstay in any healthy nutritional plan. PHOTO: Bigstock.com


In this issue, I’m going to comment on

wellness of America is failing. According to a

and for most of my twenties and thirties I

something close to our hearts—the gut. I

survey conducted by the Centers for Disease

ate whatever I fancied, primarily because I

would like us to consider the gut in both its

Control and Prevention (CDC), 68% of adults

never gained weight. I could eat an entire

figurative and literal sense, as the central

in the United States are considered to be

pizza, large plate of pasta, or pint of Ben &

location of our instincts and the system by

overweight or obese. Perhaps you are one

Jerry’s (I still occasionally do this), because I

which all our physiological functions depend.

of the 32% for which weight isn’t an issue.

rode 50 miles, or I planned to run 12 miles. I

If the gut, our digestive organs, aren’t work-

However, regardless of where you might fall

consumed an abundance of carbs because

ing properly then we are not able to absorb

in the weight classification, a good portion

I wanted to adhere to the carbo loading,

and assimilate the nutrients we need to live

of the other 32% are dealing with injuries,

and the 3-to-1 carbs to protein recovery

a healthy and vital life. An inhibited digestive

chronic fatigue, anxiety or depression, and

guidelines that are still a mainstay in sports

system will directly impact our training, spe-

other stress-related ailments. Our fast-paced

nutrition today. I’m not saying those guide-

cifically, fueling and recovery.

lifestyles of ease are slowly taking a toll on

lines are false, but I abused food under the

our guts, happiness, and overall wellness.

misguided belief that I could have my cake

If our gut becomes physiologically dysfunctional, then I would speculate we also

If we allow our guts to fall into a dysfunc-

(and ice cream) and eat it two, three, or four

become less aware of our natural instincts,

tional state, then it’s only a matter of time

times over. Looking back, it seems absurd to

and therefore out of touch with our inner

before our bodies and minds follow. This is

think eating a highly refined carb diet was

voice that provides direction. This impair-

where many of us find ourselves. As endur-

healthy, but I was out of tune with my body

ment blunts our ability to distinguish what we

ance athletes we tend to think we’re im-

and ignoring what my gut was telling me.

should and shouldn’t consume as it relates

mune to the disease and dysfunction that

In our last issue, Stephanie wrote of listen-

to food, the information we gather, and per-

plague the unfit population. However, being

ing to your body. As she mentioned, we can

sonal habits we gravitate toward. Our ability

fit isn’t always being healthy. The list of high

get confused as to what our body is asking

to determine if we are hungry, thirsty, or even

profile athletes who fall into this fit-but-not-

for due to the mixed messages and stimulus

sense what macro and micronutrients our

healthy classification as a result of injury and

we receive from outside forces. Messages in

body might be lacking becomes diminished.

dysfunction, seems to be growing exponen-

the media, supermarket aisles, and on the

As we move further away from intuitive deci-

tially as our desire for pushing limits outpaces

uniforms of our athletic heroes sway our emo-

sion making, we fall into an autopilot state

our ability. While I’ll never know what it feels

tions, impact our buying choices, and affect

of being and become more susceptible to

like to stand on a podium, I am very familiar

our eating habits. I’ve watched professional

outside influences that may not be in our

with the repercussions of pushing my body

cyclists and triathletes shotgun cans of coke

best interest.

beyond it’s limits. I am a prime example of

on rides, and eat bowls of pasta, stacks of

being fit and not healthy.

pancakes, and boxes of cereal after training.

Despite improved technology that tracks our nutritional intake and caloric output, the


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

I’ve always been skinny as well as active,

I stopped thinking and feeling for myself, and

attempted to emulate them. Now when I see

in, and that will likely be the one you stick

to fight inflammation, build healthy cells, im-

professional athletes sponsored by one of the

with long term. If you’d rather tinker and

prove heart and brain function, and absorb

numerous “energy” drink companies, I won-

create your own nutritional philosophy, try

vitamins A, D, E, and K. As endurance athletes

der what they would drink if they weren’t paid

following some of these basic guidelines.

we should all be aware that fat is the most

to do so. A 12-ounce can of pink or green

Diet. First, we need to stop lumping nutrition

efficient fuel to burn for energy. To burn it, we

elixir averages about 35 grams of sugar. I un-

under the word “diet.” Perhaps we should

need to consume it. Good sources of fat can

derstand athletes need to make sacrifices to

label our effort as a nutritional program,

be found in foods such as salmon, mackerel,

make a living in order to pursue their dreams

philosophy, or protocol. “Diet” has become

sardines, nuts, nut butters, real butter, seeds,

and goals. Perhaps for a high level athlete,

synonymous with short-term weight loss. We

coconut and olive oils, and avocados.

one can of Coke on a ride is tolerable. How-

need to view nutrition as a long-term lifestyle.

Gluten. There are conflicting studies on

ever, most of the people buying Red Bull are

Sugar. As much as possible, stay away

gluten. Some support the belief that it is

not burning five-thousand calories each day

from products that add sugar. Any nutritional

indigestible, others say gluten intolerance

while adhering to an otherwise healthy and

program worth its weight agrees on this

is bunk. Speaking from my own experience,

nutrient-dense diet.

point. As I stated earlier, overconsumption

gluten has a significantly negative impact on

Sugar consumption is hitting epidemic

of sugar is linked to obesity, diabetes, heart

my digestion and mood. Therefore, my case

proportions and we can no longer ignore the

disease, and more recently, Alzheimer’s. The

study of one confirms I cannot eat it, and that

correlation between increased rates of dia-

World Health Organization changed its sugar

is the only study that matters. Staying away

betes, heart disease, cancers, and mental

recommendations in 2015, stating children

from gluten isn’t difficult to do if you limit re-

illness. I’m not advocating we become rigid

and adults should reduce sugar intake to

fined carbohydrate consumption. If you think

in our approach to nutrition, but I believe

less than 10% of energy expenditure per

you might be intolerant to gluten or any other

we’ve allowed big industry to dictate our

day. They further advise 5% to be a healthier

foods, try removing them from your program

eating habits. Somewhere along the way,

target. This calculates to about 25 - 50 grams

for 30 days and then see how you feel.

we lost our innate awareness of the power

of sugar per day from foods adding it in the

Water. The majority of us are dehydrated.

and value of real food. The economics of

form of cane sugar, glucose, fructose, and

We can improve our health and vitality

nutrition is probably the single biggest factor

sucrose. This recommendation does not in-

simply by consuming adequate amounts of

to have negatively impacted the state of our

clude sugar from natural foods such as fruits.

water and reducing the amount of diuretics

Carbs. One way to make a significant

such as coffee, tea, and soda. As a rule we

All is not lost. We are making changes,

impact on improving gut and overall health

should drink half our body weight in ounces,

and it’s coming from the bottom up. Food

might be to rename refined carbs. Calling

plus one-and-a-half ounces for every ounce

movements gaining traction over the past

them “faux food” would help avoid any

of a diuretic consumed. For example, a

decade are independent and for the most

confusion that refined carbs are a healthy

160-pound individual should consume 80

part, not attached to big industry. I believe

alternative source of carbohydrates. Natural

ounces of water during the day, and an

the intentions of diets such as Paleo, vegan,

foods that provide healthy carbs are fruits,

additional 12 ounces for every 8 ounces of

vegetarian, low carb/high fat, keto and

vegetables, and properly prepared whole

coffee, tea, or soda. Add a pinch of sea salt

Mediterranean, are to improve the health

grains. Refined carbs often come from natu-

for electrolyte and mineral balance, and

of their adopters, as well as improve the

ral sources, but have been processed and

be sure to make additional adjustments for

sustainability of our food sources. I don’t sub-

refined in such a way that they are no longer

water lost through sweat while training.

scribe to any one camp, but I believe it’s a

a viable nutritional source. Refined carbs are

If we follow these general guidelines,

disservice to argue which diet is better than

items such as pasta, white rice, foods made

ween ourselves off sugar and refined carbs,

another. In my opinion, the large food cor-

from flours, corn chips, candy, cereals, and

and embrace the fat, we can restore the

porations are pleased that there is dissention

most things packaged with more than a few

digestive process and reclaim our lost health

between those with different dietary trends.

ingredients listed. Unfortunately, my long

and vitality. Once our wellness matches our

Energy spent arguing about eating habits

time staple of tacos (or burritos) with chips

fitness, our gut will once again be our guide.

is energy that isn’t being spent combatting

and salsa turns out to be refined carbs in a

Decisions will come more easily and with

larger issues in the food industry.

refined carb with refined carbs dipped in

fewer regrets; not only with our food choices

veggies on the side.

but also in our relationships, work, training,

collective health.

Nutrition is an individual choice, and we

and life. •

should respect one each other’s decisions.

Try to get the bulk of your carbs from fruits

We are biologically diverse creatures, and

and vegetables. Limit the whole grains, and

our unique nutritional needs are dependent

heavier starchy veggies like sweet potatoes,

About the Author

on many factors including: genetics, epi-

to about 15% of your caloric intake. Fruits

genetics, the state of our current health, and

and veggies will provide more vitamins and

fueling and recovery needs. If adopting a

minerals, and are typically easier to digest.

Paul Lieto is the Editor for RaceCenter Northwest. He lives in Bend where he writes, runs trails, and drinks far too much coffee. Follow Paul at madebravely.com and @madebravely on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

nutritional program inspires you because of

Fat. I think we’re getting the message on

environmental concerns, moral or religious

fats. If you haven’t heard, fat is no longer bad

beliefs, or the associated lifestyle, then em-

for us, and it never was. We need to consume

brace it. Choose whichever diet you believe

fair amounts of essential fatty acids (EFAs)

October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com



It’s time to ditch the lemonade stand. Looking to raise funds for your team or organization? Let your locally owned Jamba Juice help! Whether you are selling smoothies or discount cards, Jamba Juice fundraisers are an easy way to make some extra moo-lah. For more information, visit jambajuiceoregon. com/fundraising

Cyclecross reminds us it’s okay to ride our bikes through the mud. PHOTO: Matt Haughey

Cross on the Mountain It’s that time of the year again. Cyclocross is about to take over the Pacific Northwest. Cross on the Mountain rolls into the Cooper Spur Mountain Resort on Sunday, October 2. The Resort is located in Oregon at 3,500 feet, on the north slopes of Mt. Hood. This is an all-day OBRA sanctioned event that kicks off at 8:40am and continues through 3pm. The course is filled with lots of fun singletrack trails, grass, dirt, double-track, gravel, pavement, sand, barriers and other surprises. This promises to be a great race for all abilities. Special lodging rates are available for racers and families, so consider renting a cabin right on the course and bringing the family. Cycle / 10.02.2016 www.cooperspur.com

Crossin’ Through Oregon Once again, Oregon hosts the country’s largest cross series, the River City Bicycles Cross Crusade. This series of events includes eight races held across the state from October 8 - November 13. The best six out of eight placings in the series will count in the final tally and riders must race in at least three races to be included in the overall standings. Don’t be intimidated to get out there and give it a go if you’re intrigued. Riders are slotted into categories based on experience, as well as Clydesdale, Athena, and Junior racers. You’ll see newbies and pros on mountain bikes, cross bikes, and singlespeeds, so mount up and give it a spin.

