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Minutes from March 12th, 2013 Education Committee Meeting Called to order: 8:30am Present: Gary Baxley, Karen Baxley, Linda Cridland, Melonie Haag, Diana Perez and Philip Tanzer Guest: Scott Stevens Absent: Dawn Theroux (Excused) Budget update: 98 Passports sold. Income: $3,004.62 Expense: $1,407.63 Balance $1,596.99 Committee would like to ask Scott Kiefer to present anther HUD Class in Aug. Sue Dutcher will do her Referral Class on May 3rd Andrew Wooten passed away unexpectedly; his company is working to get a new speaker to fulfill his classes. Committee has decided to pass on another Robert Gress class unless he will teach it for $250 Discussion on Tech Talk: Committee decided to add classes every other month to the calendar called Technology Today or Tech Updates. President Cheryl has requested that she be the only one to teach Tech Talk Classes, the committee will put one Tech Talk class per quarter on the calendar. Class on Rentals in the MLS~ Melonie will find out how many offices use this and how many property managers are on waivers. Committee would like to offer the Education Gift Cards to Brokers; Melonie will email them the info. The June 27th class from FIT will be Foreclosure vs. Short Sales, Melonie will confirm with Sarah Fitts The Education Committee would like to recommend Melonie to attend the May 22nd Education Workshop in Orlando. There will be no overnight stay, just mileage and tolls Melonie will email the membership to see if there is any interest in 2 classes on Property Management: 1) the Accidental Property Manager, NO CE 2) 3HR CE Class on Property Management Linda Cridland said she never received credit for the Mold class she took at the college. Melonie will get with Servpro again to get this taken care of and verify that there will be CE Credit at our class. New Rule: If there is no one signed up for a class 3 business days in advance, the class will be cancelled. Melonie & Karen will do a Monitor Class. Adjourned 9:05am Respectfully Submitted Melonie Haag

March 2013  
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