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The RACC Newsletter The REALTORS® Association of Citrus County, Inc. exists to inform, educate and uphold the high standards set forth in the REALTOR® Code of Ethics enhancing our members professionalism and image while fostering cooperation among our members and serving our communities. We provide education and leading-edge technology to better safeguard private property rights and promote equal housing opportunities MARCH 2014 Volume X, Issue 3 R EA L T OR S ® A s so c ia t io n o f C it r u s C o u n t y , In c .

Prescriptions Savings Available to Citrus County Residents

Inside this issue: President Message


General Membership meeting


Great American day


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Pathways to Professionalism


Event for Tyler Vaughn


Great American Realtor Day (GARD) is being held on Wednesday, March 19th. The bus leaves RACC at 7:00 a.m. and will return no later than 11:00 p.m. You have an opportunity to go to Tallahassee for FREE and meet your legislators, network with your peers, tour the governor’s mansion and attend the block party. To sign up please contact the Association at (352) 746-7550.

Representative Jimmy Smith Business Partners and 10-16 Roster Education Classes


Education Connection and MLS Tidbits


Fines & Warnings




On the Move


MLS Stats & Sympathy


A Free discount card for prescriptions drugs is available to Citrus County residents without prescription drug coverage. Even if an individual has prescription insurance coverage, they may still benefit from the discount card since it may save money on prescriptions that your existing plan does not cover. Just remember to present the card when you pick up your prescription to get the best possible price available. To get your card please contact Deb Bloss at 352-341-6429.

Reduce commercial lease tax by $100M RPAC requested $1,000 to assist in the re-election of Rep. Jimmie Smith. The Board of Directors approved the request of these funds. The money was presented to Rep. Jimmie Smith at a BBQ fundraiser at M&B Dairy.

Silent Angles There are good people making a determined effort, but find themselves in financial need. Some of them are Realtors®. In 2002 Silent Angles was founded as a charitable organization made up of our fellow Realtors® to help our own. I recently became aware of this fund and have sent in a request for one of our own. If you are in need, please contact the Association and we will get the forms needed. To find out more please go to the Florida Realtor website and search on Silent Angles.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott joined commercial Realtors® and other business owners to announce that his proposed state budget includes $100 million to support a reduction in the state’s sales tax on commercial leases. It is projected that this reduction in this tax would provide a $500 million value to Floridians in terms of jobs and economic activity.

International Business International buyers are still looking at the US market to purchase homes. Through March 2013 the total was $68.2 billion. Canadians are the biggest international buyers of those U.S. homes, comprising one-quarter of foreign purchases. And Florida is their No. 1 choice – with 39 percent of Canadian purchases occurring here. Greg Younger, President


February General Membership Meeting On February 13th, 46 Realtors® and 19 Business Partners and Guests attended the February General Membership Meeting. Before the meeting was called to order, members and guests had the opportunity to network while listening to upbeat, energizing music. After President Greg Younger called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. and introduced the Board of Directors in attendance, Secretary Rob Tessmer Jr. delivered the pledge and invocation. Business Partner Chair, Melissa Seney had all the Business Partners stand up and introduce themselves. Melissa then provided us with some fun, interesting facts regarding Laura Lee Bickford and Cassidy Wahl of Integrity Insurance Advisors, our Business Partners of the month. President Elect Debbie Rector installed the new members: Jayson Bortz- Plantation Realty Yvonne Jenkins- Citrus Ridge Realty Randy Morehouse- EXIT Realty Leaders Betsy Wooters- Sherri C. Parker and Assoc. Next, we enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Oyster’s while watching the YouTube video “I Want You to Sell My House”. There were lots of laughs during the video; we recommend you watch it when you have a chance. Jeanette Collins, Citrus County Director of Land & Development provided us with an update of things happening around the County. Jeanette recommends calling 527-5239 when listing property to make sure the zoning is correct. She also stated the 3 major goals: 1) CR 491 Overlay Plan- Widening of Highway and change of zoning 2) Preparing comprehensive plan to adopt overlay to manage and sustain growth (must be updated every 7 years) 3) Updating the Impact Fees Jeanette informed us that the County saw a 38% increase in permits being pulled for new homes, and a 35% increase for Non-Residential Permits. A GNC store will go in the shopping center at 19 and 98, Oak Park Blvd is planning a development with 78 unit homes with an assisted living facility and an RV park with 55 lots in Homosassa are some of the Commercial happenings around the County.