*Valid at participating Oregon and SW Washington stores.

Other series to get your feet wet include MBSEF Thrilla, Twilight Cross, Brewhaus Cross, Southern Oregon Outlaw Cross, Battle at Barlow, and Psycho Cross.

Cross Crusade Dates and Locations: October 8 & 9: Alpenrose Dairy, Portland, OR October 15 & 16: easyCLIMB Trail System, Cascade Locks, OR October 29 & 30: Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR November 6: Portland International Raceway, Portland, OR November 13: Barton County Park, Barton, OR

Cycle www.crosscrusade.com

Beer and running go hand in hand in the Pacific Northwest. PHOTO: Glenn Tachiyama Photography

The Brewery Running Series Comes to Portland The inaugural Brewery Running Series launches in Portland this year. While the series kicked off August 20 with an event at the Portland Running Company, the remaining six races occur on consecutive weekends starting October 8 - November 12. The event is a short 5K run or walk followed by beer drinking at local breweries, including: Base Camp Brewing Company, Migration Brewing, Upright Brewing, Baerlic Brewing Company, Laurelwood Brewpub, Ecliptic Brewing, and Rogue. Participants and friends are invited to enjoy live music, food trucks, and giveaways post race. All finishers will receive a free craft brew and collector’s pint glass, or seasonal swag item. A portion of all proceeds goes to benefit local non-profits. Run / 10.08.2016 - 11.12.2016 www.breweryrunningseries.com


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

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Pumpkin Spice

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reat Smoothie Creamy T

Pumpkin Delight ™

Almond Milk Smoothie

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Real Pumpkin

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BRIEFS Bay to Brews Half Marathon & 10K Runwithpaula Events, Inc. and Portland Running Company present a new Half Marathon and 10K on October 15. The collaborative event will be a celebration at the Oregon Coast. Participants can drink in the scenery and the brews, on one or two loops through lush forest and alongside the waters of Yaquina Bay. Start and finish for Bay to Brews will be at Rogue Ales, under the iconic Newport Bay Bridge. Relax post race while listening to the Ben Rice Band and enjoying Mo’s Famous Clam Chowder. Run / 10.15.2016 www.runwithpaula.com

Worth the Trip Leavenworth, Washington hosts the Oktoberfest Trail Runs on October 15. A 10-mile, 8K, and kids 2K race will be held on Wenatchee National Forest lands near Leavenworth, with the start and finish occurring at the Leavenworth Ski Hill facility located just north of town. The 10-mile route will incorporate the existing Ski Hill trails, and new trails built over the last few years. The 8K will be entirely on the Ski Hill trail system. Rolling terrain and beautiful views of both the Cascade Mountains and Icicle Creek will keep runners engaged in the surrounding beauty of the run during these challenging and hilly courses. This event is held during the third and final weekend of Leavenworth’s famous Oktoberfest celebration. Head into town after the race to experience this iconic Bavarian town and its authentic rendition of Oktoberfest; it’s like being transported to Germany. Run / 10.15.2016 www.runwenatchee.com

Run Like Hell The Halloween-themed Run Like Hell event in Portland, Oregon, returns this year on Sunday, October 23. The half marathon, 10K, 5K, and kid’s half-mile run all feature a costume contest. The event boasts the musical mile, a mile-long stretch of the course where live bands will be performing on every corner. Runners can expect mountain and river views, beer and cider, pacers, prizes for best costume, a post-race party, and custom finisher’s medals for the half marathon. Run / 10.23.2016 www.terrapinevents.com

Mud, Sweat, and Tears The Seattle area hosts Spartan racing at the Meadow Wood Equestrian Center in Snohomish, WA on October 22-23. There are three race options to choose from: Beast, Sprint, or Kid’s Race. The Reebok Spartan Beast is the most difficult of


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

the three as it tests not only your endurance, perseverance and grit, but also your mind. The Beast is 12-14 miles with 30-35 obstacles. The fastest time is typically in the 3-hour range. The Sprint is 3-5 miles with 20-23 obstacles, taking the quicker Spartans about 40 minutes to complete. The Kid’s Race comes in 1-mile and .5-mile options with their own obstacles to tackle. For insight on obstacle racing along with some training advice, see Max King’s article in this issue. Obstacle / 10.22-23.2016 www.spartan.com

Run Washington’s beautiful trails at the Oktoberfest Trail Runs, then roll into nearby Leavenworth post race for their traditional Oktoberfest celebration. PHOTO: RunWenatchee

Columbia Gorge Marathon and Half Marathon This fall, experience one of the country’s most spectacular and breathtaking marathons. The Columbia Gorge Marathon begins on the historic Columbia River Highway, runs through the small town of Mosier, and winds its way up to the turnaround at the Rowena Crest Viewpoint, which offers spectacular views both to the east and west

Experience rich fall foliage during October’s Columbia Gorge Marathon and Half Marathon. PHOTO: © 2011 Evan Pilchik Photography

of the Columbia River Gorge. The course takes participants past colorful fall foliage, flowing waterfalls, and amazing vistas. Registration will be capped at 1,500 runners as event directors wish to keep this a small and intimate event. On the same day, the half marathon is dog-friendly, and will provide similar terrain and views. Run / 10.23.2016 www.columbiagorgemarathon.com

Mmm, Hot Buttered Rum — Run Thanksgiving is typically packed with food and family, so why not head to Vancouver, WA for a bit of fun on Sunday, November 27, at the 7th annual Hot Buttered Run. The race has changed locations and distances over the years, but one thing remains the same, the festive holiday spirit that will greet you from the start to the finish line. Runners have the option of signing up for the half marathon, 12K or 5K. A Kids Kandy Kane 1K is also an option for those 12 and under. With a Christmas tree-lined race chute, Santa in the house, and holiday music, you’ll be singing Jingle Bells all the way home. Run / 11.27.2016 www.energyevents.com


It’s where you go to play!

Find your next adventure at visitbend.com Peterson Ridge Trail | Photo by Nate Wyeth

October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com



Run in Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Most of us have been to an ugly Christmas sweater party, but have you ever run in your particularly distasteful sweater? The Ridgefield Runners in Ridgefield, WA, host an annual Ugly Christmas Sweater 10K and 5K each year. This year, the event falls on Saturday, December 3. Event organizers ask that participants bring two cans of food for the local food bank, and will offer a discount on registration for donations. Run / 12.03.2016 www.runridgefield.com

Deception Pass 50K The Deception Pass 50K takes place on December 10, at Deception Pass State Park in Washington. The area is named for the narrow and dramatic channel of water that separates Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands in northern Puget Sound. It is comprised of rugged coastline, steep cliffs and dense forests, so participants can expect awesome views. The course flows through most of the park, running at both sea level and high above on the bluffs and hills. There are no long mountain climbs, but expect technical footing, narrow trails, and some steep grades. Runners will cross the pass twice via the historic Deception Pass Bridge which sits about 180 feet above the water. Run / 12.10.2016 www.rainshadowrunning.com

Expect beautiful views and technical terrain on the Deception Pass 50K course. PHOTO: Glenn Tachiyama Photography

Jingle Your Way Into The Holidays The nation’s largest holiday 5K series is back to help fight arthritis. Whether you’ll be in the Pacific Northwest for the holidays, or traveling to other parts of the country, you’ll likely be able to find a Jingle Bell Run on your local calendar. Events are scattered across the United States including: New York, Montana, Colorado, Texas, Florida, as well as Oregon and Washington. Anyone can participate in this festive run or walk event. Visit the Foundation’s website to create a team and help find a cure. Nearly $1.5M has been raised to date. Event Dates/Locations in the PNW: December 3 - Bend, OR December 3 - Skagit County, WA December 3 - Port Orchard, WA December 3 - Spokane, WA December 4 - Portland, OR December 10 - Bellingham, WA December 11 - Seattle, WA

Run www.arthritis.org/jbr

Holiday Half Marathon and 5K Portland residents can get in the holiday spirit with the Foot Traffic Half Marathon and 5K on December 11. The flat and scenic out-andback course starts and finishes at the Adidas

North America Campus, and winds through the streets of north Portland. The St. John’s Bridge, beautiful University of Portland campus, and panoramic views of downtown Portland, are just a few of the course highlights. Upon finishing, race participants can treat themselves to a craft seasonal brew, hearty holiday soup, hot chocolate, oatmeal, eggnog, and other goodies. Run / 12.11.2016 www.foottraffic.us

Battle Ground Resolution Run The 2017 Resolution Run will take place on Sunday, January 8, at the Battle Ground Gardner Center in Battle Ground, Washington. The Resolution Run includes a 10K, 5K, and 1K Cub Run for the youngsters. The course is flat and fast with water provided every 1.5 miles. The Polar Bear Slide was a hit at last year’s event, and returns for the 2017 rendition. If you are feeling bold after your race, you can slip into your bathing suit and take a run down the frigid slip-n-slide. Registration for the Resolution Run includes a race tech t-shirt, goodie bag, pancake breakfast, beer, and music at the post-party. Run / 01.08.2017 www.resolution-run.com

October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com



Navigating the Holidays

Get outside and continue to be active, but back off the regimented training during the holiday season. PHOTO: Bigstock.com


With the changing of the seasons there

talking and chatter of the holidays can be

in common. Challenge yourself to think out-

are many things to look forward to. Cool,

overwhelming. I do much better when I have

side the box and plan holiday-themed ac-

crisp mornings, sweaters, a crackling fire in

some planned time for myself amidst the

tivities, such as sledding, caroling, a holiday

the fireplace, pumpkin-flavored everything,

holiday cheer.

concert, snowman building, or snowshoeing.

and beautiful fall foliage. This changing of

One of my favorite group activities is a pro-

the seasons also signals the beginning of the

gressive lights run. Plan a route through your

holidays. Dun dun duuuuun... The holidays

neighborhood to run past beautiful holiday

can be filled with a lot of joy but can also

light displays. Make a couple “stops” on the

be stressful, and wreak havoc on your body.

route with some cider or cookies (ok, some

Here are some tried and true tips to navigate

food and drink included), with the last stop

the holidays without sacrificing your health

being a holiday party. It’s a great way to get

and fitness.

some exercise outside before meeting for holiday cheer.

