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Minutes from March 12, 2014 Tech Committee Meeting Called to order: 1:20pm Present: Gitta Barth, Donnie Bass, Melonie Haag, Cheryl Lambert & Randy Morehouse Absent: Holly Jones (excused), Greg Younger (excused) Talkfusion: communication software that is a pyramid company. All the literature talks about how much money you can make by getting others to sign up. Software can work with MLS, Website, Etc. Committee does not recommend getting this product The Board of Directors approved the committee recommendation to obtain Kryptolocker, Kell to install. Committee discussed the issue of MLS being down for so long. MLS went down mid-day March 7, came back up around 8pm. But was hit or miss through Sunday March 16. Committee was under the impression that Innovia had back up so this type of thing would not happen. Discussion needs to take place with Innovia as to what they are doing to make sure this does not happen again. There appears to have no back up redundancy. Tech Committee recommends Board of Directors put a PAG in place consisting of Tech Comm members, MLS BOM Members and/or BOD Members to review MLS Systems. Cheryl told the committee they need to start thinking about what we want to accomplish as a committee that can be included in the Strat Plan. Committee would like to recommend to BOD that a Strat Plan committee be put in place and a meeting set. th

Tech Talk on April 29 with be “Paperless Transactions on Your iPad” Committee would like to start doing “Take 5” type videos to place on our website. They recommend purchasing a webpage at the cost of $150 to put these videos on. Committee discussed a free product to hold webinars. Cheryl will bring the info to the next meeting. th

Next meeting will be April 9 Adjourned at 2:30pm Respectfully Submitted, Melonie Haag

at 1:00pm

March 2014 Tech Comm  

Minutes from the March 2014 Tech Committee Meeting