been cases reported in Ocala. The Community Development Block Grant is for $750,000 and will serve 10-14 households. Funds can be used to remodel or demolish and replace. If you know anyone that needs repairs, contact the housing division. Last year 32 applications were submitted and 13 were served. 80% of the applications submitted by the elderly. Heidi also discussed the Neighborhood Stabilization Program which targets the older section of Beverly Hills. Homes in that area are still being purchased, rehabbed and sold to first time home buyers. Kerry Rosselet informed us about the Black Diamond Realtor® Program. Realtors® can get a bar code and go through the right hand side of the gate for ease of access. Kerry is available to speak to your customers regarding membership; she can set up lunch at the club house for you or help with the Stay and Play packages available starting at $399 per person. Black Diamond is reselling developer homes with some great incentives. If your customer does not purchase the Social Membership, they will receive dining privileges for a limited time, if they do purchase the membership, they will receive 6 months of golf privileges. Contact Kerry for more info. David Bramblett, MLS Board of Managers member provided everyone with an MLS tip of how to search for all of Homosassa but exclude Sugarmill Woods, the video will be on the website soon. New Realtor® Jayson Bortz won $82 in the share and share drawing; the other $82 went to RPAC. Congrats Jayson! Beautiful Tulips were provided by Integrity Insurance Advisors and won by: Jim Hand, Deb Thompson, Isaac Baylon, Cindy Curry, Linda Cridland, Lori Haussy, Tony Pauelsen, Amanda Johnson, Tonya Kramer, Bruce Brunk, Sarah Spencer, John Maisel, Hazel Carlson, Sherri Parker and Steve Varnadoe. Integrity Insurance Advisors also provided a $50 Publix Gift Card, Dallas Cerny, our new Business Partner was the lucky winner of the gift card. Marvia Korol had the chance to draw for the Queen of Hearts which she unfortunately did not draw; she will receive a free lunch at the next membership meeting.

Heidi Blanchette, Director of Housing Services discussed the Grant for Housing Needs to further Fair Housing. Heidi informed us that Citrus County has had no violations; however, there have 2




Pathways to Professionalism I. Respect for the Public 1. Follow the "Golden Rule”: Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. 2. Respond promptly to inquiries and requests for information. 3. Schedule appointments and showings as far in advance as possible. 4. Call if you are delayed or must cancel an appointment or showing. 5. If a prospective buyer decides not to view an occupied home, promptly explain the situation to the listing broker or the occupant. 6. Communicate with all parties in a timely fashion. 7. When entering a property ensure that unexpected situations, such as pets, are handled appropriately. 8. Leave your business card if not prohibited by local rules. 9. Never criticize property in the presence of the occupant. 10. Inform occupants that you are leaving after showings. 11. When showing an occupied home, always ring the doorbell or knock—and announce yourself loudly before entering. Knock and announce yourself loudly before entering any closed room. 12. Present a professional appearance at all times; dress appropriately and drive a clean car. 13. If occupants are home during showings, ask their permission before using the telephone or bathroom. 14. Encourage the clients of other brokers to direct questions to their agent or representative. 15. Communicate clearly; don’t use jargon or slang that may not be readily understood. 16. Be aware of and respect cultural differences. 17. Show courtesy and respect to everyone. 18. Be aware of—and meet—all deadlines. 19. Promise only what you can deliver—and keep your promises. 20. Identify your REALTOR® and your professional status in contacts with the public. 21. Do not tell people what you think—tell them what you know.