Make time for yourself.

Eat Real Food. And Real Meals.

This doesn’t have to be selfish. Plan ahead and schedule time each day to “do your thing.” Whether that means running, yoga, meditation, or sketching in your drawing book, some “me time” each day is not only unselfish, it’s important for being more

Yoga and meditation help combat the often hectic pace of the holidays. PHOTO: Bigstock.com

Plan an activity that doesn’t involve eating or drinking.

Again, holiday parties tend to include a lot of food, normally in the form of small plates and snacks. Grazing on common fare such as holiday cookies, fudge, cheese, crackers, and eggnog, is often a substitute for a real

present around family and friends. As an

Have you noticed that most holiday festivi-

meal. Not only can this leave you feeling kind

introvert, I’ve learned I need quiet time to

ties tend to revolve around food and drink?

of awful, it can also mess with your appetite

myself each day, otherwise the constant

It’s an easy default because we all have that

and energy balance. The best way to avoid


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

in each day, but I don’t have an agenda.

and relaxed if you take some time away.

Going in with those expectations sets me up

Plan outings together that include fresh

for success because I don’t “have” to do

air and activity. Don’t skip meals and plan

something each day. Plus, some down time

ahead. If you have a holiday party to attend

is usually ideal with all the travel and social

starting at 7pm, eat dinner first. Your mind

gatherings. Quality training is difficult to get

and body will thank you. And lastly, don’t

in during the holidays because there nor-

count on getting in your typical training.

mally aren’t great opportunities for proper

When you have lower expectations, every-

recovery. Save yourself the headache and

thing you do is a bonus. The holidays can be

just plan a week or two easy. You won’t lose

a fun, joyful time when done correctly. This

fitness during this time, especially if you stay

year, plan ahead so you are able enjoy the

this is to plan ahead and eat real meals as

active. Plus, you avoid the mental anguish

holiday season, without having to search for

close to a normal time as possible. Don’t skip

of trying to explain to your great aunt Mable

a one-way ticket to Timbuktu...

meals. Allow for some indulgence, but keep it

why you need to go for a two-hour run in-

in check. This is much easier when you are not

stead of attending her holiday tea.

hungry. Instead of inhaling a plate of brown-

Ultimately, if you lower your health and

ies, it’s much easier to just enjoy one brownie

fitness expectations a notch or two, you

after you’ve eaten dinner ahead of time.

generally set yourself up for greater success.

Don’t plan on training over the holidays.

However, don’t fall into the giant holiday

This just doesn’t work. It’s fine to plan for some activity each day, but planning to get in a lot of training results in sacrificing quality and time with family and friends. My mindset going into the holidays is to include unstructured training. I try to get some activity

black hole of eating, drinking, and socializing yourself into a coma. Plan time for yourself to get away and do something that allows you to clear your mind. Get some fresh air. And don’t feel bad about saying no. Families have a way of trying to get everyone to do everything together all the time. It just doesn’t work. You will be much more present

About the Author

Glenn Tachiyama Photography

All that remains of the pumpkin pie Aunt Mable baked up. PHOTO: Bigstock.com

Stephanie Howe, Ph.D., is a nordic skier turned trail runner, and enjoys racing distances from 50K up to 100 miles. Stephanie splits her time between racing as an elite runner on The North Face team, and working as a coach and sports nutritionist. She recently completed a doctoral program in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology at Oregon State University. You can learn more about Stephanie on her blog at www.stephaniemariehowe. blogspot.com and about her coaching and nutrition at www.endurancebystephanie.com.

When Seconds Count .com Event Registration

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Athletes jockey for position at the start of the Warrior Dash. PHOTO: Warrior Dash

The Rise and Fall...and Rise of Obstacle MAX KING

Over the past five years the sport of obsta-

into mega-corporations, are still prevalent

along with those that are competing against

cle racing has gone from birth, to unrivaled

all over the country. There will be waves over

their fellow racers, as well as themselves. If

growth, to a steady decline in participation.

the next few years as the sport hits milestones

you are looking to prepare for your first event

That is to say, obstacle racing has seen rapid

or receives special attention, such as the

or improve on your 20th, here are a few

change each and every year it’s been in

documentary “Rise of the Sufferfests,” or a

training tips to carry you onward through the

existence. There was a 30% decline last year

nod by the IOC for inclusion into the Olym-

muddy murkiness.

in numbers, and it looks to be pretty flat this

pics (won’t hold my breath there).

First, you may not want to hear it, but

year. Here in the Pacific Northwest we aren’t

For every person that was just out trying a

obstacle racing is mostly about running and

particularly overloaded with race options,

race and will not be coming back, there’s

you’ll need to be in decent shape. If you’re

and some of the little guys that started out

another guy or gal that just got hooked on

doing a 6-mile race, you should probably be

as a one-race event are now gone due to

the sport and isn’t going anywhere anytime

able to run 6 miles to make it a more enjoy-

expenses associated with the amount of

soon. Part of the reason for the success of

able experience. That said, there’s no shame

capital it takes to put on a race. Many par-

obstacle racing is that the CrossFit crowd

in walking between obstacles, either.

ticipants are one-and-done, then onto the

now has an actual race they can compete

Second, a little upper body strength is

next new thing.

in, and runners bored of progressing from 5K

great, but too much and you’ll be carrying

That’s not a rosy picture of the industry, but

to marathon get side-tracked into a new

around a bunch of extra muscle that you

it’s a trend that affects anyone promoting a

and exciting event with mud and obstacles.

don’t need. Most obstacles on a course rely

sparkly new event. The truth is, there are still

Those that will continue doing obstacle

on hip, core, and grip strength. If you have

three million people a year doing obstacle

races over the next few years are the folks

those three elements, you’re 90% of the way

races and while they have consolidated

that are finally getting up the nerve to try it,

to the finish line. Most runners have the hip


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RIGHT (TOP): Muddy waters are a staple of most obstacle courses. PHOTO: Bigstock.com RIGHT (LOWER): Obstacle and extreme racers can expect to haul heavy things from point A to point B. PHOTO: Bigstock.com

and core strength, so spending your time working on grip strength can go a long way to getting you through a successful race. A few things to help with this are kettlebell carries, bucket carries, pull-ups, bar hangs, and rock climbing. Third, races were made to be fun. Whether you’re uber competitive or you’re just doing it for fun, don’t lose sight of why you’re rolling around in the mud. Unless you’ve got flames overhead as you crawl through barbed wire during a Navy Seal exercise, keep in mind why you’re out there. Some of the most fun I’ve had has been during obstacle races. I feel like a kid again when I’m sprinting for the next cargo net, climbing up and over, then jumping into a mud pit. It’s pretty cool. A workout I like to do while getting ready for an obstacle race of any distance incorporates almost everything you’re going to need to excel. Follow this, and do as many sets as necessary: 10-15min Warm Up and Cool Down SET 1 800m at VO2max pace 2 exercises that simulate obstacles, i.e. 25m bear crawl, 20 push-ups 400m at VO2max pace 20 burpees, 10 pull-ups SET 2 800m 20 squats, 25m kettlebell carry with weight 400m steep uphill 25m bear crawl, 10 pull-ups SET 3

SET 4 800m 20 push-ups, 25m bucket carry 400m 10 pull-ups, 25m kettlebell carry, 20 scissor hops

need more strength. It specifically works on

About the Author

obstacle racing by pushing you into oxygen

Max lives in Bend, OR and runs for Salomon Sports. He’s competed in a variety of obstacle races with many scrapes and scars to prove it. He’s also the current Warrior Dash World Champ. Follow his adventures at @MaxKingOR on Twitter and Instagram.

debt and teaching you to relax and recover while you’re busy doing an exercise. So before you write off obstacles altogether, you have to try it out. If you already

This is a great functional fitness workout

have and you’re hooked, don’t worry, it’s

that strengthens everything whether you’re

not going anywhere. Because of the nature

planning to do an obstacle race or not. It’s

of obstacle races, there’s always something

also flexible. You can tweak it to your own

to work on and get better at. It’s an ever-

special needs, or your next race. Feel free

changing landscape of races, obstacles,

to do uphill rather than flat intervals if you

and venues. Consider setting a personal

need to work on hills, or add in weights if you

goal and going after it. • October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

Kelvin Trautman Photography

800m 1min plank, 10 burpees 400m steep uphill 2 wall up-n-overs, 10 burpees



The author, Jeff Browning, preparing for an early morning race start. PHOTO: Glenn Tachiyama Photography

Beginner’s Guide to Night Running — on Trails JEFF BROWNING

Darkness fell as I made the final push to

are out and about. Predators are on the

objects farther ahead, and be used to

the thin-air summit of Colorado’s 14,100-foot

prowl, and it’s unfamiliar to us. Like the mon-

identify if those glowing green eyes actually

Handies Peak, and I flipped on my headlamp

sters under our beds when we were kids, our

belong to a cougar, or just a deer.

and waist lamp. After traversing the summit

imaginations can get the best of us. Here are

For the waist option, a single strap head-

peak and ridgeline to the north, I plunged

a few tips for tackling your next night outing

lamp with a soft light flood beam works best.

off the loose and rocky scree field and de-

on the trails, and leaving the monsters behind.

I personally prefer Ultraspire’s new Lumen

scended Grizzly Gulch. Once in the trees, the trail bobbed and weaved through dense firs and I picked up the pace. As I rounded a corner, my double light set-up illuminated a waddling porcupine’s backside. I came to a screeching halt, nearly rear-ending the unsuspecting mammal. Night running on trails can be exciting and intimidating. It’s when all the forest creatures


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Multiple Lights Unlike the relatively consistent, smooth surface of running in town at night, trails throw a few more twists and turns (and rocks and roots) at you. In order to see well at night on technical trails, I recommend a headlamp and a waist lamp. Your head lamp should be a good strong beam that can spot turns,

series waist lights, designed specifically for use on the waist. The goal of the waist lamp is to light up the area right in front of you, 5 -15 feet. Since the waist-mounted light is directed at a low angle, it works well to drop shadows on the backside of objects in front of you, making obstacles stand out more than with a head-only mount. Plus, it follows your hips as you navigate winding trails and technical

A stream of headlamps sets the race course aglow. PHOTO: Glenn Tachiyama Photography

running in the woods. Based on research

sure to let someone know your plans: when

For your head, pick a high lumen count

in 1994, “Prevention and Control of Wildlife

and where you’ll be running, and when

headlamp that has both a low beam and a

Damage,” Scott E. Hygnstrom conducted a

you’ll be back.

high beam spot. I prefer the Black Diamond

study that looked at the use of flashing lights

With a little bit of practice, trail running at

Icon for its 100+ meter high beam for spot-light-

for protecting livestock from predators. Flash-

night can be a fun, engaging experience.

ing those pesky green eyes you might happen

ing lights imply to animals that hunt or feed

It’s a great way to open up a busy schedule

across. Aim the beam to just merge with your

at night that they have been discovered

and get in more trail time, not to mention the

waist light so the beams slightly overlap.

or are being watched. This is their deepest

zero-crowd factor on high-use trails. Plus, as an

When combined, the two light systems

fear, and forces them to flee the area. It’s a

added bonus, if you ever decide to sign-up

work well together. The waist light always

simple, yet effective deterrent for trail run-

for a 100-miler, you’ll be a seasoned veteran

illuminates the trail directly in front of you,

ners to decrease their chances of nighttime

when it comes to the night portion of the race.

while the headlamp allows you the freedom

predatory wildlife encounters.

How can you beat that? Giddyup. •

to scan ahead, including side to side like you would during normal daylight hours. Lastly, having two lights gives you the added benefit of redundancy. If one light fails, you have

Safety in Numbers If you are going out at night, think about inviting a friend along. Having company on

a backup.

a night run can make it less intimidating. Also,

Blinking Red Rear Light

Remember, it could be 24 hours or even days

if something does happen, you’re not alone.

With the obvious safety features of a

before you see someone else, especially if

blinking red light for night running in the city,

the trail is somewhat remote. Don’t forget if

this can also be a great strategy for night

you do go for a solo trail run at night, make

About the Author Jeff Browning, aka Bronco Billy, is up for any running adventure that involves gorging on wild berries. You can follow him on his blog at www.GoBroncoBilly. com or on Instagram and Twitter @GoBroncoBilly.

October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

Jeff Johnson

sections, leaving you free to look ahead.


Being on the other side of the megaphone can be a lonely place at times. PHOTO: Glenn Tachiyama Photography

The Making of a Race Director SCOTT LOMMERS

So you had a rare, bad race experience: you took a wrong turn late in a 5K, and by the time you got to the finish line, the postrace food was down to leftover pretzel salt and sliced white bread, and you picked up your extra-large race shirt that didn’t fit. But really, how hard can it be to manage a race? You’ve participated in so many races you could probably go out and slap one together this weekend, right? Well, let’s turn the tables and actually consider going from runner to race director. It’s a big step, but one that more veteran runners should consider. First, let’s take a quick breath and call up our devil’s advocate. While you may be your own boss in theory, a 500-participant race actually has 501 bosses. It’s like a huge corporate board where the race director has the final vote, but the other 500 members of the board can get together and bankrupt the company.


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

You need a role model. A mentor, of sorts. Someone to walk you to the race director ledge. Someone to hold your hand while you gaze into the abyss. Kelly Krieger, seven-time race director of the 50 yearold Chuckanut Foot Race in Bellingham, Washington, looked over the ledge herself and then took the plunge. Not only did she organize one race, she organized multiple races. Then Krieger went a step further and started her own running event company, Hamster Endurance Running. Are you wondering the same thing I’m wondering? The Chuckanut Foot Race is 50 years old? Also, how exactly does Krieger manage to start races from scratch, and how can you follow in her footsteps?

The Making of an RD “When I start a new event, I usually come up with an idea while I am out running, then spend a few weeks to a few months refining the concept,” said Krieger. Who hasn’t come

up with a few ideas during a long run? Those can be slogging, solitary miles with plenty of brainstorming time. However, the next step is where most don’t follow through: making the idea solid. Start simple – write it down in a notebook. Make your idea literally solid in form. Make it real. Then look at the idea again a few days later. Does it still sound good? Bounce the idea off friends and runners. “I’ll usually present it to my board of directors and see what they think,” said Krieger. As a race director, you have to do your research. Check your fresh idea of a run against other races in the area. Is it too similar to other races in the region? “It is very tough to stand out in an overcrowded race world,” said Krieger. “The market in Whatcom County is fairly saturated with events. I have tried to build events that will appeal to people who want to try something a little bit new and different, but this can be a tough sell the first few years.” There’s nothing wrong with a good

old-fashioned 5K, but the competition for such a basic race is brutal. If you don’t have a decent “hook” to draw participants, you’ll face an uphill climb. Krieger seems to be a natural in that regard. “I don’t make any particular effort to create unusual races; that just happens. The Northwest Run-Archery Classic was created from a personal interest in ski-rifle biathlon, and I wanted to create a local event that had similar components but could be performed without snow,” said Krieger. “So I run this event like a biathlon - short running laps with target archery in between. Participants have to control their heart rate after intense running to shoot well. There is even a short penalty lap for missed shots. Run-Archery is actually a very popular sport in Russia and Germany.”

Getting Organized OK, you’re sitting on an approved, original idea. Now comes the planning. Race directors everywhere can attest, while the race itself is over in one day, the preparations can take most of the entire year between races. “Small races face many challenges,” said Krieger. “There are simply so many events out there now that sometimes choosing a weekend to hold an event is the biggest challenge. And, behind the scenes, many participants do not realize that every single person who helps me is a volunteer. It can take tremendous effort to gather enough volunteers for an event.” Yes, as an RD, you’ll need to become a topdrawer salesperson. Attracting volunteers is never easy. Get ready to beg, plead, cajole, and bribe your way to interest enough volunteers to staff your race. “Another challenge for a small race director is the cost of putting on an event,” said Krieger. “I am a 501c3 organization, and all the proceeds from my events are donated to a particular non-profit. In order to earn as much as possible for my recipient, I have to control the costs of each event. Park fees, equipment, and swag can end up costing a great deal.” While going cheap on extras is an option for a race director, most races are taking the opposite approach these days. Tech shirts, colorful medals, and instant results are expected. In exchange, runners pay a bit more but the total profits stay about the same. “The most difficult part of any event to control is the part you can’t see. For most of my events, this is the course. Marking courses, particularly complicated ones like the Run-Archery loops, is time consuming and challenging. The last thing a race

TOP LEFT: Race Director Kelly Krieger handing out awards at one of her unique events. PHOTO: John Brunk RIGHT: Participating in well-organized events, and volunteering at local races can provide some muchneeded perspective. PHOTO: © 2012 Evan Pilchik Photography BOTTOM LEFT: The Lilac Bloomsday Run operates like a well-oiled machine, and the work that goes into such a monstrous event is all in the details, too numerous for one person to handle alone. PHOTO: Paula Siok

director wants is to have participants lost out on the course.” Indeed, whether in the city or on the trails, race directors have limited choices for race venues, and those limited choices can fill up fast with other events, including other running races. Finally, there’s the dreaded, but crucial bureaucratic process. “All events require a venue, so there is always a permitting process,” said Krieger. Plus, you’ll likely need to consider police, road signage, cleanup, and 100 other small tasks that fill a race director’s schedule.

Learning Experiences “Some of these challenges are easier with a larger race, such as the Chuckanut Foot Race, which I was lucky enough to direct for the Greater Bellingham Running Club for seven years. There is often a very large membership pool of ready and willing volunteers. And, because of the history of the Chuckanut Foot Race, promoting the event each year is much, much easier.” If you’re serious about taking a turn as an RD, find an established race where you can apprentice, or co-direct, for a few years. The lessons learned under a veteran RD will be priceless and the RD will appreciate the help. “Race Directors are basically trying to host an event that pleases people. We want everyone to have a good time and leave happy. That being said, it is impossible to please everyone all of the time, said Krieger. “Sometimes I come up with a flop,” said Krieger. “I tried the Hamster Fitness Games,

which was short runs with some planks, push-ups, squats, and lunges in between. It’s a workout that I enjoy doing a lot, and it reminded me of the Presidential Fitness Tests we all did in grade school. I got so few sign ups the first year, I had to cancel the event, and have not repeated it.” Long-standing races are almost always built slowly and steadily. When starting out in the race director game, be patient. Give it time. Don’t quit if you have a dud race or two. Think about what makes your favorite races work and emulate the things those races are doing right. If all of this sounds like way too much work, that’s because it is. Directing a race is hard, serious work, and it’s not the only way to give back. Register for a race, volunteer for a race, or co-direct a race. Any and all of these actions play a part in the success of the sport of running. So does going out of your way after finishing a race to shake the hand of a RD and thank them for a job well done. All that said, directing a race can be hugely rewarding, so if you’re feeling like you’ve done just about all you can in the sport of running, it might be time to step up and try on some race director shoes. •

About the Author Scott Lommers has been writing for Northwest fitness publications for more than ten years. Since running his first 5K in 1986, Scott has raced in all distances up to 50K in the past 30 years. A lifelong resident of Washington and Oregon, Scott and his family have lived in Corvallis since 2008.

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Race for the Winter Sun SHANNAH WERNER

When the temperatures start to drop, the rain starts to fall and snow begins to dust the mountains and trails in the Pacific Northwest. It’s easy to put the racing gear away and hunker down for a few months before the next training cycle begins. What if, this year, you plan a trip to somewhere warm and dry during the winter months to participate in a race that keeps your racing edge sharp?