II. Respect for Property 1. Be responsible for everyone you allow to enter listed property. 2. Never allow buyers to enter listed property unaccompanied. 3. When showing property, keep all members of the group together. 4. Never allow unaccompanied access to property without permission. 5. Enter property only with permission even if you have a lockbox key or combination. 6. When the occupant is absent, leave the property as you found it (lights, heating, cooling, drapes, etc.) If you think something is amiss (e.g. vandalism), contact the listing broker immediately. 7. Be considerate of the seller's property. Do not allow anyone to eat, drink, smoke, dispose of trash, use bathing or sleeping facilities, or bring pets. Leave the house as you found it unless instructed otherwise. 8. Use sidewalks; if weather is bad, take off shoes and boots inside property. 9. Respect sellers’ instructions about photographing or videographing their properties’ interiors or exteriors.

III. Respect for Peers 1. Identify your REALTOR® and professional status in all contacts with other REALTORS®. 2. Respond to other agents' calls, faxes, and e-mails promptly and courteously. 3. Be aware that large electronic files with attachments or lengthy faxes may be a burden on recipients. 4. Notify the listing broker if there appears to be inaccurate information on the listing. 5. Share important information about a property, including the presence of pets, security systems, and whether sellers will be present during the showing. 6. Show courtesy, trust, and respect to other real estate professionals. 7. Avoid the inappropriate use of endearments or other denigrating language. 8. Do not prospect at other REALTORS®' open houses or similar events. 9. Return keys promptly. 10. Carefully replace keys in the lockbox after showings. 11. To be successful in the business, mutual respect is essential. 12. Real estate is a reputation business. What you do today may affect your reputation—and business—for years to come.



Florida Realtors 2014 Legislative Priorities Sales Tax on Commercial

Language has been drafted to address this situation and it is likely Leases: to be amended onto existing con(Phasing it out at least by a small por- dominium legislation. This lantion in 2014 legislation): Florida conguage creates three tiers for the tinues to be the only state in the nation collection of estoppel fees. The first that collects a sales tax on commercial tier would be for owners who are rent. This tax discourages new busicurrent in their association fees. In nesses to come to our state, and holds these instances, community associback about 185,000 new jobs every ations would be unable to charge year. any fee for the preparation of an Florida Realtors and other business estoppel letter. Two other tiers groups propose a phase down of this would also exist: one for owners tax, as was done in Arizona during the who are delinquent in their fees 1990s. Sen. Dorothy Hukill (R-Port and one for bulk purchasers. Orange) has filed SB 176, which would lower the applicable rate to 5 percent for this item, and begin the phase out process. Rep. Greg Steube (RBradenton) has a similar proposal with HB 11. Gov. Scott has also indicated interest in this issue and has heard from Realtors and business owners from all over Florida that this tax cut should be part of the next budget.

Estoppel Fees: During the recent economic recession, some Florida community associations increased the fees they charged for the preparation of estoppel letters to unreasonably high amounts.

When legislators allocate the $260 million available in the next fiscal year for housing programs, more than 13,400 Floridians will have jobs. And $1.4 billion will flow into the Florida economy. The faster Florida’s hous-

ing market recovers, the faster Florida’s economy recovers. Housing dollars can put Florida’s out-of-work housing industry back to work repairing homes and improving the real estate market, and reduce state budget deficits in the future. Water Quality:

Attorneys would be able to charge a “reasonable” fee for the preparation of an estoppel letter for delinquent owners, and the fee for estoppel letters prepared for a bulk sale would be based on the number of units being sold and whether the monetary obligations owed for each unit are the same or different. Affordable Housing: As in previous years, Florida Realtors asks that all monies generated by documentary stamp taxes specifically for affordable housing fund housing programs be used for that purpose — not to fund other items unrelated to real estate.

Florida Realtors recently adopted an addition to its water policy to include protections for Lake Okeechobee and outflows necessary after seasons of heavy rains. The Florida Senate appointed the Select Committee on the Indian River Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee Basin to examine the issues related to these outflows, and recommend solutions that may prevent the need for the release of polluted waters into Florida’s estuaries.

The committee recommends funding several projects in the short term that were more long term initiatives, thus providing more storage for water in These associations have been able the basin. The committee also recomto take unfair advantage of the fact The Sadowski Trust Funds are supmends Congress fund projects that that estoppel letters are needed to ported entirely by a portion of docuhave been delayed due to their failure mentary stamp taxes. The beneficiaries to pass the Water Resources Developclose transactions that involve are teachers, firefighters, senior citiment Act (WRDA) since 2007. homes in condominiums and zens and low-income families who are homeowners’ associations. This has loaned the funds to purchase a home placed a hardship on the parties to or for rental assistance.

such transactions as well and as title companies.

There are other beneficiaries as well.



The Florida Realtors Land Use, Property Rights and Sustainable Development Subcommittee requested that NAR urge Congress to pass WRDA as well, so these projects could be completed in a timely manner. Additionally, springs protection is a hot topic in the upcoming session. Of particular interest will be specific wording in a bill sponsored by Sen. David Simmons.

Emergency and regular assessments will remain capped at 2 percent each. Key Points: As the law currently stands, FIGA’s assessments impact Florida’s homeowners’ insurance market in the following ways:

Assessments immediately reduce an insurance company’s surplus;

The current assessment structure — paying up to 4 percent of their premiums within 30 days — is a disincentive for new companies that are considering entering the market, and it’s also a threat, after a storm, to the solvency of homeowners’ insurance companies doing business in Florida.

At present, this bill would require residents with septic tanks to hook up to the sewer system, at no charge to the homeowner. The suggestion is that a local government would pay for these hook-ups. The final language hasn’t been presented, but will likely include a similar process for relieving the purported nutrient load that septic tanks provide to susceptible first mag-  This bill provides flexibility where none exists today, as the FIGA Board has little discretion in levying nitude springs. assessments.

Property Insurance: Florida Realtors supports HB 143 and SB 346 — by Rep. Jake Raburn (R-Valrico) and Sen. Tom Lee (RBrandon) — which allow insurance companies to reimburse the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA) as (emergency) assessments are collected from policyholders, except in instances where FIGA needs the money quickly and is unable to obtain funding. The bills also give FIGA’s board of directors the authority to determine if regular assessments will be levied directly on insurance companies, policyholders, or a combination thereof. FIGA is a not-for-profit corporation created by the Legislature to pay claims on behalf of insolvent insurance companies. Under current law, FIGA assessments are directly levied on insurance companies and they could be required to pay up to 4 percent of the company’s direct written premium within 30 days of an assessment. This reduces the insurance company’s surplus and the funds available to pay its own claims. The bill does not change the amount of the assessments.

This proposal does not alter the amount of potential assessments — emergency and regular assessments remained capped at 2 percent — or the financial exposure of Floridians. FIGA can still collect the same overall amount – these changes only spread out the timing of the collection of the funds and they reduce the total amount an insurance company would have to pay within 30 days to FIGA.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” Steve Jobs


The goal of the Business Partners is to provide our Real Estate community with access to trusted professionals and resources focused on complimenting the Realtor in servicing clients throughout the home buying/selling experience We strive to provide exceptional service while creating a seamless partnership for both the buyer and the seller. Each year to be a part of this elite roster of resources we ask the Business Partner invests their time, talent, and treasure. We cover a vast spectrum of industries, from Inspections, Surveyors, Insurance, Title Insurance, Real Estate Legal Services, etc. We would encourage you to get to know these Business Partners in preparation for future opportunities to serve your clients. Please allow me to properly introduce the RACC Business Partners and wish you well in getting acquainted with this wonderful group and the companies they represent. Thanks, Melissa Seney - Business Partner Co-Chair

ACCOUNTING Christine C. Eck, CPA PA 352/563-2522


ATTORNEY (Real Estate) Law Office of Doris M. Rodriguez Doris M. Rodriguez, PA 352/556-5105