HAWAII From Seattle or Portland, it is just a non-stop flight to Hawaii. A winter trip to these Pacific islands is a great option for both individuals and families to escape the winter blues with a goal race in mind. And, don’t forget the sea level factor. The 44th annual Honolulu Marathon takes place on Sunday, December 11, 2016. Participants can register for the marathon, 10K race day walk or Kalakaua Merrie Mile. According to the website, www.honolulumarathon.org, the marathon attracts more than 30,000 runners, making it the fourth largest in the United States. The marathon starts on Ala Moana Boulevard, or “path by the ocean,” and takes runners through Waikiki, the suburban communities of Honolulu, and then curves around Diamond Head, passing the Waikiki Aquarium, and finishing at the Kapiolani Park. If the December marathon date is too soon, plan ahead for the 6th annual Hawaii Half Marathon (The Hapalua) on April 9, 2017. This out-and-back race in Waikiki starts at 6am, allowing participants


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

to get an early start before the heat kicks in. The course includes famous landmarks, like the ‘Iolani Palace and Diamond Head. The Big Island International Marathon (Hilo Marathon) is ideal for a spring family destination race. Taking place on Sunday, March 19, 2017, the race offers a full marathon, half marathon, 5K and 2-mile walk. Unlike the races on Oahu, the Big Island event offers more scenic views of waterfalls, tropical rainforests and sugarcane fields. This race is now a Boston Marathon qualifier.

UTAH While not as warm as Hawaii in the winter months, Moab, Utah, casts scenery of a different beauty, making it a great winter race destination. “Moab boasts some of the most amazing scenery in the country, and with a plethora of outdoor activities available, this is the perfect place for a runner’s destination race,” said Ranna Bieschke, President/Owner of Moab Half Marathon, Inc. “Mountain biking, hiking, climbing, and river rafting are just some of the many opportunities for the adventurous runner. Moab in winter is also a bit more quiet which means trails will be less crowded, giving visitors more time to explore the area.” Bieschke’s group puts on four races, including the Winter Sun 10K on December 3, 2016, and the Canyonlands Half Marathon on March 18, 2017. The annual Winter Sun 10K is a fast, mostly downhill course with


views of the red rocks of eastern Utah. This year’s race will be the 34th annual running of the event. The Canyonlands Half Marathon and 5-Miler offer a completely different view of Utah. The USATF-certified course follows the Colorado River through red rock canyons. “The magnificent red rock/river scenery along a traffic-free course, and Taiko drummers that provide timely inspiration, make it unique,” said Bieschke of the Canyonlands race.

Rocking the West Run the Strip at Night Our list wouldn’t be complete without including a race in Las Vegas. Take a short flight from Portland or Seattle the weekend of November 12-13 to run the “Strip” during the iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas (pictured top, left). Saturday evening hosts a 5K race,


while Sunday’s schedule includes a 10K, half marathon, and full

Travel further south to Arizona where there is a plethora of races to choose from during the winter. There are road and trail races of all distances. The Aravaipa Running group organizes 28 desert and mountain races each year, including The Javelina Jundred (October 29-30, 2016), McDowell Mountain Frenzy (December 3, 2016) and the Black Canyon Ultras (February 18, 2017). “The Javelina Jundred began in 2003 and was adopted by Aravaipa Running in 2008,” said Jubilee Paige of Aravaipa Running. “Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest 100-mile and 100K events in the nation with over 600 entrants migrating to the desert each year for the wildest “Jalloween” run party the desert has to offer.” The JJ100 course is comprised of five loops in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park on the Sonoran Desert Trails. A few weeks later, the McDowell Mountain Frenzy takes participants of all race distances on different trails in the park. The Frenzy includes a 50K, 50-mile, 25K, 10- mile and 5-mile options, all with winding single-track trails and short, but steep hills. For the more dedicated ultramarathoners, try the Black Canyon Ultras. “A grueling point-to-point desert ultra, the Black Canyon 100K

marathon. Known for lining race courses with local entertainment, Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas has secured Snoop Dogg as a headliner act. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, especially if you’ve been sippin’ on gin and juice.

Arizona Calling If you’d like more time to prepare, the annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & Half Marathon returns the weekend of January 14-15, 2017 (pictured above). Back for its 14th year, the event takes runners on a scenic tour of Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale. Once again, two days of racing will feature the Rock ‘n’ Roll 5K on Saturday, January 14 and the marathon, half marathon and 10K on Sunday, January 15. More information on these races… www.runrocknroll.com

is now a Western States 100 qualifier with the top finishers earning the coveted golden ticket,” said Paige. “The historic Black Canyon trail is of national significance, following a route used by early Native American travelers and traders.” (continued on page 28) October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com


CLOCKWISE (FROM THE TOP LEFT): The Canyonlands Half Marathon winds through spectacular red rock in Utah. PHOTO: Tom Haraden In April,10,000 runners will line the streets of Honolulu for The Hapalua to earn one of these. PHOTO: Honolulu Marathon Association The sunny, coastal city of Carlsbad, California, hosts the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday, January 15, 2017. PHOTO: Carlsbad Marathon Head to Northern Cali in November for the warm weather and sunshine at the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon. PHOTO: Destination Races

CALIFORNIA In Northern California, Destination Races holds several half marathons throughout wine country. During the winter, the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon is a great excuse to run and drink wine in warmer weather. With a scenic rating of “5 out of 5” on the Destination Races website, runners are treated to the fall colors of the Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys. This year’s race takes place on October 29, 2016, and runners are encouraged to dress up in costume. Finish line festivities include a Wine+Music Festival at Trentadue Winery. The coastal city of Santa Barbara honors veterans with its annual Veteran’s Day Half Marathon on Saturday, November 12, 2016. All current military and veterans receive $20 off registration for the half marathon. There is also a relay and 4-miler for shorter options, but both offer incredible views along the “American Riviera.” The half marathon course starts at UC Santa Barbara in Goleta, and winds through neighborhoods along the coast to the finish at Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara. Head another couple hours south along the coast to Carlsbad for the Tri-City Medical Center Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday, January 15, 2017. Events for the weekend include the marathon, half marathon and Kids Marathon Mile at Legoland. The marathon and half marathon are out-and-back races mostly along the Pacific Ocean, starting at the Shoppes at Carlsbad. The weekend festivities begin with the Health and Lifestyle Expo at the Shoppes which begins Friday afternoon, on January 13. •


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

Links and Other Winter Races Moab Half Marathon www.moabhalfmarathon.com Lady of the Mountain (New Mexico) www.ladyofthemountainrun.com Puerto Vallarta Half Marathon www.mediomaratonrivieranayarit.com/en/invitation/ Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona www.runrocknroll.com/arizona Aravaipa Running www.aravaiparunning.com Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon www.destinationraces.com/runhb Carlsbad Marathon www.carlsbadmarathon.com Santa Barbara Marathon/Half Marathon www.sbmarathon.com The Hawaii Half www.thehapalua.com Big Island Marathon www.hilomarathon.org Honolulu Marathon www.honolulumarathon.org

About the Author Shannah Werner is a personal trainer at Stafford Hills Club in Tualatin, OR. She is passionate about working with people who want to get stronger for not only their athletic endeavors, but also their daily activity. She specializes in running gait analysis, boxing for fitness and functional training. Her own personal fitness accomplishments include several half marathons (1:40.08 PR in Dirty Half), a 10-miler, waterskiing, snow-skiing and giving birth to and keeping up with her two kids, Haley (6) and Teddy (4).

2017 Portland, Oregon

THE FIRST RUN OF THE NEW YEAR 5K RUN/WALK & 10K RUN Join us Saturday, December 31 2016 World Trade Center Plaza Downtown Portland Party and registration begin at 10 PM Race starts at Midnight

Save the date and join us! A p roduct i on of A A Spo r t s, L t d.

AA Sports is proud to benefit high school sports in the NW. For more information, visit:

a a s p o r t s l t d . c o m / fi r s t r u n


F a l l 2016



Travis Trampe is an avid runner passionate about the outdoors who coordinates the team of reviewers at RunningShoesGuru.com. He enjoys the adventure of traveling and exploring the nearest mountain trail or road with friends. For in-depth reviews of other shoes coming out this season, please visit www.RunningShoesGuru.com/reviews.


The GEL-Kayano® 23 continues to set the bar among cushioned, supportive shoes. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to the FluidFit seamless upper and the addition of new FlyteFoam™ Technology in the sole unit. The GEL-Kayano® 23 is the first of ASICS’ most popular models to incorporate this new lighter-weight midsole material. The FlyteFoam™ works with Convergence GEL® Technology and the Dynamic DuoMax® system, providing continuous lightweight cushioning throughout. The shoe fits like a glove but can come off tight in the toe box, so we recommend buying a half size up. Testers were a little discouraged by the weight of the shoe at first, but it gave a light comfortable ride while handling high mileage with ease.



Mizuno updates the Wave Sayonara with a newly designed mesh upper. The Sayonara is best suited for neutral runners looking for a cushioned but responsive shoe for their fast training days. The parallel Wave technology, U4ic midsole material and general light weight, all contribute to the fast feeling of these shoes. Our testers particularly enjoyed the responsive platform that “drives you forward and encourages a quick turnover.”

New Balance




The Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 continues its tradition of offering a nice blend of support and cushioning for runners. The mesh upper provides a secure fit while the Boost midsole cushioning and stability support combined with the Continental outsole, delivers a smooth and soft ride with plenty of grip. The Supernova Sequence 9 is a perfect daily trainer for those runners seeking mild to moderate support without sacrificing reliable cushioning, and can handle higher mileage with ease and comfort.



Brooks has a couple of staple “go-to” shoes in their catalog and for the neutral runner, the Ghost is definitely one of them. The Ghost delivers a smooth ride with soft cushioning thanks to the full length segmented crash pad. The upper is newly engineered and seamless. This update to the Ghost was very well received by our testers.


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com


The New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi is a new all-terrain shoe designed for those runners looking to attack miles on the roads and trails. The performance is provided through the combination of a mesh upper with Fantom Fit support, the popular Fresh Foam midsole for superior cushioning and a new, durable lugged outsole which delivers a smooth, controlled ride. The Fresh Foam Gobi excels on mild to moderate trails while being versatile on varied terrain, from roads to trails.



The Gravity V’s are designed for neutral strikers who are looking for a durable and reliable shoe. The foundation of all Newton shoes is the Action/Reaction Technology generated via the lugs which increase spring and promote a forefoot strike, really allowing for a smooth ride on both roads and trails alike. Newton added more padding to the tongue as opposed to the previous Gravity IV’s, for a much more comfortable feel whether you like to run sockless or not. As always, the rest of the material is very breathable. The size is pretty much on par with previous models and the toe box is a neutral fit, allowing adequate movement, but not enough free space to be sliding around with every step. Our testers recommend the Gravity V to runners who are looking for a supportive shoe that can handle high mileage.