Servpro of Citrus County Romonda Taylor 352/522-1053

Tinsley Electric Keven Tinsley Cinda Torregrossa 352/341-2004

E & O Insurance Herbert H Landy Insurance Joseph Flynn 800/336-5422 x 142



Habitat for Humanity Pat Doddato 352/563-2744

Bright House Networks Helen Schwetz 727/848-2567

ELEVATION CERTIFICATE Parsley Construction Roscoe Parsley 352/344-2638 Rise Construction Charley Rise 352/257-8384 Sanderson Bay Fine Homes Pam Walker 352/527-9400

CABINETS Deem Cabinets Mike Deem 352/628-3122

Clark Surveying Brandi Jenkins 352/563-2729

DEBRIS/TRASH REMOVAL AMI Property Preservation Service Sandy Helmdach 352/3020733

DUCT CLEANING Beacon Healthy Homes Dan Dickinson 352/726-7530

Electrician Suncoast Plumbing & Electric Todd Workman 352/628-6608

FLORIST Hobson’s Herbs & More Jude Hobson 352/489-5023

HANDYMANY AMI Property Preservation Service Sandy Helmdach 352/302-0733



HEATING & AIR CONDITION Air FX, Inc Stephen Finegan, Jr. 352/201-7224 Bay Area Air Conditioning & Heating Dave Hutchins 352/795-2665 Dee Mahler Beacon Healthy Homes Dan Dickinson 352/726-7530

HOME INSPECTION SERVICE Advanced Home Analysis, Inc. Tony Heitz 352/634-5274 Ashland Building Inspection Mike Pettitt 352/795-8800 Beacon Healthy Homes Dan Dickinson 352/726-7530 Brinkman Home Inspections David Taylor 352/634-0631 Comprehensive Site Inspections Lawrence Losciale 352/ 212-3576 Daniel Torres Inc. Daniel Torres 352/220-4994

DC Enterprises Dallas Cerny 352/572-1716 Eagle Comprehensive Home Insp. John Marqua 352/476-9698 First Key Home Inspection Charles Brown 352/586-4856

HOMEMAINTENANCE MOVING/ CLEANOUTS AMI Property Preservation Sandy Helmdach 352/302-0733 Servpro of Citrus County Romonda Taylor 352/522-1053 HOME WATCH

Advanced Home Inspection Service Jim Fergerson 352/564-8311

HomeTeam Inspection Service Bob Ringo 352/212-0460

HomeTeam Inspection Service Bob Ringo 352/212-0460


Lytton Associates, Inc. David Wright 352/726-0066 Miller Home Inspection Service Bill Miller 352/527-8663 Parsley Construction Roscoe Parsley 352/344-2638

Southern States Inspection Serv. Shiloh Lohmann 352/622-0066 Sun State Inspection Joe Foley 352/489-9473

Comfort Keepers Jennifer Duca 352/726-4547

INK Aawareness Marketing Fred Clark 352/422-3953

INSURANCE Bird Insurance Group David Bird 352/563-1117 Fero & Sons Insurance Charlene Sesito 352/746-5580 The Hagar Group Tom Hagar Brandon Eldridge 352/726-1691 11

Integrity Insurance Advisors Laura Lee Bickford Tony Wahl (352) 344-4360 Insurance Resources & Risk Manage Kristin Roberts 352/ 527-1488 Melissa Seney Sheldon-Palmes Insurance Melissa Olbek 352/341-4661 West Coast Insurers Chrissy Everidge 352/795-2354 Virgilio Insurance Arnold Virgilio 352/726-0040

INVESTMENTS Fero & Sons Insurance Lanse Fero 352/489-2412

LANDSCAPING Hobson’s Herbs & More

LENDING INSTITUTIONS American Mortgage Lenders Sally Wade 352/795-5626

Bank of America 352/726-1266 John Harrison Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) Ben Branch 352/586-2007 Kimberly Godding Glenda Mitchell

Old Florida National Bank Paula Sadler 352/563-1705 PNC Mortgage Dolly Mayes 352/601-7230

Kathleen Perkins Brannen Banks of Florida Jane Tessmer 352/726-1221

SunTrust Mortgage Pam Cleary 352/382-1990

Capital City Bank 850/402-8038 Pat Gaver

TD Bank 352/563-2264 Alpha McGaughey

Citrus Lending Megan Ennis 352/746-4290

LOCKSMITH Mann-icure Lawn Svcs. Jerry Mann 352/400-0711

Insight Credit Union Jim Ferrara 888/843-8328 x 11500


Nature Coast Bank Rhonda Lestinsky 352/563-5505

Regions Bank Gwen Martone 352/726-6641

Direct Lending Group Inc Jerry Heckman 352/686-8296

Jude Hobson

Metroplex Mortgage Svcs. Sean Stephens 813/935-8330

John C. Meyers Sr., Locksmith Jacqui Watkins 352/422-4770

Wheeler Lock & Safe John Schaeffer 352/341-5397



Phillip Malphurs 352/564-1800

Community Housing Partners of Fl Top Hat Pest Control & Lawn Sean Holdaway Rena McElroy 352/344-8444 352/726-1113

Donna Brown ODOR ELIMINATION Beacon Healthy Homes Dan Dickinson 352/726-7530

PEST CONTROL A-1 Termite & Pest Control Arthur Biagiotti 352/726-5363 Bray’s Pest Control Lee Keller 352/ 637-7111 Bush Pest Control Leonard Bush 352/621-7700

Village Pest Management Rob Durham 352/400-9444

PRINTING Aawareness Marketing Fred Clark 352/422-3953

PROPERTY APPRAISERCitrus County Property Appraiser Les Cook 352/341-6600 1st Choice Pest Control Bill Biedenstein 352/503-6821

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Aawareness Marketing Fred Clark 352/422-3953


Hobson’s Herbs & More Jude Hobson 352/489-5022


Citrus County Chronicle Trista Stokes 352/563-6363


Citrus County Republican Mike Moberly 352/302-8064

Tampa Bay Times FL Nature Coast Magazine Terri Schneider


Citrus Pest Management Tony Winebrenner 352/563-6698

Mike Scott Plumbing 352/237-2888 Brittany Bolling

Nature Coast Real Estate School Dennis Pilon 352/697-2540

Eric Swart

Shawn Scott

Integrity Termite Inspections Dennis Flannagan 352/697-1815

Suncoast Plumbing & Electric Todd Workman 352/628-6608


REMODELING Rise Construction Charley Rise 352/257-8384

J.D. Smith Pest Control J.D. Smith 352/726-3921


ROOFING AAA Roofing Rufus Miniard 352/563-0411 R.J. Roofing Ray Wernicke 352/726-7006

SEPTIC Simply Septic Tammy Mullis 352/344-3336

SURVEYOR Clark Surveying Brandi Jenkins 352/563-2729 Willis R Howell Inc. Willis Howell 352/746-2511

TITLE COMPANIES American Title Services Lynn Czajowski 352/637-4411 A-1 Title of the Nature Coast Brenda Buta 352/563-2727 Diversified Title Carol Dryden 352/637-4600 Express Title Services 352/795-2691 Ali Endicott

Fidelity Title Services John Eden 352/726-9917 Cora Lee First International Title Donna Smith 352/341-1336 Sarah Fitts 352/601-6085 - Cell

TRAVEL Walk Don’t Run Travel Sue Fullerton 352/344-0905

Web Design Nature Coast Web Design & MarketingSteve Tallman 352/804-6353 NCF Title, LLC Stacy Clyatt 352/746-1442

Tech Support Services Wayne Hohl 352/746-6951

Southern Security Title Services Nancy Sloan 352/522-1131

WOODWORKING Southern Sun Title Co., Inc. Tracy Gough 352/382-3339

DC Enterprises Dallas Cerny 352/572-1716 Stewart Title Shari Justice 352/628-3800 Title USA, LLC Jeri Diehl 352/794-6087 Wollinka Wikle Title Ins. Agency Kelley Paul Amanda Rowthorn 352/564/0220 14









Education Connection Corner: A real estate agent is allowed to limit a MLS Tidbit: home search to certain neighborhoods based Want to search for listings in Homosassa but on the client’s race/ethnicity. exclude Sugarmill Woods? ____ True ____ False An apartment building owner has the right to reject an applicant because of poor housekeeping habits. ____ True ____ False

On the Search Screen, look for the “area” criteria box. There you will hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard, then select areas 19, 20, 21, and 23 (leaving out area 22).