Trail Shoes







FALL 2016




The Nike LunarGlide 8 is a cushioned FALL trainer 2016 that provides a smooth, stabilized ride for runners. The engineered mesh upper combined with the Flywire cables provide your feet with a snug and adaptive fit without adding too much weight to the overall shoe. The sole has been redesigned, using a laser siping technique to amplify the cushioning exactly where INTRO you need it, and disperse the impact across the entire foot for incredible FALL 2016 comfort and smoothness. These precisely engineered contours offer superb traction to the otherwise sleek outsole. Lunarlon foam keeps the shoe light, and provides a soft padded landing with Dynamic Support. The Dynamic Support uses softer foam on the lateral side for cushioning, more firm foam on the medial side, and has a supportive wedge embedded into the foam. This shoe is great for runners looking for a daily trainer with a bit of extra support in a lightweight, sleek package.




The Saucony Ride introduces a few changes to the previous model, coming in a bit lighter while still providing a great trainer with the newest running technology. The Ride series of shoes sits on the neutral side of the support spectrum and has a moderate amount of cushioning. The use of EVERUN foam keeps the Ride 9s very comfortable without feeling too padded. Featuring a 27mm heel stack and a 19mm forefoot stack, the Ride 9s feature an 8mm drop. This shoe is a great option for neutral runners looking for a responsive and long-lasting daily trainer.





The Skechers Performance GOmeb Strada 2 continues to employPICK Skechers 2016 Performance’s Resagrip outsole, delivering stability and traction whileFALL providing durability where the highest level of ground contact occurs. The new 5Gen midsole cushioning system provides supreme comfort and a plush ride without sacrificing responsiveness. Changes to the upper enhance the breathability and flexibility of the shoe. The fit is true to size, with what feels like UPDATE a slightly less generous toe box than the original. We found the GOmeb Strada 2FALL a reliable 2016 go-to shoe for long runs, recovery runs, and even light tempos on the road.


This recent offering from The North Face is quite a departure from their previous models, and lovers of lightweight, minimalist trail shoes should take note. The Litewave TR is an 8.1 oz, surprisingly wellcushioned neutral trail shoe with a ride better than any North Face shoe we’ve tried. Combined with a 6mm offset and an accommodating toe box, the Litewave is made for fast paces on smooth trails. While a rock plate is noticeably absent on rockier trails, The North Face’s UltrATAC™ outsole material has a surprising amount of grip for being TOP low profile. If you’re looking for a racing shoe or a hybrid trail shoe that PICK rides well on roads, the Litewave TRFALL is a2016 must try.

Pearl Izumi


Under Armour

The North Face LITEWAVE TR



The new Speed Instinct weighs in at only 8.4 oz (men’s size 9) but has loads of underfoot cushioning compared to other trail shoes in its weight class. This neutral shoe fits like a road racing flat and features softer foam in the heel and firmer cushioning in the forefoot. This works very well for ascending hills, and 4mm lugs made of tougher carbon rubber mitigate the need for a rock plate. All of this is accomplished on a fairly wide platform that feels very stable, and a wider toe box than most Hokas. If you primarily train on smooth trails and are looking for a very well-cushioned training or racing shoe with a snug fit, the Speed Instinct is a must try.




Fans of this neutral trail running shoeFALL from 2016Pearl Izumi will be pleased to hear that little has changed on this third version. A very smooth semi-firm ride is enhanced by a grippier outsole than previous versions. Testers loved that this outsole held well to wet surfaces including snow and slick rocks. Additionally, Pearl Izumi continues to enhance the toe box of this shoe with a wide natural feel, while retaining the moderate heel offset of 6mm. Combined with a durable and well-fitting upper as well as a forefoot rock plate, this is a 10.5 oz trail shoe you can trust for any distance or terrain.





The Under Armour SpeedForm® Slingride is a responsive daily trainer designed to give your feet a glove-like fit in a woven and seamless upper that contains Dyneema Fiber, which is currently the world’s strongest fiber. Below the durable upper is Under Armour’s Charged Cushioning system with a 6mm drop. This system, comprised of soft foam layered on top of dense harder foam, gives runners a moderately cushioned and supportive ride. The Speedform® Slingride is a good choice for runners looking to find a shoe that’s durable, stylish, and lightweight.

The Salomon Speedcross 4 is a premier trail shoe designed for those runners seeking off-road adventure on the most rugged terrain. The latest edition of the Speedcross offers a comfortable, secure upper combined with a dual-density midsole for a soft yet stable ride. Even on rough and muddy trails, the durable WET Traction Contrip® outsole provides a superb grip to a variety of surfaces. The Speedcross 4 is a trail shoe perfect for those trail runners who crave exploring singletrack trails to extreme technical terrain.

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LOCAL EVENT DIRECTOR SPOTLIGHT How many events do you put on every year? We host 11 events per year and it keeps us very busy. What do you enjoy most about being an event organizer? Watching athletes set a goal, train and get to the finish line and knowing we played a part in helping them get there is about as rewarding as it gets. My biggest joys are for those athletes that overcome the biggest obstacles and break down crying once they cross the finish line. I absolutely love celebrating our last finishers because those are the ones that have been out there all day and are true heroes!

Aevum Images

What’s your biggest fear on event day? My biggest fear is an athlete getting lost or hurt. I feel like a mama all day until the last finisher has crossed the finish line safely and I know I can breathe!

by Hamilton Newcastle We recently caught up with Sherri McMillan, the owner of Why Racing Events, after the completion of her second year managing many local race favorites including Pacific Crest, Blue Lake & Girlfriends. WHY did you become a race director? (pun intended) 27 years ago, I volunteered at a triathlon and saw so many people of different shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels and many with physical disabilities that it inspired me to give it a try. I never looked back! I loved the energy, the cross-training, the community and the comradery that the sport of triathlon and road races offer! I own a training studio, NW Personal Training, and we’ve been hosting events for 10 years for fun, for fundraising and to give back to our community. Two years ago, we decided we needed to separate the events from the training studio and launched Why Racing Events. Simultaneously, AA Sports approached us to inquire if we would be interested in purchasing their multisport events and we thought, what a wonderful way to launch a new race management company by aligning with these very popular races that have been part of this community for the last three decades. How did you come up with the name “WHY Racing Events”? It actually wasn’t our first choice but every other name on our list had already been registered so it was about 10th on our list and was available so we grabbed it. And now, I absolutely love it and it’s perfect because everyone has a different WHY…some want to win, some want to just finish, some want to reach for their personal best, some for the friendships, some do it to lose weight or improve their energy and some just so they can eat burgers and drink beer! The key to success at anything is finding your WHY…the compelling reason that gets you to do what you need to do! And we love how athletes are having fun with it and posting their #rememberyourWHY #myWHY #whatsyourWHY with photos of them drinking beer, or on top of the podium or wearing their awesome bling.


October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

What has been your biggest struggle over the last two race seasons? We have worked so hard over the last two years on developing our team, creating detailed timelines and logistics files and then when something happens that’s outside of our control that puts a damper on the event and the athletes’ experience, it is such a downer. But our team has pulled together and overcome each obstacle by remembering our mission, remembering to have fun, working harder and uniting stronger as a team. I am 100% confident that these last two years will make us a stronger race management company and ultimately will make our events better. What are some of the ‘behind the scenes’ surprises that happen that athletes never hear about? We have a motto that says “Never let ‘em see you sweat!” so on race morning we’ll be smiling but you can be sure we are dealing with some type of crisis. We’ve arrived on race morning to find an abandoned pickup truck left by a drunk driver right across the run course path and runners had to navigate around the truck. We’ve had an extra wide truck find itself in the middle of our bike course on race morning after the race had started and we couldn’t safely get them off the course so we had to quickly shorten the bike course and adjust the turnaround. We regularly have to deal with angry, cursing motorists upset about traffic delays. We’ve had directional signage torn down and thrown in the bushes by vandalists who think it’s funny to mess with athletes. We’ve had a bunch of random items stolen including a whole pallet of gatorade, cases of water, and a few megaphones. We’ve had racers chased by bees and two cyclists barely make it around two deers crossing the road during a race. What does the future hold for Why Racing Events? We just had a team meeting last week to discuss the future and our focus and we currently have more opportunities that have been presented to us than we have time! It’s extremely important to us that we don’t just grow for the sake of growing. We don’t want to just add a bunch of events and stress out our team and force us to work even more weekends and have the quality of our current events suffer. Instead we want to focus on the events that we currently have and make them even better. We are currently discussing adding a trail run to our Pacific Crest weekend and a second day to our Hagg Lake event to add in an adventure triathlon with a mountain bike course and trail run. We are committed to examine each opportunity to determine whether it’s a good fit for our team and ultimately, we want to be recognized as hosting world-class events that are super fun, safe and extremely well organized.

Sherri racing at the Columbia River Triathlon. Photo: Why Racing Events

Where will we find you when you’re not managing races? I love being outdoors…biking, running, hiking and I also love participating in other triathlons and road races to get ideas for our events! Most importantly, I love hanging with my kids – 15 year old Brianna who volunteers at each event and 10 year old Jackson – who likes to terrorize the event crew! Share a little bit of your personal side… Cats or Dogs? Dogs. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate. Comedy or Horror movies? Definitely comedy. Burgers or Tacos? Burger but love tacos too! Coffee or Tea? Vanilla Chai Tea. Road running or trail running? Definitely trail! Bike or Hike? Can’t choose! Beach or the mountains? That’s a tough one…probably beach if I had to choose. Swim in a pool or in a lake? Definitely lake! Big party or small dinner party? Dinner party with good friends. Dancing or Singing? Dancing for sure but wish I could sing! Ice Cream or Cake? How about a brownie with vanilla ice cream! Things people would be surprised to know about you… - I was in Newsweek magazine for break dancing - I was awarded the IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year - I was on the typing, accounting and drama team in high school… nerdy jock!