Email your answers to , we will draw a winner and that person will receive a $10 RACC gift Card to use at Education Classes, RACC Store and Membership Meeting Testimonials: 2/4 “Loved going through the online application process, step by step” 2/10 Short Sale Transactions~ “Thanks for providing us with information on new laws passed regarding Short Sales!”

Area maps are available for free at the Association Office.

2/11 How to Show and Sell a House (part of Orientation)~” Very Informative, provided great tips”.

2/25 Tech Talk~ Best Apps of 2013~ “Very Informative with Valuable Information”


MLS WARNINGS AND FINES FOR FEBRUARY In February the MLS issued the following to Participants and/or Subscribers: Warnings: Duplicate Listing (1) Wrong Category or Area (4) Pending and Closed (3) Lender owned (0) No Photo (1) Branded Virtual Tour (0) Lockbox Code in Listing (0) Name/Phone# (0) Sign in Photo (0) Alt Key () Fine: (0) Violation of the same offense will be subject to the following: 1st offense:

Written Notice

2nd offense:

$50.00 Fine

3rd offense:

$100.00 Fine

• Failure to submit contingent, pending and closed information within two (2) business days.

• Failure to enter a photo. Note: The seller may request in writing a photograph of the property not be included. • Failure to enter a listing in the correct category. • Duplicate address and/or alternate key for the same property.

Free Tech Support The Tech Helpline is available to answer members' questions Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Just call 407.587.1450 and have your membership information handy (either your FREC license number or NRDS number). Or you can access this free service via email for computer support questions or chat for live computer support. Also, ensure the Technology Helpline is just a click away: Download the new desktop widget for computer support and tech help The Tech Helpline team handles a variety of questions and problems, including:

Helping Florida Realtors® members maximize the business tools and support features on, including setting up your free member website and configuring property functions such as IDX.

Advice on shopping for hardware, software or digital equipment.

Advice on installing and configuring new hardware and software.

Diagnosing computer hardware malfunctions.

Helping you get the best performance from your equipment.

Working through system failure of basic hardware and software components.

Recommending the most current software for your computer system.

Troubleshooting Local Area and Dial-Up Networking configuration and connectivity.

Consulting with members about networking opportunities. 23

March 2014 Sun












Day Light saving time begins





Tech Talk 9:00am

RPAC Comm MTG 9:00am

Bd Directors 8:30am

ICE Foreclosure Crash Course 1:00-4:00pm 3hrs CE






Marc h 2014

Orientation 8:00-4:00pm Ed Comm. 9:00am





St Patrick’s Day

RPR-Basic 9 - 11am RPR-Advance 1 - 3:00pm



List Hub Agents 9:00 List Hub Brokers 10:30


Contract to Close 9:00 10:30am


Million $ Pro Membership Meeting 8:00 Citrus Hills









MLS Bd Managers 9:00am




JANUARY and FEBRUARY Residential and Vacant Land MLS Stats These statistics were taken from the MLS on January 30, 2014 RESIDENTIAL

These statistics were taken from the MLS on February 28, 2014














Expired Withdrawn













































350 Chart displays


Closed listings


Single Family







50 0 1st Qtr

2nd Qtr

3rd Qtr

4th Qtr

Sincere Sympathy Our condolences and deepest sympathy are extended to the following that have lost loved ones recently: The family of REALTOR® Ginny Mac Kenzie; REALTOR® Cindy Lewis on the loss of husband, Martin; REALTOR® Paul Grannan’s brother, Jefferson Wray Grannan; and longtime Business Partner Lorraine Schroeder.


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