EVENT CALENDAR RUNS/WALKS 10/1 10/2 10/2 10/8 10/9 10/15 10/15 10/15 10/15 10/15 10/16 10/16 10/16 10/16 10/16 10/22 10/23 10/29 10/29 10/29 10/29

REED COLLEGE 5K; 5K; Portland, OR; www.reed.edu/5k > Cause + Event Portland 5K Walk, 5K and 10K Run; 5K, 10K; Portland, OR; www.causeandeventportland.com Issaquah Run With The Fishes; Kids, 5K; Issaquah, WA; www.issaquahrun.com COSMO 7K / KIRKLAND - ALL LADIES RUN; 7K; Kirkland, WA; www.energyevents.com PORTLAND MARATHON & PORTLAND MARATHON HALF Kids, 10K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Portland, OR; www.portlandmarathon.org HAYDEN LAKE MARATHON, HALF MARATHON, AND 10K; 10K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Hayden, ID; www.haydenlakemarathon.org LEAVENWORTH OKTOBERFEST TRAIL RUNS; 8K, 10m; Leavenworth, WA; www.runwenatchee.com MOLALLA RIVER TRAIL RACE - RUN MOLALLA SERIES RACE #3; 5K, 10K, 13.1m; www.molallarunningclub.com/molalla-river-trail-race ORRC BLUE LAKE RUNS - 15K, 5K & KID’S RUN; Kids, 5K, 15K; Fairview, OR; www.orrc.net Run with the Kokanee; 5K, 10K; Sammamish, WA; www.nwtrailruns.com THE GREAT PUMPKIN RACE Kids, 5K; Brookswood Meadow Plaza, Bend, OR; www.greatraceofbend.com 10TH GIRLFRIENDS RUN FOR A CURE QUARTER & HALF MARATHON; 10K, 13.1m; Vancouver, WA; www.whyracingevents.com > GREAT COLUMBIA CROSSING 10K RUN / WALK; 10K; Astoria, OR; www.greatcolumbiacrossing.com HUMBOLDT REDWOODS MARATHON, HALF MARATHON & 5K; 5K, 13.1, 26.2m; Weott, CA; www.redwoodsmarathon.org Harvest Hustle 5K, 1K, and Kids’ Dash; Kids, 5K; Portland, OR; www.harvesthustle5k.org CRUSH RUN; 5K, 10K; Walla Walla, WA; www.chs-wa.org > RUN LIKE HELL HALF MARATHON!; Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m; Portland, OR; www.terrapinevents.com > RUN2SURVIVE 5K; 5K; Fairview, OR; www.energyevents.com THE BEND ZOMBIE RUN; 5K; Bend, OR; www.bendzombierun.com 4th Annual Monster Dash; 1m, 5K, 10K; Bend, OR; www.fleetfeetbend.com Pumpkin Pi Run; 5K; Longview, WA; www.mylongview.com

10/30 SCARY RUN 5K & 10K Wear Halloween costumes and run “scared” from ghouls, zombies, monsters and freaks you’ll be sure to run fast! It’ll be a Monster DASH! Bwahaha! 5K, 10K; Vancouver, WA; www.whyracingevents.com > 10/30 Run Scared 5K; 5K; Seattle, WA; www.runscared5k.com 11/5 HAPPY GIRLS RUN SISTERS - TRAIL HALF MARATHON & ROAD 5K; 5K, 13.1m; Sisters, OR; www.happygirlsrun.com 11/5 PUDDLE JUMP 5K/10K RUN/WALK/STROLL; Kids, 5K, 10K; Lacey, WA; www.parcfoundation.org 11/5 VETERANS DAY 5K, 10K, AND HALF MARATHON; Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m; West Linn, OR; www.htcraceseries.com > 11/5 Carkeek Cooler; 5K, 10K; Seattle, WA; www.nwtrailruns.com 11/6 Autumn Trails Eugene; 10m; Eugene, OR; www.level32racing.com 11/12 COLUMBIA CLASSIC; 1m, 10m; Richland, WA; www.3rrr.org 11/12 MUSTACHE DACHE 5K / PORTLAND; 5K; Beaverton, OR; www.energyevents.com > 11/12 Columbia River Classic 10mi/2mi Fun Run; Kids, 2m, 10m; Richland, WA; www.facebook.com/ColumbiaRiverClassic 11/12 Redmond Poultry Predictor; 5K; Redmond, WA; www.redmond.gov/races 11/19 Ravenna Refresher; 8K, 4K, 8K, 12K; Seattle, WA; www.nwtrailruns.com 11/20 EWEB RUN TO STAY WARM; Kids, 5K, 10K, 13,1m; Eugene, OR; www.eweb.org/runtostaywarm 11/22 Civil War Rivalry Clash 5K, 10K & Tailgate; 5K, 10K; Portland, OR; www.rivalryclash.com 11/23 TURKEY TROT; Kids, 5K; Portland, OR; www.htcraceseries.com >

KEY > Events owned, managed or timed by AA Sports, Ltd.

11/24 OREGON MID VALLEY ROAD RACE; Kids, 2.5mW, 3.75m, 5.2m; Albany, OR; www.omroadrace.org > 11/24 ORRC/COLUMBIA BANK TURKEY TROT AT THE ZOO; 4m; Portland, OR; www.orrc.net 11/24 TOFURKY TROT PASADENA/ROSE BOWL; 5K; Pasadena, CA; www.tofurky.com/trot 11/24 TOFURKY TROT PORTLAND; 5K; Portland, OR; www.tofurky.com/trot 11/24 TURKEY DAY 5K AND 5 MILE RUN; 5K, 5m; Redmond, WA; www.finishstrongevents.com 11/24 TURKEY ON THE RUN; Kids, 5K, 12K; Wenatchee, WA; www.runwenatchee.com 11/24 Corvallis Turkey Trot; Kids, 5K, 10K; Corvallis, OR; www.corvallisturkeytrot.com 11/24 Oregon Turkeython; 5K, 10K; Tualatin, OR; www.turkeython.com 11/24 Tacoma City Turkey Trot; Kids, 5K; Tacoma, WA; www.tacomacityturkeytrot.com 11/24 Turkey Trot - Eugene; 4m, 2m; Eugene, OR; www.eclecticedgeracing.com 11/27 HOT BUTTERED RUN HALF MARATHON, 5K & KIDS KANDY KANE RACE; Kids, 5K, 12K, 13.1m; Vancouver, WA; www.energyevents.com > 12/3 UGLY SWEATER CHRISTMAS RUN 5K, 10K; Ridgefield, WA; www.runridgefield.com 12/3 BEND JINGLE BELL RUN/WALK; 5K; Downtown Bend, OR; www.arthritis.org/jbr 12/3 BURLINGTON JINGLE BELL RUN/WALK; 5K; Burlington, WA; www. arthritis.org/jbr 12/3 MUSTACHE DACHE CORVALLIS; KIDS, 5K; Corvallis, OR; www.mustachedache.com/corvallis 12/3 PORT ORCHARD JINGLE BELL RUN/WALK; 5K; Port Orchard, WA; www.arthritis.org/jbr 12/3 REINDEER RUN; 5K, 10K, 13.1m; St. Helens, OR; www.crfoursquare.com/reindeerrun 12/3 SPOKANE JINGLE BELL RUN/WALK; 5K; Riverfront Pk, Spokane, WA; www.arthritis.org/jbr 12/3 WINTER SUN 10K; 10K; Moab, UT; www.moabhalfmarathon.com 12/3 Jingle Bells Run; Kids, 5K, 8K, 12K; Eugene, OR; www.level32racing.com 12/3 Shellburg Falls Trail Run; 5m; Lyons, OR; www.runwildadventures.com

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12/4 12/4 12/10 12/11 12/11 12/17

K-9 CANDY CANE 5K RUN AND WALK; Kids, 5K; Renton, WA; www.buduracing.com PORTLAND JINGLE BELL RUN/WALK; 5K; World Trade Ctr, Downtown Portland, OR; www.arthritis.org/jbr BELLINGHAM JINGLE BELL RUN/WALK; 5K; Downtown Bellingham, WA; www.arthritis.org/jbr HOLIDAY HALF & 5K - PORTLAND; 5K, 13.1m; Portland, OR; www.foottraffic.us/holiday > SEATTLE JINGLE BELL RUN/WALK; 5K; Westlake Ctr, Downtown Seattle, WA; www.arthritis.org/jbr Seward Solstice; 4.2m, 10K; Seattle, WA; www.nwtrailruns.com

12/31 THE FIRST RUN & WALK Start your New Year right with an energizing 5K or 10K Run/ Walk at Midnight on New Year’s Eve along the scenic waterfront in Downtown Portland! 5K, 10K; Portland, OR; www.aasportsltd.com/firstrun > 2/4/17 USATF CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS 4K, 6K, 8K, 10K; Bend, OR; www.usatf.org

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October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com

2/12/17 HEART BREAKER HALF - 5K, 10K, HALF MARATHON 5K, 10K, 13.1m; Liberty HS, Hillsboro, OR; www.aasportsltd.com/heartbreaker; > 3/5/17 LINCOLN CITY HALF-MARATHON AND 10K 10K, 13.1m; Lincoln City, OR; www.getmeregistered.com 5/21/17 CAPITAL CITY MARATHON; Kids, 5m, 13.1m, 26.2m; Olympia, WA; www.capitalcitymarathon.org; > 5/7/17 EUGENE MARATHON Kids, 5K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Hayward Field, Eugene, OR www.eugenemarathon.com 6/4/17 NORTH OLYMPIC DISCOVERY MARATHON Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Port Angeles, WA; www.nodm.com

RELAYS 10/22 Six Foot Trail Relay; Relay; Orcas Island WA, WA; www.nwtrailruns.com 11/1 HOOD TO COAST CHINA; Relay; China, OR; www.htcraceseries.com


LEAVENWORTH OKTOBERFEST MARATHON AND HALF-MARATHON; 13.1m, 26.2m; Leavenworth, WA; www.teddriven.com/leavenworth-marathon Defiance 50K, 30K, 15K; 15K, 30K, 50K; Tacoma, WA; www.defiance50k.com Harvest Half & 10K; 10K, 13.1m; Kenmore, WA; www.nwtrailruns.com

10/9 CITY OF TREES MARATHON AND HALF MARATHON The City Of Trees Marathon is not only flat fast and beautiful, but the Boston Qualifier course travels along the tree lined Boise River. 13.1m, 26.2m; Boise, ID; www.cityoftreesmarathon.com 10/9 10/9 10/9 10/9 10/15 10/15 10/15 10/15

PORTLAND MARATHON & PORTLAND MARATHON HALF Kids, 10K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Portland, OR; www.portlandmarathon.org WALLA WALLA HALF MARATHON; 5K, 10K, 13.1m; Walla Walla, WA; www.wwmultisports.com > GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon; 8K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Victoria, BC; www.runvictoriamarathon.com Snohomish River Run Half Marathon & 10K; 10K, 13.1m; Everett, WA; www.snohomishriverrun.com HAYDEN LAKE MARATHON, HALF MARATHON, AND 10K; 10K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Hayden, ID; www.haydenlakemarathon.org MOLALLA RIVER TRAIL RACE - RUN MOLALLA SERIES RACE #3; 5K, 10K, 13.1m; www.molallarunningclub.com/molalla-river-trail-race NEWPORT BAY TO BREWS HALF/10K; 10K, 13.1m; Newport, OR; www.runwithpaula.com Chocolate Chip Cookie 50K Trail Run; 50K; Spokane, WA; www.ccc50k.com


10/15 Elk King’s 25K/50K; 15m, 50K; Tillamook, OR; www.gobeyondracing.com 10/15 Fort Steilacoom Trail Run; 5K, 10K, 13.1m, 26.2m, 50K; Lakewood, WA; www.evergreentrailruns.com


10/16 10TH GIRLFRIENDS RUN FOR A CURE QUARTER & HALF MARATHON Girlfriends has raised nearly $400,000! Designed specifically for women, beautiful half or quarter marathon, chocolates, massages, cupcakes, Firemen at Finish! Kick breast cancer and be inspired!

Beautiful fall run that showcases the Scenic Columbia Gorge at peak of fall colors making it one of the most scenic runs in the country! 13.1m, 26.2m; Hood River, OR; www.columbiagorgemarathon.com

10K, 13.1m; Vancouver, WA; www.whyracingevents.com >

10/23 RUN LIKE HELL HALF MARATHON!; Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m; Portland, OR; www.terrapinevents.com > 10/23 THE OTHER HALF; 13.1m; Moab, UT; www.moabhalfmarathon.com



Halloween and wine harvest themed race running through the scenic Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys with autumn-colored vineyards. Wine & Music Festival with costume contest. Produced by Destination Races.

This spectacular course in Humboldt Redwoods State Park runs along the beautiful Avenue of the Giants, home to the world’s tallest trees. Paved, shaded and fast!

5K, 13.1m; Healdsburg, CA; www.destinationraces.com/runhb

5K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Weott, CA; www.redwoodsmarathon.org 10/16 SD’s Down and Dirty Half & 10K; 10K, 13.1m; Bend, OR; www.superfitproductions.com 10/22 ROCK ‘N’ ROLL VANCOUVER 1/2 MARATHON & 10K; 10K (Sat 10/22), 13.1m (Sun 10/23); Vancouver, BC; www.runrocknroll.com/vancouver

10/29 ORRC AUTUMN LEAVES 50/50 - 50MI & 50K ULTRA RUNS; 50K, 50m; St. Paul, OR; www.orrc.net 10/30 TRI-CITIES MARATHON AND MARATHON RELAY; 26.2m, Relay; Richland, WA; www.3rrr.org

10/30 Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series Race #5; 14.1m, 26.2m, 50K; Newcastle, WA; www.nwtrailruns.com 11/5 HAPPY GIRLS RUN SISTERS - TRAIL HALF MARATHON & ROAD 5K; 5K, 13.1m; Sisters, OR; www.happygirlsrun.com 11/5 SILVER FALLS TRAIL 50K ULTRA, MARATHON AND 7 MILE; 7m, 26.2m, 50K; Silverton, OR; www.silverfallsmarathon.com 11/5 VETERANS DAY 5K, 10K, AND HALF MARATHON; Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m; West Linn, OR; www.htcraceseries.com > 11/5 ZEITGEIST HALF MARATHON; 13.1m; Boise, ID; www.zhalfmarathon.com > 11/6 SILVER FALLS TRAIL HALF MARATHON; 13.1m; Silverton, OR; www.silverfallsmarathon.com 11/12 Run for Miles 5K & Half Marathon; 5K, 13.1m; Bonney Lake, WA; www.databarevents.com 11/13 HALF MARATHON ON MONTEREY BAY 3K, 5K, 13.1m; Monterey, CA; www.bigsurhalfmarathon.org 11/19 Grand Ridge Trail Run; 5m, 13.1m, 26.2m, 50K; Issaquah, WA; www.evergreentrailruns.com

11/20 EWEB RUN TO STAY WARM Half marathon, 10K, and 5K along the beautiful Willamette River in Eugene, OR. Flat, fast course fun for elite and novice runners and walkers alike. Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m; Eugene, OR; www.eweb.org/runtostaywarm 11/22 HELL OF THE NORTHWEST TRAIL RUN; 10K, 13.1m; Monroe, OR; www.oregontrailruns.com 11/27 AMICA INSURANCE SEATTLE MARATHON; 13.1m, 26.2m; Seattle, WA; www.seattlemarathon.org

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy presents the 15th Annual











kids marathon

from Sequim to Port Angeles, WA



JUNE 4, 2017



October/November/December 2016 racecenter.com




Kingsley Field Duathlon; Kids, 5K, 10K, Sprint Du; Klamath Falls, OR; www.kingsleyfieldduathlon.com 10/16 OSU BEAVER FEVER Sprint (pool) Tri, Sprint Du; Philomath, OR; www.osubeaverfever.com 7/15/17 CHELANMAN MULTISPORT WEEKEND Olympic Tri, Long Tri; Lakeside Pk, Chelan, WA; www.chelanman.com 7/16/17 CHELANMAN MULTISPORT WEEKEND Youth Tri, Tri-a-Tri, Sprint Tri; Lakeside Pk, Chelan, WA; www.chelanman.com

Enjoy refreshments before and after, special gift for finishers, free massage, half marathoners receive a custom medal and there is a costume contest! 5K, 10K, 13.1m; St. Helens, OR; www.crfoursquare.com/reindeerrun 12/3

Redmond Reindeer Romp; 5m, 13.1m; Redmond, WA; www.nwtrailruns.com 12/4 CALIFORNIA INTERNATIONAL MARATHON; 26.2m Solo/Relay; Sacramento, CA; www.runcim.org 12/10 Frozen Trail Runfest; 5K, 15m, 50K; Eugene, OR; www.level32racing.com 12/11 HOLIDAY HALF & 5K - PORTLAND; 5K, 13.1m; Portland, OR; www.foottraffic.us/holiday > 12/17 Eugene Holiday Half Marathon & Hustle 10K/5K; Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m; Eugene, OR; www.eugeneholidayhalf.com



CYCLING SERIES 10/1 10/2 10/8 10/9

Enjoy a fun, heart-healthy event for the whole family. And because it’s the weekend of love, don’t forget to bring along friends and neighbors, too!

10/15 10/16

5K, 10K, 13.1m; Liberty HS, Hillsboro, OR; www.aasportsltd.com/heartbreaker > 1/14/17 ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ARIZONA MARATHON & 1/2; Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m, 26.2m; www.runrocknroll.com 3/5/17 LINCOLN CITY HALF-MARATHON AND 10K 10K, 13.1m; Lincoln City, OR; www.getmeregistered.com 4/2/17 OAKLAND RUNNING FESTIVAL Kids, 5K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Oakland, CA; www.oaklandmarathon.com 5/7/17 EUGENE MARATHON Kids, 5K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Hayward Field, Eugene, OR www.eugenemarathon.com 5/21/17 CAPITAL CITY MARATHON; Kids, 5m, 13.1m, 26.2m; Olympia, WA; www.capitalcitymarathon.org; > 6/4/17 NORTH OLYMPIC DISCOVERY MARATHON Kids, 5K, 10K, 13.1m, 26.2m; Port Angeles, WA; www.nodm.com 7/15/17 CHELANMAN MULTISPORT WEEKEND 10K, 13.1m; Lakeside Pk, Chelan, WA; www.chelanman.com 10/8/17 PORTLAND MARATHON & HALF MARATHON 13.1, 26.2m; Portland, OR; 503-226-1111; www.portlandmarathon.org

MUD, SWEAT & BEERS 5K OBSTACLE RUN; 5K Obstacle Run; Woodburn, OR; www.woodburnrotary.org > Detroit Lake Mud Run; 1m, 10K, Mud/Obstacle; Detroit Lake, OR; www.runwildadventures.com

10/22 10/23 10/29 10/30 10/29 11/5 11/6 11/13

GP: Heiser Farms CX; Cyclocross; Dayton, OR; www.cyclocross.gp CROSS ON THE MOUNTAIN @ COOPER SPUR; Cyclocross; Mt Hood, OR; www.obra.org CROSS CRUSADE SERIES RACE 1; cyclocross; Alpenrose Dairy; Portland, OR; www.crosscrusade.com CROSS CRUSADE SERIES RACE 2; cyclocross; Alpenrose Dairy; Portland, OR; www.crosscrusade.com CROSS CRUSADE SERIES RACE 3; Cyclocross; Cascade Locks, OR; www.crosscrusade.com CROSS CRUSADE SERIES RACE 4; Cyclocross; Cascade Locks, OR; www.crosscrusade.com CrossWord CX Challenge p/b Western Bike Works; Cyclocross; Canby, OR; www.obra.org Washougal CX; Cyclocross; Washougal, WA; www.obra.org CROSS CRUSADE SERIES RACE 5; Cyclocross; Deschutes Brewery, Old Mill District; Bend, OR; www.crosscrusade.com CROSS CRUSADE SERIES RACE 6; Cyclocross; Deschutes Brewery, Old Mill District; Bend, OR; www.crosscrusade.com Crosstoberfest; Cyclocross; Lake Oswego, OR; www.obra.org Pedalers at the Poor Farm CX; Cyclocross; Troutdale, OR; www.obra.org CROSS CRUSADE SERIES RACE 7; Cyclocross; Heron Lakes; Portland Int’l Raceway; Portland, OR; www.crosscrusade.com CROSS CRUSADE SERIES RACE 8; Cyclocross; Barton Park; Barton, OR; www.crosscrusade.com

Cross season in the Northwest means it’s time to get muddy. PHOTO: Matt Haughey


THE KETTLE METTLE Gravel Ride; Penticton / Kelowna, BC; www.kettlemettle.ca

REGTORACE RegToRace is an easy to use, flexible event registration and management tool that allows race directors to quickly set up and customize event registration forms, pricing and communications with added promotional benefits. www.regtorace.com

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